Dear Armenia: I have story for you.

Very few people take the time to notice the little things in life, like how the wold is connected by six degrees of separation.
Maybe that’s because American’s, and our toxic media, our toxic military, kills off beautiful things because at the top of our structure, dead people rule us. These are colloquially called the “One Percent,” and they are backed by high heeled killers with low IQ, and NO EQ.
But I notice small things. Here, look: Australia is talking to Armenia, and while few know this, Armenian people were genocided in the early 1900’s, and they got ZERO press for it, and even today, the one percent seeks to cause them further distress, because they refuse to recognize that genocide. You can ask yourself who the One Percent are, or why some genocides are more important in the news and Hollywood than OTHER genocides.
But for Armenia, I have a few stories, and some of those stories are about people named Ebrahimi who live in America; and some of those are now catives of our secret services.
Here, Armenia, is a snapshot of your country, via my gang stalking blog:
I could tell you some stories about both the Ebrahimi tribe, and also about a former acquaintance of mine who is central to a recent story about “gang stalking” in the United States, but  i won’t do it here.
Instead, I implore you, Armenia, to devote a criminal investigator to the case of Bijan Ebrahimi, formerly of England, which is a FiveEyes nation, and also, a nation rife with gang stalking complaints, because in western secret societies, our “goodguys” and police hunt and stalk outsiders, and shake them down for cash and other things-they literally stalk people to death, and our police laugh as people are murdered and set on fire.
Well, Armenia, Bijan Ebrahimi, a crippled immigrant who I am guessing is one of yours, was murdered and set on fire in Englandstralia. I think there should be a letter or two to International bodies to protest the fact that Ausengland did not protect him, and worse, mocked, derided, and aided in his murder.
If that sounds “unreal” or exaggerated, I implore you, Armenia, to have a look at the case of Bijan Ebrahimi, who was gang stalked, murdered and set on fire in Australengland.
And keep in mind, that this happened after SEVEN YEARS where he had repeatedly called western police, who mocked him, laughed at him, and allowed his neighbors to torment him, until finally, he was murdered in this literal “conspiracy.”
While his murderer has been jailed for life, I think that you, Armenia, can become better advocates and press for a wider investigation of how the police in Australia are treating immigrants. It is epidemic, how badly hman beings are treated by America’s One Percent, and their international buddies.
You see, in the west, everyone is afraid of “pedophiles” which is short hand for “pseudo-feminist policing,” or as we call it here “High Heels Policing,” where “white knights who are asshole deep in corruption send out false flags, and frame people who challenge their version of God/narrative/funding sources.”
You probably already know this, but the desert tribes of your general region believed that if you meet a Moses traveling alone in the desert, then it is the duty to kill him and rob him of all that he owns.” Or, at least that’s what kabbalist and author Chaim Potok tells us about your region. And really-who can trust a tale where they didn’t follow their own best advice?
Wel, as you see it is so confusing in the west these daays as secret societies blur law and ethics, and wiretap us all, in hidden progarams that turn anyones good intentions into mush. Just like the blur between Australian and English culture, who can tell anymore where the muck starts and the rake starts? I can’t tell the difference anymore myself, and I am a trained journalist.
And, it really doesn’t matter, because when police become criminals-who cares about boundaries? But I hope you get on the case-because you should see how easily, and how quickly Armenians are swept into our hidden spy agency blur here in America.
My email is at the top of the page, if you need a local correspondent.

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