What is a "police state?" What are "political police?" The need to define our terms.

So, again, today, one of my main thesis statements has been validated (arguably) by the ABSENCE of “proof” rather than by the “presence” of proof. How is that?
Well, my readership has dropped off dramatically, in coincidence/concurrence with a co-opted pagan/animist holiday, which some call “Christmas,” aka “the mass of Christ.”
SO, in the absence of readers, I can presume that causation IS correlation in this case, and replicate it year after year. In other words-the absence of readers during this holiday is the presence of validation for one part of my thesis.
Then, there are the subsidiary correlations to institutions that mandate time off, and of these certainly those implicated as gang stalkers are PUBLIC sector, and public unions and government institutions in general.
This story here about police and firefighters stalking each other politically and for federal funding illustrates that there are distinct correlations between these groups and persons, and gang stalking, but also, this story, and this one too, and many more that you can find online implicate public sector employees, judges, law clerks,political operatives and their relations as primary initiators and participants in OGS.
So, in that light, let me connect a dot for you, the reader, so that you can replicate my results, and gradually help e wrest power from these bullies and cowards. Let’s define two terms that we see more and more frequently these days: police state and political police.
The former term is relatively well known, and the latter can be inferred from the definition itself:

Police state is a term denoting a government that exercises power arbitrarily through the power of the police force. … Political control may be exerted by means of asecret police force that operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state.Police state – Wikipediahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_state
hen have a look at my personal case, and note that hidden internet operators used non-publicly available information about “me” that existed only in government databases, and these cowards, who worked in colleges, political parties, private investigators functions deriving income from the DHS, and more were directly involved. Also, and especially note that operatives from several American states, and two specific FiveEyes nations were also implicated.
For background, it is important that the reader also note that I have been an activist for the First Amendment since FOREVER, and that my activism became a target of nameable and specific persons and politics starting in 1993.
Then, much later, I began to study “enemies of speech” from the standpoint of journalism, Constitutional due process, and the first amendment, whereby my life suddenly became a freeway of hidden institutional abuse, from now nameable operators. In  other words-when I learned to use words, and specifically, words and ideas and theories and strategies of communicaton to enunciate social problems, my own personal problems, or the problems of others-I was attacked by all that I write about herein.
And so, I learned the most important lesson: embrace their attacks, as you would a hand grenade on a field of battle. Be the brave one, for the sake of others. And, as a student of history, I am well aware that our political thought leaders are targeted just as much or MORE than those who the “word police” target and entrap in “word crimes,” aka manufactured terrorism, like this moron here.
And so, ROGS here, is a sort of attempt to do that, because we are all (and some more than others) being dominated now by a vast scheme against Constitutional liberty, and that, by a hidden police mechanism that targets speech at the site of the speaker. These mechanism also target those who have even the remotest idea that police states are more likely to look like someones mom, than that poor moron who was entrapped by word policing.
But word policing is what mom’s do, right? Well-in some people’s construction of ideal motherhood, that is the case. It’s called “idealized motherhood/womanhood.” Hitler did it, Mao did it, Stalin did it, and our deep state is doing it today (and has been since 1993).
And worse-they do it AT THE INTERNET SWITCH, via Infragard agents who work in the exact institutions I name above.
So, my thesis takes on new meaning, because as I have stated repeatedly, that I was politically gang stalked by inter-connected “webs of relations in a certain and specific area of the US, since 2003-4. While my personal life has always been one of resistance and Thoreau styled civil disobedience, I have paid the price indeed, but like the example above, I am ready for whatever these types throw next.
Let’s now look at “what are political police,” and how that relates to my thesis as well. If I were t sketch out a “web of relations” in the following matter, it would read like a “who’s who”of political police, Democratic Party deep state criminals, and my internet connection, going back to 2004. Bu I won’t waste the time here other than to say “what a [email protected] rabbit hole” with a shout out it whoever it was who shared this story about Bacon Bits and Blowflies, and the story below.
But Dear Reader-Don’t Be a Political Puppet! Because another agent of America’s Premiere Political Police is retiring next year, because it will take that long to dig Trump’s foot out of his ass. But I have NO ILLUSIONS about the terms-and I personally know the language and the tactics and the methods of Americas Deep State Political Police going back to the 1960’s:
SO-stuff this un-qualified immunity in your politically corrupt agency full of blow flies sucking the War on Terrors Dick until your mama comes home.

FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe to retire next year following Trump, GOP criticism

McCabe, who served as the agency’s acting director this summer after Trump fired former director James Comey, has faced Trump and GOP attacks on the FBI’s handling of politically charged investigations into both Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.
► May 12: FBI may get interim director Friday, Justice Department says
► May 11: Acting FBI Director McCabe: Comey’s firing won’t impede Russia probe
Among the allegations: that McCabe should have recused himself from the Clinton investigation because his wife — as a candidate for state senator in Virginia in 2005 — received $675,000 from the Democratic party and its allies.

Then, maybe get you flight suits ready, and a parachute, cuz you will need it, once we get to explorin’s how it all works at the inter-connected Infragard level. I bet the discovery on even ONE CASE of OGS would fill a court room AND a judges chambers with discs of “interconnected and switched” electronic data alone.
But for me, as you see here, I have noted a few banner years that mark distinct changes in law and federal policy, with names. Here is 2013, for example-and 2013 was quite a year in one specific ocation where the sooper seekrit societies were active, and so was I as a “deep cover American Citizen” who knew we had “rights” and oter odd stuff that is uniquely American.
See if you an connnect a few dots yourself between how Infragard works, and how it’s related to all the official B.S. about section 702 being neccesary to “protect” citizens, when n fact, these guys below are part of America’s hidden networks of politcal police-and then see how many political dots one could connect fro these names alone.
But in 2013, I connected, personally, to three of these dots, and that, connected to a first amendment case going back into the 1980’s, aka the “pseudo-feminist sex wars” that the fed and others have been pushing in various forms ranging from CALEA, to SESTA to each and every other conservative speech crushing tool that comes in the disguise of saving women and children.
But please-by all means-make my case for me, because as we see, police states-and the political police within them-don’t just “go away easy.” Nope-sometimes they take $675k in political graft first, while hiding it in criminality at the internet switch:
“Each year, Securitymagazine honors top security executives who positively impact the security industry, their organization, their colleagues and their peers. They change the security landscape…” read more

Grant Ashley – Vice President, Global Security, Merck & Co
John Imhoff – Director, Ernst & Young Global Security, Ernst & Young
Jeffrey Miller – Vice President & Chief Security Officer, National Football League
Alan Orlob – Vice President of Global Safety and Security, Marriott International
Charlie Steadman – Executive Director Firmwide Security, KPMG
Bryan Warren – Director of Corporate Security, Carolinas Health Care
Sheriff Richard Stanek – Hennepin County, Minnesota
Commissioner Edward Davis – Boston Police Department
Marene Allison – Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Johnson & Johnson
Michael Dell – CEO, Dell, Inc
Kevin Mandia – Founder and CEO, Mandiant
Bruce Schneier – Security Futurologist
U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers – (MI-08)
Robert Mueller – Former FBI Director
Troels Oerting – Assistant Director, Europol and Head of the European Cybercrime Centre
Peter Ford – Deputy Executive Director, OSAC
Bonnie Butlin – Executive Director, Canadian Security Partners Forum
Donald Brackman – Director, National White Collar Crime Center
Chuck Wexler – Executive Director, Police Executive Research Forum
Chief William H. Adcox, Chief Security Officer and Chief of Police, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and UT-Health Science Center.


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