Pierre Omidyar, Zionist Fifth Column run over Emptywheel, and all I got was this gang stalking dog and pony show for 13 years.

In case you don’t know, Marcy Wheeler is one of like, ten journalists in the ENTIRE WORLD who is worth reading, all the time.
Like some, she is usually a week, to a month to YEARS ahead of everyone else when it comes to NSA/FBI/CIA reach around’s of due process and due judicial process, section 702 collections violations, or the political Intelligence committee, and the cockblock on democracy that the FISA court is.
Here, below she chronicles how the Intercept went from being a “we stand for everyone” newspaper to “just another Israeli supremacist lever of truth” run by a clinical zionist.  I mean- cat’s out of the bag about “who controls the media” ONCE AGAIN.
From Marcy Wheeler, aka “emptywheel,”on “why the Intercept cockblock$ and leverage$ the publics right to know,” and “James Risen’s discovery that the NSA is and was WIRETAPPING ALL AMERICANS, and democracy itself, and how racists and tribalists block actual progress, and hog the dialectic space, until it can Israelify everything first”

“Remember who your subscribers are!!”warned Miscoweicz, in that indirect way that all journalists avoid discussing the racist, tribalist, bald-headed Eastern bloc prick in the administrative offices, whose mantra is always the same “Not One Fingernail!”

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