Mathew Riehl, webterrogation, webwashing and narrative control: how institutionalized "bullying" creates violent offenders [draft]

Well, I’m back. Not because I want to be mind you, but because ‘facts in the public’s interest’ sometimes demand that I continue ‘blogging’ about “what is organized gang stalking,” and “what are the ideological roots of organized gang stalking,” and so on. And, a little bit of D.E. Cameron styled  “psychic driving” of course, by all my new friends.

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You might not recall who D.E. Cameron is, or maybe you are a child of the post 2001 era where internet was used as a “social engineering tool” to make you more narcissistic, and less concerned about your rights, and due process of law.
So here is a quick primer: he was the guy who helped the CIA experiment with “mind control” in the 1950’s through the 1970’s at McGill University, which later apologized to the public for these tortures.
Cameron experimented on children as subjects, and used drugs and electro shock “therapy” on people who did not give informed consent, and were the precursor to things like today’s Facebook-dopamine connection, or this example of modern experimentation on citizens, where Google and the NSA/CIA and all of the other Alphabet agencies experiment on voters as if they are terrorists.

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Then: As Facebook and other social media and as-yet-disclosed programs deliberately manipulate your emotions and actions, we see that the internet is a narcissists paradise-and a place where narcissistic abuse by hidden actors and agencies occurs as well.

And, also, as of this morning, I have three ‘new readers,” and “coincidentally” three new email fans who didn’t pass the sniff test -COINCIDENCE!? Or “Tradition!”? And, all of them are women-another “coincidence!?”
I will let my readers decide how whacky these psychopaths are ( and of course-apologies to my dear email friends, and especially my Protonmail butties who are not part of this sick practice), but it seems that one of the ways that we are monitored is by agencies and the multi-headed Hydras, and other cunts who work in them who consider words to be threat to their ruhlijins or beliefs, their DVIC narrative, and their DVIC funding sources as well as their entire warrantless surveillance basis of “parallel constructing reality,”after manipulating people online, sometimes for decades.
What is “narrative framing” and “narrative control” as relates to women’s violence as an institutional construct, institutional sociopathy, and bullying? And, how does “actual framing” occur after contact with these other aspects of the creation of violence BY women, and those who claim to speak for them?
Let’s ask Mathew Riehl, the most recent Colorado mass shooter , whose web presence is being scrubbed as I write this. In the old times, erasing a person’s presence was the way that Protestant /Baptist /Catholic cultists and  Jewish policing “sent people to hell.”It is,also part of the narrative of scapegoating, and shunning that runs very deep in American Puritanism.
Riehl’s crimes, previously to the incident where he was killed? If you guessed that he “used words,” you would be correct:

he repeatedly calls officers “Nazis” and “scumbags.” He also repeatedly laughs at his own comments.
Riehl’s anger apparently stemmed from a Nov. 17 traffic stop.
He acquired body camera footage of him getting pulled over, then narrates his displeasure as he plays the video on a film screen.
At one point, Riehl said into his recorder, “This is the type of serial harassment in law enforcement.”

And, so, in a case of academic “cry bullying” we see that Mathew Riehl, like many before him, was “sent to hell” by religionists who use complicit police to further religious/neocon agendas, and because he said many things that contradict the ideological basis of High Heels Policing (for instance-his Facebook icon before it was webwashed, was a meme called “RapeCult” on it, critical of the trance formation of fakerape as a reason de etre’ of the deep state attack on civil liberty that we see today on the wiretapped internet.)
Then, it appears that Riehl failed to uphold white knightery on some level, and after the incident where he was killed, we see that the gendered narrative and the narration of his post mortem takes on cisis PR language, and demonstrates how media formulates the narrative, and clinical psychology has provided language to describe male victims of bullying as ‘victim’s of their own non-conformity’ to the DVIC schema:

 A class mate, Ember Oakley “said he always played the “poor me” card and was a “manipulative” person.
“He seemed to instigate problems and malign people and smirk, be underhanded. And when he was called out on his behavior he normally wouldn’t stop, but more importantly, he always found himself to be the victim,” Oakley said.
imagesA source says that this photo is the Annie,Oakley vigilante described in this article
Oakley said she never saw any signs of mental illness.

SO, one glaring aspect he DVIC schema is that it only has room for female victims, or, white knightery in action, as we see that many of the actual and evidentiary Masonic/Scottish Rites elements of law enforcment believe that it is O.K. to “stalk the stalkers,” and, we can extrapolate, men in general who fail to conform to white knightery.
But I will get to that at the end of this post, because it is central to the narrative of OGS, as we see that in modern OGS politics and political views make people into actual targets of institutional harassment, and that these hidden mechanisms work to craft “marketable narratives” to police, who then intervene; and it is every bit as important to understand that Ku Klux Klan of old was both a Democrat/progressive organization that worked in this exact way, and then, that today’s modern OGS is very “white female-centric,” very Catholic, and working with their “others,” but with militarized-Israelified police this time instead of Protestant basis.
The one constant however, is that males of any skin shade who challenge the ridiculous privilege of these people are still the targets and that these white females have always been in the privileged narrative position.
While OGS was a central feature of bolshevik terror in Russia in 1917, and a feature of Hitler’s Socialist brownshirts, and in Chinese Great Leap Forward, it is today what “progressive politics” are in America, and children are likely more safe in China, far away from the female ideologues and their white knight enablers who feed off of children as funding sources, while hiding behind a literal police state in defiance of law and due process.
And, these bolshevist elements formed a substantial powerbase in Eastern Europe as, on one hand, they exploited women outside of Europe, while on the other, waging crisis PR about “white slavery,” and “saving” women. But also, as we see time ang again, right wing elements such as the 1920s Prohibition and Temperance movement was chock full of similar tactics too.
As this is a sensitive subject especially today as on one hand certain groups derive 1.5 billion per year to craft narratives about “human trafficking,”and utilize “crisis PR” as the vehicle to attain such funding, the actual creation of crisis is frequently the goal-so one Mahew Riehl is potentially worth millions in ‘narrative value.”
On the other, these same interest groups and agents and agencies derive tens of billions per year from “security and surveillance,” and word policing of pure speech, via the tools I discuss here at ROGS, as well as the MIC, and so, the contradiction in such narrative framing could indicate that the past is the present is the future.
So, I will leave it to the reader to decide for themselves-here is a link to the Jewish Women’s Archive for that side of this discussion, were we see the same bait and switch. Talk amongst yourselves….
And so, a China which stands to lead the next century precisely because of the moral and legal cesspool that our goodguys have turned our country into via OGS, as they seek to throw us back into the dark ages; and the general hypocrisy of today’s American police state, where mind control operations, and mass surveillance of citizens is the NORM, not the exception-and even the NSA now admits to monitoring 450k American’s PER DAY, and human experimentation in the form of constant and chronic internet operations that target speakers is too.
So, this modern American/western gang stalking is no different than Stalin’s era where the youth were activated against the elders, and the educated, but with a glossier “crisis PR” campaign, and more funding for NGOs and colleges full of cry-bulies who stalk non-conformists behind their backs in “whisper campaigns” that police thoughts and words.
So, let’s visit how “mass shooters” of our era are created by psychological operations in the historical sense, by the cry bullies working within a fascist/apartheid state-let’s zip over to Israel, where we observe a historical pattern: the creation of crime and violence from undue process, and uncivil state actions and human rights abuses  in 2002, just after the War on Bad Thoughts began in America and the FiveEyes nations (aka the WOT), as George W. Bush pronounced “This is an ownership society, and we sold you to Eastern Bloc slavers and baby killers who use white females in power to pacify the police power, and then, to crush dissent, while kneeling to billionaires for funding, just like they did in Russia in 1917, Germany in 1923, and everywhere else this collusion takes place.”
How modern policing, aka “community policing, aka “DVIC stalking” creates violence, in order to perpetuate narrative, and gain funding: the Terror Factory: How bullying creates suicide bombers(and America’s ‘mass shooters.’)

“Suicide Bombers Not the Only Martyrs—Israel Creates Many More”

By Wendy Pearlman

And, then, take a look at what Noam Chomsky had to say in 2002 about the sae topic, how “othering” and objectification, combine with Israelification to create suicide killers.
Then, note that speaking about these topics today gets a person stalked online and off, by AMerican, British, and Australian police who train in Israel-see if you can make connections!

Academic gang stalking as a precursor to actual violence: the case of cry-bullying, thought policing, bad words, and mass shooters in America tat start in colleges

Mathew Riehl’s gang stalking started in a law school; and because he was an Iraq veteran, who allegedly used “bad words,” in an academic setting, and on Facebook.And not unlike Dahir Adan of Minnnesota, we ask ourselves “why does a guy leave lawschool one day and then say “yeah, WTF! I think I will go on a killing spree!” the answer is “hidden DVIC policing, aka “organized gang stalking.”
So- get out the ROGS BINGO card in the case of Mathew Riehl.
He appeared to have a grudge against white people’s perceptions of him as a person, and as a speaker, which was reflected in his politics. And he called some people “klan” or other slurs that incorporated the word “Nazi’s” into his 10-20 word Facebook diatribes, and much of his writing was related to his reactions to white and Jewish supremacy.
Without surprise, much of it looked like a rant and rave from any other portion of the web, where young men rant and rave during late night binges, and the vast majority of it was far lighter and less threatening than what you might see at gaming forum a police blog, or Israeli hasbara operations. Except- he did it at a law school, and on Facebook, AFTER he was targeted as a speaker.
And  while the news claims he issued some kind of “threat” or another, the evidence obviously wasn’t there to charge any crime, or he would have been arrested for such-which he  wsn’t. Instead, it appears he got a few years worth of gang stalking.
And, it appears to have been a long term opponent of thought police based at his former law school in Wyoming. He also had “mysterious, un-named people” following him around from one state to another, and running a “whisper campaign” behind his back.Whisper campaigns are also called “ritual defamation,” and Catholics and Jews are notorious for such conduct, but many other groups too.
These mystery people followed him everywhere “warning”police about him similar to how dominionists and zionists waged the Palestinian Exodus of 1948. As Yaakov Hirsch and Laird Wilcox have noted, ritual defamation is very “culturally Jewish,”and practiced by the ADL who trains American police in the tactics of gang stalking on privately funded junkets to Israel. And the police, rather than policing the organized stalking of Riehl, policed him instead.
Riehl was gang stalked in multiple states, and once criticized what he believed was a phony police stop, and “threatened” that he would run for office against a sheriff that he believed to be corrupt. Let me know if you start seeing “patterns” in how police insert themselves in these cases, or if you notice that this is “political policing”aka “high policing” in action.
Or, ask James McClynas, in Pinnellas County Florida, who is running for sheriff in 2020 because he was mercilessly gang stalked by “hidden DVIC policing” and and whose ex-wife is alleged to now be bopping someone from the cunty sheriff’s office.
Riehl was gang stalked for an uncertain period of time, and eventually he called police when he had a domestic violence incident with a room mate. He thenshot a police officer who did not identify himself, or presnt a warrant to enter Riehl’s home, after Riehl was “gang stalked” across two states by police and academic mobs.
His web page is now deleted (and of someone out there has a copy, let me know-but in these manufactured terrorism events, we see more and more that the crisis PR team sweeps in, the police, and SWAT teams stand down, and then,  American internet censors webwash everything so the ctizens cannot decide for themselves what happened, because most of it is uncnstitutional.) But I will describe what I saw there before it was deleted, for posterity.
And, because writing blogs on the internet-and writing blogs about OGS- is much like old times reporters writing from live fire zones on frozen telegraphs, I will stick to the facts before the internet word police can sweep in and cut my telegraph lines, flash bang my intentions, hack this post, or otherwise “disrupt” my train of thought, as is a frequent complaint of people who are under attack from any of the many speech policing mechanism online today.
Mathew Riehl, appeared to be suffering from organized gang stalking, and possibly a case of “Moonshot CVE or Google Ripsaw,” or any of the many other speech policing mechanisms that have never seen a single day in a court of law in America.
In this case, he was also a target of academic sponsored OGS, and in his Facebook page, he was highly critical of fakerape culture, white females, homosexual professors, and other “progressive” causes and champions.
While his writing was at times rambling, though sparse, his general intentions appeared to be how “brown men” are seen as inferior by  white females in power, Jewish-esque law profesors, and others who have never broken a  fingernail fighting for the First Amendment.
Riehl also appeared to deliberately used crude or crass speech. Having graduated the law school that he criticized in 2010,  he was a lawyer, and so it is certain to likely that he used speech in accordance with the “pure speech” clauses of the First Amendment.
In what I read of his writing, it appears that he was within Constitutinal rights of “pure speech.”
Shortly thereafter, he criticized the police, who he noted, had been “following him around,” and more, and he was soon dead afterwards-and that, AFTER HE CALLED police to report domestic violence against him.
However, pure speech is under attack by the DVIC high heels army, which was created in 1993 by Joe Biden and a few others, as a means to the end of policing pure speech, and targeting, primarily and exclusively, lower income, brown, and black males. Without coincidence, I note that the same group of Liberty Torches who birthed the Klan, and encouraged cancer in America, are now the exact same group who encourage Israel styled wars of political attrition, and speech policing.
In the video below, note that it does NOT WORK. I took this link from another post here at ROGS, and as I prove over and over again, their is a great “webscrubbing” that takes place just after I write about something. The link has been “webwashed,” and disappeared from the internet, just like the original webpage, as is a frequent occurrence when speech policing, narrative control, and narrative framing is an issue. And, a condition in nearly ALL mass shooter cases as well.
But the threat narratives inherent in OGS can be divided into several categories:

  1. state level threats directed at individuals who practice “pure speech” online
  2. dialectical threats, as agents and agencies seek to contain or craft messages that “targeted individuals” are dangerous, and then, actively bully, stalk, or harass them for “pure speech” expressed online or off
  3. sectarian-religious threats expressed aas symoic interactionist memetic devices, and the building of consensus by overwhelming speech and speakers, and by selectively targeting “influencers”
  4. modern narrative framing incorporates all the elements of the DVIC/PIC/MIC boogieman creation complex into simplistic narratives of “Ich, Du” or “us versus them,” without ever exploring the connection between the mass surveillance state and ‘deep state ‘ actions that are hidden from the public’s view by constant claims of “terrorism.”
  5. as we see since 2001, where there is no actual definition of terrorism, it has become an arbitrary and ever-morphing definition-that which is never defined. Or, political policing in the disguise of greater good narratives. Or, as some have said, America will fall without a shot, as the Praetorian “deep state” chews away at the citizenry until Kruschev comes back from the dead to claim a victory.

I could go on and provide dozens of other manufactured, contrived, or otherwise completely ‘socially engineered’ examples of “threat narratives” provided by crisis PR agents, and other nefarious state actors, and even worse state policies, but I will save that for next years novel.
Suffice it to say that everything we can possibly say about the current “threat modes” and “threat narratives” are gender biased, target primarily male speakers, entail gray area policing, aka “high policing,” aka “political policing,” and that women’s violence-a distinct, and institutional form of clinical bullying is integral to all modern threat scenarios.
And, these had their origins in the Lesbian Sex, Gender, and Porn Wars of the 1980’s-90’s, as some international elements began to withdraw investment from America, and then, to capitalize our country based in levels of “progressive change.”
All of this had as it’s goal the marriage of the welfare state to the final solution, which is today’s police state, and it’s cohort peonage systems, which is well documented in the academic and historical records. Mass shootings that start in academic settings  and other social ills are a direct product of that.
Or this.

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