A couple of gay witches walk into Clark County….

Remember how ROGS here has made correlations between Clark County Washington, Clark County Nevada,  Minnesota in general, CPS, policing in general, and the DVIC, and gang stalking for children?
Yeah-hayyyy look! A few violent, abusive lesbians who made a living off of children-and HOMESHCOOLERS to boot-just killed six kids after being stalked by CPS.
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Yeah- something STINKS in the second tier world of gray area policing, AKA “organized gang stalking”for state and federal dollars.
Look at the case of Omar Mateen, the Pulse Nightclub shooters wife, Noor Salman, on trial for “guilt by association”:
-extensive FBI involvement, including his father was a longterm FBI informant, and a  RAT, and now, Mateens wife Noor Salman is being bullied because she knows too much-and because again (we see this pattern quite frequently) informants exist in a second tier injustice system in ugly America.
And then, all these “mass shootings” where we see repeatedly that gang stalking, aka off-the books “investigative tactics” and hidden gray area where cultists and NGO’s get away with creatingterrorists while police look on- police, online stalkings, offline mobbings are involved, sometimes for years. And of course, some more “homeschooling” where the Austin bomber was likely targeted by DVIC forces in these hidden campaigns, and radicalized after secret bullying online and off.
-Austin bomber stalked in liberal “progressive” college, because he had viewoints that contradicted the international and globalist curricullum (nod to Dr. Mike Wood for the terminology and its pedophile Christian/Catholic/Protestant cult orders )
Manufactured terror is everywhere in these cases. And lesbians, too. Ever notice how in cases of DV, the women’s actions are never examined? Yeah-closet morons and LESBIANS are everywhere in these cases. And, I bet lots of sexual abuse too-these kids were killed to shut them up.
The DVIC, CPS, the prison pipeline, foster care/adoption/ women who sexually abuse kids, etc-its all here-Minnesota nice in action, with bonus points for Clark County (search my blog here for Clark County and Minnesota posts).
The strange case of the lesbians who drove six kids off a cliff like Pie Eating Pipers:

Jennifer & Sarah Hart: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jen and Sarah Hart

Facebook (Jen Hart)Jen and Sarah Hart

In an unspeakable tragedy, Jennifer and Sarah Hart — the parents of Devonte Hart— died, along with at least three of their six children, after their car plunged off a cliff along the Pacific Coast Highway.
Jen Hart, 38, was driving and her wife, Sarah Hart, 38, was in the passenger seat, according to official reports. The horrific crash happened on a cliff overlooking an ocean in Mendocino County, northern California. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the crash and what happened to their other three children, including Devonte.

Officials have said that the entire family might have been in the car when it drove off a cliff and police fear the other three children were also killed. Search crews have been using boats, aircraft, and drones to scan the ocean and beach in their search for the last three children, but the Mendocino Sheriff’s office has said that the three missing children are presumed dead. Neighbors have alleged abuse by Jennifer and Sarah Hart, saying that their young son Devonte came to them asking for food. Meanwhile, the mothers’ friends are saying that they only saw the two moms acting loving and caring to their six adopted children.
Here is what you need to know about Jen Hart and Sarah Hart and their family:

1. Officials Said Jennifer Was Driving When the SUV Plunged Off a Cliff & They Couldn’t Find Skid Marks

Officials haven’t yet determined if the crash in Northern California was intentional or if something caused the car to plunge off the cliff and fall 100 feet, KGW8 reported. But they have said that Jennifer navigated the 2003 GMC Yukon XL onto a dirt turnout, and there are no signs of skid or brake marks at the scene before the car drove off the cliff. The scene is confusing, they said, because it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. CHP Sgt. Christopher Dalin said: “We don’t know if it rolled over the edge or if it launched over the edge.”

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman said the car had to cross a wide expanse of gravel between the road and a dirt berm in order to even reach the cliff, Press Democrat reported. That means the car had to travel 75 feet over a dirt pullout before going off the cliff. The crash was seen by someone passing by Monday, March 26 at 3:40 p.m., but officials said it’s not known exactly when the crash happened, and some time could have passed between the crash and when the wreckage was seen.

The car landed upside down while Jennifer and her wife, Sarah Hart, were in the front seats, wearing seat belts. Investigators found three of their six children dead at the scene, thrown from the car: Markis Hart (19), Jeremiah Hart (14), and Abigail Hart (14). Officials are conducting a search for the other three children: Sierra Hart (12), Hannah Hart (16), and Devonte Hart (15). Allman said they “have every reason to believe” that all six of the children were in the car.
All six of the children were adopted. According to a friend’s Facebook post, Jen and Sarah had been together for 18 years. Devonte and two of his siblings were the last of the six adopted, in 2007, Oregon Live reported. They lived in Alexandria, Minnesota in 2011, and moved to West Linn in 2014. In 2017, they moved to their home in Clark County, Washington, where they were still living at the time of the crash.
Just a few months ago, Jen Hart posted a photo on Facebook celebrating the ninth anniversary of adopting three of her children. She wrote on Facebook: “I am a better human in every possible way for knowing these children. They have been my greatest teachers. Contrary to the common notion that we can’t choose our family, we absolutely can. We choose by loving – and that’s worth celebrating every damn day.”

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Devonte Hart: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

2. Neighbors Were So Worried That They Called Child Protective Services, But Friends Insist the Harts Were Not Abusive

The Hart Family

Mendocino County Sheriff’s DepartmentThe Hart Family

Jennifer Hart is originally from West Linn, Oregon, and Sarah is originally from Alexandria, Minnesota, People reported. The Harts lived with their children in Woodland, Washington, a small town just outside of Portland, Oregon. Their three bedroom, two-story home sat on two acres and had a fenced pasture. They had just moved there last year, Fox 2 reported.

Just a few days before the tragic crash was discovered, neighbors had called CPS about the family, concerned that the children weren’t being fed, KGW8 reported. They said the mothers’ son, Devonte, often sneaked out of the house multiple times a day, asking neighbors for food. He told them that his mothers withheld food as punishment and wouldn’t let the children go outside. Neighbors Bruce and Dana DeKalb told Fox 2 that in May 2017, one of the daughters rang the doorbell of their home around 1:30 a.m. She had a blanket and said she needed protection. Bruce said: “(She) was at our door in a blanket saying we needed to protect her. She said that they were abusing her. It haunted my wife since that day.”
CPS visited the Harts on March 23, 2018, and the Harts did not answer the door, Dane DeKalb told KGW8.
Neighbors in Woodland said the Harts rarely allowed their children to go outside. Neighbors from their previous home in West Linn said the same thing, Oregon Live reported. Bill Groener, 67, said they were rarely outside, even in good weather, and he’d only have contact with his neighbors through the mail. He said they were isolated, and still feels guilty that he didn’t call CPS. But he said they had enough positive activities going on to counteract the bad, like camping trips, and he just felt like privacy was important to them.
Friends of the Harts disagree with the neighbors’ descriptions that they were abusive or something was wrong. On Facebook, Niki Ann wrote in response to one story: “This is just disgusting. That neighbor had no compassion for so many hurting people when slinging such crazy allegations. It is so sad.”