Meet professor "[email protected] your life!" Finklestein, and the targeting of a young student thwarted by responsible community college apology.

Talk about Macro-aggression! Meet Professor Howard “Fuck Your Life” Finklestein!
Whacky, racist, anti-due process collectivist college professors, dialectic bullying, targeting, academic gang stalking, and SJW harassment: what is the Panoptopussycon? Yup. Its  what the DVIC is!

UPDATE 10/02/2019 and related reading: A couple years after I wrote this post that you are reading, the anti-democracy Anti Defamation League confessed that they are in fact using military psychological operations that target individuals online, after I personally revealed this in various online forums.
I first encountered this form of Jewish-christian bullying, and I suspect too that I encountered a prototype of the redirect method too, at a college campus, at the beginning of the so-called War on Terror, after I wrote the nations first story about manufactured terrorism, and other stories critical of community policing, and the DVIC.

Howard Finklestein should not to confused with Norman Finklestein,  who was gang stalked out of a Chicago university after he criticized the Holocaust Industry. He wrote a book about how some have comnercialized the Holocaust, and who exploit the anti-semite card for profit. See? Now  YOU are sucked in to  THEIR extremities!
Many gang stalking victims first encounter the practice of OGS after they meet the supremacist left, or the neocon progressivism, that faux left posturing on social issues really is totalitarianism masked as progress. And sadly, it is merely the softer form of Jewish racial supremacy.
It is in college where many students first encounter what Dr. Mike  Wood of Conspiracy Theory Psychology called the conspiracy of the Jewctopus, where apparently,  there are “theories”that eastern block Jewish professors, and other so called progressive academics and administrators with agendas at community colleges build consensus among the non-orthodox, the fallen  away Catholics and  others who cant stomach the silly posturing,  hidden workings, and baseless claims of organized religion and its hypocrisy to target  influencers, and  capital in a variety of nefarious  ways.
Well,  you can judge for yourself if such a conspiracy exist-thats not my field. But of these who targets individuals, each of these  types of professors inwardly thinks of themselves as the Cat in the Hat, sneaking in with the kiddies and having playtime when their single mother isnt home. And, they give you B letter grades if you write about Dr. Seuss in anything other than glieiewieiing terms.
What is lesser known, is  that these deliberately, and covertly target males with many varieties of covert assaults, including targeted conversations, directed theater and more, and they sic the dogs on you in the form of ugly lesbians and tattooed ex-cons, much like we see in cases like Dr. Anthony Hall, or Erik Karlstrom, and so many others who refuse to toe the progressive socialist lines; or who are merely targeted because, well, these types work with impunity, and are frequently police informants themselves.
But nearly indisputably, we see time and again, that Neocon progressivism-and its unique version of racial superiority-is tied to nearly every case of gang stalking today. Its as if they  write the scripts of every mass shooter/mass bicycle runner over/ mass incel MASSAGYNIST terrorist!
And even the casual observer would note  that this  can no longer be termed “coincidental,”((cohencidental)), or even un-planned, because some elements of academia have a long history of actually trying to create “revolutionaries”and literally try to  radicalize youth. Woe  be to those who  resist THAT! Because  the FUCK YOU FINKLESTEIN will rat you out  preemptive  of any  threat,  and  couch  your intellect  in threat  scenarios  AFTER  fucking  your  life! christians,  and  their  foreskinless  baby  Jesuses in  policing  will  do the rest  of the  work  for them, because,  police  unions!  And  pension  funds  tied  to real  estate (let  me  know  when  you  start  seeing  patterns,  because…)
So, it is no coincidence that the narrative of these modern events is nearly always tied to the causes of the left-progressive (which really is  the  wests new right) or what I like to call “the othe right,”because the actual left-prison reformers, radical union organizers, and non-binary, non-sectarian non-supremacist human rights advocates are nearly non-existent in the west,  or academia; and  thise of us  who do exist get  GANG STALKED, much as targeted individual Rachel Orban documented  before she was silenced from the web.
In fact, the left died and was officially buried uncereminiously by the Anti Defamation League in 1993-2003,  when it was caught spying on activists, and using the data to sell out every grass roots left cause that existed at that time, and other talk much do little radicaluzers  like the SPLC and its ilk.
Their professorships worked in colleges claiming that the Rise Of the Right, and neo-Nazi’s were  everywhere, as they sold  books, and proselytized like chicken little, whil working as government informants and worse. These lopped  the  heads  off of all  legitimate dissent, and steered the body pokutic to the Middle East, as we see today.
Its hard to miss that one detail. And Hitlers rise was also feuled by these same peoples. It cannot be missed how  the anti-semitism card builds a police state in one or another form.
So, their membership and its related Panoptical DVIC state literally waged domestic violence in American homes by privileged  access to  media and policy formation, racializing and gendering the narrative of violence as male, despite  all evidence  then and now that females initiate over half of all DV events, and most chikd abuse happens under their watch too.
These got rich and fat off of the pork that was made available after 9/11 2001, and nothing has replaced the loss to democracy that the targeted harassment of activists has left behind.
In fact, an actual left isn’t possible in America anymore due to zionized progressivism and the new racial supremacism of the One Percent and their spy apparatus. Every college group and club reports to these supremacists, and many active shooters have had contact at some point with this Octopus and its covert spying, gaslighting, gang stalking mechanisms that frequently involve the police, after the fact of institutional bullying. And THST  after these agents  seed  every dialigue with racial tension,  and race baiting.
So, let’s  look  at this  in action in the case where the targeting of a white male is highlighted-and never forget: this  happens to blacks,  Hispanics,  and Asians  too-but never to good  litle  menschies  who keep their tefillin tucked in.
And certainly, I urge the readers to explore the cases of black males from Ferguson, MO, and many of the mass shooters who claimed they are stalked to death. It is there will  you  will begin to uncover some interesting facts about academia, InfraGard,  and High Policing, aka, political policing that, these days doesn’t turn out too well for activists who are murdered with cell phones in their hands.
[email protected] your life,” the case of professor Finklestein to a student. These events are not isolated, and they specifically target white males, and focus special venom at outspoken black males like the Ferguson activists.
This situation has occured because a combination of factors, which I will save for another post, but for now, here is how targeting of individuals begins in academia, and extends outwards like a tentacle (stereotypes, dontchaknow, are  useful descriptors.)

Professor told conservative student ‘f— your life,’ video shows. There was more, student says
[email protected]
April 18, 2018 02:30 PM
Updated April 20, 2018 11:46 AM
Christopher Lyle said he’s tired of the discrimination against him.
A video obtained by appears to show Howard Finkelstein, a professor at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey, yelling at the 23-year-old student in class and telling him “f— your life” on April 11. Lyle told the outlet that he argued people can be sexually assaulted regardless of gender — and that Finkelstein went into a rant after the student tried to give a personal example.
The college student said this is far from the first time his sociology professor has singled him out for his conservative beliefs during class, which is titled “Sociology 105, Intercultural Communication: The Person and the Process.”
“He’s constantly called me into his office,” Lyle told Fox News, “and told me I can’t speak in his class because of my beliefs. … He constantly talks about white privilege and how I have privilege because I’m a white male. I don’t believe that. I work 50 hours a week and attend class, and he tells me to ‘shut the f— up.’”
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Lyle also alleged in an interview with that Finkelstein has said the student’s conservative ideals are “the reason America is not great” and ordered him to “shut up” during class.
Finkelstein didn’t answer a request for comment from both and The Asbury Park Press.
Joey Smith, another student in the sociology class, said he sometimes disagrees with Lyle’s conservative beliefs. But the 26-year-old student told The Asbury Park Press that Finkelstein has a fixation on the conservative student that reduces the quality of the class.
“Chris is a part of his lesson plan,” Smith said. “He’ll ask Chris a question, then try to convince Chris in front of the class what is right and wrong.
“I’m paying to get an education and I’m watching him preach to another student,” he added. “I’m not learning anything there.”
Avis McMillion, a spokeswoman for the college, told The Asbury Park Press that the school is continuing to look into the matter and can’t comment until the investigation is complete. Lyle first submitted an official complaint about the teacher on April 11, McMillion said, and the head of the sociology department reached out to him early this week.
But Lyle told Fox News that the school just targeted him for another conservative position the day after the Finkelstein’s recorded rant.
A school official made Lyle take a mental health test, he alleged, and asked whether he owned any guns. According to Fox News, Lyle complained in an earlier class that it’s hard to buy a gun in New Jersey while following state law.
Christopher Jeune, student conduct and compliance director, called “many” of the accusations “false and wholly inaccurate.”
“Brookdale Community College is fully cognizant of the Second Amendment and the rights it affords and does not discriminate against anyone based on his/her beliefs,” Jeune told Fox News in a statement. “It is in the best interest of all members of our community for the college to do its due diligence when a student or employee mentions firearms during the process of an investigation.”
Lyle said he first brought up his concerns with Finkelstein’s teaching to the professor himself and then tried to do the same with higher-ups at the college. That didn’t help, he told the Asbury Park Press, and the alleged targeting continued.
But the student decided he’ll just keep going to class to send a message.
“I have to stand up for myself and my beliefs,” Lyle told “I pay money to learn. I don’t pay money to get lectured on my beliefs.”


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