Profile of the informant/rat as mass shooters:were the Mormon Danites the prototype Zionist assassins?

The  FBI  is  widely believed  to have  a  literal  army  of paid and  unpaid  rats,  snitches,  and informants,  all  of whom  were  entrapped,  or  ensnared  somehow  into  complicity  with  the  modern  American  police  state. This  is  well  documented in  nearly  all  mainstream media  today.
Less documented  is  how  religioun  uses  their fanatics  to create  murderers,  and  mass  murderers  to enforce  conformity,  or  cause  “the  fear  of  the  lord”in or  upon  others.
While  greasy  bearded  Jewish bombers  of  earlier  eras in  American  history  provide  a  useful  stereotype, and the  current near mythological  Muslim  bombers are nearly  created  from whole  cloth- it is  eady  to  miss modern Zionist terrorism that  expresses  itself  from  within any  of  many militant  Jewish  groups  such as  the  Jewish  Federation, and  the  many  tentacles of  George Soros  and  Haym  Saban  sponsored  radicalization.
So it is  worthy  of  note  that other religions  are  widely  documented nurturing  the  murderous  among  them, and  propelling  them  into  terror  events. Akso  worthy of note  is  that these  all  hearken  to  Zion.
The  case  of the Zionized  Mormon Murderers: Danite assassins and Mormon  history
In  cases  of  modern American mass  shooters,  we  frequently  see  several  things that are  indisputably linked:

  1. recent  contact  with the  local  law  enforcement,  DHS  “community  policing,” that  can  be termed  long  term  pervasive and  chronic  surveillance, or  long  term contact with the FBI that  precedes  these  events (the Boston bombers, the Tsaernevs  were  in  contact  with  the  CIA  and the  FBI for  over  a decade; Omar  Mateen  for three years; William  Atchisson for  one year; Devin  Kelly  for  several  years; Matt  Riehl was  harassed across state  lines, and  a  whisper  campaign waged  behind  his back  for  years; Stephen  Paddock  was  an  inter-generational  FBI  project)
  2. Media  narratives  that  do not  discuss the  link  between  mass shooters  and provocateurs  in  policing, and instead, shift bthe  goal posts to  pet  causes  that garner  federal  funding,  such  as  the  dubious link  between  mass  shooters  and  domestic  violence (in  these  cases we  frequently  see the  lop-sided,  gender  biased DVIC narrative  slanting  the  story  in  gendered fashion,  as bif  women  have no  agency  in  the  violence they  perpetrate. Then,  we  see  the  NGOs  in  community  policing  violently and aggresdively  stalking men  like  Nikki Craft advocates)
  3. Individuals targeted AS  individuals, followed in surveillance by community  policing  elements(frequently  with  religious  fervor); followed  across  social  media, cell phones,  emails, and  more until  a pervasive  and  literal “no  touch”  bullying occurs in  gray  area “high  policing” as  outlined  by Brodheur,  but  by  his  definition, it  is  actually  now police  state  policing,  due  to  the  nationwide  wiretap  of  the  NSA  and Fusion  Centers working  between  the CIA  and Paul  Blart  the  mall cop.
  4. Clear affiliations to  Amerucas  various  sects  and  cults,  many  of them  militant
  5. the  climate of  Ich, Du being mediated  by rats,  snitches,  and  informants  who  are  neither Ich,  nor Du,  but rather-  trained  psychopaths and assassins

So-  meet  the  Mormon  Danites: the psychopathic killers  of  Brigham  Young  and Joseph  Smith. Its  an  interedting  profile  of  how  the  religious use  murderers to  maintain status quo.

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