The Intercept covers organized gang stalking AGAIN. LAPD, Palantir, CIA LASER, Targeted individuals, elecronic harassment

Aided by Palantir, the LAPD, community mobs, and the CA Highway Patrol Uses Predictive Policing to Monitor Specific People and Neighborhoods~Maha Ahmed
Revisiting  an  intelligence  agency  wet  dream:  full  spectrum monitoring of groups and  individuals to  influence  and  alter  their  lives.
May 11 2018
Police stops in Los Angeles are highly concentrated within just a small portion of the population, and the Los Angeles Police Department has been using targeted predictive policing technology that may exacerbate that focused scrutiny. That’s according to a report put out this week by the research and activist organization Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, which draws from the testimony of city residents and newly released police documents to paint a picture of a “racist feedback loop” where a “disproportionate amount of police resources are allocated to historically hyper-policed communities.”

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