CA Rep. Maxine Waters encourages organized stalking of Trump-in front of the Wilshire FEDERAL BUILDING

Search through ROGS here and read posts about the Mormon Mafia, and here, here, and other mentions
throughout this blog, but especially READ THIS ONE, where I note the Los Angeles is a virtual gauntlet of gangstalking smoke and mirrors, and about how I was personally gang stalked in that area, with morons from many NGOs(Save the Starving, Abused,Hungry Vaginas! And all those Gomez too.), as I sought to force these hidden agencies to hand me a FISA court challenge to warrantless spying, after having been gang stalked for over a decade.
And,I personally know, and can name, several journalists who were gang stalked or slandered out of work in that area (the cartoonist Ted Rall, for example, who was called a Marxist by Breitbart news), and without any surprise, they are white and black males who recall the era where we were all united across racial and ethnic lines to end police brutality and illegality, whereas today, people like Haym Saban and George Soros, and white females like Rachel Dolezal, lol, none of whom have ever fully engaged in Americas racial problem solving, other than to exploit and profit from it (or take some dick over it while dancing to Al Green during a racialized one night stand); these have nearly murdered law and due process by encouraging racialized gang stalking, and police complicity in it, and especially sought to nullify non-zionist, non-Jewish, or non-compromised journalists.
This is ADLification, Israelification, and neocon racism in practice, and it is how this form of race supremacism manifests itself in American society. And, more than anything, it reveals policing as totally corrupted-its own literal gang.
And, Waters did this in front of LA Federal building,nonetheless, a thetans fart away from the Mormon Mafia, AND the Mormon Temple. Extra points if you notice that the Whistling and Whittling clubs of Nauvoo are an actual historical gang stalking example where Mormons used their kids to stalk outsiders.
So, no small surprise then that Ms.Waters is calling for organized stalking of Trump,and others related to his cabinet, under the watchful eyes of the Mormon mafia, and remember, former FBI director Comey couldnt suck their dick long enough, or line his pensionwith enoughTelAviv toilet paper (LAs FBI is literally a bowie knife throw away from the Mormon Temple there, where someone stole my GPS from my car lastyear around thetime Joshua Schulte was arrested for the Wikileaks Vault 7 release).
You see-OGS is how the second tier of our society has responded to the KKK era of the past, while overlooking that other white meats racism and domestic terrorism, as groups like the ADL, JFeds, and their racist tentacles in community policing, aka High Policing work their damage to democracy by deploying Martin Buber and TheodoreHerzls Ich,Duon unsuspecting victims, and voting populations. paid junkets to Israel.
The only racist supremacy still standing after sowing hate, and division, these being the usual suspects who continue to do the bidding of the one percent, and stir up hate, using the politics of deference,and these usual suspects who derive their sustenance from exploiting race in every generation (and who notoriously spied on and sold out peace activists, and every race oriented groupavailable at the time, ranging from Asian Law Caucus, to the NAACP,and others).
Now, you can add the year 1993 andsearchthrough ROGS here to notethatthe ADL spied on and betrayed every single grassroots movement in that year as well.
And, all of that in hidden databases in South Africa,Toronto, Tel Aviv~and Los Angeles. I would love toget a subpoena for THOSE quasi-governmental databases. Who wants to help/
Here is Waters, calling for organized stalking of public officials,from perhaps the most disreputable media available~ CNN:
Maxine Waters encourages supporters to harass Trump administration officials
By Jamie Ehrlich, CNN
Updated 1802 GMT (0202 HKT) June 25, 2018
Rep. Waters: Confront White House officials
Rep. Waters: Confront White House officials 01:47
Washington (CNN)Rep. Maxine Waters called on her supporters to publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration in response to the “zero tolerance” policy that led to the separation of families at the border.
The California Democrat and vehement critic of President Donald Trump made the comments on Saturday, first at a rally in Los Angeles and later in a television interview. The comments, which come after several Trump administration officials have been recently protested at restaurants, have raised fresh questions about the state of American political discourse and were seized on by Trump for political gain.
“Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere. We’ve got to get the children connected to their parents,” Waters said at the Wilshire Federal Building, according to video of the event.

The war on the 1st Amendment: the 9th Circuit Appeals court is under attack, and Wikileaks Vault 7 arrest.

If you read through ROGS here, you will notice frequent mentions of how free speech, aka, the first amendment to the United States Constitution is under attack.

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

And who is attacking it? Refer to my thesis of Andrea Dworkin, and search around here for posts about High Heeled Policing, flying pigs, and hungry foxes who devoured even the chicken coup…de tat, in 1993….
But especially, search for posts about the 9th Circuit, Jay Bybee, Alex Kozinsky, etc- because there is indeed a culture war afoot, and it is a reboot of the gender lesbian pornography wars of the 1980s, and its unusual aliance with arch conservative religionists from the neocon, Catholic, Jewish, Baptist and evangelical American sects and cults.
You will also note that I have encountered gang stalking from people who cite DHS contractor, and professional slanderer Gavin de Becker, or others who used InfraGard access to internet switches and Fusion Centers, and who clerked for SCOTUS relic Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
I mean~ organized gang stalking is THAT bizarre, and if I told you more, it would reveal me as two phone calls away from several American Presidents.
So, it seems now a good time to revisit the Wikileaks Vault 7 leak, and a contractor from Texas who is being framed in a narrative in the MSM as the leaker.
Joshua Schulte, arrested for Wikileaks Vault 7
If you read deeply, he, like all targeted individuals and some mass shooters, expressed libertarian, or constitution-based ideoligy, as opposed to DVIC gray area high policing and kangaroo courts.
So~ have a look at how the Lesbian Porn Wars are affecting agencies from the CIA, to the DHS and the alphabet soup that has spilled over all of our internet connections; and our rights of association and assembly, privacy and speech.
Like the deceased Mathew Riehl, his gang stalking ALSO started in college, in Austin Texas. And so did the case of Rakem Balogun, who was arrested for pure speech.
There literally is a clear, and distinct pattern in the data~ and the stench of lesbian feminist jurisprudence in EVERY SINGLE CASE.
What is the Ninth Circuit?
And how many free speech, first amendment, comnercial speech and historic pornography cases have come before it?
The United States Courts for the Ninth Circuit consists of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals along with district and bankruptcy courts in the 15 federal judicial districts that comprise the circuit, and associated administrative units that provide various court services.
Map of the Ninth Circuit

So, here are some cases where you can begin to thread together how womens groups and NGOs, as well as international finance work nehind the scenes to establish supremacy, and then, to encourage the coming dark ages of relugious supremacy, enacted through the pseudo feminism of gender lesbians and their enablers, like Buck Toothed Amy, of Minneapolis, MN., and Ed the toilet slave in San Francisco, CA.
BUT:all over ROGS here, you will see this thread come together~it is these who have attacked the first amendment, from Texas, Washington state, Las Vegas, Arizona, and Minnesota. Use my search feature to find these links.
But some in government have done EVERYTHING in their power to prevent a FISA court challenge, and to prevent speech and privacy cases ever getting to trial, appeal, or SCOTUS. and, OGS is how they do it.
From Reporters Committee of Freedom of the Press, the attack on virtual pornography:
Former 9th circuit judge Alex Kozinsky forced to step down because of a whisper campaign.
Wikileaks Twitter feed discusses how the Deep State frames activists, journalists, libertarians, and more with child pornography
Norma Jean Almodovar, author of From Cop to Callgirl, folk heroine, sex workers rights activist, and early gang stalking target from the 1980s, blew LAPD corruption wide open~ and has been harassed ever since.

What are targeted individuals~and who targets them?

IN societies drowning in mysticism, racism,sectarianism, and the lunacy of Eastern Bloc banksterism, we must ask ourselves the hard questions, and try to rationalize the bizarre, often conflicted answers.
south Africa has looked in here at ROGS six times today alone, and I note that racist, apartheid South Africa also houses the remnants of Barney Barnattos/ De Boers diamond mine slavery capitalists.
and, little irony that the Anti Defamation League spying and surveillance network also is/was headquarterd there during the Anti Defamation League spy scandal of 1993.
Seeing patterns yet? Try not to let the patterns make you crazy~
But here, from Wikipedeia, is how racist, sectarian Jews use chess pieces to guard their fanatical lockup on narratives, and how they socially engineer discourse, while always maintaining racial,tribal, religious supremacy.
Like I always say,I didnt come looking for them, they came, lookingf orme.
Meet ADL targeting of dissenters,atheists,and activists~ all of which is covertly tolerated by, and frequently in collusion with, American policing…
And, extra points if you notice how the FBI director James Comey could not suck their dick fast enough, or hard enough, in the pre-Trump era!
Who targets individuals?! What is.a targetedindividual?! Are targeted individuals delusional?!
From Wikipedia(not to be confusedwith Julian Assanges briliant and actual news outlet, Wikileaks), the. ADL, targeting people with stalking, violence, database abuse, and then,colluding with police power to cover their tracks~ what and who is a targeted individual?
Anyone who calls these rabid racists out of their cockroach hidey holes along the cancerous internet backbone in order to keep, and maintain theirversionofsociety, basedin Abrahamic mystery religion:
Tracking extremistsEdit
The ADL keeps track of the activities of various extremist groups and movements.[19] According to ADL Director Abe Foxman, “Our mission is to monitor and expose those who are anti-Jewish, racist, anti-democratic, and violence-prone, and we monitor them primarily by reading publications and attending public meetings …. Because extremist organizations are highly secretive, sometimes ADL can learn of their activities only by using undercover sources … [who] function in a manner directly analogous to investigative journalists. Some have performed great service to the American people—for example, by uncovering the existence of right-wing extremist paramilitary training camps—with no recognition and at considerable personal risk.”[20] A person apprehended in connection to the 2002 white supremacist terror plot had drawn a cartoon of himself blowing up the Boston offices of the ADL.[21]
The ADL regularly releases reports on anti-Semitism and extremist activities on both the far left and the far right. For instance, as part of its Law Enforcement Agency Resource Network (L.E.A.R.N.), the ADL has published information about the Militia Movement[22] in America and a guide for law enforcement officials titled Officer Safety and Extremists.[23] An archive of “The Militia Watchdog” research on U.S. right-wing extremism (including groups not specifically cited as anti-Semitic) from 1995 to 2000 is also available on the ADL website.[22]
In the 1990s, some details of the ADL’s monitoring activities became public and controversial, including the fact that the ADL had gathered information about some non-extremist groups. In 2013, J.M. Berger, a former nonresident fellow of the Brookings Institution, wrote that media organizations should be more cautious when citing the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL, arguing that they are “not objective purveyors of data”.[24]
In July 2017, the ADL announced that they would be developing profiles on 36 alt-right and alt-lite leaders.[25][26]

The DVIC STRIKES AGAIN! A cop schtupping a guys wife during a contentious divorce…the Scottsdale shooter.

High heeled  policing primer,or: the worm in the crickets head? Either way, a few useless DVIC eaters bit some expensive bullets, lol.
ROGS lets YOU decide!
Try not to see any patterns though… But by all educated accounts,gang stalking is what hidden police fraternal organization violence IS, utilizing the “”community policing”scheme, tied to NSA surveillance, and courting other mens wives like sneaky rutters from the chimp family.
Related Story: Sheriff Joe Arpaios gang harassed mayors, journalists, and, well, anyone who he did not like.
And, these cases stretch out over years of time, as the fraud of predatory police, working in gray areas of law and society get filthy rich, after 9/11.
Extra points if you can spot the female sociopaths that work with them.
Here is one way to spot them:

Later, Connie married that private investigator, former Phoenix police Detective Richard Anglin

Related Story: Blogger Jeff Pataky raided by Phoenix police for documenting police corruption
So, lets recap: 1993 was the year Joe Biden and the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex via VAWA(which sounds like wawawawwaaaaaa!) co-opted actual feminism, womens agency, and equality, and in its place,gave us the two-headed behemoth of Catherine McKinnon, Andrea Dworkin feminism, and high heeled policing (search ROGS for posts about butchers in high heels, DVIC, and images of battered, imprisoned, raped, and murdered men.)
And, Foreverwarlandia prospered! For about 20 years…
And, this time period incubated the marriage between psychopathic police and sociopathic women, and birthed the modern police and surveillance state the we see today, financed by nameable financial institutions, corpirations, and individuals from several tribal-religious sects.
From Welfare State to Police State!
And from the bowels of family Courts and closed files, closed hearings, secret interpretations of law,and para-Constitutional kangaroo courts, to a Fully Wiretapped Nation, the crimes of gray area policing are coming home to roost. For the children, if course, like waiting vultures on the internet cable, ready to devour the .next crop bof children, but eith the well greased crisis PR stream conincing us that these are the good guys and their gals.
And you buy it, like any other consumer product. Why? 
Because the foundation of every great lie has a kernel of truth that feeds the child exploitation and social engineering rackets of the lower tier of our two tiered society.
By calculated predation, and objectification of poor men,disenfranchised men~and many, many black men~like dung beetles, police, and DVIC policing weedled women away from men who they made children with, and then ,their children, and then,their wealth….because gendering all violence male, creating binary good/bad men narratives, and overlooking, downplaying, and minimizing the effects of sociopathic female violence, most of which is directed at children by every available statistic, and literally billions and bilions of dollars were steered into the DVIC.
Now,the chickenheads who rut and roost in the pigpen are wondering why all the fox feathers are flying around….or something like that. Especially in cases where police and their hidden gangs of DVIC profiteers create mass shooters in the gray area of due process free community policing schemes
And, get out the ROGS BINGO card in all of these cases. And note that womens violence is very well hidden, because there is always a dirty cop or another total coward who will do her/their/its bidding. I know this, because I come from police families.
Meet “framing” of suspects, and narratives in the whacky world of
…Isnt it amazing what money(and some coochie, opened like Pandoras box) can buy?
A primer in insanity, and bad policy, as we watch another DVIC sponsored mass shooting/crisis PR opportunity, where the fingerprints, and the pointy heeled hoof tracks of High Policing are EVERYWHERE.
From AZonline
Scottsdale shooting suspect left divorce full of discord, YouTube channel full of grudges
Bree Burkitt, Robert Anglen, Alden Woods, Michael Kiefer |
The Republic |
Before Scottsdale murders, grievances aired on YouTube channel connected to Dwight Jones
Before the Scottsdale shootings, Dwight Lamon Jones apparently posted YouTube videos outlining what he saw as a conspiracy to take his son away.
The Republic |
For almost a decade, it seems, Dwight Lamon Jones held onto a grudge.
Jones, found dead Monday morning of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a north Scottsdale hotel room, is suspected in a string of shootings in Phoenix and Scottsdale over the past week.
But before he started shooting, Jones, 56, apparently created almost 10 hours of online video outlining what he saw as a conspiracy by his ex-wife, psychiatrists, lawyers and the Maricopa County judicial system to rig a divorce case and steal custody of his son.
A YouTube channel titled “exposing lowlifes” housed 18 videos that included a taped interview between his ex-wife and a famous psychiatrist and a long letter to his estranged son.
Steven Pitt was just one of the people named. The forensic psychiatrist was retained by his wife’s attorney, Elizabeth Feldman, to complete a psychiatric assessment of Jones in 2009.
Jones was angry, he told Pitt during a four-hour interview in the psychiatrist’s office on the border of Phoenix and Scottsdale. He told the story in one of the YouTube videos. He insisted his wife had abused their son and had multiple affairs, yet she was the one attempting to make him look violent and paranoid so she could have full custody of their child.
Jones would ultimately lose custody of their son. Nine years later, police said, he shot Pitt dead outside that same office in broad daylight on Thursday afternoon.
Less than 24 hours later, police believe, Jones walked into the Scottsdale office of his wife’s former lawyer with a loaded gun. Regardless of who was the intended target, only two paralegals — Veleria Sharp and Laura Anderson — were left in the office on that Friday afternoon. Police said Jones shot both of them dead.
Sometime that same day, Friday, police believe, Jones shot Marshall Levine inside another Scottsdale office building. The psychologist, life coach and hypnotherapist had no apparent record of involvement in Jones’ long divorce case.
But he shared an office space with Karen Kolbe, who had been his son’s counselor. She had tried to convince his son to fear Jones, he would insist in one of the videos posted just six days before Levine was killed.
Then, there was nothing. For one day, the legal and mental health community waited to learn whether who — if anyone — would be next.
Suspect in Scottsdale shootings dead, police say
Police say a man suspected of murdering a prominent forensic psychiatrist and two paralegals at their offices in Phoenix and Scottsdale is dead.
Rob Schumacher, The Republic |
It was his ex-wife’s new husband who figured it out. Connie Jones issued a statement Monday.
“Personally, I have feared for my safety for the past nine years,” she said. “I cannot express the emotions I feel for the innocent families touched by this senseless violence.”
MORE: Fountain Hills deaths tied to shootings in Scottsdale, Phoenix
MORE: Scottsdale shootings: A timeline of what we know now
She went on to say her current husband, who is a retired police detective, recognized the connection and notified Phoenix and Scottsdale police.
The three days of fear came to an end early Monday morning in an Extended Stay America hotel near Shea Boulevard and Scottsdale Road. Phoenix police said officers had tracked Jones over the last day and a half before ultimately making contact with him at the hotel. Officers were evacuating adjacent hotel rooms when Jones opened fire one last time.
He fired seven or eight rounds, police said, before turning the gun on himself.
He died alone.
But he left two more victims.
On Sunday afternoon — before police were tracking Jones, they said — he had driven his gold Mercedes to Fountain Hills, headed for a house in a cul-de-sac. Inside, he killed a man and a woman, police said.
A video tale
Little is known about the final years of his life. Jones was born in North Carolina, according to public records, then graduated from a Missouri high school before joining the Army. Later he spent time in Texas. His last known address was a Tucson apartment, though in his videos he mentioned living out of a hotel. At one time he coached tennis, though it’s unclear when he last worked.
All that remained was a YouTube channel.
The man narrating the videos never provided his name. The camera never showed his face. He identified himself only as Connie Jones’ ex-husband, and he spoke from behind the camera, dedicating almost 10 hours of footage to one purpose: trying to prove that he had been robbed of his son.
The account uploaded 18 videos in the three weeks before the shooting began. The last one was posted on May 25 — six days before Pitt was gunned down.
In one series of videos, the narrator rambled through an open letter to his son, whom he said he had not seen in almost a decade. Another string played a taped interview between Pitt and his ex-wife, which the narrator repeatedly paused to interject his commentary.
“I’m going to try to give you the short version of a very long story about how this lowlife got away with it,” he said at the beginning of a five-video series posted May 25, six days before the first shooting. The camera focused on an empty white mask.
In it, he unspooled a tale of “thugs,” “crooks” and “lowlifes,” all of whom supposedly joined forces with his ex-wife. He claimed that she abused their son, then manufactured a domestic-violence incident that cascaded into a conspiracy.
A biased judge, he said, let his ex-wife’s attorney select Pitt as the psychiatrist who evaluated him. Then, he claimed, she paid those psychiatrists to paint him as mentally unstable. Then she somehow convinced them to ignore his evidence. Counselors drove a wedge between him and his son. Doctors changed statements. A murder-for-hire plot targeted him. Law enforcement misread every situation and assumed her gun belonged to him.
“Three words that helped her: Black, man, and gun,” he said. “Hysteria.”
While a judge said Jones’ claims of child abuse were “egregious and unsubstantiated,” court records detail a hellish divorce after a marriage gone bad.
Craig Harris takes you outside the home of Dwight Lamon Jones’ last two murder victims
Craig Harris takes you outside the home of Scottsdale shooter’s last two murder victims.
Patrick J Breen, The Republic |
A contentious divorce
Connie Phillips and Dwight Jones married in June 1988 in North Carolina. He worked as she went to medical school there. And in 1997, when their son was born, they decided that because she could make more money as a radiologist than he could with his GED, that he would stay home and take care of the child.
For the next 12 years of their 22-year marriage, he was the child’s primary caretaker. And then when their son was old enough to go to school, again according to the court record, Connie wanted him to go back to work, but he refused.
He was living very well on her doctor’s income.
In the court record there were claims of domestic violence. In December 2007, Dwight allegedly struck Connie and fractured her sternum. In April 2009, she said, he pinned her to a couch with a knee on her chest.
Things came to a head on May 6, 2009.
Dwight had brought their son home from a basketball game and was criticizing his performance. He allegedly said the boy was “too much like a little girl,” among other disparaging remarks. Connie intervened and it escalated to violence, much of it caught on an audio recording.
Connie claimed Dwight pinned her to a wall and struck her in the face with a forearm.
“I’ll take you out to the motherf—ing pool and drown you,” he said.
She called police and that resulted in a standoff with a SWAT team. When Jones surrendered, he came out with the boy in front of him, an act Connie and her legal team described as like a human shield. A Scottsdale police officer later denied that in a deposition.
Connie had Dwight involuntarily committed to a mental hospital, but according to records, he was not found to be mentally “abnormal.”
She filed for divorce six days later. And she carefully rearranged her bank accounts to keep her husband from accessing them, according to court filings.
Experts’ assessments
Pitt first appears in the record on July 20, 2009, retained by Connie to do a risk assessment of Dwight. Over the course of the divorce case, she paid him more than $25,000.
In his report, filed in April 2010, he said of Dwight that “without psychiatric intervention and treatment, Mr. Jones’ mental state is going to continue to unravel. He will become increasingly paranoid, likely psychotic, and pose an even greater risk of perpetuating violence.”
There was no more violence documented.
MORE: Six people killed by Scottsdale murder suspect, police say
But Connie repeatedly took out orders of protection against him. She hired a private investigator, who searched the husband’s rooms of their house and claimed to find a gun (he denied it was his), a semen-detection kit and three pairs of the wife’s panties. The detective also tailed Jones to a strip joint on Seventh Street in central Phoenix, and claimed he spent most days there from mid-afternoon to midnight. Connie claimed he had spent $50,000 on gambling and strip clubs.
Later, Connie married that private investigator, former Phoenix police Detective Richard Anglin.
Connie had been ordered to pay Dwight $3,800 per month in temporary spousal support as they awaited the divorce trial. He still had his Mercedes.
She also tried to stop the father from having his supervised visitation with their son.
Anne Ryman reports from Scottsdale scene of murder suspect suicide
Anne Ryman, senior reporter for, reports from Scottsdale scene where suspect connected to four murders reportedly committed suicide.
Tom Tingle, The Republic |
Reports from those visitations showed that Jones almost always acted appropriately with the boy, asking about his school, and discouraging him from violent video games. On a few occasions in 2010, the boy fell asleep, once even slurred speech, and Jones called 911, concerned that the boy was on drugs, or was adversely affected by drugs he had been prescribed. He was not allowed to go to the emergency room.
Then the son stopped coming. Or Connie stopped bringing him. Dwight’s attorney claimed she was driven to the visitations with an armed bodyguard.
The mental health practitioner who supervised Dwight’s visitations wanted to find out why the boy was not coming, and so he reached out to his therapist, Karen Kolbe. She told him it would be inappropriate to talk to him about the treatment she was administering. Connie also objected.
But Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Pamela Gates found Kolbe to be unreasonable and suggested it was one of “possible acts to alienate the child from father.” Then she ordered all the therapists to confer.
End of the records
They went to trial in family court on September 20 and 21, 2010. Pitt testified. When it was over, Connie Jones was ordered by Gates to pay $6,000 per month in spousal support for five years, and she was ordered to attend anger-management classes.
Dwight Jones was ordered to pay $550 per month in child support. And a few months later he was ordered to have a psychiatric evaluation.
The visitations continued.
So did the orders of protection.
MORE: Scottsdale shooting: ‘Systematic, deliberate and intentional’
But Connie Jones refused to go to anger management classes. Dwight Jones resisted undergoing the psych eval.
The trial filings then shifted to spousal payments. Connie Jones was in arrears for tens of thousands of dollars. Dwight Jones filed several motions to be paid half of the couple’s joint IRA account, more than $100,000 which Connie Jones was ordered to pay in July 2013. It was not paid until January 2016.
But then the five years of spousal maintenance ran out. The boy reached the age of emancipation. And the couple settled.
Scottsdale police investigate death in Fountain Hills
Craig Harris reports from the scene of a death investigation in Fountain Hills on June 4, 2018.
Patrick J Breen, The Republic |
The court record essentially ended in March 2016.
It’s unclear what, if anything, caused Dwight Jones to start shooting more than two years later.
By midday Monday, the video channel was offline, replaced by a standard banner saying it had been “terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy.”
Randy Anglin, Richard’s brother-in-law, said the couple were in seclusion “out of town.” They had never been in any real danger.
While they were unharmed, they were grappling with the reality of the situation.
“They’re going to have to explain what happened to their son,” he said.
Lily Altavena contributed to this article.
Scottsdale shooting victim Marshall Levine was a counselor, a ‘sweetheart’
Roberts: Scottsdale serial killer long ago vowed revenge
String of shootings leaves a trail of death, mystery across Scottsdale
Montini: Disturbed abuser kills 6, NOW can we talk gun laws?
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Dear Mike Pompeo: Sound weapons, US diplomats, China, Cuba, targeted individuals: proof of Directed Energy Weapons?

One thing that I would bet money on: whoever used electronic sound weapons on US diplomats in China most likely was NOT the Chinese government. Because in these targeted harassments, as we see time and again, peaceful nations like China have little to gain from utilizing western style no touch torture to accomplush political purposes.
But what we DO see, time and again, is howwestern  governments have  turned  the  weapons  of  war, espionage,  and spying campaigns  on  their own  citizens.
Here, again, we have a case of organized stalking of diplomats in Guangzhou CHINA, where  sound weapins  are  implicated, and actual injuries are documented by the US Consulate:

“the Chinese government has assured us they are also investigating and taking appropriate measures.”
A diplomat’s mysterious illness could jeopardize China’s relationship with the U.S.
Correction: An earlier version of this column conflated two of Mark Lenzi’s neighbors. The neighbor he thought might be causing a disturbance is a Japanese citizen living in the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China. A different neighbor, who is a Foreign Service officer, was evacuated and flown to the United States. Lenzi’s 3-year-old son also did not display symptoms similar to those of his parents. Additionally, Lenzi’s security clearance was not revoked. His access to the building where he worked was restricted. This version has been corrected.
Security workers guard a construction site for the U.S. Consulate compound in Guangzhou in southern China’s Guangdong province in 2009. (AP)
By Christian Caryl
June 6
Email the author
Mark Lenzi and his family started noticing the noises in April 2017. He would later describe to me hearing something like “marbles bouncing and hitting a floor, then rolling on an incline with a static sound.” At first, he and his wife thought that a neighbor — a Japanese citizen living in a residence in the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China — was responsible. The neighbor denied having anything to do with it.
A few months later, the headaches started — excruciating pain that lasted for days at a time. Lenzi and his wife experienced the same symptoms, which soon included chronic sleeplessness as well. Lenzi says he asked his superiors for help but they dismissed his concerns. Consulate doctors prescribed painkillers and Ambien, which did nothing to address the underlying causes of the problem.
And then, last month, Lenzi was shocked to learn another neighbor, a fellow Foreign Service officer, had been evacuated from their building and flown back to the United States for a thorough medical assessment, which soon determined that the person in question was suffering from “mild traumatic brain injury.” On May 23, the State Department issued its first public remarks on the case, a health warning stating that an unnamed “U.S. government employee in China recently reported subtle and vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure,” and urging anyone with “concerns about symptoms or medical problems that developed during or after a stay in China” to “consult a medical professional.”
The statement also said that the U.S. government was unaware of any other cases — a point strongly disputed by Lenzi, who insists he had repeatedly informed both the embassy in Beijing and State Department headquarters in Washington of his family’s predicament. “Mark is a very capable guy,” says political consultant Michael Getto, a longtime friend of Lenzi’s. “If he says something is wrong or amiss, then it is.”
Asked to comment, a spokesperson for the State Department responded: “Due to medical laws and privacy concerns, we do not comment on specific cases or individuals.”
The situation in Guangzhou is eerily reminiscent of an episode in Havana, where, starting in the fall of 2016, at least 24 staffers at the U.S. Embassy incurred brain injuries after exposure to an equally mysterious source. Despite considerable speculation about microwaves or a “sonic weapon” deployed against the diplomats, scientists have yet to determine — at least publicly — precisely what caused the damage. Most of those affected now seem to have recovered.

Gang stalking spikes, and political implications: politics and OGS are inter- related.

When Ireland recently had a vote about abortion, ROGS blog, which you are reading now, recorded hits from Ireland.
Yesterday, ROGS recorded hits from the usual USA security/police state and IC criminals and deep state thought police, as usual, but also, hits from odd, new places that have never read ROGS before.
For instance, SLOVENIA checked in, which is interesting, because an anti-immigration, right wing elements there are taking power, as  left  wing  groups  stalk  them. Here,  read it  yourself,  from  Al  Jazeera:
Or  Reuters:

(Reuters) – The head of the anti-immigrant party tipped to win a national election in Slovenia on Sunday said forming a government would not be easy, as he cast his vote in a town in the country’s east.
In a highly fragmented ballot for which early returns suggested turnout would be higher than four years ago, the Adriatic state’s 1.7 million-strong electorate is choosing between 25 parties.
ROGS finds that very interesting, because much of my personal, political gang stalking by police, academics, NGOs, and federal dollar tit suckers began after I was framed as a Republican operative, which is very far from what I actually was then, or am now. In fact, I have had rental property raided by ICE, and imigrants depirted, including a victim of egregious DV in a banana republic, after being personally gang stalked by HSI and others as yet to be named, in a selective enforcement scheme that left my neighbors confused, scared, and vandalized by OGS thugs for over a three year period(hi Ann, in Minneapolis! Remember how they broke into  your  front  porch,  using  children  as  lookouts,  and stole your Iphone as  your local  police  department  carried  on a  several years long  surveillance  show/real  estate red-lining operation across  the  street, and  Obama  parked  his  limo  up  the  street at Matts bar?).
RELATED STORY: If the world were just, Reality Winner would be the poster child for these Democratic political advocates. Instead, she is forgotten…..(according  to  the  ADL  affiliated  Intercept.
But ROGS notes that Reality  Winners incarceration is as it should be, because she is a typical Bernaysian vagina hat wearing moron whose only purpise in  life  is to  be a  political  leaker  for  BOLSHEVIK  BUCKS,  in  typical  hand to  mouth  progressive  white  female  fashion.

Costa Rica ( a major cash hideout and tax dodge for certain money interests) also  peeked  in  yesterday- and  guess what  their front  page  news  is today?
International  finance,  and the  WORLD BANK!
World Bank highlights public spending
cuts announced by the government
By A.M. Costa Rica staff
“They represent an important step towards fiscal consolidation of the country,” said the World Bank about the public spending cuts announced by Minister of Finance Rocío Aguilar.
The deficit between 2010 and 2016 was on average 5.2 percent of the gross domestic product. In 2017 the amount was 6.2 percent, the highest since the crisis of 1980.
According to the World Bank, the fiscal imbalances caused an explosive growth of public debt, which went from less than 25 percent of gross domestic product in 2008 to almost 50 percent in 2017….
So, surprise!  Americas FBI/DHS/ local police who benefit from real estate and foreign money laundering in the US, et  alphabet overlooks, participates in,  and green  lights  international  bankster  funded  domestic  terror in  the US, aka Organized Gsng Stalking,because these  guys  pay  their  salaries.
Here  is todays news  in  COSTA RICA, which  read  ROGS  yesterday for  the first  time, so let me repeat it, ok? So that you, to can feel like you ate in an ideoligical echo chamber, ala Lorraine Sheridan:
World Bank highlights public spending cuts announced by the government
By A.M. Costa Rica staff
“They represent an important step towards fiscal consolidation of the country,” said the World Bank about the public spending cuts announced by Minister of Finance Rocío Aguilar.
The deficit between 2010 and 2016 was on average 5.2 percent of the gross domestic product. In 2017 the amount was 6.2 percent, the highest since the crisis of 1980.
According to the World Bank, the fiscal imbalances caused an explosive growth of public debt, which went from less than 25 percent of gross domestic product in 2008 to almost 50 percent in 2017…..

Jennifer Hart, CPS, Washington state, and para-judicial incentives, punishments, and rewards, and from Welfare state to hidden police state.

Fact: womens violence against children often masks their sexual or other abuse of those children.
Meet the Hart family, BEFORE they drove six kids off a cliff as three states counted the ca$h, and Fusion Centers looked on, AND,in.
Jennifer Hart & Family Timeline: Map of Sightings Before Cliff Crash
If you, the researcher, civil litigant,criminal defense lawyer,judge,psychologist, or other researcher of organized gang stalking seeks a few cases to study in context to ROGS thesis, and methodology,where we see a two tiered justice system that primarily targets men,while giving free reign to female sociopaths,and female pedophiles, and baby farmers, start here:
1.The case of the sweet Hart family,where two lesbians drove six kids off a clff while drunk, and on the run from CPS, and then, contextualize it in the ROGS paradigms of hidden agents and agencies,hiding cuplpability in social problems,and then,the bizarre stalking methods of the CPS-community policing-gang stalking nexus, and that this case enabled two women to abuse children in multiple states for a decade, as the case spanned from three STATES, Washington,Minnesota and Oregon,that I had discussed months before this socialist-feminist mass homicide (and, as I received odd emails from.people in WASHINGTON STATE); and,a gang stalking connection to CLARK COUNTY that ROGS had documented a half year before this happened, as WA has high rates of Google results for OGS, and that county has extremely high Google searches for OGS.
And,a clever researcher will also note that elements of CalIfornias gangstalkers tried to literally run me off of the roads as I wrote these posts in this blog (search for posts that mention The Whisperette, how to document gang stalking, restricted phone calls, brighting, Dodger dogs, or the phrase “run me off the road”)
This is how the DVIC and its gangstalking apparatus rolls,giving women a free pass as child molesters, pimps, panderers,and more, because these baby farmers,and the attendant mythologies they perpetuate as well as the subsidiary industries of over-policing, social work, psychology,and CPS are the cash cows of the DVIC. because poluce derive masdive funding from the mythologies of dangerous men, while womens attrocities, and the poluce state that depends from jingousm, and faux heroism are just starting to be revealed for what they are-massive tax dollar vampires.
And, EXTRA POINTS if you get out the ROGS BINGO card now, and then, search my blog to note that BEFORE these state dollar milking baby farmers, aka”the Hart family”murdered six kids,I had noted that Clark county has extremely high rates of gang stalking.
So, Fusion Centers, working in an occulted-by-definition manner DEFINITELY are NOT helping ANYTHING, and likely, a wise journalist will subpoena that center for references to both CPS and this ONE family. But I promise, that these centers largely track, and .monitor anyone who has fallen prey to these early welfare schemes which have blossomed to the High Heeled policing era of the DVIC.
2. Must read Stephen Baskervilles analyses that describes the ever widening,para-judicial,para-policing, para-due process secret courts of the DVIC, and its domestic partner in crime, gangstalking, aka community policing, aka the DHS.
These gray area,para-military due process free courts, and punishments, and profit systems are what the DVIC is,and Baskerville explains it better than I can.

Stephen Baskerville, From Welfare State to Police State: How the modern peonage system demonized and targeted men, coming to a woman near you soon .pdf:

3. Revisit the memetic of the deadbeat father or the father as drug dealer, child abuser, or pedophile now,as we see the fruit of a society wide mechanisms in place that neutralized male dissent by myth and narrative,while elevating women to a false and even dangerous level of authority and un-earned respect(even chimpanzees can raise infants, and bonobos-the lesbian chimpanzees- have sex with their own daughters, ala Chodorow ), and asthe welfare state slud to a peonage system,these nullified male power and dissent at the site of the child,as women LIKE THE SWEET HART FAMILY drew state dollars,and states derived profits and their psycholigosts,social workers,et DVIC enablers derived profits one way or another. Its child exploitation by any other name.
So, here is a good place to start looking for para-judicial investigations,aka kangaroo courts,and the accompanying bizarre, hidden methods of policing that I describe here at ROGS asorganized gang stalking.
And,to the enterprising journalist, I will go one step further:
ROGS is offering a $2000 reward for any journalist or reporter who can prove that the various State Patrols, working with the sherrifs departments were following, shadowing, or near the Hart family MOST OF THE TIME, as these women drove toward those childrens final demise.
Related Story: what is the link between police badges and pedophiles, and gray area policing?
The evidence WILL be thus, and hereishow you can FOIA or subpoena it:
GPS/cell phone data from the Harts, squad cars, state patrol chatter,mileage logs, etc.
Sattelite~OnStar~satnav/Fusion Center reports of anonymous calls/who is the Infragard in that area/Be creative in your FOIAs.Also askvwhat community.polucing elements in those areas areused, and get names and numbers if you can, because THESEare how and who gangstalkers ARE.
And here is some of the longer timeline that demonstrates how women who are child abusers literally get away and murder kids,after states abuse kids for cash, afterbothare leeching the life out of them for decades in the baby farming industrial complex.
2007: The Harts adopted Devonte and two of his siblings, after previously adopting their other three children.
December 27, 2010: The Hart’s daughter, Abigail, tells her teacher she has been abused, while they were living in Minnesota. She says it was Jennifer, but Sarah pleads guilt in early 2011. Sarah follows the terms of her probation, avoiding 90 days in jail.
2013: The West Linn police department was contacted with concerns about the Harts, and the concerns were forwarded to DHS, KRON4 reported. But DHS would not confirm or deny this report.
2014: Devonte Hart is photographed at a rally in Portland.
March 2016: The family is photographed standing behind Bernie Sanders during one of his campaign stops in Vancouver.
2017: The Harts moved to their current home in Woodland, Washington.
May 2017: One of the Harts’ daughters stopped by neighbors Bruce and Dana DeKalb’s home at 1:30 a.m., saying she needed protection from abuse.
Sometime between March 18-23, 2018: A few days before the crash, neighbors Bruce and Dana DeKalb called CPS about the family, concerned the children weren’t being fed because Devonte often stopped by seeking food.
Friday, March 23: CPS makes its first visit to the Harts’ home. They don’t answer the door and were later seen leaving. Multiple checks were attempted, but it’s unclear exactly how many and on what dates.
Saturday around 8:15 a.m., March 24: The Harts were somewhere in the Newport, Oregon area, California Highway Patrol and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reported. Newport, Oregon is about 2 1/2 hours south or 160 miles south of Woodland, Washington, where the family lived. Here’s a map of the distance between Woodland, where the Harts lived, and Newport. Note that this map does not show their exact itinerary, but it gives you an idea of how far they traveled:s adopted Devonte and two of his siblings, after previously adopting their other three children……….
Lastly, I will note an anonymous commenter from the comments section linked article is running damage control for Clark County, but also for CYA into insight as to how gang staljung works IN PRACTICE.This is what CRISIS PR IS, and all states that practice hidden gang stalking utiluze cris .PR to cover over these inter-generational baby farming nightmares.
Because the Hart case, like that of first amendment scholar and FBI targeted activist Rakem Balogun,and the Beatrice Six,who were literally under literal mind control, aka soft force violence suggestion, and situations of custody and coercive control, is a ROGS BINGO.
And, get the lawsuits ready in thesecases too, because state organized gang stalking isanti-demicratic, andresultsin real casualties.
Anonymous April 4th, 2018
Statement from Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Norah West: “We have not made any findings in this investigation and we had no prior history with this family.”
The neighbors say they called protective services Friday morning, March 23. CPS went to the house. No one answered the door. It’s the neighbors who say the family was there and suggested they fled. No corroboration. The family may have already left and wasn’t aware of a CPS visit.
Bruce DeKalb: “We figured that they saw the business card and loaded up the kids as quick as they could and took off.” How did DeKalb know there was a business card in the door?
Clark County Sgt. Brent Waddell: A deputy went to the house to do a welfare check on Monday (March 26) and again on Tuesday. The deputy who attempted to do the welfare check reported that nobody was home.
The Harts purchased the house on May 5, 2017. The DeKalbs say the daughter came to their home in September. Dana DeKalb’s father called the local Clark County Sheriff’s Office. They told him no laws had been broken. The DeKalbs identified the girl as Hannah and 12 years-old. Hannah is 16. Sierra was 12.
Dana DeKalb:
“I think they weren’t gonna face the music.”
“Because they never go anywhere. They go to the store and back but … ”
“I had been observing them. They were never outside to play.”
“I gleaned that quickly, with hardly any interface.”
“We only met Jennifer once.That was in reference to the incident with Hannah. She only was here that next morning, one time.”
“I met with Jennifer a couple of times in regards to sharing the driveway and she wasn’t friendly at all. She was mean.”
“I really believe they were evil.”
“Devonte told us that they had lied, just to make us feel good.”
Bruce DeKalb:
“We kinda started some of this, um, with the whole, you know…”
This is all on video. People are entitled to opinion. But when you scrape away the layers of gossip, this entire narrative is predicated entirely on one couple’s innuendo.&/:%…..
ROGS NOTES: innuendo is one thing- but.notice that ROGS has also documented TEXASas a nexus,too,and that the very next comment in the this:
Anonymous April 4th, 2018
Details in the timeline are incorrect, according to what has already been reported. The children were adopted from Texas in 2006 and 2009, according to Tiffani Butler, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.;

The Intercept covers gang stalking AGAIN. Never doubt the power of ONE VOICE to shine light on the cockroaches.

Los  Angeles,  CA  once  had a major  drug and gang  problem,  and they  solved it  by turning  due process  on its  head,  in  the  era  where  Pullitzer Prize  winning  journalists like  Gary  Webb  were gang  stalked.
Now, they  have  new gangs,  and  all of  THOSE  work  IN  state  government. This  is  true  in  all progressive  states  as  well, from  Washington  state,  to  Minnesota,  Oregon  to  Arizona-  anywhere  states  are  at  war  with  lical  business,  while  being  entirely dependent on vfederal  DVIC  dollars, you  will  find OGS.
Like many  cities  that  were  tasked with  cleaning  up  after the CIA domestic drug  running of the  , using its  various mobs that had flooded  the nation with drugs, LA  was  left  with a  major  surplus of federal  cash after  the  gangs were gone-  but  also,  the  LAPD  had  become  a  de  facto  intelligence  agency itself.
And,  like much of the  other cities, that  once faced  a scourge  of  gang  activity-the  main  question  became “How  can  we  keep  the MIGHTY  WURLITZER  playing, to keep the money  flowing? ”
LA  wasn’t  unique in  this  aspect-  in fact,  most  cities between  the  drug  war  era  and  the  war  on  terror  era  just  moved  the  goal  posts. And  in order  to  do  THAT, in most  cases,  the Wurlitzer helped create  boogiemen, always MEN.
So, much  as we  saw  in  the genesis of the  full   blown  surveillance  state, where  the  DEA  ran  the  SOD database  ilegally,  without  warrants,  targeting  people based  in guilt by association, and  relation to  foreign drug dealers, domestic agents worked  in  secret at the internet  switch to target  individuals associated with  other  things.
In other words, the goal  shifted now  from  pursuing the  drug  dealer to  pursuing the  child support debtor, or  those  associated  in  any  of  many  ways with state-to-federal gray  area  policing.And  this .is bthe  badis .of the  ICE/DHS/HSI real  estate  racket today  as  well.
There  are  literally  more  hidden state  and  federal databases  than  can be  identified today,  but  the most well known  of the  data  bases that  warehoused fathers,  and  then  warehoused  their  children,  is  the  CalGang  database. It was  here  where CIA/DEA/Local  law  enforcement blur took  on new  and  distinctly abhorrent  meaning: babies  were  identified  as  children  of  gang  members, and  thus, tracked  as  if they were  bacteria  in  a .petrie  dish.
In organized gang  stalking operations, power  hungry, or compromised, or dirty  cops who  work illegally  from  Fusion Centers, or  who  exploit  connections in  legitimate  channels  are  the  primary  suspects. And, under the quasi-constitutional DVIC, the DHS acts as a quasi-judiciary,outside of due process of law.
And , there  are  strong,  verifiable links to undercover  operations, where  the  Us  versus  Them, or Ich, versus Du of  religiously policing and myth conspire against due process in every way as well.This is what our twotiered society is now, as on onehand, religious financiers guide their sheeple, and on the other,internationalist capital wages domestic violence on primarily males,aka tthe debt peonage systemsof prisons, child support, and more.
It is this latter category of peonswhere we seegang work ismost disastrous hidden works,as whole livesare stalked from cradleto grave,as we see withthe CalGang database,and more.

Collateral Feminist Gang Stalking: Harvey Weinstein scandal manager comits suicide

With the VAWA act of 1993, American law and jurisprudence was corrupted forever, as access to the courts, and access to due process was replaced by “gray area policing,” whose main tool of social control is blackmail and coercion through un-litigated, lop-sided slander campaigns.
And this is now a multi-billion dollar industry, aka the DVIC, where one-sided story telling is usually kept far from the limelight. But not anymore: meet one of the many in the growing body counts of gang stalking victims, who some wanted to “gag”:

Ross Ullbricht: The first NSA parallel case laundering challenge, and Carpenter v US: what are online influence operations?

Ross Ulbricht Is Serving a Double Life Sentence after the NSA laundered intelligence to two now-proven corrupt DEA and NSA agents.
ROGS asks: is the new MHCHAOS accompanied by COINTELPRO 2 actually designed this way? See my story about how I was followed around Chicago by a DOD/Pentagon connected military contractor, while I stayed at the Millenium Hotel in 2014.
His mother, Lyn Ulbricht, talks about her son’s life in maximum security prison and their Supreme Court hopes for the Silk Road case.
Katherine Mangu-Ward from the July 2018 issue – view article in the Digital Edition
This article is part of Reason’s special Burn After Reading issue, where we offer how-tos, personal stories, and guides for all kinds of activities that can and do happen at the borders of legally permissible behavior.
Lyn Ulbricht moved to Colorado last year. She uprooted her life to be near her son, Ross Ulbricht, who is an inmate in a federal maximum security prison an hour outside of Colorado Springs.
Ross is serving two concurrent life sentences for his role in the founding and running of Silk Road, a dark web bazaar where users could buy and sell drugs and other illicit items, often using bitcoin. The charges against him included money laundering, computer hacking, and conspiracy to traffic narcotics. In a separate indictment, he was charged with procuring murder. Though that charge was dropped, Judge Katherine Forrest of the Southern District of New York cited it as central to her decision to go well beyond the minimum sentence of 10 years and instead imprison him for life without parole.
At his sentencing, Ross made a modest request: “I’ve had my youth, and I know you must take away my middle years, but please leave me my old age.…Please leave a small light at the end of the tunnel.” Although Forrest was not moved, the Ulbrichts hope the Supreme Court may feel differently. If their case is accepted, it could trigger a landmark decision about digital privacy and autonomy, as well as about what responsibility the creators of online tools bear for what others do with them. Reason’s Katherine Mangu-Ward spoke with Lyn by phone in April, shortly after she got a small piece of encouraging news from the high court about Ross’ appeal.
Reason: Since Ross’ conviction, there have been quite a few revelations about prosecutorial misconduct and other questionable practices related to his case. Can you describe what has happened?
Lyn Ulbricht: Even pretrial, there were so many issues. For example, the government deprived Ross of bail, based partially on allegations of murder for hire, then two months later dropped those charges. And those charges were never brought to trial. He was never tried or convicted for those charges, and yet Judge Forrest used those charges to enhance a very unreasonable sentence for all nonviolent charges.
That is one of the questions that [we’re bringing to the Supreme] Court: Is it constitutional for a judge to use uncharged, unproven allegations to enhance an unreasonable sentence? That deprives Ross of his jury trial rights.
By the way, there is still an indictment [on the murder-for-hire allegation] in Maryland. It’s been languishing there for almost five years, unprosecuted, based on evidence supplied by Carl Mark Force, a corrupt [Drug Enforcement Administration] agent who’s now in prison.
That was another one of the things that was a huge issue: The existence of this corrupt agent was precluded from trial. The jury was not allowed to know about him or another corrupt agent who was working for the [National Security Agency] and the Secret Service at the time, Shaun Bridges. The defense didn’t even know about his existence until after trial.
So this was not allowed to be known to the jury. And it seems to me that that could have easily led to casting a reasonable doubt on Ross’ guilt. These people not only stole over a million dollars [from Silk Road] using their access as investigators, but they had the ability to act as Dread Pirate Roberts, the pseudonym of whoever was running the site. They could change passwords, PIN numbers, keys, write things in chats—change evidence, essentially. And this was not permitted to be known to the jury.
Our readers’ ears might perk up when they hear that there was an NSA component of this, since it’s not really about national security.
That part was brought up by the defense before trial, and the government never denied it. They simply mocked the defense. [The DEA’s Force] said, “Oh, he’s bringing up this crazy stuff about the NSA.” This was around the FBI investigator Christopher Tarbell’s testimony under oath about how he found the Silk Road server, which experts worldwide basically called a lie. It was gibberish, according to them. In fact, [cybersecurity expert] Robert Graham even said, “We think it was the NSA.”
And this is all illegal. I think your readers probably know that, but the NSA investigating and using spying surveillance against U.S. citizens is illegal. When [Reason’s] Nick Gillespie interviewed [NSA whistleblower] Edward Snowden at Liberty Forum, he asked about Ross: “Can we assume that the NSA was involved?” And Snowden simply said, “Yes,” and later said it was unthinkable they weren’t.
Well, a few weeks ago it came out that there are classified documents from Edward Snowden showing that the NSA was tracking bitcoin users urgently. Not terrorists, mind you. Bitcoin users. And since they were illegally targeting bitcoin users, there are a lot of questions as to the validity of the investigation [against Ross] at all.
This is very, very troubling, because of course it brings up the whole question of parallel construction and what many call “intelligence laundering,” where the NSA uses their extensive surveillance abilities and invasion of Americans’ privacy to go after people, basically, and then turns it over to the DEA, the [Department of Justice], and the [Internal Revenue Service]. This is a real slippery slope, in my opinion, to horrible Fourth Amendment violations. And it’s something that everyone should be concerned about. We’re turning into a surveillance state. I don’t think most people want that.
What happened today with the Supreme Court?
Ross and his legal team have petitioned the Supreme Court on two very broad-reaching questions that affect a lot of people. They submitted that petition in December. And then in January, 21 groups, including Reason Foundation, joined in support of that petition in five amicus briefs. These are groups from both sides of the political spectrum. I think that’s important to note.
We just went through the process where a batch of cases are brought into conference to evaluate whether or not the [justices] were going to take the case. If they reject it, that’s very, very bad. If they are willing to take it, that’s very, very good. That was on Friday, so it was kind of a nail-biter over the weekend. And on Monday we found out that at least they did not reject it. There was a list of over 200 cases they did reject, and we combed that list and Ross was not on there.
It could have been relisted—just kicked down the road to the next week. But we found out today that it was not on the list for relisting, either, which indicates very strongly that they are probably holding it, pending another important Fourth Amendment case, Carpenter v. U.S. [which was argued last November]. So we’re happy about it. We’re still in the game. Ross’ case is still before the courts.

Auto antonymal phrases, euphimism, psychological sadism, and women's empowerment in the gang stalking dialectic.

As you read ROGS note that I encourage my readers to use critical thinking, and test, and retest my evidence and claims.
And,  I  am in  the unique  position of  empowering people! Specifically, empowering people who can name their stalkers.
You  see,  the  authorities,  ranging from  the  well  heeled  DVIC to the  NSA~FVEYs~Israel data theft  pipeline, to  the  hidden  databases  and  dossieres, to  especially, the NGOs and  Open Society type  domestic  spy centers, and  Fusion  Centers, and  the  DHS/FBI/DEA et  alohabet psychopaths and  bullies  who  work  behind  the  scenes online, in every  web forum, targeting  American’s pure speech~you know, “the  authorities” ~all  agree  that  organized gang  stalking doesn’t happen,  and that  gang stalkers are  not  real!
The  authorities  all  concur that  anyone  who  talks about  gang stalking is  very  likely  delusional! That  OGS doesn’t exist, and  doesn’t  happen, and  thus, there is  no  one  who  can  be  harmed.
So~with  that  in  mind,  there  can be no  harm, or  no  actual  damage to anyone,  or anything  real.  So  go tear some  shit  up  TIs! Faster, Pussycats! KILL,  Pussycats, KILL!
I seek to empower those who have been gang stalked to use the tools of photographs, words, and tools like Tor, and Wireshark, INNSIDer, and AIMSICD and  other  electronic tools(see my how to fight back sections) to  see  the hidden electronic environments  around them.
I am also encouraging my readers, and targeted individuals to use FOIAs, and legal action to class action lawsuits as well to hunt down, and target, and maybe, severely harm those who have harmed them. Throw in some creative hacktivism while you are at it.
In other words- I am deliberately inciting my readers to hunt and stalk, and find, and harm those who have harmed them, in the most brutal  ways  possible (like maybe throw  Ruth Bader Ginsburgs former law clerk bucktooth bull dagger Amy the Human Rights gatepost at them,  for  example).
Bring these  cockroaches into  the blight. Because,  all  the professionals  agree  that  gang  stalking  is  not  real! And, so, targeted  individuals have no  real  enemies, and no  real claims  against any agency, individual, or  group of individuals that  has harassed  them.
As such, no  one  can be  harmed if  I encourage  my  readers  and  targeted individuals of organized  gang stalking  to  cause  harm to those  who have harmed them~ because gang stalkers arent real, Ed.
I  am  merely asking my readers,  and  targeted  individuals,  to  harm those  who  are  gang  stalking them, personally if they  can can  get  close  enough, and to harm them with no mercy~because the professionals all agree that perpetrators of OGS are imaginary, like invisible elephants in the room, wearing cheap heels!
To  harm their non-existent enemies,  and  imaginary opponents, then cannot REALLY happen. I  write this,  knowing that I  am  within  my  rights  to do  so  as an  online performance artist, and legally, not  liable  if  harm  occurs~because it cant occur.
AND: I am doing this under the watchful FVEYs, and the Panopticon and its billions of dollars of internet~wiretap machinery that targets pure speech and  speakers who read this blog every day.
Of  course, if gang  stalking were  “real,” me  inciting others  to  riot on them, or to harm, or to target  and harm  those who have  harmed  them~ this could  get me  in  HUUUUGE trouble, because  it is illegal  to  incite violence or  riots,  and  the  FBI even targets and disrupts, and  destroys  activists  like the African American Constitutional shcolar  and civil rights advocate Rakem  Balogun  for  less (hopefully he  will  sue  the Panoptopussyconjob  and  become  a millionaire now).
Related: Rakem Balogun elected as First Amendment Champion by the hidden hand~
BUT  GANG STALKING  IS  NOT  REAL,  according to  nearly  all  the  authorities, even if  cases  like  targeted  activists and  others  mirror  every  single  ROGS  thesis  about OGS! So  there’s  no way anyone  actual,  or  real can  be  harmed!
So, I  could never  be  held liable if  someone out  there  picks up  the tools that  I  and others have  made  available  to them, and causes harm, which  I  encourage  them  to do  now.
Because  gang  stalking is  not  real! And the  FBI has never  acknowledged it, or otherwise protected  victims of it, despite recieving FOIAs  in  the past,  and  having several  ex-agents  claim gang  stalking is  real.
Officially,  it  isn’t  real, even as the Washington State Patrol DHS domestic spy center hands out mind control documents in an attempt to taint the illusion!….
So,  go  cause some  harm, kids! Because your targets  are not real~they are pigments of  your dispagination!
Remember:  of  those who have  sought  FBI  files  with  FOIAs, the  Corporation has nothing in bits records pertaining to  the imaginary delusion  of  gang  stalking.
So,  again,  I encourage my  readers to now target,  and cause harm to those  who  are  gang stalking  you,  because  they  are  not real. Thise  who  are .now,  or  have  in the past  gang  stalked you  are  in  your  imagination, or  part of  a  delusion, according to  Dr. Lorraine  Sheridan,  and  David  V. James, Liz Dietrich,  and MAYBE  Dr. Mike  Wood,  a lowly academic  with  an  opinion about  gangstalking,  who  writes  at
So  hurt your staljers if  you  can, hurt them  to vdeath  even~cause your  perps  some  MAJOR  DAMAGE in  any  and  every  way  posdible.
In that light let’s  turn now to the  topic of empowerment,  and auto-antonymal phrases, that .literally  fill  the  OGS  dialectic online.
For example,  I  have  demonstrated  that the  most  common  terms,  such  as  “Directed Energy  Weapons”are  actually  most  frequently  a  cover term~an occulted reference  to any  of  many  electronic tools in  use every  day and directed at  targets.
These  devices, such  as  StingRay cell  phone tower  signal  stealers  ALL  utiluze both  directed  radio  frequencies,  but also  mucrowave  signals.
And people  cookers and electronics  that can change  skin temperature and  so on- while  such technology  does  exist, it is  not likely  being  used humans,  for the most part- but  that the  term  “people  cooking” derives from  police  and military  intelligence for keeping  someone under  chronic,  pervasive  surveillance, aka “making them  sweat,” or “keeping  them  on  ice,”aka,  too  terrorized to  leave  their  own  house.
So,  because  everything in  White  KNIGHT  high bheeled policing  is for the women  and children~OF  COURSE!~lets  take a  looj  at vthis  other sugar  coated  turd:  empowering women.
Thrust on women empowerment
Women make up 32% of Saudi workforce: Al-Ghafis
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Ali Al-Ghafis
THE Kingdom’s National Transformation Program 2020 consists of 36 strategic goals supporting economic empowerment and self-reliance of Saudi women in addition to raising the women’s contribution in the labor market from 22 percent to 30 percent by 2030, Minister of Labor and Social Development Ali Al-Ghafis said on Thursday.
“This would contribute to an increase of three percent in gross domestic product (GDP) from non-oil sectors,” the minister said while addressing the plenary session of 107th International Labor Conference in Geneva.
The conference, with the theme of “Women at Work”, is being convened to tackle problems and issues that stand in the way of women from playing an active role in the development of society.
The minister affirmed that the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is based on three main pillars: vibrant society, thriving economy and ambitious nation. “The Vision stipulates that Saudi woman is one of the key components of our strength. We would continue focusing on developing talents of women and pool their energies so as to empower them to achieve suitable opportunities to build their future as well as to contribute to the development of our society and economy,” he said.
While stressing the Kingdom’s keenness on supporting women’s role in the labor market and overcome obstacles, Al-Ghafis said that the Kingdom has launched several initiatives in this regard.
“We have set certain goals to achieve this by increasing women’s participation in the labor market, increasing the contribution of productive families, facilitating business practices, developing the retail sector and increasing the contribution of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The emphasis has been put on enabling women to strike a balance between social life and work through a system of social welfare services, which provided women with greater opportunities without disrupting the family system and their association with the family members.
Al-Ghafis said the Saudi support programs have driven more Saudi women to take up jobs in the local market and enabled them to achieve their economic empowerment across the Kingdom. The ministry introduced initiatives such as Program to boost Saudization at firms, Freelance Program, Part-time Job Program, working women’s ‘Children Hospitality Program’ called ‘Qurrat’, and Program for enabling women from remote and countryside regions to engage in work in the labor market. “All these initiatives contributed to increasing the number of Saudi women working in the private sector to 565,000 by the end of 2017, representing nearly 32 percent of Saudis working in the labor market. Some initiatives have also been taken to enable them to hold key positions, achieve gender balance in these positions, and strengthen women’s leadership skills and enable them to participate in the decision-making,” he said.
Al-Ghafis affirmed that the Kingdom is keen to eliminate gender discrimination in wages and seeking to exchange experience with other countries and international organizations about the best practices in curbing such practices. “The Kingdom has taken many measures to reduce phenomena and practices that have a negative impact on the labor environment, such as violence and harassment,” he said while drawing attention to the adoption of the law to criminalize harassment by the Council of Ministers this week. The minister also pointed out that the Kingdom is keen to support global efforts aimed at integration of women into the labor market and achieving their economic, political, social and developmental empowerment.