Auto antonymal phrases, euphimism, psychological sadism, and women's empowerment in the gang stalking dialectic.

As you read ROGS note that I encourage my readers to use critical thinking, and test, and retest my evidence and claims.
And,  I  am in  the unique  position of  empowering people! Specifically, empowering people who can name their stalkers.
You  see,  the  authorities,  ranging from  the  well  heeled  DVIC to the  NSA~FVEYs~Israel data theft  pipeline, to  the  hidden  databases  and  dossieres, to  especially, the NGOs and  Open Society type  domestic  spy centers, and  Fusion  Centers, and  the  DHS/FBI/DEA et  alohabet psychopaths and  bullies  who  work  behind  the  scenes online, in every  web forum, targeting  American’s pure speech~you know, “the  authorities” ~all  agree  that  organized gang  stalking doesn’t happen,  and that  gang stalkers are  not  real!
The  authorities  all  concur that  anyone  who  talks about  gang stalking is  very  likely  delusional! That  OGS doesn’t exist, and  doesn’t  happen, and  thus, there is  no  one  who  can  be  harmed.
So~with  that  in  mind,  there  can be no  harm, or  no  actual  damage to anyone,  or anything  real.  So  go tear some  shit  up  TIs! Faster, Pussycats! KILL,  Pussycats, KILL!
I seek to empower those who have been gang stalked to use the tools of photographs, words, and tools like Tor, and Wireshark, INNSIDer, and AIMSICD and  other  electronic tools(see my how to fight back sections) to  see  the hidden electronic environments  around them.
I am also encouraging my readers, and targeted individuals to use FOIAs, and legal action to class action lawsuits as well to hunt down, and target, and maybe, severely harm those who have harmed them. Throw in some creative hacktivism while you are at it.
In other words- I am deliberately inciting my readers to hunt and stalk, and find, and harm those who have harmed them, in the most brutal  ways  possible (like maybe throw  Ruth Bader Ginsburgs former law clerk bucktooth bull dagger Amy the Human Rights gatepost at them,  for  example).
Bring these  cockroaches into  the blight. Because,  all  the professionals  agree  that  gang  stalking  is  not  real! And, so, targeted  individuals have no  real  enemies, and no  real claims  against any agency, individual, or  group of individuals that  has harassed  them.
As such, no  one  can be  harmed if  I encourage  my  readers  and  targeted individuals of organized  gang stalking  to  cause  harm to those  who have harmed them~ because gang stalkers arent real, Ed.
I  am  merely asking my readers,  and  targeted  individuals,  to  harm those  who  are  gang  stalking them, personally if they  can can  get  close  enough, and to harm them with no mercy~because the professionals all agree that perpetrators of OGS are imaginary, like invisible elephants in the room, wearing cheap heels!
To  harm their non-existent enemies,  and  imaginary opponents, then cannot REALLY happen. I  write this,  knowing that I  am  within  my  rights  to do  so  as an  online performance artist, and legally, not  liable  if  harm  occurs~because it cant occur.
AND: I am doing this under the watchful FVEYs, and the Panopticon and its billions of dollars of internet~wiretap machinery that targets pure speech and  speakers who read this blog every day.
Of  course, if gang  stalking were  “real,” me  inciting others  to  riot on them, or to harm, or to target  and harm  those who have  harmed  them~ this could  get me  in  HUUUUGE trouble, because  it is illegal  to  incite violence or  riots,  and  the  FBI even targets and disrupts, and  destroys  activists  like the African American Constitutional shcolar  and civil rights advocate Rakem  Balogun  for  less (hopefully he  will  sue  the Panoptopussyconjob  and  become  a millionaire now).
Related: Rakem Balogun elected as First Amendment Champion by the hidden hand~
BUT  GANG STALKING  IS  NOT  REAL,  according to  nearly  all  the  authorities, even if  cases  like  targeted  activists and  others  mirror  every  single  ROGS  thesis  about OGS! So  there’s  no way anyone  actual,  or  real can  be  harmed!
So, I  could never  be  held liable if  someone out  there  picks up  the tools that  I  and others have  made  available  to them, and causes harm, which  I  encourage  them  to do  now.
Because  gang  stalking is  not  real! And the  FBI has never  acknowledged it, or otherwise protected  victims of it, despite recieving FOIAs  in  the past,  and  having several  ex-agents  claim gang  stalking is  real.
Officially,  it  isn’t  real, even as the Washington State Patrol DHS domestic spy center hands out mind control documents in an attempt to taint the illusion!….
So,  go  cause some  harm, kids! Because your targets  are not real~they are pigments of  your dispagination!
Remember:  of  those who have  sought  FBI  files  with  FOIAs, the  Corporation has nothing in bits records pertaining to  the imaginary delusion  of  gang  stalking.
So,  again,  I encourage my  readers to now target,  and cause harm to those  who  are  gang stalking  you,  because  they  are  not real. Thise  who  are .now,  or  have  in the past  gang  stalked you  are  in  your  imagination, or  part of  a  delusion, according to  Dr. Lorraine  Sheridan,  and  David  V. James, Liz Dietrich,  and MAYBE  Dr. Mike  Wood,  a lowly academic  with  an  opinion about  gangstalking,  who  writes  at
So  hurt your staljers if  you  can, hurt them  to vdeath  even~cause your  perps  some  MAJOR  DAMAGE in  any  and  every  way  posdible.
In that light let’s  turn now to the  topic of empowerment,  and auto-antonymal phrases, that .literally  fill  the  OGS  dialectic online.
For example,  I  have  demonstrated  that the  most  common  terms,  such  as  “Directed Energy  Weapons”are  actually  most  frequently  a  cover term~an occulted reference  to any  of  many  electronic tools in  use every  day and directed at  targets.
These  devices, such  as  StingRay cell  phone tower  signal  stealers  ALL  utiluze both  directed  radio  frequencies,  but also  mucrowave  signals.
And people  cookers and electronics  that can change  skin temperature and  so on- while  such technology  does  exist, it is  not likely  being  used humans,  for the most part- but  that the  term  “people  cooking” derives from  police  and military  intelligence for keeping  someone under  chronic,  pervasive  surveillance, aka “making them  sweat,” or “keeping  them  on  ice,”aka,  too  terrorized to  leave  their  own  house.
So,  because  everything in  White  KNIGHT  high bheeled policing  is for the women  and children~OF  COURSE!~lets  take a  looj  at vthis  other sugar  coated  turd:  empowering women.
Thrust on women empowerment
Women make up 32% of Saudi workforce: Al-Ghafis
9 hours ago 187 views
Ali Al-Ghafis
THE Kingdom’s National Transformation Program 2020 consists of 36 strategic goals supporting economic empowerment and self-reliance of Saudi women in addition to raising the women’s contribution in the labor market from 22 percent to 30 percent by 2030, Minister of Labor and Social Development Ali Al-Ghafis said on Thursday.
“This would contribute to an increase of three percent in gross domestic product (GDP) from non-oil sectors,” the minister said while addressing the plenary session of 107th International Labor Conference in Geneva.
The conference, with the theme of “Women at Work”, is being convened to tackle problems and issues that stand in the way of women from playing an active role in the development of society.
The minister affirmed that the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is based on three main pillars: vibrant society, thriving economy and ambitious nation. “The Vision stipulates that Saudi woman is one of the key components of our strength. We would continue focusing on developing talents of women and pool their energies so as to empower them to achieve suitable opportunities to build their future as well as to contribute to the development of our society and economy,” he said.
While stressing the Kingdom’s keenness on supporting women’s role in the labor market and overcome obstacles, Al-Ghafis said that the Kingdom has launched several initiatives in this regard.
“We have set certain goals to achieve this by increasing women’s participation in the labor market, increasing the contribution of productive families, facilitating business practices, developing the retail sector and increasing the contribution of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The emphasis has been put on enabling women to strike a balance between social life and work through a system of social welfare services, which provided women with greater opportunities without disrupting the family system and their association with the family members.
Al-Ghafis said the Saudi support programs have driven more Saudi women to take up jobs in the local market and enabled them to achieve their economic empowerment across the Kingdom. The ministry introduced initiatives such as Program to boost Saudization at firms, Freelance Program, Part-time Job Program, working women’s ‘Children Hospitality Program’ called ‘Qurrat’, and Program for enabling women from remote and countryside regions to engage in work in the labor market. “All these initiatives contributed to increasing the number of Saudi women working in the private sector to 565,000 by the end of 2017, representing nearly 32 percent of Saudis working in the labor market. Some initiatives have also been taken to enable them to hold key positions, achieve gender balance in these positions, and strengthen women’s leadership skills and enable them to participate in the decision-making,” he said.
Al-Ghafis affirmed that the Kingdom is keen to eliminate gender discrimination in wages and seeking to exchange experience with other countries and international organizations about the best practices in curbing such practices. “The Kingdom has taken many measures to reduce phenomena and practices that have a negative impact on the labor environment, such as violence and harassment,” he said while drawing attention to the adoption of the law to criminalize harassment by the Council of Ministers this week. The minister also pointed out that the Kingdom is keen to support global efforts aimed at integration of women into the labor market and achieving their economic, political, social and developmental empowerment.

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