Jennifer Hart, CPS, Washington state, and para-judicial incentives, punishments, and rewards, and from Welfare state to hidden police state.

Fact: womens violence against children often masks their sexual or other abuse of those children.
Meet the Hart family, BEFORE they drove six kids off a cliff as three states counted the ca$h, and Fusion Centers looked on, AND,in.
Jennifer Hart & Family Timeline: Map of Sightings Before Cliff Crash
If you, the researcher, civil litigant,criminal defense lawyer,judge,psychologist, or other researcher of organized gang stalking seeks a few cases to study in context to ROGS thesis, and methodology,where we see a two tiered justice system that primarily targets men,while giving free reign to female sociopaths,and female pedophiles, and baby farmers, start here:
1.The case of the sweet Hart family,where two lesbians drove six kids off a clff while drunk, and on the run from CPS, and then, contextualize it in the ROGS paradigms of hidden agents and agencies,hiding cuplpability in social problems,and then,the bizarre stalking methods of the CPS-community policing-gang stalking nexus, and that this case enabled two women to abuse children in multiple states for a decade, as the case spanned from three STATES, Washington,Minnesota and Oregon,that I had discussed months before this socialist-feminist mass homicide (and, as I received odd emails from.people in WASHINGTON STATE); and,a gang stalking connection to CLARK COUNTY that ROGS had documented a half year before this happened, as WA has high rates of Google results for OGS, and that county has extremely high Google searches for OGS.
And,a clever researcher will also note that elements of CalIfornias gangstalkers tried to literally run me off of the roads as I wrote these posts in this blog (search for posts that mention The Whisperette, how to document gang stalking, restricted phone calls, brighting, Dodger dogs, or the phrase “run me off the road”)
This is how the DVIC and its gangstalking apparatus rolls,giving women a free pass as child molesters, pimps, panderers,and more, because these baby farmers,and the attendant mythologies they perpetuate as well as the subsidiary industries of over-policing, social work, psychology,and CPS are the cash cows of the DVIC. because poluce derive masdive funding from the mythologies of dangerous men, while womens attrocities, and the poluce state that depends from jingousm, and faux heroism are just starting to be revealed for what they are-massive tax dollar vampires.
And, EXTRA POINTS if you get out the ROGS BINGO card now, and then, search my blog to note that BEFORE these state dollar milking baby farmers, aka”the Hart family”murdered six kids,I had noted that Clark county has extremely high rates of gang stalking.
So, Fusion Centers, working in an occulted-by-definition manner DEFINITELY are NOT helping ANYTHING, and likely, a wise journalist will subpoena that center for references to both CPS and this ONE family. But I promise, that these centers largely track, and .monitor anyone who has fallen prey to these early welfare schemes which have blossomed to the High Heeled policing era of the DVIC.
2. Must read Stephen Baskervilles analyses that describes the ever widening,para-judicial,para-policing, para-due process secret courts of the DVIC, and its domestic partner in crime, gangstalking, aka community policing, aka the DHS.
These gray area,para-military due process free courts, and punishments, and profit systems are what the DVIC is,and Baskerville explains it better than I can.

Stephen Baskerville, From Welfare State to Police State: How the modern peonage system demonized and targeted men, coming to a woman near you soon .pdf:

3. Revisit the memetic of the deadbeat father or the father as drug dealer, child abuser, or pedophile now,as we see the fruit of a society wide mechanisms in place that neutralized male dissent by myth and narrative,while elevating women to a false and even dangerous level of authority and un-earned respect(even chimpanzees can raise infants, and bonobos-the lesbian chimpanzees- have sex with their own daughters, ala Chodorow ), and asthe welfare state slud to a peonage system,these nullified male power and dissent at the site of the child,as women LIKE THE SWEET HART FAMILY drew state dollars,and states derived profits and their psycholigosts,social workers,et DVIC enablers derived profits one way or another. Its child exploitation by any other name.
So, here is a good place to start looking for para-judicial investigations,aka kangaroo courts,and the accompanying bizarre, hidden methods of policing that I describe here at ROGS asorganized gang stalking.
And,to the enterprising journalist, I will go one step further:
ROGS is offering a $2000 reward for any journalist or reporter who can prove that the various State Patrols, working with the sherrifs departments were following, shadowing, or near the Hart family MOST OF THE TIME, as these women drove toward those childrens final demise.
Related Story: what is the link between police badges and pedophiles, and gray area policing?
The evidence WILL be thus, and hereishow you can FOIA or subpoena it:
GPS/cell phone data from the Harts, squad cars, state patrol chatter,mileage logs, etc.
Sattelite~OnStar~satnav/Fusion Center reports of anonymous calls/who is the Infragard in that area/Be creative in your FOIAs.Also askvwhat community.polucing elements in those areas areused, and get names and numbers if you can, because THESEare how and who gangstalkers ARE.
And here is some of the longer timeline that demonstrates how women who are child abusers literally get away and murder kids,after states abuse kids for cash, afterbothare leeching the life out of them for decades in the baby farming industrial complex.
2007: The Harts adopted Devonte and two of his siblings, after previously adopting their other three children.
December 27, 2010: The Hart’s daughter, Abigail, tells her teacher she has been abused, while they were living in Minnesota. She says it was Jennifer, but Sarah pleads guilt in early 2011. Sarah follows the terms of her probation, avoiding 90 days in jail.
2013: The West Linn police department was contacted with concerns about the Harts, and the concerns were forwarded to DHS, KRON4 reported. But DHS would not confirm or deny this report.
2014: Devonte Hart is photographed at a rally in Portland.
March 2016: The family is photographed standing behind Bernie Sanders during one of his campaign stops in Vancouver.
2017: The Harts moved to their current home in Woodland, Washington.
May 2017: One of the Harts’ daughters stopped by neighbors Bruce and Dana DeKalb’s home at 1:30 a.m., saying she needed protection from abuse.
Sometime between March 18-23, 2018: A few days before the crash, neighbors Bruce and Dana DeKalb called CPS about the family, concerned the children weren’t being fed because Devonte often stopped by seeking food.
Friday, March 23: CPS makes its first visit to the Harts’ home. They don’t answer the door and were later seen leaving. Multiple checks were attempted, but it’s unclear exactly how many and on what dates.
Saturday around 8:15 a.m., March 24: The Harts were somewhere in the Newport, Oregon area, California Highway Patrol and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reported. Newport, Oregon is about 2 1/2 hours south or 160 miles south of Woodland, Washington, where the family lived. Here’s a map of the distance between Woodland, where the Harts lived, and Newport. Note that this map does not show their exact itinerary, but it gives you an idea of how far they traveled:s adopted Devonte and two of his siblings, after previously adopting their other three children……….
Lastly, I will note an anonymous commenter from the comments section linked article is running damage control for Clark County, but also for CYA into insight as to how gang staljung works IN PRACTICE.This is what CRISIS PR IS, and all states that practice hidden gang stalking utiluze cris .PR to cover over these inter-generational baby farming nightmares.
Because the Hart case, like that of first amendment scholar and FBI targeted activist Rakem Balogun,and the Beatrice Six,who were literally under literal mind control, aka soft force violence suggestion, and situations of custody and coercive control, is a ROGS BINGO.
And, get the lawsuits ready in thesecases too, because state organized gang stalking isanti-demicratic, andresultsin real casualties.
Anonymous April 4th, 2018
Statement from Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Norah West: “We have not made any findings in this investigation and we had no prior history with this family.”
The neighbors say they called protective services Friday morning, March 23. CPS went to the house. No one answered the door. It’s the neighbors who say the family was there and suggested they fled. No corroboration. The family may have already left and wasn’t aware of a CPS visit.
Bruce DeKalb: “We figured that they saw the business card and loaded up the kids as quick as they could and took off.” How did DeKalb know there was a business card in the door?
Clark County Sgt. Brent Waddell: A deputy went to the house to do a welfare check on Monday (March 26) and again on Tuesday. The deputy who attempted to do the welfare check reported that nobody was home.
The Harts purchased the house on May 5, 2017. The DeKalbs say the daughter came to their home in September. Dana DeKalb’s father called the local Clark County Sheriff’s Office. They told him no laws had been broken. The DeKalbs identified the girl as Hannah and 12 years-old. Hannah is 16. Sierra was 12.
Dana DeKalb:
“I think they weren’t gonna face the music.”
“Because they never go anywhere. They go to the store and back but … ”
“I had been observing them. They were never outside to play.”
“I gleaned that quickly, with hardly any interface.”
“We only met Jennifer once.That was in reference to the incident with Hannah. She only was here that next morning, one time.”
“I met with Jennifer a couple of times in regards to sharing the driveway and she wasn’t friendly at all. She was mean.”
“I really believe they were evil.”
“Devonte told us that they had lied, just to make us feel good.”
Bruce DeKalb:
“We kinda started some of this, um, with the whole, you know…”
This is all on video. People are entitled to opinion. But when you scrape away the layers of gossip, this entire narrative is predicated entirely on one couple’s innuendo.&/:%…..
ROGS NOTES: innuendo is one thing- but.notice that ROGS has also documented TEXASas a nexus,too,and that the very next comment in the this:
Anonymous April 4th, 2018
Details in the timeline are incorrect, according to what has already been reported. The children were adopted from Texas in 2006 and 2009, according to Tiffani Butler, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.;

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