The Intercept covers gang stalking AGAIN. Never doubt the power of ONE VOICE to shine light on the cockroaches.

Los  Angeles,  CA  once  had a major  drug and gang  problem,  and they  solved it  by turning  due process  on its  head,  in  the  era  where  Pullitzer Prize  winning  journalists like  Gary  Webb  were gang  stalked.
Now, they  have  new gangs,  and  all of  THOSE  work  IN  state  government. This  is  true  in  all progressive  states  as  well, from  Washington  state,  to  Minnesota,  Oregon  to  Arizona-  anywhere  states  are  at  war  with  lical  business,  while  being  entirely dependent on vfederal  DVIC  dollars, you  will  find OGS.
Like many  cities  that  were  tasked with  cleaning  up  after the CIA domestic drug  running of the  , using its  various mobs that had flooded  the nation with drugs, LA  was  left  with a  major  surplus of federal  cash after  the  gangs were gone-  but  also,  the  LAPD  had  become  a  de  facto  intelligence  agency itself.
And,  like much of the  other cities, that  once faced  a scourge  of  gang  activity-the  main  question  became “How  can  we  keep  the MIGHTY  WURLITZER  playing, to keep the money  flowing? ”
LA  wasn’t  unique in  this  aspect-  in fact,  most  cities between  the  drug  war  era  and  the  war  on  terror  era  just  moved  the  goal  posts. And  in order  to  do  THAT, in most  cases,  the Wurlitzer helped create  boogiemen, always MEN.
So, much  as we  saw  in  the genesis of the  full   blown  surveillance  state, where  the  DEA  ran  the  SOD database  ilegally,  without  warrants,  targeting  people based  in guilt by association, and  relation to  foreign drug dealers, domestic agents worked  in  secret at the internet  switch to target  individuals associated with  other  things.
In other words, the goal  shifted now  from  pursuing the  drug  dealer to  pursuing the  child support debtor, or  those  associated  in  any  of  many  ways with state-to-federal gray  area  policing.And  this .is bthe  badis .of the  ICE/DHS/HSI real  estate  racket today  as  well.
There  are  literally  more  hidden state  and  federal databases  than  can be  identified today,  but  the most well known  of the  data  bases that  warehoused fathers,  and  then  warehoused  their  children,  is  the  CalGang  database. It was  here  where CIA/DEA/Local  law  enforcement blur took  on new  and  distinctly abhorrent  meaning: babies  were  identified  as  children  of  gang  members, and  thus, tracked  as  if they were  bacteria  in  a .petrie  dish.
In organized gang  stalking operations, power  hungry, or compromised, or dirty  cops who  work illegally  from  Fusion Centers, or  who  exploit  connections in  legitimate  channels  are  the  primary  suspects. And, under the quasi-constitutional DVIC, the DHS acts as a quasi-judiciary,outside of due process of law.
And , there  are  strong,  verifiable links to undercover  operations, where  the  Us  versus  Them, or Ich, versus Du of  religiously policing and myth conspire against due process in every way as well.This is what our twotiered society is now, as on onehand, religious financiers guide their sheeple, and on the other,internationalist capital wages domestic violence on primarily males,aka tthe debt peonage systemsof prisons, child support, and more.
It is this latter category of peonswhere we seegang work ismost disastrous hidden works,as whole livesare stalked from cradleto grave,as we see withthe CalGang database,and more.

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