The war on the 1st Amendment: the 9th Circuit Appeals court is under attack, and Wikileaks Vault 7 arrest.

If you read through ROGS here, you will notice frequent mentions of how free speech, aka, the first amendment to the United States Constitution is under attack.

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

And who is attacking it? Refer to my thesis of Andrea Dworkin, and search around here for posts about High Heeled Policing, flying pigs, and hungry foxes who devoured even the chicken coup…de tat, in 1993….
But especially, search for posts about the 9th Circuit, Jay Bybee, Alex Kozinsky, etc- because there is indeed a culture war afoot, and it is a reboot of the gender lesbian pornography wars of the 1980s, and its unusual aliance with arch conservative religionists from the neocon, Catholic, Jewish, Baptist and evangelical American sects and cults.
You will also note that I have encountered gang stalking from people who cite DHS contractor, and professional slanderer Gavin de Becker, or others who used InfraGard access to internet switches and Fusion Centers, and who clerked for SCOTUS relic Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
I mean~ organized gang stalking is THAT bizarre, and if I told you more, it would reveal me as two phone calls away from several American Presidents.
So, it seems now a good time to revisit the Wikileaks Vault 7 leak, and a contractor from Texas who is being framed in a narrative in the MSM as the leaker.
Joshua Schulte, arrested for Wikileaks Vault 7
If you read deeply, he, like all targeted individuals and some mass shooters, expressed libertarian, or constitution-based ideoligy, as opposed to DVIC gray area high policing and kangaroo courts.
So~ have a look at how the Lesbian Porn Wars are affecting agencies from the CIA, to the DHS and the alphabet soup that has spilled over all of our internet connections; and our rights of association and assembly, privacy and speech.
Like the deceased Mathew Riehl, his gang stalking ALSO started in college, in Austin Texas. And so did the case of Rakem Balogun, who was arrested for pure speech.
There literally is a clear, and distinct pattern in the data~ and the stench of lesbian feminist jurisprudence in EVERY SINGLE CASE.
What is the Ninth Circuit?
And how many free speech, first amendment, comnercial speech and historic pornography cases have come before it?
The United States Courts for the Ninth Circuit consists of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals along with district and bankruptcy courts in the 15 federal judicial districts that comprise the circuit, and associated administrative units that provide various court services.
Map of the Ninth Circuit

So, here are some cases where you can begin to thread together how womens groups and NGOs, as well as international finance work nehind the scenes to establish supremacy, and then, to encourage the coming dark ages of relugious supremacy, enacted through the pseudo feminism of gender lesbians and their enablers, like Buck Toothed Amy, of Minneapolis, MN., and Ed the toilet slave in San Francisco, CA.
BUT:all over ROGS here, you will see this thread come together~it is these who have attacked the first amendment, from Texas, Washington state, Las Vegas, Arizona, and Minnesota. Use my search feature to find these links.
But some in government have done EVERYTHING in their power to prevent a FISA court challenge, and to prevent speech and privacy cases ever getting to trial, appeal, or SCOTUS. and, OGS is how they do it.
From Reporters Committee of Freedom of the Press, the attack on virtual pornography:
Former 9th circuit judge Alex Kozinsky forced to step down because of a whisper campaign.
Wikileaks Twitter feed discusses how the Deep State frames activists, journalists, libertarians, and more with child pornography
Norma Jean Almodovar, author of From Cop to Callgirl, folk heroine, sex workers rights activist, and early gang stalking target from the 1980s, blew LAPD corruption wide open~ and has been harassed ever since.

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