CA Rep. Maxine Waters encourages organized stalking of Trump-in front of the Wilshire FEDERAL BUILDING

Search through ROGS here and read posts about the Mormon Mafia, and here, here, and other mentions
throughout this blog, but especially READ THIS ONE, where I note the Los Angeles is a virtual gauntlet of gangstalking smoke and mirrors, and about how I was personally gang stalked in that area, with morons from many NGOs(Save the Starving, Abused,Hungry Vaginas! And all those Gomez too.), as I sought to force these hidden agencies to hand me a FISA court challenge to warrantless spying, after having been gang stalked for over a decade.
And,I personally know, and can name, several journalists who were gang stalked or slandered out of work in that area (the cartoonist Ted Rall, for example, who was called a Marxist by Breitbart news), and without any surprise, they are white and black males who recall the era where we were all united across racial and ethnic lines to end police brutality and illegality, whereas today, people like Haym Saban and George Soros, and white females like Rachel Dolezal, lol, none of whom have ever fully engaged in Americas racial problem solving, other than to exploit and profit from it (or take some dick over it while dancing to Al Green during a racialized one night stand); these have nearly murdered law and due process by encouraging racialized gang stalking, and police complicity in it, and especially sought to nullify non-zionist, non-Jewish, or non-compromised journalists.
This is ADLification, Israelification, and neocon racism in practice, and it is how this form of race supremacism manifests itself in American society. And, more than anything, it reveals policing as totally corrupted-its own literal gang.
And, Waters did this in front of LA Federal building,nonetheless, a thetans fart away from the Mormon Mafia, AND the Mormon Temple. Extra points if you notice that the Whistling and Whittling clubs of Nauvoo are an actual historical gang stalking example where Mormons used their kids to stalk outsiders.
So, no small surprise then that Ms.Waters is calling for organized stalking of Trump,and others related to his cabinet, under the watchful eyes of the Mormon mafia, and remember, former FBI director Comey couldnt suck their dick long enough, or line his pensionwith enoughTelAviv toilet paper (LAs FBI is literally a bowie knife throw away from the Mormon Temple there, where someone stole my GPS from my car lastyear around thetime Joshua Schulte was arrested for the Wikileaks Vault 7 release).
You see-OGS is how the second tier of our society has responded to the KKK era of the past, while overlooking that other white meats racism and domestic terrorism, as groups like the ADL, JFeds, and their racist tentacles in community policing, aka High Policing work their damage to democracy by deploying Martin Buber and TheodoreHerzls Ich,Duon unsuspecting victims, and voting populations. paid junkets to Israel.
The only racist supremacy still standing after sowing hate, and division, these being the usual suspects who continue to do the bidding of the one percent, and stir up hate, using the politics of deference,and these usual suspects who derive their sustenance from exploiting race in every generation (and who notoriously spied on and sold out peace activists, and every race oriented groupavailable at the time, ranging from Asian Law Caucus, to the NAACP,and others).
Now, you can add the year 1993 andsearchthrough ROGS here to notethatthe ADL spied on and betrayed every single grassroots movement in that year as well.
And, all of that in hidden databases in South Africa,Toronto, Tel Aviv~and Los Angeles. I would love toget a subpoena for THOSE quasi-governmental databases. Who wants to help/
Here is Waters, calling for organized stalking of public officials,from perhaps the most disreputable media available~ CNN:
Maxine Waters encourages supporters to harass Trump administration officials
By Jamie Ehrlich, CNN
Updated 1802 GMT (0202 HKT) June 25, 2018
Rep. Waters: Confront White House officials
Rep. Waters: Confront White House officials 01:47
Washington (CNN)Rep. Maxine Waters called on her supporters to publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration in response to the “zero tolerance” policy that led to the separation of families at the border.
The California Democrat and vehement critic of President Donald Trump made the comments on Saturday, first at a rally in Los Angeles and later in a television interview. The comments, which come after several Trump administration officials have been recently protested at restaurants, have raised fresh questions about the state of American political discourse and were seized on by Trump for political gain.
“Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere. We’ve got to get the children connected to their parents,” Waters said at the Wilshire Federal Building, according to video of the event.

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