Art Buchwald covers the Orlov Prophecy/Conspiracy: looking back, looking forward

“When I proposed the plan in Moscow the Kremlin thought I was crazy. But they figured they had nothing to lose. Well, you can see the results for yourself. The seeds of doubt about America are being planted by their own people and we’ve been making more progress in wrecking the U.S. Constitution in the last few years than my predecessors have been able to do since the Revolution,”
– from Art Buchwalds column that trolled the FBIs illegal COINTELPRO program, as quoted by Daniel McCarty, in his 2008 CBS obituary entitled “Art Buchwald Couldn’t Make This Man Laugh Exclusive: Famed Columnist’s FBI File Shows J. Edgar Hoover Was No Fan”

So, as we see throughout ROGS, specific and named shitbags~most of them bound tightly like silkworms with the smothering threads of Jewish-christian mysticism, are working in hidden fashion all along the internet “backbone”; and such “mysticism” which is only useful once you unbind it, and name it by its proper names, we also see my mocking attempt to shine a light on the many questions that arise in organized stalking.

Related Stories: the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals advises police and intelligence agencies, as well as creates “cris PR narrative” and is on record describing how multiple agencies target dissidents, whistle blowers, activists and others with what ATAP calls “the colluding parallel investigation” aka, highly orchestrated, hidden operations by multiple agencies and community policing elements, aka organized gang stalking.

One glaring and obvious answer to the question ~who are the gang stalkers~ is that they are indisputably Americas secret police, working within, and far outside of the innappropriately named, due process free, selective enforcement oriented “community policing”scheme.
Others, not so obvious, are military operations like OSI informers, the Mossad, or NCIS, all of whom are wiretapping Americans IN America, every day; and the Law Enforcement Intelligence Units and Infragard are what the FBI uses as a secret, hidden police force, unnaccountable to no one, and notoriously “assisting” the FBI SAs and field agents in performing black bag jobs.
then, we see any of many organized religions ranging from the Cathtlioctocon to the Prothschildtant expressing their fanaticism through word policing and Fusion Centers, as well as the slimy tentacles of the always bald headed Kiketopus in this case here, eating women and children for their own good, if course.
But scattered amongst the charred remains of post-post modern journalism, where sectarian, Israelification of ALL media, crisis PR, and partisan, welfare cheese journalists like Marcy Wheeler and Mike McPhate, and Laura whatever her name is have replaced investigative journalism, we also see truly amazing journalism from non-sectarians who are, at their center, human beings before anything, the likes of Trevor Aaronson, Glenn Greenwald, and others that are worthy of a Gary Webb Award for Excellence in journalism.
In fact, I invite the journalists above to write about Irgunized gang stalking and its non-Jewish variant, Organized gang stalking, and to call it exactly that, because once we weed out the obvious noise and chatter, we see that OGS is all too real.
In that light, ROGS is announcing the Gary Webb Award for Excellence in non-partisan journalism.
Here is what it looks like:
lone wolf journalism
If you would like to apply for this reward, which carries with it a $1000 stipend, and a trophy with two .22 caliber bullets highlighted, dangling on silk threads above a gold plated pig trough with the bottom chewed out, please write to the ROGS blog, and show me examples of your published work, that uses the term Organized gang stalking, and portrays it in the true-light that I have described herein, using the descriptors I have provided.
This work must have been published in major media, and it must trace the links between Fusion Centers as the nexus of corruption that collates and verifies the nexus between FVEY political policing, and how NSA data is used to target individuals in the USA, using any number of the community .policing cockroaches I have documented herein.
Extra points will be added by the judges for works that document Jewish-christian gang stalking, such as that practiced by AIPAC, RAND corporation, or the various Jewish Federations and so-called progressive NGOs across America.
Scientologists, however, are well documented gang stalkers, and Muslims are mych too covered in the press, so this award specifically requires a Jewish-christian element.
Lastly, because others have come before me, and endured bad touch from agents and agencies, here is a quote from Art Buchwalds obituary via CBS, and archived by Whosarat, which was a website that ratted out informants, and was soundly harassed, and driven offline around 2006, as police unions and other unchecked abusers of internet declared the site a “threat to officers safety.”
RIP, Gary Webb, and Art Buchwald too (the entire article can be found here):

Buchwald’s file dates back to June 18, 1956, when an unnamed FBI informant told agents the writer had received a visa to visit the Soviet Union while working for the New York Herald Tribune.
The informant, whose name was redacted from the FBI files, had been interviewed by Buchwald two years earlier and apparently held a grudge against the columnist for making him, in his words, “look like a fool.” The informant described Buchwald to agents as a “screwball.”
The bureau launched an investigation into the Soviet Union trip and found that Buchwald, who was traveling with a contingent of Air Force officials visiting an air show, had committed no acts of disloyalty and no further action was taken.
Buchwald reappeared on the bureau’s radar in 1961 when, in a satirical column, he claimed to have uncovered the “Orlov Plan.” Buchwald often created fictitious characters, and in this column said Soviet agent Serge Orlov revealed a plan to cripple the United States by using right-wing anti-communist groups to sow seeds of distrust in the nation.
“When I proposed the plan in Moscow the Kremlin thought I was crazy. But they figured they had nothing to lose. Well, you can see the results for yourself. The seeds of doubt about America are being planted by their own people and we’ve been making more progress in wrecking the U.S. Constitution in the last few years than my predecessors have been able to do since the Revolution,” Buchwald quoted “Orlov” as saying.
Read Key Documents From Buchwald’s FBI File
Not all readers got the Cold War-era satire. Some sent letters to the FBI inquiring about the Orlov “plot.” John Lindsay, a New York congressman who would later become the city’s mayor and run for president, sarcastically praised Buchwald for the “reportorial know-how plus the good sense and good humor to uncover the Orlov Plan. He even beat J. Edgar Hoover.”
Hoover, spurred by readers’ letters, renewed his interest in Buchwald. There is a handwritten note from the agency director in the margin of a clipping of the Orlov column: “Let me have summary on Art Buchwald.”
The following year, after moving from Paris to Washington, Buchwald visited FBI headquarters and met with Cartha DeLoach, a high-ranking official who rose to deputy director by the end of his 28-year career in 1970. During the visit, DeLoach criticized Buchwald for a column that suggested one-fifth of the 8,500 registered communists in America actually were undercover FBI agents.
According to a memo prepared for DeLoach, “Buchwald apologized for having written in the vein he did but noted that he meant no harm and was sorry that it was misinterpreted.”
In December 1964, Buchwald turned his pen directly on Hoover, joking that then-President Lyndon Johnson couldn’t fire the FBI director – because the lawman didn’t actually exist.
“What happened was that in 1925 the Reader’s Digest was printing an article on the newly formed Federal Bureau of Investigation and as they do with many pieces they signed it with a nom de plume,” the column read. “They got the word Hoover from the vacuum cleaner – to give the idea of a clean-up. Edgar was the name of one of the publisher’s nephews, and J. stood for jail.”
The column attracted much attention, with citizens ranging from Nebraska housewives to Indiana high school students writing to the director seeking the truth, according to correspondence in the bureau’s files. In many cases, they received notes personally signed by Hoover, often with enclosures like “Communism and The Knowledge to Combat It!”
The column did not endear Buchwald to Hoover. In June 1965, an unnamed ABC News correspondent called DeLoach to inform him that Buchwald would be at his house one evening for a monthly poker game, in which the humorist had won money in 17 out of the last 18 sessions. The goal of the call was to set up a prank to throw Buchwald off his game. Hoover was to place a call to Buchwald during the evening informing him that agents had been ordered to pick him up following the article questioning the director’s existence.
The crowd of would-be card sharks, which was to include key U.S. diplomat Llewellyn Thompson and officials from the White House and U.S. Information Agency, optimistically dubbed the game “Buchwald Will Lose Tonight.”
Hoover’s response: “I most certainly would have nothing to do with such a motley crew.”
Besides tracking poker games, agents also filled out their Buchwald files by perusing the April 1965 issue of Playboy magazine. The columnist told Playboy, “You’re allowed to make fun of the FBI because they have such a good sense of humor.” The FBI agent who read the interview was careful to note the rest of magazine was “typical trash,” according to internal memos


The lay persons opinion:gang stalking self defense

Disclaimer: this blog you are readingisliterally under attack asIwrite it,by American FusionCenters, the NSA,andhidden, cowardlyprogramsofword policing.
As such, sometimes the words are garbeled, mi-spelled, orotherwise redirected, andso, spellingerrots are the norm, not the exception,when theUSA and theFVEYS arrangement usesspeech stifling controls. Please pardon theseerrors, ank know that editingin these times of Fabianisttime theft requires patience, and understanding, of exactly how subverted the internet is.
(Theseparagraphs above are exactly how Ityped them, as the internet worked itsmagic onmykeyboard. Missing spaces, etc, are a direct result of havingunknown software, and internet subverters manipulating content as it hits my keypad.)
Related:Whatisanordinary persons self defense, and/or courtroom testimonial evidence against gang stalkers? Itis calledthe Laypersons Opinion.
most gang stalkers are connected in some way, and that connection can be deciphered in simple ways so that targets of OGS can file lawsuits, and clog the courts with lawsuits.
but it is very important that those who file suits individually get good evidence,like the kind that Gavin Seim got, beforehe wasforced to fleetoMexico,where he reports that heisfree from OGS, or of the type that one Youtube poster who goes
by the name of Nappy Head Roots has reported,as heis endlessly stalkedby community policing cowards, because. he is black, and homeless (apparently, he lives inhis van, where communitypolucing cowards, workung withlical police, who draw upon Fusion Center monitoring,always seemo t “find” him).
Here, have a look at a “justa nigger,” getting gang stalked by Jews, whitefolk, andotherothers who otherhim, courtesy of”community policing,”and hiddenoperators trackinghim, courtesy of targeted indivual Nappy Head Roots, andDan Shays(this latter character will be revealed later).
Your just a nigger….
Notethat the writing above is whatROGS writing looks like afyer many WordPress freezes,,and Jscriptjuggling occurs, with Fusion Centers, the NSA, andothercowardlycrap placed between me, the writer, and you, the reader. I have not edited this post, because the raw form istelling indeed.

Mike McPhate, compromised journalists,New York Times, gang stalking, and the number 13

Many talk of partisan journalism, or the liberal media,or the corporate collusion between government, private agendas, and business to control narrative, but the real issue is compromised journalists.
Mike McPhate, the Canadian journalist who wrote the famous NYT piece lauding the racism and targeting of the homeless,the poor,and the outsider, and other abuses of community policing and due process raping CVE program titled “United States of Paranoia,They See Gangs of Stalkers,” is one of those, as is this other freelance writer Laura Yan, and sadly,Marcy Wheeler, of, who fled to the open arms of the FBI when things got too “journalistic,”and gooey, and sticky, like a yeast infection from schmoozing with sources.
Its almost like journalists themselves are so terrified of actually reporting facts or investigating rampant police corruption that they side with these agencies and mindlessly follow every narrative pre-emptively, leaving suspended belief reserved for partisan journalistic diatribes devoid of any semblance ofthe publics actual interests, in an act police state and official narrative induced mass media Stockholm Syndrome.
Yes, Marcy Wheeler, I am talking to you, specifically.
So,I remember when I was in journalism school how noted professors-many quite famous and quite solid women themselves, like Professor Jane Kirtley and others,discussed the very un-American nature of “embedded journalists” during the Abu Ghraib War.

Related Story: Iraq war whistle blower and scapegoat Walter Laak was convicted of shooting at his pastor, a likely FBI informant, after a decade of being gang stalked after he was court martialled and drummed out of the Marines for torturing Iraqi captives, while the war criminals who authorized the war, lied us into the war, and profitted from it walk free; and as these compromised journalists like partisan-occulted Mcphate plot their next partisan piece.
So, when ROGS notes that the issue of gang stalking makes odd bed fellows, keep in mind that I personally wrote about the potential for this in 2003, and was stalked in exactly the manner described herein, and watched a good friend work with the FBI as an informant, as stiff shouldered women with Quantico drawls, bad shoes, and butch haircuts followed me around, with cameras- and that is part of Americas historical record now, with paper trails and witnesses in the agencies own files.
So, OGS is itself called no-touch torture, and,agencies like the FBI and the mukti-alphabet agencies use these wittingly, and disseminate targeti.g across agencies, as we see here, as ATAP advises law enforcement to look the other way during what they call the “colliding parallel investigation.”
Well, Laaks case is one where gang stalking was an actual legal issue, mentioned in news articles and court documents, and where psychologists take a hands off stance as CVE programs of various kinds allow for due process violations by agents and agencies that span DECADES, enabled by the NSA-leaked-into-local, via Fusion Centers. Walter Laak is ALSO without question, a case where slander followed him before his event, eroding his life and opportunities, as he was one of many fall guys and scapegoats from the USIraq torture scandals too.

Others discussed how some in journalistic circles wanted to force definitions, labels, and licenses on journalists too. You can imagine who “those people”are for yourself.(Hint: they are the same corrosive representatives of the tribal-religious-sectarian ONE PERCENT who gave us the identity politics that have all but killed the Democratic party).
Well, anyways, MIKE MCPHATE, wrote this famously discredited piece here, and now, covers how hidden, secret gangs of Los Angeles County deputies stalk, and target people, sometimes killing them.
I wonder how many others have been murdered or harassed to suicide in the due process free DVIC safespace, since McPhate wrote that OGS hit piece that ran around the world a thousand times before I began to write ROGS here? The regular reader will recall that this was the reason I wrote ROGS in the first place, as California cops tried to run me off the roads, and the Mormon mafia and their associated political and speech police rifled through my vehicles.

But, yeah McPhate- cops are really in gangs, and they really do kill people-and,stalk them too.
Probably-and provably a lot, when we count the mass shooters victims that have died since McPhate wrote that piece of garbage. And, irrefutably, ROGS has predicted key elements mass shootings using ROGS predictive analyses.
And, compromised journalists, crisis PR pundits, and intelligence agency compromised assets in journalism really do use the number 13 to signal to each other online. Use mysearch feature and look for posts with the number 13 in them. But especially, search for how it appears in many pre-ROGS era news stories about mass shootings (try not to let the coincidental placement drive you crazy).
Look: McPhate puts his posting about “secret society” members who work in the LAPD at number 13 on his list of must read articles.
Here is his pull quote, and here is the LA Times article:

“Renegade cliques erode public confidence as well as internal morale, and they will not be tolerated.” Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell launched an investigation into secret deputy cliques within the department that brand themselves with matching tattoos.
Gee, ROGS wonders: I hope I dont get killed for writing what I write here for free, and uncompromised….
And here is from the LA Times piece- and notethat another claim that targeted individuals make has been validated-that, in the words of the LA Times, theLAPD has lingbeen plagued with “secret societies.”
Someone please call Dr. Mike Wood, who writes and let him know that organized gang stalking is anything but a conspiracy “theory-“and that secret societies in policing are far more real, and take many more lives, than an Airloom gang on steroids.
From LA Times:
L.A. County sheriff announces inquiry into secret societies of deputies and their matching tattoos
By Maya Lau
Jul 26, 2018 | 8:55 PM
L.A. County sheriff announces inquiry into secret societies of deputies and their matching tattoos
L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Samuel Aldama admitted in a lawsuit that he has a tattoo on his calf associated with the Compton station, where he worked. The photo of his tattoo emerged in the lawsuit. Officials have tried to discourage deputy cliques and matching tattoos.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell has launched a comprehensive inquiry into secret deputy cliques and is looking into whether gangs that condone illicit behavior are operating within his ranks, he said Thursday.
McDonnell’s announcement at a meeting of the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission comes two weeks after allegations surfaced that as many as 20 deputies at the Compton Station have matching tattoos featuring a skeleton holding a rifle.
A Compton deputy recently admitted under oath that he was inked with the skull logo in June 2016, about two months before he was involved in a fatal shooting, The Times reported.
Watchdogs said the revelations were alarming given the department’s long history of secret societies that promoted excessive force and enforced a code of silence
And, an extra bonus for noting the search language that directed to this blog today:

targeted individuals framing to cause mass hysteria

Meet Laura Yan, freelance writer, gang stalking denialist, and total bullshit artist.

There are only two ways to understand organized gang stalking: to separate actual victims from the many total bullshit artists in the discussion, as well as to separate claims of nebulous,strange, unproven electronic harassment from only those claims that are validated, such as when the CIA and the US government withdrew diplomats from Cuba, and Gaungzhou China; or in the valid, and widely reported domestic spying and electronic harassment of ALL of our computers and cell phones by the NSA/CIA/FBI/DHS.
And of these bullshit artists, and OGS denialists- without coincidence, most are women, and most could loosely be called neocon Progressives (Marcy Wheeler, for instance, couldnt turn into an FBI informant fast enough,just after she noted that we are all targeted individuals now that NSA domestic spying has been made official. See how that works? If you cant take the heat-or if you are a neocon progessive-become a rat.)

Related Story: Look at how FBI-INTIMIDATED, and Anti Defamation Leagued (ADL) LITTLE mARCY heeler is, then, get back to me (ROGS)

Freelance writer Laura Yan, who wrote an OGS denialist hit piece in Wired magazine last March is one of the latter, and I will tell you how I know this later. And, like Mike McPhate, the Canadian who wrote the infamous hit piece in the New Yarwk Times,her work in Wired is one of a kind- it is her only published work there-a one night stand.

Related Story: Mike McPhate, who wrote the infamous OGS hit piece entitled“They See Gangs of Deep State Disinformation Schills”now writes a newsletter from California, and has written about secret societies of tattooed LAPD deputies who stalk, and sometimes murder targeted individuals. Extrapoints if you notice that he has placed that story at number 13, here at his newsletter as he covers actual secret society members in policing who murder people. And, I give you a free ROGS BINGO card if you notice that he wrote thst piece AFTER I personally waged acdiscrediting narrative against the fakenews NYT piece he wrote

Here is Ms. Yans website, and please, send her an email-or thousands of them-anonymously, and tell her your thoughts:
But first,a question: why are most/ all Morgellons disease claimants middle aged whit-ish females? I will tell you at the end of this post.
So,I will also tell you that when this blog here that you are reading linked crisis public relations(CPR) to the DVIC and the various DHS/FBI/Alphabet soup domestic spying to OGS, I was suddenly inundated with writers from Washington State, Arizona,Iowa,and New York, who claimed to have Morgellons; and most of those were women, and more oddly, many were social workers.

Related Story: The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP)calls gang stalking “parallel colluding investigations ” in their literature.
ATAP, which advises these “investigations ” also advises the use of miitary grade psychological operations on civilians, and unsurprisingly, condones the targeting of individuals, and calls individuals targeted this,way “delusional.”

And, with no surprise, they were middle aged white females, some of whom work closely with police. And most of whom used Proton mail for anonymity, or switched to protonmail just after I told them that Morgellons is what is called a psychological operation in propaganda operations; and all of whom stopped writing when I told them that my goal is to expose them.
Organized gang stalking is nothing like Morgellons disease claimants claims because unlike MD(which is similar to Munchausens Syndrome in that it masks female psychopathy, while occasionally it is used to discredit andc manipulate women online), many people have died, or been murdered because of OGS, which is a form of actual bullying and harassment that has a well heeled discrediting campaign behind it that is unsurprisingly split into two categories:
OGS victims, and OGS denialists.

Then, a necessary step to understanding OGS is to separate those who claim odd forms of electronic torture from those who are actually being harassed, because as I document all over this blog, Level X thinking, as described here by a security industry Technical Counter-Surveillance professional permeates the dialectic,because various agents and agencies, institutions and corporations, and government are actively using electronic wiretaps and other devices on citizens, without judicial oversight,and without the public at large being informed.
Any researcher of OGS can find that evidence, and easily validate it with replicable results.
Then,the OGS dialectic has within it actual proven cases where political gang stalking, feminist gang stalking, NGO sponsored gang stalking, and all of these in collusion with police and intelligence agencies participate in OGS.
And, dozens of disinformation warehousing operations (Google Lissa Kriss, or prayerwarriorpsychicnot for two examples)that act as de facto noise to cover up NSA domestic spying, and backdoor leakage into political policing.
Well, anyways: Meet Laura Yan, who will soon be wearing size 13 MaxiPads for the DVIC,bleeding out noxious propaganda in the form of news and infotainment.
Mind Games: The Tortured Lives of ‘Targeted Individuals’
Thousands of people think that the government is using implanted chips and electronic beams to control their minds. They are desperate to prove they aren’t delusional.
Related Story: How does the NSA, and the various spy organizations and private spy contractors use the term “electronic implants” when they imolant an electronic device, like a computer or phone with wire tapping software, or computer chips?
Every morning, Liza wakes up and remembers that she’s been tortured. When she looks down at her hands, she can see slightly raised bumps where she believes she’s been implanted with microchips. She is certain that the chips track her every move, that her family has been programmed not to listen to her. She knows that her mind had been pushed to the limits of human endurance (“the most pain you could put on a person before they die”). The targeting, the rewiring of her brain, is so extreme that she can no longer even cry.
Liza is 56, a thin, wiry woman with elf-like ears and bright eyes, an artist who grew up in the Rocky Mountains. She worked at Microsoft for 10 years and started her own web development company with her partner before the electronic attacks, the stalking, and the surveillance began. She knew it had to be some form of technology attacking her—she’d worked in the technology industry for more than a decade. She knew what it was capable of.
…..follow the links.Connect the dots!
Related: Why is Morgellons disease-the self diagnosed skin and mental health related condition that was “discovered”by an Asian American woman whose son showed signs of Munchaussen-by-proxy abuse,overwhelmingly reported by middle aged white females who are highly skilled in the tradecraft of internet Crisis PR, and frequently beneficiaries of the DVIC federal slush funds- AND who frequently work in the technology centers of state institutions, colleges,Microsoft,or government?

When women are the pimps: corporate prostitution,gang stalking, and the journalistic glass ceiling

someone wrote to me last year describing how women in poisitions of power in corporations are frequently little more than pimps,in the literal sense. In fact, that writer described attending job recruitments with female members of the NSA waging a whisper campaign behind his back, impuning his character based on illcitly obtained information.
And I also know this,because some of my personal experience with female pimps and DVIC panderers includes women in high places,like 3M corporation, or universities,and other institutions, and state level organizations- I have seen first hand how women in corporations manipulate people, and literally pimp other women, from bars, and from behind institutional cover as well.
They also do this from positions in Infragard, policing, or cloaked in NGOs, they literally pimp other women for cash,bonuses, state incentives, and more.
I correspnded with that writer over a period of months, until he started writing about Jezebel, and the Jezebel spirit and so on, until I got the feeling he was a Mormon, and you can search through ROGS here to see what that indicates.
then, that writer, who is in Tennessee,brought my attention to the odd story of Terry Tersak, who challenged the DVIC and its narrative framing, and then, she disappeared.
I traced that story a bit,where it intersected with WendyMcElroy,a noted feminist,and then, received extreme and threatening hate mail from someone claiming to be a member of Tersaks family, and that vile person, threatening to sic the state/local police on me, and evenprojecting that I amTersaks ex-husband, which I am not.
Needless to say, researching organized gang stalking inevitably goes in that direction- the DVIC will do anything to stay Dworkin fat, and McKinnon bitter.
so, here below from the Huffington Post is a story about one such case, where a high powered female executive at HSBC bullies, frames, harasses, and isolates a female victim of female perpetrated sexual abuse in the corproate space, aka a workplace mobbing where a female executive isolates a sex trafficked co-worker and subordinate, and then, sexually harrassesvand victimizes a male colleague.
If you take anything away from this piece,note that womens rape of.other women is occulted,and frequently from positions of power, manipulating men.
Extra points if you notice that these women belong to sororal organizations, exclusive clubs, and frequently participate in corporate initiativesthat “empower women” by pimping them.
Inhuman Resources, from HuffPost
In court documents, both Mike and Jill testified that they believed Eileen derived power from demeaning Jill. Setting up a night out with a pretty young woman helped her build gratitude among clients and executives. It also gave Eileen ammunition if someone crossed her. According to Mike, Eileen repeatedly said that if she got fired, she would dish on everyone in the office: all the affairs, all the lies. He added that she bragged about keeping a running tally of who was having sex with whom.
These threats reflected Eileen’s insecurities within HSBC, where she saw herself as the victim of a sexist double standard. She would occasionally express concern that her partying put a cap on her career prospects.
Related Stories: Use ROGS search feature to find how powerful women use Infragard access, and other connections to wagepolitical blackmail campaigns. Search “women in secret societies”, or fakerape,or Buck Toothed Amy- or Gavin de Becker,DHS contractor.

What is web washing and web scrubbing in the gang stalking online dialectic?

All over this blog you will see military contractors, DHS/FBI/CIA actions that form a narrative of occulted presence in domestic politics and other affairs ranging from extraordinary events, like Edward Snowdens exile, to the Wikileaks vault 7 release; to the banal and petty use by local law enforcement and community policing targeting homeowners, dissidents, activists,and occasionally actual petty criminals with disruptive, and illegal surveillance and harassment.
In my case, going back to 2003-4, when I wrote stories in the largest college monthly news paper that existed in the USA at the time.
I wrote stories and drove content critical of the Clintn COPS and community spying program,and critical of the lop-sided narrative of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex, and also, critical of how the college President utilized a good old boys and girls network to perform shoddy contracting on campus, while milking both state coffers, and federal funds.
And the college president routinely sent informants, slanderers,thieves,and others into the news room to attempt to frame me, harass me, or otherwise malign my work-he especially hated my work in regards to the 10 x10 square foot “free speech zone”that he setup to quash dissent.
In fact, the newsroom was raided multiple times as peoplelike he experimented with moving the goalposts in historic cases like Near v Minnesota under the Counter-terrorism rubrik.
His name is Phil Davis, a petty little NGO/AIPAC/ADL/Bnai Brith weasel who heads up all the colleges in that state now,partially for having sabotaged effor of myself and others, and I cannot understate that he is just one of thousands of these types who work in occluded capacity to destroy the Constitutional guarantees of due process, and all that comes from it afterwards, in these settings all across America.
These are the criminals who work behind the scenes to control narrative, and also, frame suspects in the literal sense, as we see with so many of these gangstalkings that BEGIN in academia.

Related Story: Meet Professor Fuck Your Life Finklestein, as targets, and endlessly harasses a student.

I now offer a $1000 reward for anyone who has his dossiere, and information about his personal lfe, family, habits, associations,and anything else that helps make thecase I am making herin.
But my personal gang stalking went into high gear after I wrote about the first so-called Somali terrorist arrested in the US at the time, and invoked images of neo-McCarthyism, targeting individuals in bizzare and highly personalized gang stalking.
My life then became a freeway of sooper seekrit agents “coincidentally” popping up everywhere, and anywhere at all, but especially, on my internet.
There was the fat blonde in 2004 who worked in the DHS, and who showed up in my classroom about teaching methodology, that I documented here, and so many other unwanted, unasked for encounters with occulted agency morons that would take a seperate blog to document it.
And,all of this is documented elsewhere, and even Bloomberg news has now covered OGS, as of yesterday.
So, targeting of individuals by military grade psychological,physical,internet and offline operations is indeed a very real practice,that claims lives and livelihoods, right here in the USA.
So, I write ROGS here as a public service, in the interests of public safety, because law enforcement has failed completely in the USA to protect citizens fromthis hidden military targeting, and in fact, law enforcement is complicit in nearly every public safety threatening IGS incident, where we seethat the outliers become mass shooters.
And, closely following these mass shootings,mass stabbings,or other public safety threatening events, webscrubbing, aka webwashing occurs, and governmental institutions ranging from the USAF,to the Pentagon,to Israeli squad 3200 delete their Facebook and Twitter presence that targeted.individuals like William Atchisso, Omar Mateen,and many other so-called mass shooters.
So, in order to demonstrate how this works in action, here is a hardlink to a story where I wrote about being gang stalkedin Chicago in 2013-4, and named an actual military contractor who worked from Texas,and used Ohio cellphone as he stalked me.
The regular reader will note that in my case, I have had both right wing and left wing stalkers, becauseI stand for the rights of due process outlined in the Bill of Rights,and also believe in the US Constitution, which these others do not.
So, here is the now broken link to one piece of my evidence: a link to a military trade show where a specific stalker with sloppy OpSec named himself.
The link is now broken, and returns a 403 page error, but I saved a copy elsewhere, and that information is also at several law offices as well.
To the journalists peeking in, webscrubbing is military grade black operations, and it is very common in the OGS dialectic.
It is, in fact and practice, pre-emptive evidence tampering, and it ling before any trial, or any civil lawsuit.
Here is the Wayback Machine,aka the Internet Archives information about this link:

Wayback Machine doesn’t have that page archived.
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bloomberg News reports organized cyber mobbing that comes offline: what is organized gangstalking?

Have a look through this blog and note that ROGS has changed the organized gang stalking dialectic forever,in my descriptions of how the NSA~FVEY~Israel data theft pipeline is used to trickle our private information to complete strangers who have guns and form mobs,who are occulted all along the internet and who work in NGOs,or as DHS, or FBI bloggers and Tweeters, or disguised as military contractors workingfrom hidden troll farms, who then harass targeted speakers, writers, dissidents, journalists, and more with online and offline mobbing, aka OGS.
lone wolf journalism
Now, Bloomberg news covers organized gang stalking, and the offline results and social costs to journalism, protected speech, and free society as a whole.

A Global Guide to Trolling

Journalist Nedim Turfent was reporting on a brutal counterterrorism operation in Turkey’s Kurdish region when he published video of soldiers standing over villagers, who were face down with their hands bound. Soon, odd messages seeking Turfent’s whereabouts began appearing on his Facebook page.
Then, Twitter accounts linked to Turkish counterterrorism units joined in, taunting locals with a single question—“Where is Nedim Turfent?”—as soldiers torched and raided more villages.
The threat was clear: Give him up, or you’re the next target.
That was in the spring of 2016. Within days, Turfent was in the military’s hands, and he was eventually charged with membership in a terrorist organization. An anonymous Twitter account capped off the social media manhunt by tweeting a picture of Turfent in custody, handcuffed and haggard. Then soldiers doused the office of his employer, Dicle News Agency, with gasoline and set it ablaze. Turfent remains behind bars.

Violent Threats in…
Tina Urso went to bed on April 21 pleased with the small protest she helped organize in London around the visit of Malta’s prime minister. She wanted to call attention to the country’s unusual practice of selling passports to foreigners and the money laundering it has engendered. By the time she woke up, her Facebook feed was deluged with threats of violence and misogynist insults, including the false charge that she ran an escort service. Researchers concluded the attacks were coordinated through private Facebook groups administered by government employees and officials of Malta’s ruling Labour Party. Participants would eventually publish her parents’ address, as well as her confidential National ID card number. “My Facebook account was flooded with notifications, people sharing everything about me, manipulating photos taken from my profile,” Urso said. “It was just insane what they were able to do in just a few hours.”

Only a few years after Twitter and Facebook were celebrated as the spark for democratic movements worldwide, states and their proxies are hatching new forms of digitally enabled suppression that were unthinkable before the age of the social media giants, according to evidence collected from computer sleuths, researchers and documents across more than a dozen countries.
Combining virtual hate mobs, surveillance, misinformation, anonymous threats, and the invasion of victims’ privacy, states and political parties around the globe have created an increasingly aggressive online playbook that is difficult for the platforms to detect or counter.
Some regimes use techniques like those Russia deployed to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election, while others are riffing in homegrown ways. And an informal but burgeoning industry of bot brokers and trolls-for-hire has sprung up to assist. The efforts have succeeded in many cases, sending journalists into exile or effectively silencing online expression.
In Venezuela, prospective trolls sign up for Twitter and Instagram accounts at government-sanctioned kiosks in town squares and are rewarded for their participation with access to scarce food coupons, according to Venezuelan researcher Marianne Diaz of the group @DerechosDigitales. A self-described former troll in India says he was given a half-dozen Facebook accounts and eight cell phones after he joined a 300-person team that worked to intimidate opponents of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And in Ecuador, contracting documents detail government payments to a public relations company that set up and ran a troll farm used to harass political opponents.
Many of those findings are contained in a report released this week by a global group of researchers that uncovered evidence of state-sponsored trolling in seven countries, and Bloomberg reporters documented additional examples in several others. The report is by the Institute for the Future, a non-partisan, foresight research and public policy group based in Palo Alto, California.
“These campaigns can take on the scale and speed of the modern internet,” the report said. “States are using the same tools they once perceived as a threat to deploy information technology as a means for power consolidation and social control, fueling disinformation operations and disseminating government propaganda at a greater scale than ever before.”
Almost two years in the making, the report grew out of an earlier project commissioned by Google but never published. Researchers for the company’s Jigsaw division, its technology incubator, documented vicious harassment campaigns that were intended to appear spontaneous but in fact had links to various governments. These campaigns often operate “under a high degree of centralized coordination and deploy bots and centrally-managed social media accounts designed to overwhelm victims and drown out their dissent,” according to an unpublished copy of the Google report obtained through an outside researcher.

Google statistics are forever: click this link! And then, revisit the VA Tech shooting of 2007

can you help poor old ROGS today?
click this link below!
I promise, it is a Google search that came to my blog today, based in this post here, and this one.
Then, comb through my blog for posts about sociopaths online, or the exact phrase in that search language: “even the gang stalkers.”
Then, Google Deanne Zakaos Ewing, Romania, Deb Matheny, and positivagirl, and extra points for noticing the links between these states :WA,MN,TX,NV,OR.
Let me know what you come up with.
But I got a bunch of people who obsess over sociopaths, lots of recovery and DVIC affiliated blogs, a few internet profilers, links to actual Islamic terrorist type websites, and those, curiously linked to positivagirl, and her/their links to comments on AdultFriendFinder, the porn website that leaves a notoriously invasive and persistent cookie in your browser.
Then, I ask you to Google Kenneth Westhues and the Virginia Tech shooting.
Because without a single doubt, most mass shooters, or rage and civil rights shooters like Mathew Reihl who was gang stalked at the University of Wyoming, and then gang stalked by named police officers after he threatened to run for sheriff, are connected to lesbian and gender feminist gang stalkers, who hide their violence, ironically, behind gender, and crying wolf to all too willing police whose nutsacks are all to shrunken from steroids use to effectively protect basic due process rights.
And then, a note from Dr. Westhues:
Rog S., Dear Friend,
In requesting permission before reposting material from my website, you are more of a gentleman than lots of bloggers. Compliments! So long as you accurately reproduce, cite and credit the material, I’ve no objections. Best wishes,
Ken Westhues
The Virginia Tech Massacre, and police complicity in academic gang stalking, aka mobbing, aka workplace bullying, courtesy of Dr. Westhues

Virginia Tech, gang stalking, academic stalking, and mass shootings: Nikki Giovanni is a scummy old cunt.

feminist gang stalkers, DVIC gang stalking, police gang stalkers, female bullies, academic stalking, workplace mobbing
One of the most under-reported features of gang stalking is that many, if not all severe cases are actually feminist bullying that starts in academia, or other DVIC industries, such as the pseudo-constitutional gray area kangaroo family courts, or college #fakerape and domestic violence tribunals where men are presumed guilty without trials; and never given a chance to rebut accusations.
And, while many in the gang stalking denialist camp frequently attempt to discredit the idea that Freemasons are involved,we see repeatedly that, in fact, they are, as I demonstrate below.
And, unsurprisingly, many targets of OGS are involved in alternative media, Youtube video production, Facebook,or are writers-or, in many cases that they encountered others in the propaganda stream who targeted them in one way or another(see here, and here, and here to understand the links between OGS and crisis PR agents and agencies).
Such was the case of Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech mass shooter who was slandered, bullied, and harrassed by none other than award winning Professor Nikki Giovanni, a far left~cum~neoright member of the Order of the Eastern Star, which is documented in Wikipedia.
It is the same Masonic cult that is behind many, if not all of todays manufactured terrorism where DVIC armchair quarterbacks write the press releases, and one after another DVIC affilliate runs narrative, and this, after female gang stalkers who work in any of the many Save-the-Women-and-Other-Whales NGOs.
Related Story: Watch, as I predicted key features of a recent mass shooting in Virginia Beach, months in advance. And that shooting, where masonic symbolism, workplace harrassment, strange divorce proceedings, and manly lesbians all handed ROGS a BINGO.
While womens violence is under studied, and studies of womens violence under-funded at the federal and academic grant level, the VA tech shootings reveal the reason why:police are in on it at every level, as high heels policing takes huge bites out of the DVIC trough every year.
Any researcher of organized gang stalking will certainly correlate feminist bullying with mass shooters, because the cowards behind it both wear high heels when the money pot is flush.
Perhaps the best account of that feminist bullying event comes from sociologist Professor Kenneth Westhues, of Waterloo University in Canada, whose analysis of that shooting is one of the most insightful and spot-on descriptions of the OGSmechanism that works behind the scenes in these cases that you will ever read .
related Story: Chinese researchers at Virginia Tech indicted for defrauding the government money pile like EVERY OTHER RESEARCHER in academia.

Matt Riehl, narrative control, police accountability, and the whisper campaign: what is organized gang stalking?

So, to the journalists peeking in here, take note that the CEO of a western states oil company followed my blog today. My new “follower”is ostensibly BrXd EyreX, of LonetreeX PeXtroleum, which may or may not be the actual follower, due to how America-and the DHS-carefully parallel constructs reality and due process via criminalty from WITHIN the alphabet agencies, as demonstrated by the DHS cyberstalking manual here.
The reader will note I have taken careful measures to protect my new followers identity.

Matt Riehl wrote. I’m smarter than you. I’m better qualified. I have combat proven medical training and I’ve practiced in Federal court. You are a fumbling lying perjuring buffoon. I want your stripes and your pension. I want your house. But you can keep your wife and the dog if you have one.”

And normally, this sort of thing would not be worth mentioning, except that this particular “follower” hails from Lone Tree, CO, which is where AsianAmerican Mathew Riehl lived, and because I have received veiled threats from various good ol boys and girls in that area before, I ke note of this follower as an oddly timed follow (also just after minimalist girl joined this blog as well; and not too long after my electronic device rooted itself and ran odd, root-altering privileged software before crashing, and rebooting AGAIN).
But Riehl, you might recall, was the man who was gang stalked by multiple institutions, and multiple police departments,in multiple cities and states, who, in the final days of his gang stalking by police that ended with him locked in his bedroom, demanding a warrant, and after none was produced, and after police breached his theoretically 4th Amendment protected space in a hostile manner, he began firing a legally purchased weapon, demanding that those who breached his peace identify themselves, which they did not. This is how police states change the goal posts from a constitutional democracy to a Praetorian Stasi-state devoid of due process.

Related Story: the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals calls organized gang stalking “parallel colluding investigations,” and many mass shooters in America, and many “incel movement,” or “massage-anist” car crashers, alleged ass -grabbers, online shit-talkers, and butter-knifers who tried to report the many odd happenings in their lives which preceded the ballistics /butter knife sharpenings of the events that made them infamous were labeled “delusional ” by police who participate in high-heels policing. Matt Riehl, Cosmo Setepenra, Scott Beierle, Myron May,and many others tried to report being stalked by women, or un -known gangs of harrassers, sometimes for years before they took adverse action, and blasted the yoga pants off of a few of their possible gang stalkers.

Because, this whispering, and stalking is what the DVIC does, replacing due process and fair trials with contrived-and sardonically gendered “exigent circumstances,” whispers about mental health, and frequently AFTER extensive organized stalking by institutional elements ranging from Fusion Centers and BOLOs,to crybullies and cyberstalkers, to police and any of many so-called tactical units, behavioral analysts, and strike forces that permeate the pre-ballistics in these events. Its simply amazing how young males can be so easily manipulated by those who “own the sex supply. ”
You might also recall that Riehls organized stalking started as a whisper campaign at the University of Wyoming law school, where school administrators covertly waged a slander campaign against him in emails that included photosof him, and where they monitored his Facebook posts for bad words like “fucking Nazis,” or #fakerape, and #Rapecult.
Rapecults, one might recall, are where the multi kultists and assorted NGO financed college groups wage #fakerape scandals from the deep cover of safespaces and trance formations of all kinds, most notoriously Sabrina Rubin Erdeleys UVA fakerape scandal published-and then retracted by Rolling Stone magazine.
Riehl also critized the cozy relationship between crisis PR and its beneficiaries in the DVIC (universities grants frequently derive from many DVIC sources, and especially, these binstitutions derive ridiculous amounts of money staging threat scenarios-I have seen it with my own three eyes.)
But here is his real crime, according to University of Wyomings Chad Baldwin, one of the many whisperers that were safely extracted from the safespace created there after a SWAT team (which probably had 13 Sanctified Sons of the Pharisees in it) bubbled themselves after the shooting:
He used words, according to Baldwin,and that the bad words
“contained no “overt threat,” he said, but they were “extremely vulgar, outrageous, just almost nonsensical.””
Got that?
Talking shit, or doing online performance art while under the pressures of organized gang stalking by police and institutions is now an indicator that someone needs the help of MORE organized academic and police gang stalking, which is what Riehl got.
In fact, he got YEARS of it, because after the whisper campaign behind his back at the U of WY? The school security, and the local police started to follow him around, for YEARS and BOLO alerts were issued saying that his words were scary.
No actual proof of what he said exists though, except in my post here though, because just after he was killed, his web presence was deleted, and all that was left were a bunch of he said-she/they saids about what he was alleged to have said.
Got that?
So, if it sounds like total bullshit straight out of the DVIC High Heeled policing playbook, thats because it IS total bullshit straight out of the gray area High policing script.
Well, unlike Matt Riehl, as you can see, this work of online non-violent resistance to speech policing via performance art called ROGS is making ripples. I, sitting several thousands of miles away from “America, Land of the Free,” and in an amazingly safe, developing nation far far away from the risk of being murdered BY gang stalkers, has caused a ripple effect, from my sweet butterfly breath, whispered across time and space like that one time I was targeted with an actual sound cannon, but me, within the law.
And, one of those ripples turned up a fish from Lonetree Petroleum, or, one of many agents of speech policing/thought monitoring that frequently use other peoples names when cyberstalking bloggers.
Here before I name the name, and before I DOX this name/nym, email, I would like my new follower to respond to THIS QUESTION:
Because as we see in case after case of high heeled policing, guys like me get stalked, framed, hacked, and harassed, AGAIN, and maybe even murdered, like Matt Riehl, whose gang stalking started with speech policing, and criticizing Nazi-like cops in all-white states and colleges filled to the brim with zionist and dominionists who routinely abuse crybullying to gain political advantages; not least of which is abusing police to stalk, and eventually murder dissenters.
Like Matt Riehls final words, as gang stalking cops involved in a several years ling stalking of a speaker kucked down his door, I now ask of you: IDENTIFY YOURSELF, or I will forward what I know about you to many journalists, and possibly, a foreign government.
in the meantime, here is what bhappened to Riehl AFTER he was gang stalked in a college:
1-pulled over and harassed by cops
2-stalked and framed
3-he became poluticized-NOT radicaluzed, and threatened that he would run for sheriff (seeing patterns yet in organized gang stalking?)
But lets have the main stream media tell it better (….) than ROGS here, and please-I invite you to have a look at the ROGS BINGO card in these cases.
Matt Riehl, and political policing on steroids, from Fox news (get out the ROGS Bingo card at the top of this page):

District attorney explains why shooter wasn’t charged during investigation

Posted 10:00 pm, January 8, 2018, by Ashley Michels
In November, Riehl was pulled over in a seemingly routine traffic stop for speeding by a Lone Tree police officer.
After the traffic stop, Riehl began posting videos on YouTube claiming the stop was illegal.
The videos are full of vulgar language questioning the integrity of the office, claiming the officer is a “Nazi” and calling for his firing.
According to reports, Riehl also emailed the city of Lone Tree 15 times with similar remarks and directed three emails to the officer.
“Van Den Berg of @cityoflonetree signs his 0416 with a ‘DSS’ that look eerily similar to a swastika in the middle. An old SS tropper’s trick. Fire him now and throw out his illegal bonds now,” one email said, in part.
He also wrote directly to the officer.
“I should have your job,” Riehl wrote. I’m smarter than you. I’m better qualified. I have combat proven medical training and I’ve practiced in Federal court. You are a fumbling lying perjuring buffoon. I want your stripes and your pension. I want your house. But you can keep your wife and the dog if you have one.”
On Dec. 5, an investigator from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office submitted two reports of the interactions to the senior deputy district attorney for the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.
Over the course of the reports, investigators suggest Riehl be charged with harassment, intimidating a witness or publishing law enforcement personal information on the internet.
The next week the investigator sent an email to the DA’s office asking for an update.
“I’m needing that documentation of your assessment of the Matthew Riehl situation,” according to the email. “Some of the bosses both here and at Lone Tree are anxious to get that report.”
On Dec. 14, the DA’s office responded saying, in part, “Given our review of the reports, we do not believe that charges are appropriate at this time.”
“In that information that we have, there just isn’t a crime that we can prosecute,” Brauchler said. “What those [emails] looked like to me was a disgruntled citizen. They were critical. They may have even been borderline offensive in some of their criticism but that’s what public officials get.”
According to Brauchler, none of Riehl’s rhetoric even skirted the line of harassment.
“I have a folder in my office of people who send hate mail. Some repeatedly,” he said. “And we rarely, I can’t think of a time that we have ever moved forward with a prosecution simply because under the First Amendment you get to have those kind of hard conversations with people.”

Gang stalking, feminism, female initiated violence, and gang stalking case studies: how the Domestic Violence Industry-and DHS-ICE skirts due process, and creates crime.

Picture Marilyn Monroes dress blowing upwards over a sewer grate.
Then, picture bankster funded CIA types invading her home, while she self medicates, passes out, and then, gets deadly suppositories crammed in her ass, just inside the delicately flowered portal to her sleeping room.
Yup. more, or less, this is where gang stalking in the modern era began.
Then, the president dead after that, killed by the most amazing .22 caliber bullet ever.
Killed by a guy, who was raised by a single mother in a fractured family; then he with a foreign bride, second language skills, foreign connections, and second tier MSM visibility.
Oh, yeah-and that guy, like J.D. Salinger, had extensive contact with Eastern bloc social workers during his childhood-that seems important.
Then, that guy killed, after allegedly killing the president, and killed by a compromised asset- a Jewish gangster and pimp, nonetheless, and still no one points the finger at international banksters.
Yup. OGS is exactly THAT WEIRD.
And, the immunity that trilion dollar capitalists enjoy in America is also THAT WEIRD.
Move along now….nothing to see here, folks.

Related Stories: Marcy Wheeler, aka,, just joined a long list of political leftist journalists who burn sources, as other media releases the ICE manual, which reveals that DHS-ICE follows no laws, or has any discernible respect for due process. Extra points for those who notice that Chapter 13 of the manual covers ICE tactics of internet subversion.
ICE .pdf hereice-undercover-operations

But maybe more weird is how a certain type of so called feminists are involved, working in occulted positions along the internet backbone, and in crisis PR, and in universities, health “care,”and government, alongside Infragard agents, and hackers/criminals/open source disruption agents to subvert free speech, and even stalk, harass and murder people as the FBI and the DHS look on and in many proven cases (Black Panthers for instance), actively collaborates and then runs CYA in these homicides.
Yeah, thats really weird too.
So, for the avid researcher of organized gang staljing, have a look at the following links, and the names of actual gang stalkers who are enabled by police to sta harass and murder people.
Stalin and Marcus Wolfe had NOTHING on these people-because late era banksterism had not yet utilized full capture cell phone, internet, and Google search history yet.
Naming names: Jewish and christian women who are involved in OGS.
Here are actual women, and other enablers, from the DVIC itself, bickering about which of them is more of a “cyberpath” than the other, as they derive income from DVIC ca$h cows.
And, again, extra .points for noting that nearly the first commenter on the blig, neverending1 is a hacker, and open source systems disruption agent:
Gang stalker link farm:
Gang-stalking: is it real or just a conspiracy theory?
Gang-stalking: is it real or just a conspiracy theory?

Garden variety gang stalking, small town terrorism, and police corruption, with bonus poisons.

Unlike the mass shooter cases, where federal agencies, and international private security contractors like G4S work with the FBI or the DHS to stalk, defame, slander and harass targets until they go ballistic, most gang stalking is actually small town terrorism, where corrupt townships and city governments target individuals, using state resources, and target individuals who resist police or institutional corruption.
They use federal Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)and Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) dollars to target real estate, or intimidate political opponents, distort media narratives, and frequently, with religious and sectarian biases, by abusing police and institutional power.
And, in the extant blogs about OGS, it is very clear that one of the stated goals of gang stalkers who work in city, state, and federal governments, as well as in institutions ranging from colleges to NGOs, churches and and other political bodies-the goal is to bully and harass individuals and literally push them “over the edge.”

Related Story: Fliers warning residents about organized gang stalking in New Haven CT, are demonized as suspicious, and attemp to cover over police involvement in real estate red lining.()hard link here because the ROGS blog has a bad case of FVEY/Fusion Center monitoring, and Jscript jiggles:

I would estimate that nearly 80% of the cases, and in the thousands of hours I have researched OGS,these largely detail city council members working with local police and county sheriffs to flaunt their power, and skirt the law as they target and harass individuals, some of whom are are, or clearly become distressed, and all of whom are flumoxed when they realize the extent of the extreme corruption-and-that there simply is no way to fight back in legitimate and legal ways due to the prohibitive cost, and blocked access to legitimate channels of complaint, combined with BSA and Fusion Centers being used as middle-man intercessors in EVERY CASE of OGS.
Because remember: one of the main threats that online gang stalkers make to their victims is that they will force them to go broke fighting back. And, failing that, they will force targets to become institutionalized, incarcerated, or to kill themselves. They repeat this in most blogs.
Case after case reveals that community standards are a main issue, but also, that the federally regulated internet, the well documented police harassment and hacking, and the use of Fusion Centers, and local police and fire department situation rooms makes these cases a federal issue, beyond mere community standards.
So,get out the ROGS BINGO card, and note that even garden variety police and local government corruption is bizarre, but also, that law abiding people BECOME bizarre when faced with due process violating, bank draining battles foist upon them by corrupt cops and sheriffs.
Here is a case from Iowa, where one woman was targeted with absurd tactics and institutional abuses ranging from frivolous lawsuits leveled at her, and non~existent city ordinances, hidden paperwork, and threats of all kinds- including tixic levels of lawn chemicals- as cops and their relatives,and a police chief named Brent Shipman, are working the system, red lined some real estate.
Then, notice the links to Florida, for extra ROGS bingo chips, and that these same racketeers work in Minnesota as well, and pop up in many blogs online.
YOU can search the names yourself that pop up in that area: Kannady, Shipmann,Rudd,Milner Swanson~and many more named in blog after blog about OGS in that one area of the mudwest alone.
This one case herein documents absurdities of all kinds~but also, that these local real estate mobsters likely poisoned a woman with lawn chemicals.
Hard link to…..the case of an upholsterer, encountering state and local level corruption, aka organized gang stalking, and actual poison, as she contemplates usung a BB gun to respond to well armed institutional bullies with badges in….
Poisoned By My Neighbor From HELL
……we see a scumbag named Mark Conlee, and an incestuous web of local to state level bad actors who should be investigated:
If this is not true I would be afraid of defamation charges being brought against me, naw that isn’t going to happen. Lets just ignore this crazy person.

My witnesses are dying, my hope is fading, my destiny is being made for me. I have no control of how this story ends. I do know that it will be ending soon.
Sheriff Weber recently told me there has been an investigation into my allegations since April. The only thing that I am aware of that has happened is the city clerk still participating the conspiracy to cover up the evidence of the City officials implicating themselves by taking down the City’s webpage that had the min of the meeting since 2005.
This situation is not difficult to understand.
Mark Conlee, brother of a Lee County Detective purchased the legally non conforming property from Mayor Dinwiddie. He began redeveloping the property by tearing down the existing single car garage, trucking in enough fill dirt to elevate the property in some areas 10′ high that before, he constructed a nonconforming 2 story oversized garage. He altered the roof surface from standard procedure by turning it so it diverted storm water runoff directly onto my property, he changed the grade of the fill dirt so all storm water ran onto my property.

FBI as political police, DVIC dollars, and the ever morphing definition of terrorism.

The  ROGS  blog  is  calling  for  Congress to  officially  change  the  name  of  the  Federal  Bureau of  Investigation  to  something  more  appropriate: Americas  Political  Police and  Domestic  Dog, Pony  and  Clown  Show.
I  know that the acronym APPDDPCS might  seem  a bit  cumbersome  at  first  glance,  but, like  the  17 years of  the  War  On Terror where  very  few  actual  terrorists  were  caught, and none of  whom  fit the definitions of actual terrorists that was outlined at the height of the WOT hysteria by the government here in this US Department of State description of WMDs, and crazed jihadis.
So,  because 911 was really  this  same political policing  entity throwing  shit  into  a  huge makework fan,  and  then chasing  its  own  leads,  in the  ever changing,  ever morphing  definition  of  terror and  terrorism*, the  absurdity  of a  total  surveillance  state  and  its  premiere political  faction monitoring body should have  an  equally  absurd  name- APPDDPCS- you  will get  used  to it.
And,  how  absurd and  bizarre is  this terrorist manufacturing agency today?
The  FBI  is  now  hand  in  hand  with  the DVIC, and  the  DHS/DHHS, and there  pals in South Africa and Tel Aviv, monitoring  pure  speech (which most  rational  people note,  contains context,  humor, double  entendre, and more) and  now,  custody  disputes  and  child  support hearings! Ah, humorless lesbians-and the terror manufacturers that love them!
Please refer to the ROGS thesis that asks this important question here.
Or here: (hard link because today, the ROGS blog has a bad case of FVEY monitoring and Jscript jiggles)
This is ADLification and its cohort White slavery cash cow and the bolshevik DVIC in action, and get out the ROGS BINGO card in these cases, especially when pure speech is involved, and these alphabet agencies target individuals like professor Pino with electronic harrassment like warrantless wiretaps on his phones, computers, and Facebook, or electronic implants on his laptop.
GO GET  EM  GIRLS! J.Edgar  Hoover would  be  proud (and probably very jealous), the  way  you  fat cunts  wear those heels! Lookin good girls-never mind the butch haircuts and that Quantico drawl! The good ladies at the APPDDPCS are on the case of the Fox That Ate the Henhouse!
Kent State professor Julio Pino investigated for allegedly lewd comments smeared with claims of ISIS ties, and using bad words that indict the APPDDPCS and its cozy relationship with the ADL and similar sectarian, racist groups.
From Fox News:
KENT-Federal charges have been filed against a Kent State University professor, who has been under investigation as a supporter of ISIS.
Julio Pino, 57, an Associated Professor of History at Kent State University, became the focus of an FBI investigation in January 2016.
Federal authorities questioned any association he might have with the Islamic State and whether he used his position on campus to influence students to become sympathetic with the terrorist organization.
The U-S Attorney’s Office in Cleveland confirms that Pino was charged for making a false statement to the FBI.
Related Story
Kent State professor investigated for ISIS ties accused of making lewd comments
The charge was announced by U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman and FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen D. Anthony.
According to the criminal information filed in U.S. District Court in Cleveland, between May 2015 and January 2016, Pino posted numerous images and made statements on social media with a friend in St. Louis regarding a child custody issue….
….follow the link-connect the dots to the DVIC and flying pigs in high heels, crapping from mid air upon the poor, the marginalized, and the disenfranchised!
In the  1940-50s, there were  literary  and  artistic movements  called  surrealism,  and the  theater  of the absurd,  and  so  on, and  all  of  them  centered around  bizarre  cultural  and  societal  practices.
So,  when we hear the  words bizarre,  surreal,  absurd,  and  especially  “Kafkaesque” these  also  describe  organized  gang  stalking, and .how agents in the alphabet agencies are allowed to harass, monitor, stalj, defame, frame, and even murder people in America today.
Because thats  how  bizarre  it  is that  the  APPDDPCS is  now  monitoring  simple  custody  hearings in  the  neocon  asshole of  the  universe,  Ohio,  and  then, linking people to ISIS
But that  IS what  the  FBI  is  doing, as  they  and  their  enablers in  high  heels monitor people  for  decades.
Flying pigs in  garters and  heels crapping on free speech, association, privacy rights and more, targeting writers, speakers, and professors~its really  not  so  bizarre when  you  compare  it  to  the  case  above.
Or, when you notice that ISIS is itself an Israeli Mossad-western IC creation, according to long term critic and former Mossad chief Ephraim ha Levy

Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, targeted individuals, New Yarwk Times, sonic weapons, electronic harrassment, gang stalking

Well, i looks like Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, and her toilet slave David V. James thesis about targeted individuals of organized gang stalking has taken a kick to the cunt.
Cuz electronic sound  weapons, most  likely used by  faction plagued western  intelligence  agencies targeted  American diplomats in China.
You  might  recall  that  Gang stalking and Dr. Lorraine Sheridan and David V. James meet Elizabeth Dietrich at the discrediting narrative in action: mass shooters in the summer of ’16.Sheridan  and James interviewed “the  internet,” without speaking to  a  real  person  in person, and  came to the conclusion  that people  targeted  with sectarian,  political harrassment, police  brutality, and  any of  many  electronic tools  and  toys that  our  surveillance  state uses to cyber  stalk all  of  us in our  fully  wiretapped  nations are  delusional.
And,  the  New  York  Times  ran  a  story  straight  out  of the  CIA guerilla propaganda  manual  in  2016, discrediting  targeted  individuals  of  organized  gang  stalking.
The  New York  Times said  that  people  who  complain about  OGS, and  electronic weapons are  all crazy.
And now, look!
The  CIA  has  ackniwledged  that  it is  likely  electronic sound  weapons  were  used on US Foreign Service diplomats-AGAIN! This is  the  third  time  since  Obama  keft  office that  the  US government  has  itself  implicated  directed  energy weapons used  against  our own  diplomats.
But dont blame the Chinese-they are the least likely to deploy such devices, and in fact, we see that these incidents all occurred under the Obama/Hillary Clinton regime, and private contractors, Israelis, and other bad actors have been using these weapons across the globe.
And,  also under  Obama,  complaints  of OGS  spiked  drastically,  starting  in  the  exact vyear  he  was  elected. Any  researcher  of  OGS  can verify  my claim: gang  stalking  Google searches spiked in  2008, and steadily increased, including spikes  during  election  cycles, and also,  spikes  as agencies  like  the  DHS  and  the FBI  pushed policy, like first  amendment  speech  wars (such  ) gun  control, or  other  attacks  on due  pricess,  and  civil  liberty.
Sure…..targeted individuals and sound weapons….I am probably imagining that the New Yarwk Times even reported on it too….
Lookie here, from  the  same  NYT  that  smeared  targeted  individuals  who  complain of  sound  weapons~a  story  ABOUT SOUND  WEAPONS:
More Americans Evacuated From China Over Mysterious Ailments
Americans employed at the United States Consulate in Guangzhou, China, have reported mysterious symptoms similar to those experienced by diplomats in Cuba.CreditLam Yik Fei for The New York Times
By Steven Lee Myers
June 30, 2018
BEIJING — The State Department has evacuated at least 11 Americans from China after abnormal sounds or sensations were reported by government employees at the United States Consulate in the southern city of Guangzhou, officials said, deepening a mystery that has so far confounded investigators.
At least eight Americans associated with the consulate in Guangzhou have now been evacuated, according to one official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.
In addition, one employee from the consulate in Shanghai and two from the embassy in Beijing were sent to the United States for further medical tests after undergoing examinations that the department encouraged when the first report of illnesses in Guangzhou surfaced in April, the official said.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo raised the issue with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, in a telephone call that otherwise focused on the diplomacy surrounding North Korea’s nuclear program, according to a statement released Friday morning in Beijing.
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