Matt Riehl, narrative control, police accountability, and the whisper campaign: what is organized gang stalking?

So, to the journalists peeking in here, take note that the CEO of a western states oil company followed my blog today. My new “follower”is ostensibly BrXd EyreX, of LonetreeX PeXtroleum, which may or may not be the actual follower, due to how America-and the DHS-carefully parallel constructs reality and due process via criminalty from WITHIN the alphabet agencies, as demonstrated by the DHS cyberstalking manual here.
The reader will note I have taken careful measures to protect my new followers identity.

Matt Riehl wrote. I’m smarter than you. I’m better qualified. I have combat proven medical training and I’ve practiced in Federal court. You are a fumbling lying perjuring buffoon. I want your stripes and your pension. I want your house. But you can keep your wife and the dog if you have one.”

And normally, this sort of thing would not be worth mentioning, except that this particular “follower” hails from Lone Tree, CO, which is where AsianAmerican Mathew Riehl lived, and because I have received veiled threats from various good ol boys and girls in that area before, I ke note of this follower as an oddly timed follow (also just after minimalist girl joined this blog as well; and not too long after my electronic device rooted itself and ran odd, root-altering privileged software before crashing, and rebooting AGAIN).
But Riehl, you might recall, was the man who was gang stalked by multiple institutions, and multiple police departments,in multiple cities and states, who, in the final days of his gang stalking by police that ended with him locked in his bedroom, demanding a warrant, and after none was produced, and after police breached his theoretically 4th Amendment protected space in a hostile manner, he began firing a legally purchased weapon, demanding that those who breached his peace identify themselves, which they did not. This is how police states change the goal posts from a constitutional democracy to a Praetorian Stasi-state devoid of due process.

Related Story: the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals calls organized gang stalking “parallel colluding investigations,” and many mass shooters in America, and many “incel movement,” or “massage-anist” car crashers, alleged ass -grabbers, online shit-talkers, and butter-knifers who tried to report the many odd happenings in their lives which preceded the ballistics /butter knife sharpenings of the events that made them infamous were labeled “delusional ” by police who participate in high-heels policing. Matt Riehl, Cosmo Setepenra, Scott Beierle, Myron May,and many others tried to report being stalked by women, or un -known gangs of harrassers, sometimes for years before they took adverse action, and blasted the yoga pants off of a few of their possible gang stalkers.

Because, this whispering, and stalking is what the DVIC does, replacing due process and fair trials with contrived-and sardonically gendered “exigent circumstances,” whispers about mental health, and frequently AFTER extensive organized stalking by institutional elements ranging from Fusion Centers and BOLOs,to crybullies and cyberstalkers, to police and any of many so-called tactical units, behavioral analysts, and strike forces that permeate the pre-ballistics in these events. Its simply amazing how young males can be so easily manipulated by those who “own the sex supply. ”
You might also recall that Riehls organized stalking started as a whisper campaign at the University of Wyoming law school, where school administrators covertly waged a slander campaign against him in emails that included photosof him, and where they monitored his Facebook posts for bad words like “fucking Nazis,” or #fakerape, and #Rapecult.
Rapecults, one might recall, are where the multi kultists and assorted NGO financed college groups wage #fakerape scandals from the deep cover of safespaces and trance formations of all kinds, most notoriously Sabrina Rubin Erdeleys UVA fakerape scandal published-and then retracted by Rolling Stone magazine.
Riehl also critized the cozy relationship between crisis PR and its beneficiaries in the DVIC (universities grants frequently derive from many DVIC sources, and especially, these binstitutions derive ridiculous amounts of money staging threat scenarios-I have seen it with my own three eyes.)
But here is his real crime, according to University of Wyomings Chad Baldwin, one of the many whisperers that were safely extracted from the safespace created there after a SWAT team (which probably had 13 Sanctified Sons of the Pharisees in it) bubbled themselves after the shooting:
He used words, according to Baldwin,and that the bad words
“contained no “overt threat,” he said, but they were “extremely vulgar, outrageous, just almost nonsensical.””
Got that?
Talking shit, or doing online performance art while under the pressures of organized gang stalking by police and institutions is now an indicator that someone needs the help of MORE organized academic and police gang stalking, which is what Riehl got.
In fact, he got YEARS of it, because after the whisper campaign behind his back at the U of WY? The school security, and the local police started to follow him around, for YEARS and BOLO alerts were issued saying that his words were scary.
No actual proof of what he said exists though, except in my post here though, because just after he was killed, his web presence was deleted, and all that was left were a bunch of he said-she/they saids about what he was alleged to have said.
Got that?
So, if it sounds like total bullshit straight out of the DVIC High Heeled policing playbook, thats because it IS total bullshit straight out of the gray area High policing script.
Well, unlike Matt Riehl, as you can see, this work of online non-violent resistance to speech policing via performance art called ROGS is making ripples. I, sitting several thousands of miles away from “America, Land of the Free,” and in an amazingly safe, developing nation far far away from the risk of being murdered BY gang stalkers, has caused a ripple effect, from my sweet butterfly breath, whispered across time and space like that one time I was targeted with an actual sound cannon, but me, within the law.
And, one of those ripples turned up a fish from Lonetree Petroleum, or, one of many agents of speech policing/thought monitoring that frequently use other peoples names when cyberstalking bloggers.
Here before I name the name, and before I DOX this name/nym, email, I would like my new follower to respond to THIS QUESTION:
Because as we see in case after case of high heeled policing, guys like me get stalked, framed, hacked, and harassed, AGAIN, and maybe even murdered, like Matt Riehl, whose gang stalking started with speech policing, and criticizing Nazi-like cops in all-white states and colleges filled to the brim with zionist and dominionists who routinely abuse crybullying to gain political advantages; not least of which is abusing police to stalk, and eventually murder dissenters.
Like Matt Riehls final words, as gang stalking cops involved in a several years ling stalking of a speaker kucked down his door, I now ask of you: IDENTIFY YOURSELF, or I will forward what I know about you to many journalists, and possibly, a foreign government.
in the meantime, here is what bhappened to Riehl AFTER he was gang stalked in a college:
1-pulled over and harassed by cops
2-stalked and framed
3-he became poluticized-NOT radicaluzed, and threatened that he would run for sheriff (seeing patterns yet in organized gang stalking?)
But lets have the main stream media tell it better (….) than ROGS here, and please-I invite you to have a look at the ROGS BINGO card in these cases.
Matt Riehl, and political policing on steroids, from Fox news (get out the ROGS Bingo card at the top of this page):

District attorney explains why shooter wasn’t charged during investigation

Posted 10:00 pm, January 8, 2018, by Ashley Michels
In November, Riehl was pulled over in a seemingly routine traffic stop for speeding by a Lone Tree police officer.
After the traffic stop, Riehl began posting videos on YouTube claiming the stop was illegal.
The videos are full of vulgar language questioning the integrity of the office, claiming the officer is a “Nazi” and calling for his firing.
According to reports, Riehl also emailed the city of Lone Tree 15 times with similar remarks and directed three emails to the officer.
“Van Den Berg of @cityoflonetree signs his 0416 with a ‘DSS’ that look eerily similar to a swastika in the middle. An old SS tropper’s trick. Fire him now and throw out his illegal bonds now,” one email said, in part.
He also wrote directly to the officer.
“I should have your job,” Riehl wrote. I’m smarter than you. I’m better qualified. I have combat proven medical training and I’ve practiced in Federal court. You are a fumbling lying perjuring buffoon. I want your stripes and your pension. I want your house. But you can keep your wife and the dog if you have one.”
On Dec. 5, an investigator from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office submitted two reports of the interactions to the senior deputy district attorney for the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.
Over the course of the reports, investigators suggest Riehl be charged with harassment, intimidating a witness or publishing law enforcement personal information on the internet.
The next week the investigator sent an email to the DA’s office asking for an update.
“I’m needing that documentation of your assessment of the Matthew Riehl situation,” according to the email. “Some of the bosses both here and at Lone Tree are anxious to get that report.”
On Dec. 14, the DA’s office responded saying, in part, “Given our review of the reports, we do not believe that charges are appropriate at this time.”
“In that information that we have, there just isn’t a crime that we can prosecute,” Brauchler said. “What those [emails] looked like to me was a disgruntled citizen. They were critical. They may have even been borderline offensive in some of their criticism but that’s what public officials get.”
According to Brauchler, none of Riehl’s rhetoric even skirted the line of harassment.
“I have a folder in my office of people who send hate mail. Some repeatedly,” he said. “And we rarely, I can’t think of a time that we have ever moved forward with a prosecution simply because under the First Amendment you get to have those kind of hard conversations with people.”

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