Virginia Tech, gang stalking, academic stalking, and mass shootings: Nikki Giovanni is a scummy old cunt.

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One of the most under-reported features of gang stalking is that many, if not all severe cases are actually feminist bullying that starts in academia, or other DVIC industries, such as the pseudo-constitutional gray area kangaroo family courts, or college #fakerape and domestic violence tribunals where men are presumed guilty without trials; and never given a chance to rebut accusations.
And, while many in the gang stalking denialist camp frequently attempt to discredit the idea that Freemasons are involved,we see repeatedly that, in fact, they are, as I demonstrate below.
And, unsurprisingly, many targets of OGS are involved in alternative media, Youtube video production, Facebook,or are writers-or, in many cases that they encountered others in the propaganda stream who targeted them in one way or another(see here, and here, and here to understand the links between OGS and crisis PR agents and agencies).
Such was the case of Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech mass shooter who was slandered, bullied, and harrassed by none other than award winning Professor Nikki Giovanni, a far left~cum~neoright member of the Order of the Eastern Star, which is documented in Wikipedia.
It is the same Masonic cult that is behind many, if not all of todays manufactured terrorism where DVIC armchair quarterbacks write the press releases, and one after another DVIC affilliate runs narrative, and this, after female gang stalkers who work in any of the many Save-the-Women-and-Other-Whales NGOs.
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While womens violence is under studied, and studies of womens violence under-funded at the federal and academic grant level, the VA tech shootings reveal the reason why:police are in on it at every level, as high heels policing takes huge bites out of the DVIC trough every year.
Any researcher of organized gang stalking will certainly correlate feminist bullying with mass shooters, because the cowards behind it both wear high heels when the money pot is flush.
Perhaps the best account of that feminist bullying event comes from sociologist Professor Kenneth Westhues, of Waterloo University in Canada, whose analysis of that shooting is one of the most insightful and spot-on descriptions of the OGSmechanism that works behind the scenes in these cases that you will ever read .
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