Google statistics are forever: click this link! And then, revisit the VA Tech shooting of 2007

can you help poor old ROGS today?
click this link below!
I promise, it is a Google search that came to my blog today, based in this post here, and this one.
Then, comb through my blog for posts about sociopaths online, or the exact phrase in that search language: “even the gang stalkers.”
Then, Google Deanne Zakaos Ewing, Romania, Deb Matheny, and positivagirl, and extra points for noticing the links between these states :WA,MN,TX,NV,OR.
Let me know what you come up with.
But I got a bunch of people who obsess over sociopaths, lots of recovery and DVIC affiliated blogs, a few internet profilers, links to actual Islamic terrorist type websites, and those, curiously linked to positivagirl, and her/their links to comments on AdultFriendFinder, the porn website that leaves a notoriously invasive and persistent cookie in your browser.
Then, I ask you to Google Kenneth Westhues and the Virginia Tech shooting.
Because without a single doubt, most mass shooters, or rage and civil rights shooters like Mathew Reihl who was gang stalked at the University of Wyoming, and then gang stalked by named police officers after he threatened to run for sheriff, are connected to lesbian and gender feminist gang stalkers, who hide their violence, ironically, behind gender, and crying wolf to all too willing police whose nutsacks are all to shrunken from steroids use to effectively protect basic due process rights.
And then, a note from Dr. Westhues:
Rog S., Dear Friend,
In requesting permission before reposting material from my website, you are more of a gentleman than lots of bloggers. Compliments! So long as you accurately reproduce, cite and credit the material, I’ve no objections. Best wishes,
Ken Westhues
The Virginia Tech Massacre, and police complicity in academic gang stalking, aka mobbing, aka workplace bullying, courtesy of Dr. Westhues

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