What is web washing and web scrubbing in the gang stalking online dialectic?

All over this blog you will see military contractors, DHS/FBI/CIA actions that form a narrative of occulted presence in domestic politics and other affairs ranging from extraordinary events, like Edward Snowdens exile, to the Wikileaks vault 7 release; to the banal and petty use by local law enforcement and community policing targeting homeowners, dissidents, activists,and occasionally actual petty criminals with disruptive, and illegal surveillance and harassment.
In my case, going back to 2003-4, when I wrote stories in the largest college monthly news paper that existed in the USA at the time.
I wrote stories and drove content critical of the Clintn COPS and community spying program,and critical of the lop-sided narrative of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex, and also, critical of how the college President utilized a good old boys and girls network to perform shoddy contracting on campus, while milking both state coffers, and federal funds.
And the college president routinely sent informants, slanderers,thieves,and others into the news room to attempt to frame me, harass me, or otherwise malign my work-he especially hated my work in regards to the 10 x10 square foot “free speech zone”that he setup to quash dissent.
In fact, the newsroom was raided multiple times as peoplelike he experimented with moving the goalposts in historic cases like Near v Minnesota under the Counter-terrorism rubrik.
His name is Phil Davis, a petty little NGO/AIPAC/ADL/Bnai Brith weasel who heads up all the colleges in that state now,partially for having sabotaged effor of myself and others, and I cannot understate that he is just one of thousands of these types who work in occluded capacity to destroy the Constitutional guarantees of due process, and all that comes from it afterwards, in these settings all across America.
These are the criminals who work behind the scenes to control narrative, and also, frame suspects in the literal sense, as we see with so many of these gangstalkings that BEGIN in academia.

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I now offer a $1000 reward for anyone who has his dossiere, and information about his personal lfe, family, habits, associations,and anything else that helps make thecase I am making herin.
But my personal gang stalking went into high gear after I wrote about the first so-called Somali terrorist arrested in the US at the time, and invoked images of neo-McCarthyism, targeting individuals in bizzare and highly personalized gang stalking.
My life then became a freeway of sooper seekrit agents “coincidentally” popping up everywhere, and anywhere at all, but especially, on my internet.
There was the fat blonde in 2004 who worked in the DHS, and who showed up in my classroom about teaching methodology, that I documented here, and so many other unwanted, unasked for encounters with occulted agency morons that would take a seperate blog to document it.
And,all of this is documented elsewhere, and even Bloomberg news has now covered OGS, as of yesterday.
So, targeting of individuals by military grade psychological,physical,internet and offline operations is indeed a very real practice,that claims lives and livelihoods, right here in the USA.
So, I write ROGS here as a public service, in the interests of public safety, because law enforcement has failed completely in the USA to protect citizens fromthis hidden military targeting, and in fact, law enforcement is complicit in nearly every public safety threatening IGS incident, where we seethat the outliers become mass shooters.
And, closely following these mass shootings,mass stabbings,or other public safety threatening events, webscrubbing, aka webwashing occurs, and governmental institutions ranging from the USAF,to the Pentagon,to Israeli squad 3200 delete their Facebook and Twitter presence that targeted.individuals like William Atchisso, Omar Mateen,and many other so-called mass shooters.
So, in order to demonstrate how this works in action, here is a hardlink to a story where I wrote about being gang stalkedin Chicago in 2013-4, and named an actual military contractor who worked from Texas,and used Ohio cellphone as he stalked me.
The regular reader will note that in my case, I have had both right wing and left wing stalkers, becauseI stand for the rights of due process outlined in the Bill of Rights,and also believe in the US Constitution, which these others do not.
So, here is the now broken link to one piece of my evidence: a link to a military trade show where a specific stalker with sloppy OpSec named himself.
The link is now broken, and returns a 403 page error, but I saved a copy elsewhere, and that information is also at several law offices as well.
To the journalists peeking in, webscrubbing is military grade black operations, and it is very common in the OGS dialectic.
It is, in fact and practice, pre-emptive evidence tampering, and it takes.place ling before any trial, or any civil lawsuit.
Here is the Wayback Machine,aka the Internet Archives information about this link:

Wayback Machine doesn’t have that page archived.
Want to search for all archived pages under http://pentagon.ncms.org/wp-content/files/Quarterly_Reports/CTMA-DASW01-98-2-0002/2012/1Q 2012/06 Showcase and Symposium/FINAL 2012 FRC-SW Showcase and Symposium Attendee Listing.pdf?

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