When women are the pimps: corporate prostitution,gang stalking, and the journalistic glass ceiling

someone wrote to me last year describing how women in poisitions of power in corporations are frequently little more than pimps,in the literal sense. In fact, that writer described attending job recruitments with female members of the NSA waging a whisper campaign behind his back, impuning his character based on illcitly obtained information.
And I also know this,because some of my personal experience with female pimps and DVIC panderers includes women in high places,like 3M corporation, or universities,and other institutions, and state level organizations- I have seen first hand how women in corporations manipulate people, and literally pimp other women, from bars, and from behind institutional cover as well.
They also do this from positions in Infragard, policing, or cloaked in NGOs, they literally pimp other women for cash,bonuses, state incentives, and more.
I correspnded with that writer over a period of months, until he started writing about Jezebel, and the Jezebel spirit and so on, until I got the feeling he was a Mormon, and you can search through ROGS here to see what that indicates.
then, that writer, who is in Tennessee,brought my attention to the odd story of Terry Tersak, who challenged the DVIC and its narrative framing, and then, she disappeared.
I traced that story a bit,where it intersected with WendyMcElroy,a noted feminist,and then, received extreme and threatening hate mail from someone claiming to be a member of Tersaks family, and that vile person, threatening to sic the state/local police on me, and evenprojecting that I amTersaks ex-husband, which I am not.
Needless to say, researching organized gang stalking inevitably goes in that direction- the DVIC will do anything to stay Dworkin fat, and McKinnon bitter.
so, here below from the Huffington Post is a story about one such case, where a high powered female executive at HSBC bullies, frames, harasses, and isolates a female victim of female perpetrated sexual abuse in the corproate space, aka a workplace mobbing where a female executive isolates a sex trafficked co-worker and subordinate, and then, sexually harrassesvand victimizes a male colleague.
If you take anything away from this piece,note that womens rape of.other women is occulted,and frequently from positions of power, manipulating men.
Extra points if you notice that these women belong to sororal organizations, exclusive clubs, and frequently participate in corporate initiativesthat “empower women” by pimping them.
Inhuman Resources, from HuffPost
In court documents, both Mike and Jill testified that they believed Eileen derived power from demeaning Jill. Setting up a night out with a pretty young woman helped her build gratitude among clients and executives. It also gave Eileen ammunition if someone crossed her. According to Mike, Eileen repeatedly said that if she got fired, she would dish on everyone in the office: all the affairs, all the lies. He added that she bragged about keeping a running tally of who was having sex with whom.
These threats reflected Eileen’s insecurities within HSBC, where she saw herself as the victim of a sexist double standard. She would occasionally express concern that her partying put a cap on her career prospects.
Related Stories: Use ROGS search feature to find how powerful women use Infragard access, and other connections to wagepolitical blackmail campaigns. Search “women in secret societies”, or fakerape,or Buck Toothed Amy- or Gavin de Becker,DHS contractor.

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