Mike McPhate, compromised journalists,New York Times, gang stalking, and the number 13

Many talk of partisan journalism, or the liberal media,or the corporate collusion between government, private agendas, and business to control narrative, but the real issue is compromised journalists.
Mike McPhate, the Canadian journalist who wrote the famous NYT piece lauding the racism and targeting of the homeless,the poor,and the outsider, and other abuses of community policing and due process raping CVE program titled “United States of Paranoia,They See Gangs of Stalkers,” is one of those, as is this other freelance writer Laura Yan, and sadly,Marcy Wheeler, of emptywheel.net, who fled to the open arms of the FBI when things got too “journalistic,”and gooey, and sticky, like a yeast infection from schmoozing with sources.
Its almost like journalists themselves are so terrified of actually reporting facts or investigating rampant police corruption that they side with these agencies and mindlessly follow every narrative pre-emptively, leaving suspended belief reserved for partisan journalistic diatribes devoid of any semblance ofthe publics actual interests, in an act police state and official narrative induced mass media Stockholm Syndrome.
Yes, Marcy Wheeler, I am talking to you, specifically.
So,I remember when I was in journalism school how noted professors-many quite famous and quite solid women themselves, like Professor Jane Kirtley and others,discussed the very un-American nature of “embedded journalists” during the Abu Ghraib War.

Related Story: Iraq war whistle blower and scapegoat Walter Laak was convicted of shooting at his pastor, a likely FBI informant, after a decade of being gang stalked after he was court martialled and drummed out of the Marines for torturing Iraqi captives, while the war criminals who authorized the war, lied us into the war, and profitted from it walk free; and as these compromised journalists like partisan-occulted Mcphate plot their next partisan piece.
So, when ROGS notes that the issue of gang stalking makes odd bed fellows, keep in mind that I personally wrote about the potential for this in 2003, and was stalked in exactly the manner described herein, and watched a good friend work with the FBI as an informant, as stiff shouldered women with Quantico drawls, bad shoes, and butch haircuts followed me around, with cameras- and that is part of Americas historical record now, with paper trails and witnesses in the agencies own files.
So, OGS is itself called no-touch torture, and,agencies like the FBI and the mukti-alphabet agencies use these wittingly, and disseminate targeti.g across agencies, as we see here, as ATAP advises law enforcement to look the other way during what they call the “colliding parallel investigation.”
Well, Laaks case is one where gang stalking was an actual legal issue, mentioned in news articles and court documents, and where psychologists take a hands off stance as CVE programs of various kinds allow for due process violations by agents and agencies that span DECADES, enabled by the NSA-leaked-into-local, via Fusion Centers. Walter Laak is ALSO without question, a case where slander followed him before his event, eroding his life and opportunities, as he was one of many fall guys and scapegoats from the USIraq torture scandals too.

Others discussed how some in journalistic circles wanted to force definitions, labels, and licenses on journalists too. You can imagine who “those people”are for yourself.(Hint: they are the same corrosive representatives of the tribal-religious-sectarian ONE PERCENT who gave us the identity politics that have all but killed the Democratic party).
Well, anyways, MIKE MCPHATE, wrote this famously discredited piece here, and now, covers how hidden, secret gangs of Los Angeles County deputies stalk, and target people, sometimes killing them.
I wonder how many others have been murdered or harassed to suicide in the due process free DVIC safespace, since McPhate wrote that OGS hit piece that ran around the world a thousand times before I began to write ROGS here? The regular reader will recall that this was the reason I wrote ROGS in the first place, as California cops tried to run me off the roads, and the Mormon mafia and their associated political and speech police rifled through my vehicles.

But, yeah McPhate- cops are really in gangs, and they really do kill people-and,stalk them too.
Probably-and provably a lot, when we count the mass shooters victims that have died since McPhate wrote that piece of garbage. And, irrefutably, ROGS has predicted key elements mass shootings using ROGS predictive analyses.
And, compromised journalists, crisis PR pundits, and intelligence agency compromised assets in journalism really do use the number 13 to signal to each other online. Use mysearch feature and look for posts with the number 13 in them. But especially, search for how it appears in many pre-ROGS era news stories about mass shootings (try not to let the coincidental placement drive you crazy).
Look: McPhate puts his posting about “secret society” members who work in the LAPD at number 13 on his list of must read articles.
Here is his pull quote, and here is the LA Times article:

“Renegade cliques erode public confidence as well as internal morale, and they will not be tolerated.” Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell launched an investigation into secret deputy cliques within the department that brand themselves with matching tattoos.
Gee, ROGS wonders: I hope I dont get killed for writing what I write here for free, and uncompromised….
And here is from the LA Times piece- and notethat another claim that targeted individuals make has been validated-that, in the words of the LA Times, theLAPD has lingbeen plagued with “secret societies.”
Someone please call Dr. Mike Wood, who writes www.conspiracytheorypsychology.com and let him know that organized gang stalking is anything but a conspiracy “theory-“and that secret societies in policing are far more real, and take many more lives, than an Airloom gang on steroids.
From LA Times:
L.A. County sheriff announces inquiry into secret societies of deputies and their matching tattoos
By Maya Lau
Jul 26, 2018 | 8:55 PM
L.A. County sheriff announces inquiry into secret societies of deputies and their matching tattoos
L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Samuel Aldama admitted in a lawsuit that he has a tattoo on his calf associated with the Compton station, where he worked. The photo of his tattoo emerged in the lawsuit. Officials have tried to discourage deputy cliques and matching tattoos.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell has launched a comprehensive inquiry into secret deputy cliques and is looking into whether gangs that condone illicit behavior are operating within his ranks, he said Thursday.
McDonnell’s announcement at a meeting of the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission comes two weeks after allegations surfaced that as many as 20 deputies at the Compton Station have matching tattoos featuring a skeleton holding a rifle.
A Compton deputy recently admitted under oath that he was inked with the skull logo in June 2016, about two months before he was involved in a fatal shooting, The Times reported.
Watchdogs said the revelations were alarming given the department’s long history of secret societies that promoted excessive force and enforced a code of silence
And, an extra bonus for noting the search language that directed to this blog today:

targeted individuals framing to cause mass hysteria

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