The lay persons opinion:gang stalking self defense

Disclaimer: this blog you are readingisliterally under attack asIwrite it,by American FusionCenters, the NSA,andhidden, cowardlyprogramsofword policing.
As such, sometimes the words are garbeled, mi-spelled, orotherwise redirected, andso, spellingerrots are the norm, not the exception,when theUSA and theFVEYS arrangement usesspeech stifling controls. Please pardon theseerrors, ank know that editingin these times of Fabianisttime theft requires patience, and understanding, of exactly how subverted the internet is.
(Theseparagraphs above are exactly how Ityped them, as the internet worked itsmagic onmykeyboard. Missing spaces, etc, are a direct result of havingunknown software, and internet subverters manipulating content as it hits my keypad.)
Related:Whatisanordinary persons self defense, and/or courtroom testimonial evidence against gang stalkers? Itis calledthe Laypersons Opinion.
most gang stalkers are connected in some way, and that connection can be deciphered in simple ways so that targets of OGS can file lawsuits, and clog the courts with lawsuits.
but it is very important that those who file suits individually get good evidence,like the kind that Gavin Seim got, beforehe wasforced to fleetoMexico,where he reports that heisfree from OGS, or of the type that one Youtube poster who goes
by the name of Nappy Head Roots has reported,as heis endlessly stalkedby community policing cowards, because. he is black, and homeless (apparently, he lives inhis van, where communitypolucing cowards, workung withlical police, who draw upon Fusion Center monitoring,always seemo t “find” him).
Here, have a look at a “justa nigger,” getting gang stalked by Jews, whitefolk, andotherothers who otherhim, courtesy of”community policing,”and hiddenoperators trackinghim, courtesy of targeted indivual Nappy Head Roots, andDan Shays(this latter character will be revealed later).
Your just a nigger….
Notethat the writing above is whatROGS writing looks like afyer many WordPress freezes,,and Jscriptjuggling occurs, with Fusion Centers, the NSA, andothercowardlycrap placed between me, the writer, and you, the reader. I have not edited this post, because the raw form istelling indeed.

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