Proof of gang stalking: the black bag job, aka sneak and steal, aka warrantless breakins and fraud on the courts

Chapter“Black Bag Job,” wherein a gang stalking scumbag, Stonie Carlson, FBI agent, explains the”black bag job”in a fraud upon the federal court, aka “an affidavit of information” he filed to fraudulently obtain a warrant, in a case so riddled with lies, and outright criminal conduct, that the judge tossed out an entire case.
Oh, yeah: and a sheriffs Task Farce , and some “white knightery”was also heavily involved too.
For those who wonder what is gaslighting in the gang stalking dialectic, or who wonder what is a black bag job, have a look at this case, to understand that due process of law, and civil liberty applies equally to lying scumbags ON BOTH SIDES OF THE LAW, who break in to peoples homes, or otherwise brwak the law.
But lets have the SA in High Heels tell it, because Stonie Carlson said it as good as any criminal out there could, whenhe lied, and lied and lied to a federal jude.
(The extremely paranoid amongst my readers might frequently wonder about typographical errors in my writing, most of which are caused by any of many hacks/redirections/metasploits/offshoring of the ROGS blog, whereas other typos, I leave them for ironies sake.)
sSo: gas lighting breakins, black bag jobs, sneak and peek, aka sneak and steal, explained by one good judge, and one bad FBI agent named Stonie Carlson,who lives in Alameda, California.
The headline:
Judge slams FBI for improper cellphone search, stingray use
And now, for your curiosities  sake,  SA Carlson explains his personal modus operandi, performing the Black Bag Job, but every agent and agency that is involved in these federal task farces may-or may not, have different methods:
sStonie Carlson, FBI blackbag job sneak  and  steal expert:
So the FBI attempted to arrest Artis and found out that he often spent the night at his girlfriend’s apartment on Ellis St. in San Francisco, across the bay from Oakland. But on March 24, 2016, when Carlson and his team turned up at her apartment, something strange happened.
“When we approached Apartment 405, I knocked on the door loudly, as I have hundreds of times,” Carlson wrote in a November 2017 declaration. “When I knocked, the door swung open as if it had not been latched shut in the first place. Never before in my career had this happened, and its occurrence struck me as troubling and concerning, especially in the high-crime area in which the apartment was located. I immediately began to fear for the well-being of anyone who might be inside. I decided to conduct a safety sweep of the apartment.”
Extra points to the ROGS reader whogets out the ROGSBINGO card, and wonders“gee, isthis agent trying to sow discord in the relationship of these two ALLEGED criminals, by mentioning that hehas been at the girlfriends door HUNDREDS of times?”
Yup. OGSreally is THAT weird.
White knights in high heels are truly scum that way. See this case here, for how “gray area policing” related to the DVIC helped creat a mass shooter,who, unlike most, was able to name names, but sadly, resorted to violence after he saw the bigger picture of High Heeled DVIC policing.
Read more here, here, and here from about this case, and how gang stalkers gaslight their victims with black bag jobs.

Baltimore Detective Sean Suitor: another gang stalking death by “suicide.”

I am about to take a sh!t in the face of the Baltimore police commissioner Gary Tuggle (sounds like snuggle, but with tugs) and take a p!ss on the thin blue line like a free-speech green beret, because writing about police gang stalking can get people killed, and worse….:

Related: FBI initially refused to investigate Detective Suitors death by gang stalking, because it would open thePandoras Box of Panopticon-related electronic surveillance data available to any investigator.

Gary-do you mind if I call you Gary?-you are either a mobbed up piece of shit,or, your investigation into the alleged suicide of Detective Sean Suitor is a fraud.
And I am calling on journalists,and personal injury attorneys to investigate the following via FOIAs,and other means, because this is what gang stalking IS,and how it often ENDS:
Baltimore police commissioner Gary Tuggles investigation into the organized gang stalking related death of Sean Suitor is flawed.

Heres why:
The suggested outcome of police and counter-intelligence perpetrated gang stalking is always one of three well known options, and outcomes, stated in thousands of Talkshoe podcasts,Youtube and Vimeo videos, and thousands of blogs online, that of themselves, form a “threat narrative”:
1-the targeted individual will be driven to madness or phony mental health lockups, as we see with NYPD whistle blower Adrian Schoolcraft, and Pennsylvanias Andy Ostrowski, who brought attention to judges, social workers, CPS,and police LITERALLY selling children in a scandal called Kid$ for Ca$h.

2-frame jobs,set-ups, and parallel constructions of cases and alleged crimes or other charges that lead to incarceration is frequently threatened by the hidden gang stalkers online, (as we saw with the targeted incarceration after stalking ofthe man who filmed the Eric Garner homicide)and also by the hidden internet operations of the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations, aka “OSI Informers,”, which is a notorious gang stalking operation, included and validated as an actual government-military-police operation/co-operation in Wikipedia, and online in thousands of online postings, blogs,and other media, and not incoincidentally, the Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI model) provides a technical templatewhereby corrupt institutional actors can utilize Fusion Centers, cell phones,and even police squad car GPS and cell phone towers to triangulate and locate every single bad actor who was at, around, near, or far from Detective Sean Suitor in his final days.
Did you query THOSE databases, Gary?
Did you check Suitors online presence, and offline emails for signs of blackmail, or compromise, in the days, weeks, months before this event?
I mean~some of us got that sort of local pork/DHS/Fusion Center/FBI/NGO/community policing blackmail for DECADES.
It seems that, in Suitors case, gang stalking woul be very easy to prove,now that we know how whistleblowers are monitored.
Because if you did, you would have found the most basic evidence-that Suitors phone was AT ALL TIMES connected to the NSA and the Panopticon.
Here is an example of the multi-layered model from Wikipedia whereby these institutional bad actors-most notoriously the FBIs Cowardly Due Process and Constitution Subverting Infragard, who are the exact politicized, sectarians most cited online as actual organized gang stalkers-redirect/switch/re-route/and spy upon citizens “24/7”
~Mr.Tuggles- did your investigation of Suitors death include data from the 77 Fusion Centers that would have showed you ALL of the devices and web applications connected to Suitors phones?
Or the criss-crossing data points that would show you who was stalking him- I mean-you assholes use cellphone tower dumps all the time to catch all kinds of small fish, and guys with dime bags of weed-so, who was near Suitor in these hours? Who were THEY talking to?
But,Gary, heres a butt-simple version of what Infragard spies, working from Fusion Centers, poluce departments, law offices and and others who abuse our communications do at the local level: they “manage”us in our many electronic“instances,”by“monitoring” of our lives, and incidents, of course.

OSI management,from Wikipedia:

Management functions, i.e. functions that permit to configure, instantiate, monitor, terminate the communications of two or more entities: there is a specific application-layer protocol, common management information protocol (CMIP) and its corresponding service, common management information service (CMIS), they need to interact with every layer in order to deal with their instances.

3- Obviously, suicide is the most frequently suggested outcome f nearly ALL OGS that targets whistle blowers,and others who encounter gang stalking, and obviously, this is Mr. Tuggles official conclusion, despite unprecedented closing down of an entire neighborhood shortly after Suitors death, and unprecedented disinformation campaign run as cover, that ACTUALLY claimed witnesses to a scurrilous suspect that likely NEVER EXISTED and if there was anyone there, they would have been a witness(which is likely why the neighborhood was closed down in the first place.)
So, to the reader, the journalist,the personal injury attorney, and others who are aware of Detective Sean Suitors case, have a look at how incomplete Mr. Tuggles investigation was, in an era where the FBI routinely, and daily flies airplanes above Baltimore, and uses Hyper-spectral, push-broom thermal imaging electronic equiptment that can LITERALLY make a 3D model of you taking a shit in “the privacy of” your house.
Sure~nothing to folks, mive along now.
No electronics or harassment at all, most conspicuously not in Mr. Tuggles “investigation”into the organizedgang stalking of poluce corruption whistle blower Sean Suitors death by curious suicide, one day before he wasto testify about police, racketeering behind the badge.
MooooOOOOooove along now, little sheeple- and dont forget to wear your high heels.
Related Story: Detective Suitors wife rejects the suicide theory.
Like most investigations of police and counter-intelligence gang stalking,all of the new tools and toys that these dirty cops use on citizens to “cut the victims throat with Occams Razors”, can also be used to investigate “strange” police whistle blower “suicides.”
Or, can they?
Is Panopticon just a one way street, littered with those who still recall what a democracy is, and the civilvrights and due process that it stood for, before the NSA-Spying on citizens took hold?
Final Analysis: What is the US Department of Defense Four Layer model?US Department of Defense Four Layer Network model?

Sloppy Cops: Judge slams FBI for improper cellphone search, stingray use "They are not the only instances of sloppy, inappropriate law enforcement work." What is organized gang stalking?

What is “bad faith” and how organized gang stalking is “fraud upon the courts.”
Federal Agent describes how he gang stalks, breaks the laws, shits on due process of law, performs gas lighting black bag jobs, which are known as “gas lighting” in the OGS dialectic.

Stonie Carlson,FBI agent describes how he performs the black bag job:
“When we approached Apartment 405, I knocked on the door loudly, as I have hundreds of times,” Carlson wrote in a November 2017 declaration. “When I knocked, the door swung open as if it had not been latched shut in the first place. Never before in my career had this happened, and its occurrence struck me as troubling and concerning, especially in the high-crime area in which the apartment was located. I immediately began to fear for the well-being of anyone who might be inside. I decided to conduct a safety sweep of the apartment.”

A case from California highlights how a bad actor in the FBI,Stonie Carlson(who lives in Alameda,CA)liesto get warrants, breaks in to peoples houses without leaving a warrant, and much more “criminality.”
Or: what is “gas lighting” as pertains to illegal government breakins, aka black bag jobs?
Lets examine the breadth and scope of how sherrifs departments are willingly corrupted by neverending investigations that use illegal means and unconstitutional methods to get“the bad guys.”()
Corruption in California, or: Caliphonication, and illegal activity by cops who work in federal Task FARCES, from
During a December 2017 hearing, Judge Chhabria also had this incredible exchange with Randall Leonard, an Assistant United States Attorney who argued that because Agent Carlson was part of a sheriff-federal task force, he should be considered a sheriff, with all the rights of a state “peace officer.”
Judge Chhabria didn’t buy it.
THE COURT: Federal law makes him a sheriff under California law?
MR. LEONARD: Well, I mean—
THE COURT: So if federal law said that all French poodles are sheriffs under California law, would that be OK?
MR. LEONARD: Of course not, Your Honor.
THE COURT: There would have to be California law saying, “Yes, we agree that French poodles are sheriffs;” right?
MR. LEONARD: Certainly.
THE COURT: Otherwise French poodles would not be a sheriff under California law, right?
MR. LEONARD: That’s right.

Gang stalking fliers, Texas, police lies and disinformation, fentanyl hoax, the 13s,

There are an incredibly few websites online that maintain a reputable narrative about organized gangstalking.
But: of those few, is an opinion leader that manages to separate the dialectic into its necessary two categories of OGS denialists, and OGS victims, while creating safe space between obvious police and military influence/psychological operations like OSI informers:
So: the two categories of Organized Gang Stalking participants online are
1. gang stalking denialists, disinformation,misinformation, and psycho/sociopathic military and police, and NGO affiliated or crisis PR sponsored bullies, trolls, and hackers/harassers like this case here, or this one, and especially these examples here
2 actual, verifiable cases of organized gangstalking and actual victims who were hacked, stalked, and harrassed by any number of institution level slander campaigns such aswhen the “gay mafia,” and academics gang stalk dissidents, and or even murdered as we saw in the case of Mathew Riehl, an Iraq war veteran,who was framed as being mentally ill, ratherthanbeinga man who stood for Constitutional rights.
In that light, Texas police have inadvertently given actual victims of their illegal “high policing” tactical assault on dueprocess a boost: they appear to have waged an incredibly stupid media hoax, replete with the signs and symbols of Jewish-christian/cult unspecified, as we see again and again and again, these occulted police/intelligence agency and others use that number online to signal to each other.
Related Story: Organized gang stalking denialists, such as Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, and other trans-humanists frequently cite aninymous polls,.or reference statistics that they pull out of their asses, and the number 13 and the arbitrary “ten thousand,”appear frequently in their online work in media. Use ROGS search feature to find dozens of examples, or this one, particularly.
But dont take my word for it- ask FGS, whose blog has gotten some 400000 views since it has been around.
And,whose information and analyses borders on solid AP styled magazine type reporting,according to any and all reputable sources.
In that light, the ROGS blog-this one you are reading-has tossed the salad of journalistic ethics,and deliberately flaunts the rules,because writing live in a mirrored WordPress writing from a live-fire zone.
And so, I lifted this story about Texas police, and gang stalking fliers, and fentanyl hoaxing entirely from FGS, because hesaid it better than I could:
July 6, 2018
The curious case of the Fentanyl flyers
When high-profile organizations and individuals call attention to unethical and illegal activities in the security and intelligence industry, it creates public relations problems for that industry. A good example is the campaign described in the June 13th posting below. Another is the support by professional athletes of the Black Lives Matter movement. Sometimes the damage is countered by apologist politicians and a friendly corporate press. Social media corporations also help by purging messages which are deemed excessively radical.
Some types of unwanted exposure get handled differently, though. Among the simplest and most effective ways to mitigate the damage from revelations, claims, and criticisms about corruption in the surveillance and policing business is to spread disinformation to discredit and marginalize those criticisms and allegations. Especially helpful, from the perspective of a subset of employees in the security industry, are efforts to associate all discussion of “disruption” operations (extreme harassment by public and/or private security goons) with being stupid, paranoid, and dangerous.
In reality, no one who is familiar with the clandestine activities of the security-intelligence business, and who is being honest with you, would deny that some government agents and private security operatives sometimes engage in long-term, undercover surveillance that’s combined with relentless, but mostly-inconspicuous, harassment. Links posted on this site feature several non-disputed, published news reports and official communications which refer to such matters. Call the practice what you want; differences of opinion and speculation among informed professionals on this subject would involve the structure and scope of such operations, not whether they exist.
Occasionally, as with the FBI’s COINTELPRO scandal, systematic crimes perpetrated by law enforcement agents and their private associates get exposed. The COINTELPRO revelations, though, required some exceptionally brave and clever citizens breaking into an FBI office and stealing secret files. In between such rare events – the Pentagon Papers was another – the public is mostly in the dark. But sometimes, things start to appear on the fringe of the media – curious references to “organized stalking” and such. And you have to wonder.
Some observations about leaflets: Because of their physical (non-digital) nature, (a) leaflets get noticed by the recipients, and (b) their distribution is difficult to interfere with inconspicuously. Further, because of First Amendment protections traditionally associated with leafleting, suppression of that form of speech can also be legally difficult. Consequently, paper and ink, even in the modern digital world, can be a perfect means to convey information about corruption. Although the scale of distribution – and the cost – is small, it’s highly disruptive.
Judge for yourself whether such motives and concerns were the source of what happened – or was staged – last week in Houston, Texas. Keep in mind that the website you’re now reading – like the website in this story – includes flyers intended to be printed and distributed to discourage, through public exposure, criminal harassment by corrupt cops and corrupt private security investigators.
Even without the benefit of social media promotion or commercial support, the website you’re now reading has been visited more than half a million times. Perhaps some people would be happy to see this site – and its tactical advice, such as advocacy of spreading flyers – discredited by associating it with a ridiculous disinformation website.
TV news reports on June 26th (KPRC Houston, Channel 2 and KRIS Corpus Christi, Channel 6), indicated – initially – that someone (or several people) had apparently distributed some flyers laced with Fentanyl – a drug far more powerful than morphine, and associated with numerous overdose deaths. The toxic flyers had been placed on approximately a dozen vehicles parked on the street, outside a Harris County sheriff’s station at 601 Lockwood Drive.
According to the apparently-official version of what happened, the notion that the flyers were laced with Fentanyl arose when a sergeant at the scene reported that she was feeling “light-headed.” She was taken to a hospital to get checked out. The initial reports were vague on how sheriff’s officials determined the toxic nature of the flyers, and about the medical treatment.
Aaron Barker and Jacob Rascon at KPRC Houston:
“The sergeant removed one of the flyers from her windshield and later began feeling light-headed, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. She started driving herself to a hospital, but pulled over when she started feeling sick. A lieutenant met her and drove her to the Houston Northwest Medical Center.”
A website called “Targeted Justice” is the apparent origin of the flyers (the flyers can be printed from that website). This is their Twitter page. The document seems to feature diagrams of mind-control ray guns or something. If you’re interested, you can probably download it from them (whoever they are). The official photo of the flyers (below) was provided to the press, and posted on KPRC’s website with this caption: “Deputies released these images of flyers that they said were placed on some vehicles at a Harris County Sheriff’s Office facility June 26, 2018, in Houston.”
Official image
My initial reaction to this photo was this: Given America’s massive post-9/11 security spending binge, why do Harris County detectives have to take their evidence photos using a cell phone made in 2002? Maybe we should we hold a bake sale to raise money, so they can better equip themselves. On second thought, though, I decided that the image is appropriately obscure, given the whole nature of this incident.
A second observation about this story: A street in front of a sheriff’s office is a remarkably bold choice of location to anonymously place strange leaflets. The Google Maps street view of the address seems to confirm the unlikeliness of the area as a venue for radical pamphleteers. Also, the flyers were reportedly distributed in the middle of the day (approximately 1 pm, according to a June 29th update from KHOU Houston, Channel 11). If someone other than a cop had been there, milling about in very close proximity to the government vehicles parked there, that person would have appeared suspicious even if he or she were not distributing flyers about ray guns and such.
Another thought I had upon seeing this news: Since, in effect, we were being invited to believe that someone – or several people – apparently attempted to poison American law enforcement personnel – in an attack which also involved the distribution of strange flyers, presumably, the FBI is all over this – you know, because of that whole “terrorism” thing. Although the reporting made no mention of any federal agencies, I presumed we would hear something soon.
In the meantime, as reported on June 28th by KTRK Houston, Channel 13, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office responded promptly to the grave new threat posed by the Fentanyl-laced flyers. They tweeted the above photo of the flyer, on the day of the incident, with the following message:
warning tweet
KTRK reporter Marla Carter also recognized the severity of the danger:
The tough part for investigators is that it could have been anyone who printed and passed out these flyers. The only clues on the flyers themselves may be fingerprints. “Someone could have died. The fact it is now being used against officers is a game-changer,” said Harris Co. Pct. 1 Constable Alan Rosen.
Several other local law enforcement agencies are trying to stay on top of the game by arming officers with Narcan, an emergency treatment used for opioid overdoses.
The encounter with Fentanyl can be deadly even if found on a flyer and absorbed through the skin.
The same news report noted that “Targeted Justice” (whatever that actually is) acknowledged authoring the flyer, but denied any involvement in the leafleting in Houston:
The organization listed on the flyers, Targeted Justice, says it had nothing to do with incident. They believe that the flyers were printed off of their website.
So that might have ruled out a few possible suspects, but the dangerous pamphleteer remained unknown. Don’t worry though, because – surprise! – it turned out that the Fentanyl was fictional. A news update from KTRK Houston, Channel 13, on Friday, June 29th:
“After warning the public about flyers potentially tainted with the opioid Fentanyl, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office now confirms lab tests showed no signs of the drug.
“The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences tested 13 flyers and found all of them came back negative.”
“…In addition to testing the 13 flyers, the lab also tested clothing items, and blood and urine samples collected from the sergeant. Those tests also were negative for the drug.”
Here’s some additional good news: If you live in Houston, don’t worry about the technical skills of your law enforcement officers. The KTRK article helpfully explains that the mistake didn’t arise from professional incompetence (or the fact that the whole matter appears to have been staged), but rather, from “an abundance of caution.” I find it difficult to read that phrase without hearing it in George Carlin’s sarcastic voice.
The odd phenomenon of countless vague, paranoia websites, of which “Targeted Justice” is an example, is chronicled in detail in several places on the site you’re now reading. The trend ought to seem curious, by the way. Apparently, these websites sort of sprang up out of nowhere, and have proliferated like mushrooms, despite never being interesting – let alone credible. Did something get into the water supply?
Here’s a tip-off that someone is trying very hard to appear crazy. The image below is from the “Who to follow” section of Targeted Justice’s Twitter page. The glowing brain image is essentially an icon for “I’m a nut!”
Targeted Justice Twitter page cropped
Alternatively, an actually-crazy person is still at large, wandering around Houston and maybe distributing more flyers. Remember: this is also someone who can approach a sheriff’s station, for example, distribute pamphlets (or whatever), and depart unseen, in the middle of the day, like some kind of ninja. From the June 29 KTRK report:
“The sheriff’s office has not questioned any persons of interest in the case, and no criminal charges have been filed.”
For private citizens in America, the lesson of this story is that some security-intelligence officials appear to have concerns about the potentially disruptive effects of flyers which call attention to illegal surveillance and harassment.

Pullitzer Prize winning Journalist Chris Hedges, onhis firing from the New Yarwk Times,

Hat tip to
Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chis Hedges, who covered the Iraq war was stalked out of the New York Times after criticizing the fraudulent basis of the war at Rockford College, which is in the stateof Illinois, USA, and which is notoriously a gang stalking state- Google gang stalking and Illinois for proof.
Here is what Hedges had to say about that event, and the demise of journalism as a vehicle of truth, and how some,like the NYT author Mike McPhate, who wrote this hit piece mocking targeted individuals, are little more than corporate whores, dependent on cult symbols as we see here,and compliant cowards in lockstep with the fully emerged surveillance state.
ROGS, having spent time in Illinois,is familiar with Rockford IL,and can testify that its general culture is similar to what Kurt Vonnegut described as “the asshole of the universe.”
Rockford is curiously host to some of the worst housing projects outside Chicago, and in fact, many black Chicago residents moved there after the urban redevelopment known as “tearing down Cabrini Green, and the Robert Taylor Projects to get the niggers out,”took place.
And, predictably, the white descendants of Illinois farmers (who curiously all color their skin,and are all tatted up with multi-colored ink) now fill the areas once occupied by “the niggers,” these having been displaced from farms now owned by multi-national corporations.
Rockford is known for its animal sales barns, the Rockford Speedway, and cops that gang stalk “the niggers,” “nigger lovers,”and of course, all of the FBI manufactured terrorists and pedophiles too.
And, in the case of Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges,who was booed off the stage and given a bus ticket out of Rockford, Illinois as if he were Kilgore Trout, we see that academic gang stalking is also quite active there, too.
And so, the left, and the right are united against white men in journalism who speak or write the unvarnished “ truth,” as the relugious-sectarian-tribalist exploiters of identity politics work their racist, divisive magic across the land.

Security guards and organized gang stalking: an army of Paul Flart, the Fart Cop.

draft post, unfinished….)
Unfinished , unedited,unprofessional journalism?!
WTF isthat,compredto farting security guards?!
Because security guards figure into so many mass shootings (OmarMateen and G4S, Devin Kelley and the USAF, and the gang stalking of Somali Dahir Adan and many more) and falsified reports about terrorism, and even worse stalking of activists, journalists, and dissidents; as well as many actual cops moonlighting as gang stalkers, as we see in this piece here. by the Intercept,it is important to understand the psycholigical profile of these people, and then the police profile after that.
the endemic,and systemic failures of the American Countering Violent Extremism program can be readily accessed and analyzed by any serious researcher of OGS by merely contemplating the following main stream news story, prefaced with the knowledge that this guy, who I highlight below,is a trusted Suspicious Activity Reporter,and a potential trusted witness in an FBI/DHS/DEA/ETALPHABET AGENCY terrorism/community polocing case.
Hospital security guard who filmed his farts at work for six months is sacked
Florida-based Doug – who goes by the pseudonym Paul Flart – runs The Fart Authority Instagram page which he regularly updates with videos of himself flatuating

Ohio, gang stalking, politics, sherifs department, political incest.

Unfinished draft post: these links below are gang dtalker gold!
The avid ROGS reader will note that I, personally, brought attention to the encroachment on a major US database, the CJIS, as Obama ordained Democrats, and a few Syrians, and a race troll from OHIO breached clearances and allowed access to clearance areas, whereupon my relative was slandered, and smeared by the incestuous Minnesota Democratic party machine, aka, the DFL.
That database resides in Pasadena, CA, home of some of the most scurrilous gang stalking political rats you will ever meet.
here, have a look at what gang stalking looks like in Minnesota here, here and here.
then, have a look at Californias massive, federal dollar funded gang stalking operation here, here, here and here.
is gang stalking real? i think reasonable, rational people can decide for themselves.
gang stalking denialists, however, will probably call you crazy, or delusional, following the advice of these type of people here, and here-most of whom sleep with dogs.
related story: Former British intelligence agent, and dof lover,

Women in secret societies: academic gang stalking, gay mafia, scummy old cunts* like Avitall Ronell (or Nikki Giovanni) in higher learning.

……..(D)raft Post-check back later, avid daily reader)
ROGS blog is, primarily, a butt naked display of free speech in action, augmented by the actions of gang stalkers who come from many hidden cults and sects in policing, academia, and other institution level abuses of power-and especially a fuck you to the mainstream press, which is little more than Edward Bernays~Nazi styled propaganda.

*Related: the word cunt is making a cuntback, as gay comediennes and other feckless cunts criticize the Trump women. is it time to mention that the rubber-penis-prone Darling of left wing t.v., Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar-or that Cecil Rhodes the great diamond broker, and slaughterer of South Africans was a militant white supremacist?

As such~this naked display of words, written online, is my own special way of saying “kiss my ass, you filthy pigs/kikensteins/Cathliojewctopussies/Panopicalhydraneocons and your butt boys and dildo faced prickcesses in the Gay Mafia too.”

Related Story: How American police and SWAT teams are taking it up the ass as cuckolded bitches of the global gay pedophile rings, and consistently worked with the gay mafia, and the press corps to frame Omar Mateen as a “gay nightclub shooter,” after Mateen was gang stalked for YEARS by G4S, the FBI, and its many tentacles of CVE “community policing.”
Google excercise: search terms “Omar mateen gay”

I hope I am being clear: I am asking those in secular law enforcement to get off of your pork fat asses, toss the high heels, and prosecute gang stalkers criminally, NOT civilly, because of the amount of felony level criminal hacking, and other activity involved in it is staggering, and you know this, but go along with it anyways.
AND: maybe take a look at academic gang stalking as a precipitator of social harms, and how the “Gay Mafia” treats its own, in the case of (yet another)well known lesbian professor harassing a student, much like we saw with the Virginia Tech shooter, and Professor Fuck Your Life Finklestein, and so, so many other gang stalkings that started with word policing, in colleges(Mathew Riehl, Stephen Paddock, Jared Loughner, and SO MANY OTHER mass shooters were stalked and slandered and framed by college professors and hordes of fascist-leftists many years before there shooter events).
In the case below, note that it fills half of the ROGS BINGO card in the first five paragraphs, and extra points for noting that the gay community is filled with stalkers~ and even dear Dr. Lorraine Sheridan can testify to that, according to her beloved folliwing with te queers.
Then, ask why law enforcement agents and agencies protect these partucularlt noxioys Jewish gang stalkers, and especially, note that this nasty dyke has threatened her target with using her inter-connected web of relations in various academic institutions, secret societies, and polucing elements-and that the internet is involved.
And, at this juncture, I encourage the FBI to take note of these I describe above, and take action accordingly.
I mean: prosecuting gang stalkers might force you to get off your creamy CVE dollar filled fat asses, and actually work to make a case (unlike all of your manufactured terror), bur I promise it will pay off in the en (no, this is not a butt bjoke, about how high heeled policing is taking it up the ass.
The case of the dueling Jewish queers,academics, and the Gay Mafia eating themselves alive like cannibals (the jokes write themselves in these cases, Agent Starling):

Gay Graduate Student Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against His Aging Lesbian NYU Professor

By Shane Croucher On 8/17/18 at 10:32 AM
Nimrod Reitman secured his doctorate from NYU under professor Avital Ronell whom he accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault and stalking.

…after the investigation, Ronell and her colleagues at other universities “launched a widespread disinformation campaign against Reitman, falsely accused him of, among other things, having waged a ‘malicious campaign’ against Ronell and having a ‘malicious intent,’ thereby further ruining his hopes for any future career in academia.”

A gay graduate student has filed a lawsuit against his lesbian former professor, accusing her of sexual assault and controlling his life while she was his doctoral adviser, then ruining his career. He also accused his university of gender bias against him in its investigation of his allegations.
Nimrod Reitman, 34, accused professor Avital Ronell, a German and comparative literature lecturer at New York University, of “shocking misconduct” in his complaint, which was filed at the New York State Supreme Court on Thursday.
“The personal and professional price of filing a complaint against a prominent professor is heavy, but I would like to encourage other students in my position to speak up if they feel safe to do so and know that harassment is never okay, and is a result of an abuse of power,” Reitman said in a statement sent to Newsweek.

Lawrence“Larry” Guzzino, gang stalking on steroids, web scrubbing, and missing links

How real is organized gang stalking-and how actively do police, and propaganda elements seek to hide or discredit it as an actual practice, and an abuse of civil procedures and due process?
Just ask Larry Guzzino, whose story about being gang stalked by goons like these was featured in main stream news, just as the Department of Homeland Security began a full assault on due process in 2011, by utilizing gang stalking as a means of social control, as well as socially engineering citizens to accept due process-free “law enforcement,” which I like to call law enfarcement, because thats what DHS tactics are, according to their own playbook.

You see, the DHS (and every other alphabet agency) deliberately attempts to skirt the law, and use military resources to spy on citizens, much as we see in the cases of Dreyer, or the USAF OSI in general, and not get caught at it by using methods and tactical assaults in individuals that are plainly bizarre, as we see in the cases of Andy Ostrowski in the Kid$ for Ca$h state of Pennsylvania where one judge was caught literally selling 3000 children, as “the good guys and gals” looked on, or the cases of whistle blowers Adrian Schoolcraft, and former DHS Julia Davis, who LITERALLY was harassed with DOZENS of neverending investigations AND actual “black helicopters” too.
OGS is THAT bizarre.
I mean- ask Lawrence Guzzino about gang stalking-if you can find Guzzino, you can ask him about OGS, because he seems to have dissappeared after Lieutenant Larry Richards famously acknowledged in news reports that organized gang stalking “existed long before the internet.”
And, like the internet links that I use to prove the case that OGS is real here at ROGS, the validation is apparent not only in the known and documented police practices, but also, in the hidden, or occulted practices of policing.

Related Story: John McAfee, who invented the firstinternet security technology known as anti-virus software, claims he is being gang stalked, and has hired a team of security personell to prove it. Extra points if you notice the Simon Golstein wrote about it online,in FinanceMagnates

Here, have fun proving that “webscrubbing” is a real practice of police and intelligence agencies that subvert media, and that seek to hide their practices from “we, the people,” who are concerned that policing itself is the problem,rather than manufactured terrorism,or boogiemen. And, add that to your list of proof of gang stalking,too.
But here is a link that once linked to Guzzinos case,and which documented poluce “framing” in action, which has now been scrubbed from the web:
Maybe the avid reader can find that original news story, but for now,it has been scrubbed from the web,as many ofthe things I write about get scrubbed from the web, shortly after I write about them.

Related Stories: I,ROGS, have been followed around by nameable military contractors, and DHS affiliated scum, and named NGOs since 2004, since I wrote a few stories in a college newspaper that the AIPAC/DVIC/Zionist/neocons didnt like.
And, I have named names, and provided hard evidence that this is so, in this story here,where a military contractor from Black& Rossi followed me around Chicago, or this story here where a Lockheed Martin engineer gaveme a great scoop, which was then stolen from my Gmail account, or this story where an acridly fat blonde woman with a Cheshire cat smile and working in the DHS stalked me in a classroom.

The avid reader of ROGS will recall that Guzzinos case started because he is related to police, apparently on his (former?) wifes side.
And, the avid reader will also recall that in his case, the ROGS BINGO card is completely full on every corner and square- that the ROGS BINGO card sounds like a firetruck,blasting by your house at all hours,honking one of its many horns.
And now,we can see that,since I wrote this blog, contacted lawyers, and journalists, and a few people in Washington D.C., that one kind-of main stream writer has even mentioned “gang stalking” as an actual thingin real life,in the case of Libertarian-leaning crypto genius John McAfee, who INVENTED anti-virus.
so,regardless of anything, I present you, the reader with evidence that targeted propaganda, and targeted individuals are intertwined,as domestic agencies work to control the narrative of OGS,and.keep this practice hidden away, far from “the publics right to know.”
And,too, it might also explain why eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyars news outlet, has still not released ALL of the Snowden documents too, as lies of ommission are politically beneficial to those who profit from this form of social engineering.

Wiretaps, and gang stalking: Free, unsolicited plug for Granite Island TCSM: the Founding Bug Sweepers

Wiretap This Rough Draft Post In Progress!
The rationale that people who are paranoid probably have somethingto hide is straight out of every police state playbook ever written,if poor old burned up Anne Frank is any example at all to the current crop of fascists, most of whom are, or are led by zionist race supremacy, backed by the 72 billion dollar NSA-FVEY-Israel (and likely, UAE)data theft punch card, and all of those over-eager Paul Blarts out there.

And, it is also a line straightout of the blackmailers arsenal too, which we saw in the destruction of American activism waged by the Anti Defamation League in the 1993-2003
ADL spying on activists scandal
Nearly all persons who report gang stalking are actually reporting one of two things:
1. harassment by military contractors, or community policing elements ranging from militant zionist or dominionist religious fanatics, to Koch Brothers or George Soros funded NGOs, or corporate goons who have been empowered by the FBI/DHS policicies of encouraging domestic strife through whisper campaigns(aka British styled”high policing,“) and then, looking the other way at inter-agency corruption, and political policing that emanates from FusionCenters, and cowardly anonymous reports by people like Professor Fuck Your Life Finklestein(New York, and Caluforniareport the highest rates of Google searches for the search term gang stalking).
2. Internet provocateurs,disinformation, and misinformation agents who claim to be victims of OGS,aka gang stalking denialists who, in fact, are well known to law enforcement, frequently work with, for, or around LEAs, and go unpunished every time they create a Matt Riehl, a Robert Dear, or a William Atchison.
Any internet search of the terms stalking and goons returns hundreds and thousands of hits for blogs that chronicle these stalkings, and recently, John McAfee, the man who invented the worlds anti-virus software, has reported that he is being gang stalked, shortly after the federal Securities and Exchange Commission issued a subpoena to him in its war against crypto-currency.
One might notice that “certain people and ”

Story: analyzes the strange case of John McAfee being gang stalked by goons, and unsurprisingly,it includes foreign governments,the US surveillance apparatus,a war on libertarians, and federal agencies hacking away at privacy rights and due process.
Here,from FGS:
Is the founder of McAfee being “gang-stalked” by the feds?
John McAfee, the wealthy computer programmer and founder of the famous anti-virus software which bears his name (although the firm was later acquired by Intel), reportedly claims that he is the target of intense surveillance and harassment by federal agents. One source of this assertion is a May 15th article by Simon Golstein, at Finance Magnates – a website about financial trading news and research. Describing an account conveyed to him by a technical advisor of McAfee, Rob Loggia, Golstein wrote that McAfee says he is being “gang-stalked.”
“According to a man called Rob Loggia, curator of website Loggia on Fire, McAfee’s house is being gang-stalked. Cars have been entering the cul-de-sac in which it is situated before turning around and leaving without making a stop – this is happening on an “almost daily” basis. The McAfee security team has, of course, run the licence plates and found that the identities to whom they are registered are fake.”
In the context of the Finance Magnates article, it’s unclear whether the term “gang-stalked” is a quote, or a paraphrasing of what Loggia said. Either way, it’s interesting to see another appearance of the phrase in the media.
[ROGS Notes: the article by Golstein is publsihed in an Israeli backed journal]

So, if you follow the story, you will also note that McAfee luves a checkered and colorful life,with pruvacyat itscenter, andas such,he is a target of nearlyall federal agency interest.
He also has his own security team, and, manydetractors who smear and blackmail him too.
Granite Island Group was initially formed to provide TSCM and SIGINT training services to the Army Intelligence School located at Fort Devens, MA. Engineering, design, and related services were also provided to various research facilities and defense contractors throughout New England. These services also included product design, fully instrumented TSCM surveys, bug sweeps, wiretap detection, SCIF compliance inspections, shielding evaluations, and other engineering services related to the technical security and protection of classified information.
Design projects included the development of several briefcase and man-pack systems used for signals exploitation and surveillance, along with suites of software products used to control test instruments for automated ECM, SIGINT, Signals Analysis, TEMPEST, TSCM and related measurements.
In 1989 the services offered were expanded to include the design, installation, and maintenance of high performance computer networks used in secure facilities. This included performing TSCM, wiretap detection, and bug sweep services on desktop computers, data networks, and PBX/ESS systems to identify weaknesses which could allow technical penetrations or the compromise of classified or sensitive information. At the time there was only one company in the entire country who could do this… and we were it.
Granite Island Group currently provides TSCM, bug sweeps, wiretap detection, and communications engineering services to a wide range of clients and has become one of the most respected names in the industry.
In that light, we see that my story, and many other such stories of people targeted by NSA-to FusionCenter-spying-on-citizens corrupted political elements are validated once again. of catching some military contractors folliwingmearound for over a decade can be seen for what they are: part of thesurveillance states reach-around handjob on Constitutional due process and basic civil liberties.

Senator Keith Ellison, the latest DVIC political casualty of Skank, Karen Monahan, single mom, and NGO type political whore

Crazy in the head~crazy in the bed: Minnesota Progressives devour the once promising career of Senator Keith Ellison, just after the ADL smeared him, and now, some crazy politcal whore takes a bite.
let me know when you start seeing patterns with white slavery,and eastern bloc Bolshevism, in the ever stranger cases of the DVIC, eating its own.
and: my 1000 dollar reward for the dossiere of this shitty little bald Jewish prick is still valud, should anyone choose to provide his scalp.
Meantime, have a.look.into the addled.mindof a DVIC polutical whore, smearing a senator.
And: try not to see patterns!
like gendering female initiated institutional violence as harmless, while holding men accountable (poor Al Franken,lol….toxic progressives….
or, that the Israel lobby won-again!- by beating another black man.
the Karen Monahan statement reads like a size 13 maxipad.

Real estate red-lining, progressive style: Framing "the other" in the case of the "novelist," un-litigated slander, and Robert Dear, the CO abortion clinic shooter.

When the New York Times described the Colorado abortion clinic shooter Robert Dear as that he “preferred to be by himself,” they weren‘t necessarily wrong: organized gang stalking, aka community policing with DVIC dollars attached, can do that to guys who are “rugged individualists.”
And, a well organized, international movement, that utilizes that phrase in its gang stalking as well, as the NSA wiretap, Fusion Centers, BOLOs, and more, is indeed working to isolate individuals online and off, as we saw in the cases of William Atchison, Mathew Riehl, Omar Mateen, and many, many others.
In gang stalking, there is a near constant threat by hidden actors and agents to isolate individuals. Please refer to this post here, where the writer uses the name K. Ward, writes to ROGS and says that “they know I value my time alone,” (and, I ask law enforcement looking in here at ROGS internet performance art to open an investigation into that named party).
In order to understand the ROGS thesis, it must be noted that, upon later investigation and correspondence with this email address,and whoever responds to it (it appears to be two seperate people) I discovered the following:
1) the writer/s claims affiliation with a military contractor
2) the writer claims to be losing real estate
3) this blog that you are reading was hacked, and “renamed” Q within weeks of the last, odd correspondence with that writer.
4) all of this and more is crime, expressed from WITHIN law enforcement, its hidden armies of DHS contractors, and the FBIs snitch/informant system-this is literally, the state, and its institutions acting criminally, beyond accountability, and attempting to force individuals to enlist them for “help.”
As such, it is the biggest make-work project ever-the state acting criminally, targeting individuals, to create a need for it, as it-and its Hydra acts criminally, beyond due process, to cause actual harms, by refusing to allow jury trials, or SCOTUS challenges to its practices.
And, with little to no surprise, we see that even Dr. Lorraine Sheridan who famously interviewed “the internet,”where she got mostly middle-aged white females like herself to respond anonymously– is at war with individuals too, here, comparing individuals perceptions of stalking on mainland China (which is itself a can of worms of interpretation) to stalking in Hong Kong.
So, with even less surprise, we see the NYT running with a lie of ommission, and definite legal he-said/she said libel and slander in the case of Robert Dear; and even less surprised that REAL ESTATE, and tribal/sectarianism is at the center of the case!
And, complicity with local poluce and the Ictopus of NGOs, and institutions that actively denied Robert Dear access to a jury trial at many points along the slander trail.
Was Robert Louis Dear, the Colorado abortion clinic shooter gang stalked by the DVIC and its related communitarian, grey area policing schemes?
Most certainly, in case after case, we see links between Nikki Craft styled militant stalking of accused domestic abusers, and every other point on the ROGS Bingo card too.
I will let you, the reader, and the future researcher of OGS decide. But feminist gang stalking and bullying is Nikki Craft-real, and it .pads the pensions of any and all pigs in its statistic padding trough.
But to law enforcement peeking in here, I ask that you take action against this form of stalking, or it is plainly criminal negligence, and complicity on your part. and, maybe revisit the bogus Hegelian profile of “lone wolves” for what it is: communitarian, bankster bucks financed slander, pre-emptive of anything, except your neverending slurp at the trough.
The contentious real estate that Robert Dear occupied as he was slandered, and stalked and framed as the Other in a community policing scheme (extra points if you notice progressives were involved) after several contacts with he-said/she said policing, and DVIC kangaroo courts:
And here, from the New Yarwk Times, we see a named person, one Leland Davis, acting as a slanderer, and we see the NYT libel describe that slanderer as a “novelist” when in fact that person is(according to the internet-the same internet that DVIC beneficiaries interviewed here) a REAL ESTATE AGENT.
And here, who worked with others to harass, defame, and slander Robert Dear BEFORE Dear moved to CO, where he was also likely gang stalked and slandered endlessly for grey area unproven, uncontested DVIC allegations, some of which were kicked out of court for what they were: he said she said political slanders.
Meet the man that NYT calls a novelist, who actually has only published some kind of a field guide to biking– while OMMITTING the fact that the man is, in fact, a REAL ESTATE AGENT, according to the internet
The Case of Leland Davis, and modern “Progressive” DVIC real estate red-lining, and the new Klaverns, composed of “people who “:
After his divorce, Mr. Dear lived in a succession of trailer homes and cabins, where he appeared to stir resentments among neighbors and lash out at people around him, according to police reports. Some former neighbors said they were not surprised by the violence in Colorado Springs.
In Swannanoa, N.C., where Mr. Dear had lived for a time in a single-wide trailer, a novelist, Leland Davis, said he had repeatedly been followed by Mr. Dear in a late-model Toyota Tacoma. Mr. Davis believed that Mr. Dear had followed him because he suspected that Mr. Davis had complained to the authorities about how Mr. Dear treated a dog. The men never spoke, Mr. Davis said in an interview in his home Saturday night, but Mr. Dear had mounted something of a scare campaign.
“He followed me all the way into downtown Asheville,” Mr. Davis said. “He followed me three or four times.”
Mr. Davis said he was unsurprised to see Mr. Dear, whom he described as “a pretty poorly adjusted guy,” emerge as the suspect in the Colorado shooting.
“I think I would have thought he was a guy who would go on a rampage,” he said. “We were very wary.”
In Black Mountain, N.C., Mr. Dear had sometimes lived in a small yellow house reachable only after miles of driving on mountain roads. Two sticks, forming a cross, were attached to a padlocked shed that was filled with bedding, gas canisters and worn boxes of beer. He bought the house without running water.
Scott Rupp, who sold it to him, worried about whether Mr. Dear would fit in the community, which was populated by “environmental types,” he said.
“He was like a mountain culture person,” Mr. Rupp said, “and he was really excited to get a place where he could hunt.”
In 2002, in Walterboro, S.C., Mr. Dear was arrested on charges of breaking the state’s “Peeping Tom” law after a neighbor told the police that he had hidden in the bushes in an attempt to peer into her house. For months, the neighbor, Lynn Roberts, said, Mr. Dear was “making unwanted advancements” and “leering” at her on a regular basis, putting her “in fear of her safety,” according to an incident report.
The charge was later dismissed, but a restraining order was issued.

This blog was hacked on August 1, 2018, and titled "Q"

Q for all I know, could stand for many things.
queen, queers, queefs, Qowards, Quantico- and Scotland Yard, just to name a few, and all of these “things”are part of what the “deep state”is.
then, there is that conspiracy theory that Dr. Mike Wood is pushingconspiracy theory that Dr. Mike Wood is pushing, but I wont give it any free press here, because ROGS is an advertising-free gift to the world.
And, unlike Dr. Wood and others like him, ROGS blog does not seek the press, as Dr. Wood has, and does, in many instances (Goigle his name for proofs).
So, because anyone can Google, and Dr. Mike Woods name, as well as noting that everywhere I comment about this topic, two morons folliw over there, and publish total crap behind it.
Then, those morons use people like Dr. Mike Wood to pysh their narrative.
But I wont waste too much time on that, because then, I would get sucked into an actual conspiracy: how the NSA/FBI/JTRIG/FVEYs/Israel are actively subverting the internet, and targeting speakers .online, in cyber-stalking that comes offline, frequently culminating in mysterious homicides of activists, archivists, and others.
And in some of the extreme outliers, we see things like #Gamergate utilizing MI5 to target online speakers, and then literally waging hidden psycholigical operations on them, and then, trickling data to other FVEY governments (the Five Eyes Alluance is the main world-wide wiretap where Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand capture, manipulate, and alter, redirect, or otherwise subvert all of our communications, every minute, every hour, every day, every ).
And, some of those who are swept into these huge black operations, funded by black budgets go nuts, and of THOSE people, the extreme-extreme outliers like Omar Mateen, and Sayed Farook, and William Atchisson, and Walter Laak~those guys go nuts, arm themselves after these online cyberstalkings, and then, when those cyber~stalkings come OFFLINE into community policing, then shoot-outs occur, and the .news vruns with the gun control narrative.
For my part, I moved to a peaceful, advanced communist country, where OGS stopped immediately, like shutting off a faucet.
Then, I enlisted foreign powers who are NOT part of the FVEY gang stalking pact, to help me document it.
And, as you see, this is when these FVEY/FBI-DITU-ROU/NSA-TAO/CIA/BUT ESPECIALLY THOSE BLACK OPERATORS IN THAILAND started getting sweaty.
Three days BEFORE the hack, Thailand peeked in some 28 times, as did Canada (where the Mossad virtually runs the RCMP like a puppet with a hand in its ass)peeked in, and especially the USA, which has consistently been the top reader of ROGS.
Most interestingly, I closed the blog for a 24 hour period, and interesting cockroaches peeked in-especially noteworthy that two of five of the FVEY nations had access, and my stat counter registered hits from Australia, and the US.
YEAH: Dr. Wood, what is YOUR take on that? Wanna see the evidence?
Yup. I didnt think so. You have made your position known.
But for those who are tired of how the intellugence community uses “low paid academics”to spout zionist-dominionist~western religion based popycock and “conspiracy theory,”take a look at these posts, where the US Pentagon scrubbed the web, after I .personally named a gang stalker from Ohio, and Texas-a military contractor who stalked me, PERSONALLY.
THEN: have a look at where this actual hack began, from a douche who uses the name Brad Eyre, and who has ties .to Lone Tree, CO, where Matt Riehl was gang staljed for a period of years, after he criticized vwhite females, Nazis, and nameable police.
And, here are some of the fake names and a few real ones two, who have been targeting me, personally, as well as conducting timing attacks, and credential spoifing of me, and this blig PERSONALLY.
Kimberly Sue McCright
Brian Ribbey
Christina Perman
Email: [email protected]
Edmund Davies, who said this, in an email
”basically what I need is to get something which will analyze the air and identify chemicals. I got some ideas like a portable air analyzer but that can be really expensive or another option is to get something that can sample the air and then have a lab kit at home They’re starting to get out of control again”
And lastly, a few of the fake email nyms who requested access to this blog the day it was hacked, after I restricted access:
Most importantly- no Russians, or “the Chinese,” or “al Qeada and ISIS” anywhere to be seen. Just standard isdue US corruption, subversion, redirection, and coercion of free speech, and a speaker online.
I can .make more evidence available, should anyone be interested. And quite interestingly- Brad Eyre of Lonetree Petroleum uses a”.ch” address in his/its email.
That seems significant.
But naming names seems impirtant in these cases, because “good doctors”like Mike Woid seem to think cyber stalking, that comes offline is a delusion.
Maybe Mikey should read a bit more about the stochastic Turing mechanism, to clear his head of all that IC pap and pabulum.

Hallucinations and delusions and organized gang stalking: mapping the visual cortex and bolstering the stochastic Turing mechanism to debunk OGS denialists

Delusions and gang stalking: Dr. Lorraine Sheridan is a fraud, and a prison industrial complex liar.
a Math Theory of Why People Hallucinate
Hypotheses: people who report being stalked by highly organized gangs of stalkers are hallucinating.
Testing for proof: the claims of victims of OGS include being mobbed by gangs of community policing cowards online and off, FBI/DHS rats and snitches, or having squad cars follow them around, shining lights in their windows, and strange online encounters with Britains spy agencies, or any of many NGOs and crisis PR factories.
Study control: Do any of these OGS victims report “hallucinations” like swirls of light, or other visiin mapping techniques that the organic brain utilizes to visualuze ibjects outside the brain?
A Math Theory for Why People Hallucinate
Jennifer Ouellette
July 30, 2018
Psychedelic drugs can trigger characteristic hallucinations, which have long been thought to hold clues about the brain’s circuitry. After nearly a century of study, a possible explanation is crystallizing.
Art for “A Math Theory for Why People Hallucinate”
aeforia and Olena Shmahalo/Quanta Magazine
In the 1920s, decades before counterculture guru Timothy Leary made waves self-experimenting with LSD and other psychedelic drugs at Harvard University, a young perceptual psychologist named Heinrich Klüver used himself as a guinea pig in an ongoing study into visual hallucinations. One day in his laboratory at the University of Minnesota, he ingested a peyote button, the dried top of the cactus Lophophora williamsii, and carefully documented how his visual field changed under its influence. He noted recurring patterns that bore a striking resemblance to shapes commonly found in ancient cave drawings and in the paintings of Joan Miró, and he speculated that perhaps they were innate to human vision. He classified the patterns into four distinct types that he dubbed “form constants”: lattices (including checkerboards, honeycombs and triangles), tunnels, spirals and cobwebs.
Some 50 years later, Jack Cowan of the University of Chicago set out to reproduce those hallucinatory form constants mathematically, in the belief that they could provide clues to the brain’s circuitry. In a seminal 1979 paper, Cowan and his graduate student Bard Ermentrout reported that the electrical activity of neurons in the first layer of the visual cortex could be directly translated into the geometric shapes people typically see when under the influence of psychedelics. “The math of the way the cortex is wired, it produces only these kinds of patterns,” Cowan explained recently. In that sense, what we see when we hallucinate reflects the architecture of the brain’s neural network.
But no one could figure out precisely how the intrinsic circuitry of the brain’s visual cortex generates the patterns of activity that underlie the hallucinations