This blog was hacked on August 1, 2018, and titled "Q"

Q for all I know, could stand for many things.
queen, queers, queefs, Qowards, Quantico- and Scotland Yard, just to name a few, and all of these “things”are part of what the “deep state”is.
then, there is that conspiracy theory that Dr. Mike Wood is pushingconspiracy theory that Dr. Mike Wood is pushing, but I wont give it any free press here, because ROGS is an advertising-free gift to the world.
And, unlike Dr. Wood and others like him, ROGS blog does not seek the press, as Dr. Wood has, and does, in many instances (Goigle his name for proofs).
So, because anyone can Google, and Dr. Mike Woods name, as well as noting that everywhere I comment about this topic, two morons folliw over there, and publish total crap behind it.
Then, those morons use people like Dr. Mike Wood to pysh their narrative.
But I wont waste too much time on that, because then, I would get sucked into an actual conspiracy: how the NSA/FBI/JTRIG/FVEYs/Israel are actively subverting the internet, and targeting speakers .online, in cyber-stalking that comes offline, frequently culminating in mysterious homicides of activists, archivists, and others.
And in some of the extreme outliers, we see things like #Gamergate utilizing MI5 to target online speakers, and then literally waging hidden psycholigical operations on them, and then, trickling data to other FVEY governments (the Five Eyes Alluance is the main world-wide wiretap where Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand capture, manipulate, and alter, redirect, or otherwise subvert all of our communications, every minute, every hour, every day, every ).
And, some of those who are swept into these huge black operations, funded by black budgets go nuts, and of THOSE people, the extreme-extreme outliers like Omar Mateen, and Sayed Farook, and William Atchisson, and Walter Laak~those guys go nuts, arm themselves after these online cyberstalkings, and then, when those cyber~stalkings come OFFLINE into community policing, then shoot-outs occur, and the .news vruns with the gun control narrative.
For my part, I moved to a peaceful, advanced communist country, where OGS stopped immediately, like shutting off a faucet.
Then, I enlisted foreign powers who are NOT part of the FVEY gang stalking pact, to help me document it.
And, as you see, this is when these FVEY/FBI-DITU-ROU/NSA-TAO/CIA/BUT ESPECIALLY THOSE BLACK OPERATORS IN THAILAND started getting sweaty.
Three days BEFORE the hack, Thailand peeked in some 28 times, as did Canada (where the Mossad virtually runs the RCMP like a puppet with a hand in its ass)peeked in, and especially the USA, which has consistently been the top reader of ROGS.
Most interestingly, I closed the blog for a 24 hour period, and interesting cockroaches peeked in-especially noteworthy that two of five of the FVEY nations had access, and my stat counter registered hits from Australia, and the US.
YEAH: Dr. Wood, what is YOUR take on that? Wanna see the evidence?
Yup. I didnt think so. You have made your position known.
But for those who are tired of how the intellugence community uses “low paid academics”to spout zionist-dominionist~western religion based popycock and “conspiracy theory,”take a look at these posts, where the US Pentagon scrubbed the web, after I .personally named a gang stalker from Ohio, and Texas-a military contractor who stalked me, PERSONALLY.
THEN: have a look at where this actual hack began, from a douche who uses the name Brad Eyre, and who has ties .to Lone Tree, CO, where Matt Riehl was gang staljed for a period of years, after he criticized vwhite females, Nazis, and nameable police.
And, here are some of the fake names and a few real ones two, who have been targeting me, personally, as well as conducting timing attacks, and credential spoifing of me, and this blig PERSONALLY.
Kimberly Sue McCright
Brian Ribbey
Christina Perman
Email: [email protected]
Edmund Davies, who said this, in an email
”basically what I need is to get something which will analyze the air and identify chemicals. I got some ideas like a portable air analyzer but that can be really expensive or another option is to get something that can sample the air and then have a lab kit at home They’re starting to get out of control again”
And lastly, a few of the fake email nyms who requested access to this blog the day it was hacked, after I restricted access:
Most importantly- no Russians, or “the Chinese,” or “al Qeada and ISIS” anywhere to be seen. Just standard isdue US corruption, subversion, redirection, and coercion of free speech, and a speaker online.
I can .make more evidence available, should anyone be interested. And quite interestingly- Brad Eyre of Lonetree Petroleum uses a”.ch” address in his/its email.
That seems significant.
But naming names seems impirtant in these cases, because “good doctors”like Mike Woid seem to think cyber stalking, that comes offline is a delusion.
Maybe Mikey should read a bit more about the stochastic Turing mechanism, to clear his head of all that IC pap and pabulum.

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