Real estate red-lining, progressive style: Framing "the other" in the case of the "novelist," un-litigated slander, and Robert Dear, the CO abortion clinic shooter.

When the New York Times described the Colorado abortion clinic shooter Robert Dear as that he “preferred to be by himself,” they weren‘t necessarily wrong: organized gang stalking, aka community policing with DVIC dollars attached, can do that to guys who are “rugged individualists.”
And, a well organized, international movement, that utilizes that phrase in its gang stalking as well, as the NSA wiretap, Fusion Centers, BOLOs, and more, is indeed working to isolate individuals online and off, as we saw in the cases of William Atchison, Mathew Riehl, Omar Mateen, and many, many others.
In gang stalking, there is a near constant threat by hidden actors and agents to isolate individuals. Please refer to this post here, where the writer uses the name K. Ward, writes to ROGS and says that “they know I value my time alone,” (and, I ask law enforcement looking in here at ROGS internet performance art to open an investigation into that named party).
In order to understand the ROGS thesis, it must be noted that, upon later investigation and correspondence with this email address,and whoever responds to it (it appears to be two seperate people) I discovered the following:
1) the writer/s claims affiliation with a military contractor
2) the writer claims to be losing real estate
3) this blog that you are reading was hacked, and “renamed” Q within weeks of the last, odd correspondence with that writer.
4) all of this and more is crime, expressed from WITHIN law enforcement, its hidden armies of DHS contractors, and the FBIs snitch/informant system-this is literally, the state, and its institutions acting criminally, beyond accountability, and attempting to force individuals to enlist them for “help.”
As such, it is the biggest make-work project ever-the state acting criminally, targeting individuals, to create a need for it, as it-and its Hydra acts criminally, beyond due process, to cause actual harms, by refusing to allow jury trials, or SCOTUS challenges to its practices.
And, with little to no surprise, we see that even Dr. Lorraine Sheridan who famously interviewed “the internet,”where she got mostly middle-aged white females like herself to respond anonymously– is at war with individuals too, here, comparing individuals perceptions of stalking on mainland China (which is itself a can of worms of interpretation) to stalking in Hong Kong.
So, with even less surprise, we see the NYT running with a lie of ommission, and definite legal he-said/she said libel and slander in the case of Robert Dear; and even less surprised that REAL ESTATE, and tribal/sectarianism is at the center of the case!
And, complicity with local poluce and the Ictopus of NGOs, and institutions that actively denied Robert Dear access to a jury trial at many points along the slander trail.
Was Robert Louis Dear, the Colorado abortion clinic shooter gang stalked by the DVIC and its related communitarian, grey area policing schemes?
Most certainly, in case after case, we see links between Nikki Craft styled militant stalking of accused domestic abusers, and every other point on the ROGS Bingo card too.
I will let you, the reader, and the future researcher of OGS decide. But feminist gang stalking and bullying is Nikki Craft-real, and it .pads the pensions of any and all pigs in its statistic padding trough.
But to law enforcement peeking in here, I ask that you take action against this form of stalking, or it is plainly criminal negligence, and complicity on your part. and, maybe revisit the bogus Hegelian profile of “lone wolves” for what it is: communitarian, bankster bucks financed slander, pre-emptive of anything, except your neverending slurp at the trough.
The contentious real estate that Robert Dear occupied as he was slandered, and stalked and framed as the Other in a community policing scheme (extra points if you notice progressives were involved) after several contacts with he-said/she said policing, and DVIC kangaroo courts:
And here, from the New Yarwk Times, we see a named person, one Leland Davis, acting as a slanderer, and we see the NYT libel describe that slanderer as a “novelist” when in fact that person is(according to the internet-the same internet that DVIC beneficiaries interviewed here) a REAL ESTATE AGENT.
And here, who worked with others to harass, defame, and slander Robert Dear BEFORE Dear moved to CO, where he was also likely gang stalked and slandered endlessly for grey area unproven, uncontested DVIC allegations, some of which were kicked out of court for what they were: he said she said political slanders.
Meet the man that NYT calls a novelist, who actually has only published some kind of a field guide to biking– while OMMITTING the fact that the man is, in fact, a REAL ESTATE AGENT, according to the internet
The Case of Leland Davis, and modern “Progressive” DVIC real estate red-lining, and the new Klaverns, composed of “people who “:
After his divorce, Mr. Dear lived in a succession of trailer homes and cabins, where he appeared to stir resentments among neighbors and lash out at people around him, according to police reports. Some former neighbors said they were not surprised by the violence in Colorado Springs.
In Swannanoa, N.C., where Mr. Dear had lived for a time in a single-wide trailer, a novelist, Leland Davis, said he had repeatedly been followed by Mr. Dear in a late-model Toyota Tacoma. Mr. Davis believed that Mr. Dear had followed him because he suspected that Mr. Davis had complained to the authorities about how Mr. Dear treated a dog. The men never spoke, Mr. Davis said in an interview in his home Saturday night, but Mr. Dear had mounted something of a scare campaign.
“He followed me all the way into downtown Asheville,” Mr. Davis said. “He followed me three or four times.”
Mr. Davis said he was unsurprised to see Mr. Dear, whom he described as “a pretty poorly adjusted guy,” emerge as the suspect in the Colorado shooting.
“I think I would have thought he was a guy who would go on a rampage,” he said. “We were very wary.”
In Black Mountain, N.C., Mr. Dear had sometimes lived in a small yellow house reachable only after miles of driving on mountain roads. Two sticks, forming a cross, were attached to a padlocked shed that was filled with bedding, gas canisters and worn boxes of beer. He bought the house without running water.
Scott Rupp, who sold it to him, worried about whether Mr. Dear would fit in the community, which was populated by “environmental types,” he said.
“He was like a mountain culture person,” Mr. Rupp said, “and he was really excited to get a place where he could hunt.”
In 2002, in Walterboro, S.C., Mr. Dear was arrested on charges of breaking the state’s “Peeping Tom” law after a neighbor told the police that he had hidden in the bushes in an attempt to peer into her house. For months, the neighbor, Lynn Roberts, said, Mr. Dear was “making unwanted advancements” and “leering” at her on a regular basis, putting her “in fear of her safety,” according to an incident report.
The charge was later dismissed, but a restraining order was issued.

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