Wiretaps, and gang stalking: Free, unsolicited plug for Granite Island TCSM: the Founding Bug Sweepers

Wiretap This Rough Draft Post In Progress!
The rationale that people who are paranoid probably have somethingto hide is straight out of every police state playbook ever written,if poor old burned up Anne Frank is any example at all to the current crop of fascists, most of whom are, or are led by zionist race supremacy, backed by the 72 billion dollar NSA-FVEY-Israel (and likely, UAE)data theft punch card, and all of those over-eager Paul Blarts out there.

And, it is also a line straightout of the blackmailers arsenal too, which we saw in the destruction of American activism waged by the Anti Defamation League in the 1993-2003
ADL spying on activists scandal
Nearly all persons who report gang stalking are actually reporting one of two things:
1. harassment by military contractors, or community policing elements ranging from militant zionist or dominionist religious fanatics, to Koch Brothers or George Soros funded NGOs, or corporate goons who have been empowered by the FBI/DHS policicies of encouraging domestic strife through whisper campaigns(aka British styled”high policing,“) and then, looking the other way at inter-agency corruption, and political policing that emanates from FusionCenters, and cowardly anonymous reports by people like Professor Fuck Your Life Finklestein(New York, and Caluforniareport the highest rates of Google searches for the search term gang stalking).
2. Internet provocateurs,disinformation, and misinformation agents who claim to be victims of OGS,aka gang stalking denialists who, in fact, are well known to law enforcement, frequently work with, for, or around LEAs, and go unpunished every time they create a Matt Riehl, a Robert Dear, or a William Atchison.
Any internet search of the terms stalking and goons returns hundreds and thousands of hits for blogs that chronicle these stalkings, and recently, John McAfee, the man who invented the worlds anti-virus software, has reported that he is being gang stalked, shortly after the federal Securities and Exchange Commission issued a subpoena to him in its war against crypto-currency.
One might notice that “certain people and ”

Story: Fightgangstalking.com analyzes the strange case of John McAfee being gang stalked by goons, and unsurprisingly,it includes foreign governments,the US surveillance apparatus,a war on libertarians, and federal agencies hacking away at privacy rights and due process.
Here,from FGS:
Is the founder of McAfee being “gang-stalked” by the feds?
John McAfee, the wealthy computer programmer and founder of the famous anti-virus software which bears his name (although the firm was later acquired by Intel), reportedly claims that he is the target of intense surveillance and harassment by federal agents. One source of this assertion is a May 15th article by Simon Golstein, at Finance Magnates – a website about financial trading news and research. Describing an account conveyed to him by a technical advisor of McAfee, Rob Loggia, Golstein wrote that McAfee says he is being “gang-stalked.”
“According to a man called Rob Loggia, curator of website Loggia on Fire, McAfee’s house is being gang-stalked. Cars have been entering the cul-de-sac in which it is situated before turning around and leaving without making a stop – this is happening on an “almost daily” basis. The McAfee security team has, of course, run the licence plates and found that the identities to whom they are registered are fake.”
In the context of the Finance Magnates article, it’s unclear whether the term “gang-stalked” is a quote, or a paraphrasing of what Loggia said. Either way, it’s interesting to see another appearance of the phrase in the media.
[ROGS Notes: the article by Golstein is publsihed in an Israeli backed journal]

So, if you follow the story, you will also note that McAfee luves a checkered and colorful life,with pruvacyat itscenter, andas such,he is a target of nearlyall federal agency interest.
He also has his own security team, and, manydetractors who smear and blackmail him too.
Granite Island Group was initially formed to provide TSCM and SIGINT training services to the Army Intelligence School located at Fort Devens, MA. Engineering, design, and related services were also provided to various research facilities and defense contractors throughout New England. These services also included product design, fully instrumented TSCM surveys, bug sweeps, wiretap detection, SCIF compliance inspections, shielding evaluations, and other engineering services related to the technical security and protection of classified information.
Design projects included the development of several briefcase and man-pack systems used for signals exploitation and surveillance, along with suites of software products used to control test instruments for automated ECM, SIGINT, Signals Analysis, TEMPEST, TSCM and related measurements.
In 1989 the services offered were expanded to include the design, installation, and maintenance of high performance computer networks used in secure facilities. This included performing TSCM, wiretap detection, and bug sweep services on desktop computers, data networks, and PBX/ESS systems to identify weaknesses which could allow technical penetrations or the compromise of classified or sensitive information. At the time there was only one company in the entire country who could do this… and we were it.
Granite Island Group currently provides TSCM, bug sweeps, wiretap detection, and communications engineering services to a wide range of clients and has become one of the most respected names in the industry.
In that light, we see that my story, and many other such stories of people targeted by NSA-to FusionCenter-spying-on-citizens corrupted political elements are validated once again. of catching some military contractors folliwingmearound for over a decade can be seen for what they are: part of thesurveillance states reach-around handjob on Constitutional due process and basic civil liberties.

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