Security guards and organized gang stalking: an army of Paul Flart, the Fart Cop.

draft post, unfinished….)
Unfinished , unedited,unprofessional journalism?!
WTF isthat,compredto farting security guards?!
Because security guards figure into so many mass shootings (OmarMateen and G4S, Devin Kelley and the USAF, and the gang stalking of Somali Dahir Adan and many more) and falsified reports about terrorism, and even worse stalking of activists, journalists, and dissidents; as well as many actual cops moonlighting as gang stalkers, as we see in this piece here. by the Intercept,it is important to understand the psycholigical profile of these people, and then the police profile after that.
the endemic,and systemic failures of the American Countering Violent Extremism program can be readily accessed and analyzed by any serious researcher of OGS by merely contemplating the following main stream news story, prefaced with the knowledge that this guy, who I highlight below,is a trusted Suspicious Activity Reporter,and a potential trusted witness in an FBI/DHS/DEA/ETALPHABET AGENCY terrorism/community polocing case.
Hospital security guard who filmed his farts at work for six months is sacked
Florida-based Doug – who goes by the pseudonym Paul Flart – runs The Fart Authority Instagram page which he regularly updates with videos of himself flatuating

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