George Soros, Hungary, gang stalking, NGOs: proof of gang stalking

So,I have linked organized gang stalking to progressives (I was also once a Progressive), and to many NGOs that are funded by George Soros and other billiinaires,and also documented how pseudo-feminists work from womens shelters as little more than domestic spy rings, targeting men, in the fashion of sociopath Nikki Craft.

I also documented how the eastern bloc nation of Hungary cracked down on Scientoligists, and dealt with them appropriately,and that even gang stalking denialist Dr.Mike Wood agrees that OGS is “real,” or, at least, validated in the many well documented cases and case studies of of Scientologistgang stalking.

Then, I noted political themed spikes in Google searches to this blog you are reading,as eastern bloc nations experienced gang stalking last year, as left wing elements stalked right wing elements of several nations..

And, predictably, here we now see George Soros attempting to sue HUNGARY so that billion dollar corporate interests that masquerade as“human rights organizations,”can use their various political NGOs to gang stalk Hungarians, much as we see AIPAC and the ADL and several other sectarian, racist,or tribal organizations~those with strange, cozy relationships with the FBI and the DHS~ doing here in America, via institutional trance formation, and even gang stalking reporters and politicians, and journalists.

Read the ROGS blog, and use my search feature to find stories that document these links, and, read this story below to see how HIDDEN, AND OCCLUDED,AND NON~TRANSPARENT, George Soros’ and Open Society gang stalking really is.

George Soros, Open Society, Sues Hungary so That Gang Stalking NGOs Can Work Their OGS Magic In Darkness

BUDAPEST, Hungary – An international philanthropic organization founded by billionaire George Soros said Monday it has filed applications before the European Court of Human Rights and Hungary’s Constitutional Court to challenge recent laws in Hungary targeting civic groups working with refugees and asylum-seekers.

James Goldston, director of the Open Society Foundations’ legal team, told The Associated Press that the legal action is aimed at countering laws “designed to intimidate and silence independent voices in Hungary.”

The Open Society Foundations support some of the civic groups targeted by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s unyielding anti-immigration policies.

Hungary passed in June legislation dubbed “Stop Soros” that threatens to incarcerate for up to one year people helping asylum-seekers. In July Hungarian lawmakers approved a 25 percent tax on financial or material support for groups promoting migration.

“The tax law is so broadly written that the Hungarian government could target virtually all funding for rights groups and civil society even if a small portion of the funding goes to migration,” Goldston said from New York in a telephone interview. He said he hoped the ECHR would deal with the case “sooner rather than later” due to the “critical” situation in Hungary

Then, extra points for noticing that a Chinese billionaire~and a competitor of men like Soros~ was entrapped in a classic honeypot sting that included a rape charge based in a drunk girls text messages, – in MINNESOTA of all places!



I mean~how much proof does one need? But organized gang stalking in Hungary, and Minnesota, and the US-FVEYs is very real.

The Minnesota Electronic Peeping Toms spring a shotgun~by~slander~DVIC wedding on yet another unaware man:

What is "political psychiatry in a police state," for the win!: Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment

Organized gang stalking is widely believed to be the “hidden”actions of our totally corrupt police and security, and intelligence communities, waging a sort of pre-emptive strike against Constitutional due processes, with the net effect of disrupting actual democracy, so that the criminal “deep state”elements of police institutions, and other agencies can usurp the machinery of democracy for their own purposes.
It even has several proper names, ranging from “high policing”aka political policing, to its more widespread and more unchecked, rampant, and abusive domestic partner in political crime, “counter-intelligence stalking.”
And so, with .little surprise, we see Rod Rosenstein (which does NOT rhyme with Frankenstein, or Golem)squirming like a horsehair worm in a crickets head, having been caught hot-micc’ed and red-handed, trying to illegally wiretap a sitting president.
And all this, while another vagina-faced Democrat MaxiPad For Liberty rolls out YET ANOTHER fake rape in a slander campaign.
Is it just me, or is something smelling sort of, um, fishy in the DVIC?
Maybe thats because the entire Gay Mafia and its brethren and sisterns in gang stalking that was birthed by Nikki Craft, and other pseudo-feministshere, or here, or here, and here, as well as anywhere else you look in Americas politics are cancerous, like herpes ridden Tasmanian Devils, from New Zealand, where the FVEYs maintains a lustening post from butt-boy Peter Thiels bedroom.

Seana Sperling, web writers, ADLification, and gang stalking.

What is organized gang stalking?
[Post in progress]
Lets start by demonstrating what gang stalking IS NOT:
Ms. Sperling~ I have seen the things written about you online, going back as far as 2008, where~apparently~ you were gang stalked in Seattle, WA.
And, while what you write about here and here in the piece accompanying the video above is, for the most part, solid, well sourced, and fact oriented work, the case you describe here in the video above IS NOT ORGANIZED GANG STALKING, and here is why:
1-only one person stalked and harassed the victim. And, while city/state/federal employees are most frequently cited as being gang stalkers, who utilize connections with corrupt law enforcement and milutary, and poltiical figures to gang stalk people, there is no evidence of this here~especially considering that a judge found the stalker and harasser guilty, unlike the cases of Bob Deis,or Rick and Lucinda Krlich, who were staljed by police and firemans mobs; and this ongoing obscenity of Kai the Hitchhiker who has sat in jail in New Jersey for 4.5 yearsongoing obscenity of Kai the Hitchhiker who has sat in jail in New Jersey for 4.5 years after he encountered a rapist fron the gay mafia, that rapisr, allied with the typical gang stalkers in that local community, aka Rotary club members, local prosecutors, and dirty cops. And, the cases of Jeff Pataky, or Andy Ostrowski, and many more provide ample evidence of these cases of our totally corrupted police forces around the country.
2- while the case you highlighted in the video is creepy, its nothing like what happened to NYPD whistle blower Adrian Schoolcraft (and I will leave you to wonder why a movie was made about Frank Serpico, but likely, Schoolcraft will never get a Hollywood heroes welcome : hint-tribal-religious-sectarian racists run Hollywood, AND New York), or the case of Julia Davis, the DHS whistle blower, because, provably in both cases, multiple agencies ranging from CIA to DHS to local police and community stalking mobs were involved.

What is a smear campaign? Start with drunk frat sluts, add 30 some years… gang stalking is full of double entendres and speech taboos~and silencing

What is Christine Blasey Ford hiding?Posted by Volkosoby on 9/16/18 at 7:27 pm
Why delete all the text on Christine Blasey Ford’s bio on the Stanford website. Not suspicious at all…..
65 woman testified to his great character vs 1 lying,liberal nut job…..nice try
Litigating the past, via slander, and he said-she said from drunk people:fuck these cunts.
Or, better yet-dont.

AMERICAS FINEST: Comey’s “sisters” in FBI pissing leaks into the face of the New Yarwk Times, MSM, like a Tel Aviv golden shower.

Witch hunt? No. But if you change just one letter….
Even the casual, or lazy ROGS reader has noted that I am an equalist-and that I give women “agency,” unlike the sectarians and occulted religious nutjobs, and faux-feminist fascists who work in “the agencies,” ranging from the NSA-Et Alphabeticus, to the crisis PR firms that stalk us, and bomb us with media, and online with one manufactured terrorist, or boogie MAN crisis or another.
And, that while I was once a liberal-progressive, I was never a Vagina Hat wearing moron, or anything close to a Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), or Anti Defamation League (ADL)Hate Manufacturing Industry (HMI)donor.
And, of those casual readers, even they must have noticed that organized gang stalking denialists and perpetrators are very frequently women( see here, here, here, here, and anywhere else you look online or offline.)
Then, increasingly, we see the term “witches” thrown around every time some deluded political criminal like useful idiot Reality Winner who got crapped on by the ADL sponored The Intercept, or some sex-biased and privileged yellow journalist like Marcy Wheeler does something cowardly and unethical; or, when a guy rams a rented truck into something, like Michael Chadwick Fry did in Texas, after he was stalked for many years by what he says were female deputies~nee “witches”, after he witnessed a questionable deputy-involved murder, where he believed he was targeted, rather than the man who was murdered.
So, yeah: this due process free Fusion Center derived organized gang stalknig, and all of its accompanying “high heels policing”really is THAT BIZARRE.
But not neccessarily MORE bizarre than the FBI leaking like the U.S.S. Liberty, in 1967; or even alternative journalism turning piss yellow, like much of the MSM today, including the INTERCEPT.
Golden Showers, indeed– Peter “the Stroke”Strzok, and Lisa “Peed-My Size-13-Maxi-pad-for-You” Page leaked emails smell like a Girl Scout camp outhouse.
And, I am certain the only fumes around here are wafting from those high heeled, high policing political police, aka the Americas Political Police and Domestic Violence Industrial Complex Overseers(APPDVICO, sounds like RICO), the organization formerly known as the Federal Bureau of Instigation

Trump is NOT fuming over anything, compared to the wafting odor of the DVIC and its smelly cesspool of a diaper that they have swaddled around “Its For the Children”

New messages between ex-FBI lawyer Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have been revealed

One text states ‘our sisters have begun leaking like mad’
Another mentions the ‘times doing a story about the rnc hacks’
Strzok was fired after an Inspector General’s report came down on the FBI lovers for anti-Trump texts
‘This should never have happened but we are learning more and more by the hour,’ Trump wrote
He quoted from a Fox News commentator who called it a ‘cesspool of corruption’
President Donald Trump inveighed Thursday against the release of more texts from former FBI lawyers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that referenced people in the government ‘leaking like mad.’
The president brought up the 2016 messages a day after they appeared in a Fox News report that dug up still more texts from the former FBI officials, following an earlier release of anti-Trump texts.
In one of them, Strzok, a former member of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, tells Page that ‘our sisters have begun leaking like mad.’

Red collar crime: Organized gang stalking, mysterious bankster deaths, forensic investigator Frank S. Perri explore a hidden crime

A Shocking Number of Killers Murder Their Co-workers, according  to  forensic  accountant,  and  defense  attorney Frank S.Perri.

-Homicide is the third-most-prevalent cause of workplace death.
Rene Chun
October 2018 Issue of The Atlantic magazine online
Here’s an icebreaker for the next office party: The third leading cause of workplace death—behind “falls to a lower level” and “roadway collisions with other vehicles”—is homicide.
This sobering data point comes courtesy of the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics study on fatal occupational injuries. What’s behind all this shooting (the leading m.o. of workplace murderers, according to the study) and “stabbing, cutting, slashing, piercing” (the runner-up category)? News reports point to doomed love triangles and disgruntled co-workers. Another cause, however, has been largely overlooked: fraud. Imagine a boss who kills his assistant to keep a Ponzi scheme afloat, or a crooked accountant who poisons an especially thorough auditor. In the world of CFEs (certified fraud examiners), these offenses have their own, pulpy label: red-collar crime.
Frank S. Perri, a CFE and defense attorney who teaches forensic accounting at DePaul University, coined the term after working on a murder case in 2005, an embezzlement scam that ended with a salesman—Perri’s client—convicted of smashing his partner’s skull with a claw hammer……
-from The Atlantic, October 2018

Many gang stalking denialists have either an extremely limited grasp on how pervasive, intrusive, and frequently, political investigations have permeated society, or, like Mike McPhate, Laura Yan, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, Elizabeth Dietrich, David V. james, and Dr. Mike Wood, etc, they are only aware of the obvious scapegoats and KNOWN gang stalkers, Scientologists, while coddling the gang stalkers among their own academic cults, like Nikki Giovanni, who  was instrumental in  the  cry-bullying of the  Virginia  Tech mass shooter, oraward  winning academic Avital Ronell, who is on  record threatening  a gay student with interstate  stalking,  slander,  and  a  whisper  campaign.
So, its  easy  to miss  the links between  organized  gang  stalking,  and  reality, when, like  these mentioned  above, are an  integral part of  this practice.
Here is just  a  very, very short list  of  organized stalking cases  where individuals were  bullied  and  slandered at the  academuc level, directly  related to  colleges, and professors  who use  and  abuse  their  power,  as  well  as  wage hidden  campaigns of  slander  about  students that  eventually  involve complicit police:
1- Mathew Riehl, 
An  Asian-American  who  was stalked  across  state lines,  and  eventually murdered in  his own  home,  after  extensive  police  stalking.
2- Jared Loughner,
Who is perhaps the most  famous  case of academic  stalking,  where cry-bullies  actively  worked  to  frame  an individual  and  censor his speech  BEFORE he went  ballistic. His  “victim,”not  incohincidentally, is  the  darlung  of  gun  control,  Gabby  Giffords,  an AIPAC  darling  as  well.
3- The  Virginia Tech  shooting,  covered extensively as a documented academic  stalking  perpetrated by crybully  and Professor  Nikki  Giovanni,  and  many other  academics,as  they  bullied  and  harassed  a  student  with  a  learning  disability. And, this case was covered by Dr. Kenneth Westhues as an academic mobbing.
5 the  recent thwarted  academic mobbing of  a  student  in the case of Professor Fuck Your Life Finklestein
6-pick  a mass  shooter-ANY mass  shooter-and  find your own links, to  thought polucing,  word .polucing, and  academic gang  stalking, which appear in  some  80% of  these  cases.
So~ their is  overwhelming and indisputable evidence  that political  interests are  involved in  the organized, systematic  assaults on individuals.
So~as  far as Dr.  Mike  Wood is concerned,  OGS is some kund  of  delusion-his  theory  is that those  who  report  OGS  are crazy, despite  overwhelming  evidence that academuc mobbing  is  a major feature  in  the  cases  above.
Here,  go over to  his blog where  he  actively  dispenses  conspiracy by perpetuating  the  “Q” B.S., while  denying  OGS, and  have  a  read  through this thread  here, and .note  how NOT deluysional  the  complaints  of  OGS  victims  are.
Then,  have  a look  at  the  “mysterious” deaths of  some  72 bankers by  strange  suicides,  repirted by the  MSM,  and here, from the New York Post.
Or,  what  Frank S. Perri might  call Red-collar  crimes.
Because, .like  gang  staljing,  where  ine  of the main  claims is that targets  will  be  driven  to  forced  suicide, red  collar  crime demonstrates the  truth  of it…..

Heres what the cyber-stalkers are Googling today(and,I get weird letters, part 2202): frances wilkes stone mountain targeted

They are also Googling the following [this is a rough draft post]:

ibm gangstalking
organized stalkers informant
sueing police an community for gang stalking harrassment
como se comunican los gang stalkers
ibm gang stalking
new mexico gangstalking
frances wilkes stone mountain targeted

Is gang stalking online and offline real? Who finances gang stalking? What happens to gang stalking targets?
DO NOT ASK FRANCES WILKES, formerly of Stone Mountain Georgia~ hes dead.
But, like many in the online/offline world of gangstalking, he encountered actual poison, which is one of the online threats that gang stalkers make to their victims, using para-language, and auto-antonymal language, and language cues, aka NLP.
Here are a few examples where discussions of poison take place associated with OGS,and often associated with one or another military/IC/police/domestic law enforcement hoax, or other “hidden,privileged law enforcement”function, and sometimes actual deaths:
1-the recent Texas hoax,that took place right in front of a police precints door, and is a proven hoax/lie/deliberate disinformation.
And,in another demonstration of how ridiculous gang stalking is, the number 13, Catholics, and Baptists are mentioned, and occultism is involved at the institutional level, as Americas religious fanatics are every bit as terroristic as any others.
2- Julia Davis, a DHS whistle blower who was targeted,literally, with dozens of investigations, and ACTUAL Blackhawk helicopters hoveringin front of her house (no shit-gang stalking is THAT bizarre)and a link to poison. Snd, the net result of those fraudulent investigations is that they discovered NOTHING except a whistle blower, at home, terrified BY state institutions.
3-the Mossad (who work in the US alongside US task farces, as well as feeding information derived from NSA switched networks that monitor US citizens to Fusion Centers; And also in SWAT teams at protests targeting dissidents),and their world-wide networks of “sayanim” use poison to assassinate people,in contravention of international law, and treaties, but so does everyone else in the IC,such as the CIA, Mi5, and Russia(it is equally likely that Russia poisoned its dissenters as it is any other IC agency, or banksters, for that matter.)
So, I did cursory research and found these things, which you too can research:
Wilkes and his family-line live in and around major KuKluxKlan associated areas like Florida,Alabama, Georgia, and even in interesting areas full of American jingoism laden lore,like Wilkes-Barre, PA.
And, there is also a link between people who collect Nazi memorabilia, and gang stalking by publicly financed police and fire persons, as I have demonstrated here, in this piece where we see military elements,police, fireman, and actual gangs WORKING TOGETHER in California.
And they have many mugshots,forpetty crimes,or self-abusive behaviors, and so on- exactly the types of targets that the One Percent holds up in effigy, to hide their own sickness, and degeneracy~ I mean whoever “they” are,this One Percent.
These areas also host other hate and propaganda groups, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which hides Jewish racism behind “causes,”while exploiting black people with impunity.
The SPLC also sits like a WASP on a carcass of political PAC styled donations,and hosts a site where they monitor every form of “hate,” except their own,disguised as wealthy donors, and this form.of racism hides behind a huge money pot which is used for political influence operations, and media placements, while seldom,if ever, taking any serious court cases thatget to the SCOTUS.
I also discovered links to inter-generational poverty in the American south being exploited by all races, but primarily, that wealthy Jews and whites have had “dominion” over blacks there since slavery times.
So,in that light, and in the spiritof expising cockroaches and other verminon all sides.of Americas diseased rats in the social closets, and after the hacking of thisblog last month, I have newer, even more weird email “Pals”
Here, from today alone, someone who claims they will use my entire blog, sans copyright, without my permission (actually two.personas, one of whichsends alink to Criptex email, whichhas a laughable internet presence):

This morning at the outside 7AM meeting.. Amxxxxx’s name was mentioned. Account has only been up for 2 days. The two speaking were using the word Ambyr to describe something that could only be the color pink… With the “tone” of we have exposed “her” alias already. She’s been attending meetings just outside of the Bohemian Network and speaking sharing the stories of various 12_step related deaths and suicides as if they were still alive. She’s attempting to awaken sleeper’s inside of the circle.This has made the elder’s in the respond by gas-lighting and using mob-mentality and CIA/ICE/MS-13 counter-parts to stalk, threaten and bully her out of the rooms.

And here is persona number two which is actually the first that wrote,and whose name I have obscured above; and.note that these writers are connected to my criticism.of Americas totally corrupt polucing schema directly associated with various sheriffs departments using OGS to garnertheir shitty communities some federal funds via the bloated DVIC/PIC pipeline.
also directly related to how police abuse people who are attempting to “get clean,” in cultish 12-Step AA,NA, EtcA, none.of which are actually anonymous at all:

Michael Chadwick Fry, Texas,High Policing v. low policing, and witches

Michael Chadwick Fry, the guy who rammed a pickup truck into a news station claimed that female sheriffs deputies were stalking, and harassing him after he witnessed a deputy-involved shooting in 2011, that killed an unarmed man in cold blood.
Michael Chadwick Fry claimed that hidden operators online or off were trying to murder him after he witnessed a deputy involved shooting in Texas.
And, Michael Chadwick Fry used the terms “witches,”and “female deputies” equally on his rudimentary attempt to bring attention to what is colloquially called “organized gang stalking,”and mobbing, and cause stalking, etc.

Related Story: John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute has documented Two Tiered America,and the un-Constitutional nature of DVIC court rooms,and the tactics and methods of “community policing,” where private databases from mental health courts, drug courts,domestic violence courts, family courts, are being inter-linked,and secret, private data shared in policing in the gray area of law, un-checked by any courtcase of record, aka”organized gang stalking”.

So, we see clear, evidentiary links to Texas and feminist gang stalking, starting with Nikki Craft, and we see links to feminist gang stalking AND word polucing offirst amendment protected speech,in the case of this guy,Matt Riehl, who was gang stalked for years by crybullies and cops from multiple states, and this guy and many others too, as police utilize womens groups much like some in the FBI,and sherrifs departments once used the KuKluxKlan,but these new Kommunity Kulture Klubs have in fact, replaced the KKK,according to the Hate Industry spokespersons and profiteers.

The good news, however, is that ROGS has been telling readers for just over one year that OGS and DVIC “high heels policing” are one and the same.
Here are two ROGS posts below about how world famous feminist icons are logistically, statistically, and empirically connected to notorious cases of mass shootings, or gang stalkings:
These women who literally belong to secret societies, like the Order of the Eastern Star in Nikky Giovannis case, and well connected female law enforcement, academic and other stalker related threats and actions in the case of Avital Ronell, who is being sued by a gay student who claims-with solid evidence- that she threatened to use her power in academic networks to destroy his career.
And, here in my own case, we see nameable and named scummy DVIC trough slurping,and community policing apparatchiks attempting to blackmail me, the author of this blog during an election year, and here, we see my discussions about women in secret societies, and NGOs like like Save the WimenZ and Other White Whales
So, unlike this poor fellow Michael Chadwick Fry, who spent years of his life in various jails in Texas-without being convicted of ANY CRIME in any of his many stays in these jails-ROGS has noted that something stinks in the for-profit, DVIC high heels policing.

You see, in most states in America, for-profit prisons have usurped due process for millions of individuals who never see a jury trial.
Related Story: John Whieheads Rutherford institute, and the Harvard Law Review agree that there is a shadow justice system in our two tiered America, that has created neo-slavery, and debtors prisons.

Michael Chadwick Fry, Sheriff Tracy Murphree,and claims of brainwashing: I invite Mr. Frys public defender to contact me ASAP, for a ROGS BINGO card: gang stalking case study

Dear future Texas public defender of Michael Chadwick Fry: please contact me here at the ROGS blog, because you will need the free ROGS Bingo card to understand your case.
Your defendant claims that he was brainwashed, and, semantics aside, I believe him.
Your client has named some names, and he encountered odd things after witnessing a deputy involved homicide of hs friend, and your client has also named some names that in themselves have an interesting history in that area.
I would focus in on the Sheriffs department media spokesperson too, because Fry (apparently) named him prominently on his flyers, and that person has an interesting academic history. I can testify with unimpeachable evidence that I have encountered these same types acting in undercover capacity to skirt the law.
And as we see in nearly ALL cases where claims of of mind control and influence operations, or gang stalking operations are presented, so we see that Fry was attempting to garner media attention to an attemp to frame him somehow, and even states that he was the intended target of an institutional homicide.

Related Story: Nearly all major mass shooter events, and other “odd”cases like this reveal that these men and boys partcipated in alternative media and counter-narrative.
We ALSO see that alleged shooters are frequently “on police radar” for years and years as they are stalked inline and off, but ALSO that many-ranging from Omar Mateen whose father was an FBI informant and also had an alternative news show, to Mathew Riehl who used Facebook, and many more were in fact, stalked by local, state and federal poluce but ALSO that their web pages are webscrubbed after their events, often at the direct request of Israel.

And while these claims initially look like classic “delusions,” I urge you to bear with me, as I am prepared to offer you free assistance to understand his claims, and also, organized gang stalking~and please, read this article first, about a media hoax in your area that attempts to discredit people who claim they are under an influence operation.
You see: your client has all the signs and symptoms of being what is colloquially called a “targeted individual of organized gang stalking”and the “symptoms”likely appeared just AFTER witnessing the homicide of his friend, just AFTER he was railroaded multiple times, and spending many months in jail, held for aggregious amounts of time in jails-but apparently NEVER found guilty of crimes.
you might like to know that Dr.Otto Dorr Zoeggers discusses such things in context to torture here and correlates that with what can be descrubed as mind control.
All of that, good defender, is already a full ROGS BINGO, but wait! Theres much more…..

‘Wake Up America’: TX Sheriff Rants On Terror After UK Attack