What is "political psychiatry in a police state," for the win!: Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment

Organized gang stalking is widely believed to be the “hidden”actions of our totally corrupt police and security, and intelligence communities, waging a sort of pre-emptive strike against Constitutional due processes, with the net effect of disrupting actual democracy, so that the criminal “deep state”elements of police institutions, and other agencies can usurp the machinery of democracy for their own purposes.
It even has several proper names, ranging from “high policing”aka political policing, to its more widespread and more unchecked, rampant, and abusive domestic partner in political crime, “counter-intelligence stalking.”
And so, with .little surprise, we see Rod Rosenstein (which does NOT rhyme with Frankenstein, or Golem)squirming like a horsehair worm in a crickets head, having been caught hot-micc’ed and red-handed, trying to illegally wiretap a sitting president.
And all this, while another vagina-faced Democrat MaxiPad For Liberty rolls out YET ANOTHER fake rape in a slander campaign.
Is it just me, or is something smelling sort of, um, fishy in the DVIC?
Maybe thats because the entire Gay Mafia and its brethren and sisterns in gang stalking that was birthed by Nikki Craft, and other pseudo-feministshere, or here, or here, and here, as well as anywhere else you look in Americas politics are cancerous, like herpes ridden Tasmanian Devils, from New Zealand, where the FVEYs maintains a lustening post from butt-boy Peter Thiels bedroom.

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