Garden variety gang stalking-LITERALLY:urban gardener stalked, harassed, pedofied, defamed, jailed-then freed.

This story below is literally what organized gang stalking is.
And, get out the ROGS BINGO CARD because what follows here is a PERFECT ROGS BINGO.
The case of organized harassment by three women, targeting a man, accusations of crimes,including pedophilia,actual charges of stalking,REAL ESTATE, and nearly every other feature of OGS that has been described online and off in millions of videos,blogs, chat rooms,legal papers,and other media.
And, it started with a whisper campaign, just like the #MeToo movement full of frauds,#fakerape,and other lies and hoaxes.
Notice that the UKs has used the words “organized,”along with “stalking,” and targeted,and harassment?
It seems that, maybe,some writers across the pond are throwing their hat in the ring, trying to get a whack at my Gary Webb Award, where I offer $1000 prize,and a trophy for those in major media that utiluze the ROGS paradigm to solve these cases, and call OGS by its proper name when reporting on the subject.
The three women made dozens of phone calls to police about Peeples during the course of 2017 and this year.

The women, who have been identified as Deborah Nash, Jennifer Morris, and Martha Callahan, apparently objected to Peeples’ garden that he planted in a vacant playground.
¿[The three white women] should be sitting at the defendant¿s table for stalking and harassment charges, not Mr. Peeples,¿ District Court Judge E. Lynise Bryant said
¿[The three white women] should be sitting at the defendant¿s table for stalking and harassment charges, not Mr. Peeples,¿ District Court Judge E. Lynise Bryant said
Nash alleged that Peeples threatened to take her home. Then she claimed that he painted ‘gang colors’ on vacant homes and trees.
She also alleged that Peeples threatened to kill her and to burn down her house.
All of these allegations were false, according to authorities.
The women were so unhappy with the garden that they ‘engaged in a very targeted and constant harassment of the young man,’ according to Bryant.
‘I found their testimony to be offensive,’ the judge said.
Eventually, Detroit police charged Peeples with stalking even though one of the officers is heard on his body cam saying that the more serious allegations against him were ‘B.S.’
Peeples said: ‘It was blatant racism.
‘They didn’t like the fact that a black man was in so-called “their” neighborhood without their permission.’
In March, Detroit police sent three squad cars after Nash alleged that Peeples threatened her with a gun.
But when officers arrived, they saw Peeples raking leaves in a nearby lot.
‘Ain’t no law against raking leaves,’ the officer is heard saying in body cam footage.

Cesar Sayoc aka Altieri: everything the “free press” wants you to know about the latest manufactured terror event, with bonus bomb-making diagrams, and THE NUMBER 13!

USA Today, one of the most widely circulated pulp papers in the USA, with a daily dubscription of 2·6 million readers wants you to know how to build a bomb, and have included a schematic diagram to encourage “copycats” to build“bomb-like devices.”
I dunno: I still remember when the alohabet agencies were framing and harassing left wing activists in the 1960-70s who owned the Anarchists Cookbook, or making sure to drop the title of that book into every single news story about mentally unstable right wing nuts who allegedly plot bombings, since the 1980s.

Related Story: Who wrote this book encouraging “radicals” to kill the police, kids? Hint-it Wasn’t the famed US army trained propagandist Theodore Giessel!
Here is a page from the Black Panther Coloring Book, courtesy of the FBI….or someone closely affiliated with it
The Black Panther Coloring Book, original edition looked like this picture here, and was a major piece of government/NGO/institution created propaganda during COINTELPRO1.0, which was a well documented assault on civil liberties,due process rights, and, a full blown assault on dissent.

Do you think that the author of the USA Today story linked above will fall under suspicion for distributing this diagram here,about how to build a(crappy)bomb?
Or-will Rupert Murdoch-the right wing owner of USA Today,fall under suspicion for allowing and encouraging his journalists to distribute this diagram here about how to build a (crappy)bomb?
Prolly not.
But the MSM authors- and even the highly credible AP-certainly also want you to know that their are “conspiracy theorists” who “theorize” that manufactured terror events are not“real,”per se.
And of course, for that,I can refer you to Art Buchwald,or, especially noted MSM investigative reporter Trevor Aaronson,who is largely credited with widely publicizing the now well documented phenomenon of FBI/DHS/via-NSA/FusionCenter community policing scum practice of “manufactured terror,” as related to what others call “entrapment schemes involving people who are vulnerable to “bullying on steroids,” like Larry Guzzino, and so many others who died or disappeared” or were declared caaaarrrrAAAAAaaszy after extensive “community policing”under the CVE rubrik of manufactured terror.
Well, heres the bomb instructions, detailing how you, too,can build a fairly useless, (crappy) bomb,kids, courtesy of USA Today, but I refuse to provide the diagram here at ROGS,lest I be accused of fomenting terror,encouraging dissent, or worse,actually inciting riotous behavior.
So,here’s what the “free press,”owned by arch conservatives, and whacky neocons who masquerade as liberals wants you to know about(crappy)bomb-making:
What we know about Cesar Sayoc, the Florida man suspected of mailing more than a dozen bombs
Ledyard King, Bill Theobald, Kevin McCoy, Brett Murphy and Ali Schmitz | USA TODAY
Cesar Sayoc: What we know about the mail bomb suspect
People who know Cesar Sayoc said they were shocked he’s suspected of mailing at least 14 explosive packages through the mail, targeting Democrats. Some describe the man as a church-goer, others as someone who worked with strip clubs.
The Florida man arrested Friday and expected to be charged in connection with the mailing of more than a dozen bomb-like devices to prominent Democrats around the country has a criminal record, including a felony charge in 2002 for threatening to “throw, project, place, or discharge any destructive device.”
Cesar Altieri Sayoc, 56, a registered Republican from South Florida, was born in Brooklyn, New York, but moved to Florida as a child, records show. He’s a 1980 graduate of North Miami Beach High School whose last known address was Aventura in Miami-Dade County, Florida.
In this undated photo released by the Broward County Sheriff’s office, Cesar Sayoc is seen in a booking photo, in Miami. Federal authorities took Sayoc, 56, of Aventura, Fla., into custody Friday, Oct. 26, 2018 in Florida in connection with the mail-bomb scare that earlier widened to 12 suspicious packages, the FBI and Justice Department said.
In this undated photo released by the Broward County Sheriff’s office, Cesar Sayoc is seen in a booking photo, in Miami. Federal authorities took … Show more
Sayoc has been identified by law enforcement authorities as being responsible for the mailings of bomb-like devices to top Democrats, including former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, according to an FBI complaint released Friday afternoon.
The latest package, found Friday, was addressed to liberal billionaire activist Tom Steyer who has spent millions calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. In a statement, Steyer confirmed the packaged mailed to him was intercepted at a mail facility in Burlingame, California.
Sayoc has been charged with five federal counts, including interstate transport of explosives, and faces a maximum 48 years in prison if convicted.
Sayoc was arrested Friday morning in Plantation, Florida, near an auto store.
Here’s what we know about him:
He has an extensive criminal record:
Online records show that Sayoc has a string of arrest records that date back to 1991 for alleged theft and drug offenses, along with traffic infractions. As recently as May 2015, he was arrested in Palm Beach for an alleged retail theft. He was found guilty in October 2015, the records show.
In 2002, according to online court records from Miami-Dade County, Sayoc was charged with threatening to “throw, project, place, or discharge any destructive device.” The records don’t detail the specific circumstances of the incident but a destructive device is described in the statute as a “bomb, grenade, mine, rock, missile, pipebomb or similar device.” Sayoc eventually was placed on one-year probation for the second-degree felony.
Suspicious packages sent to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and CNN’s NYC offices
Sayoc also was arrested in February 2004 on four counts of possession and sale of steroids, according to Broward County Court records. The charges were all dismissed in August 2005 after he had been sentenced to an 18-month probation on two counts of possession and unlawful use of a driver’s license.
Daniel Lurvey, a Miami-Dade defense attorney, represented Sayoc in two theft cases in 2013 and 2014. He described Sayoc as a pretty normal guy who didn’t seem the type to mail suspected pipe bombs.
“If I went down my list of clients and you said pick the Top 20 that you think might be capable of this, he wouldn’t even be close,” Lurvey told the Naples Daily News. “Something was going on, but if you sat with him and spoke with him you wouldn’t walk away thinking he was a violent guy or be concerned for your safety.”
Fort Lauderdale-based attorney Daniel Aaronson said he represented Sayoc in several criminal cases, including one in which the defendant was accused of stealing a suit from a retail store and was charged with battery after being tackled by a store detective. Aaronson said he stammered audibly when he first learned Friday that Sayoc had been arrested and charged in the bomb investigation.
“I don’t believe I’ve ever represented anybody that was more respectful towards me and more polite than he was,” Aaronson said in a telephone interview. “It is so out of my belief that he could do something like this. It’s not one of these things where I would say to you, ‘I was waiting for something like this to happen.’ It’s the complete opposite. I would never think he would do violence to another person.”
He filed for bankruptcy in 2012
Sayoc filed for bankruptcy, in June 2012. At the time, he was living with his mother and owed more than $20,000 to creditors, mostly banks, records show.
His total employment income the year before was just over $7,500. And he had collected about $16,000 in unemployment between 2009 and 2010, according to the bankruptcy records.
Sayoc also lost his Fort Lauderdale home in a foreclosure in September 2009, according to court records. He filed for bankruptcy protection in June 2012. The court records in that case state he had just $4,175 in assets, including a 2001 Chevy Tahoe with 285,000 miles, and $21,109 in liabilities.
More: Trump praises law enforcement for apprehending suspect in suspicious package case
More: Man in custody in relation to the 12 bomb-like packages identified as Cesar Sayoc
He spewed strong feelings on social media
Sayoc is linked to Twitter accounts vilifying Democrats, particularly liberal donor George Soros (who received one of the packages) and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum.
Recent activity in what appear to be two social media accounts belonging to Sayoc paint a picture of a staunch supporter of Trump and Ron DeSantis, the GOP nominee for governor who the president has endorsed, as well as Republican Gov. Rick Scott. Other posts vilify Gillum, Tallahassee’s mayor, who is locked in a fierce batttle with DeSantis.
A Wednesday post included an anti-Gillum meme with the caption “$500,000 SOROS PUPPET” and a photo of the liberal philanthropist George Soros, who has contributed to Gillum’s campaign and had a bomb delivered to his home this week, holding a puppet meant to resemble Gillum.
Other posts criticize the Clintons and accuse David Hogg, one of the survivors of the Parkland school shooting earlier this year of working with Soros to oust Republcians from Congress.
He had trouble with businesses
Sayoc listed his employment as store manager of Hassanco Investments in Hollywood, Florida, from his bankruptcy filing. He received unemployment benefits in 2009 and 2010, the filing stated.
Online Florida business records show that Sayoc in September 2016 registered as the manager for a new Hallandale Beach, Florida, business called Native American Catering & Vending LLC. The state listed the business as inactive last month.
He also previously was the president of a Hallandale Beach company called Proud Native American One Low Price Drycleaning, the state business records show. Registered in 2001, that business was declared inactive the following year, the records show.
He made his feelings known while driving
Sayoc also drove a white van, according to the FBI complaint laying out the case against him.
The windows of Sayoc’s van were covered with images including images critical of CNN. Television stations and social media showed images of an impounded white van whose back and side windows were blanketed with pro-Trump and anti-Democrat stickers.
CBS Evening News tweeted an image of the van:
Contributing: Ryan Mills, Ana Ceballos, Naples Daily News; Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY
Online and social diagram details the basic components used in the bomb-like devices that have been delivered to political figures in the past few days.
Online and social diagram

Police, prostitution, and politics: gang stalking is endemic in police and political culture

For those following along, you will note that my personal story intersects with the state at the site of a young prostitute that I naively once, tried to“save”by attempting to marry her.
That is an entirely different, and far more interesting novel, but suffice it to say that she was the daughter of a white conservative county sherrif, and that her prostitution was at all levels intersected by social workers, psychologists, treatment centers, and more-that entire DVIC industries neither helped her substantively, or otherwise curtailed her activity, which likely continues to this day.
She herself was pimped, and sold to Americas system of Slavery By Another Name.
Because, in fact, whole DVIC industries preyed upon her as much as any pimp or john ever did, and these DVIC industries got paid massive sums of money, while the young prostitute got food stamps, and crappy dwellings to live in.
So-it was also her that first told me of a mysterious, well connected gang that always seemed to know where she was this bothered her so badly, that she, too, did desperate things, and was repeatedly deemed “mentally ill.”
And, I too became a target of these hidden actors, and more, but also discovered that the mafias of Nevada control both police, AND prostitution, and ate behind most/all dialogues on the topic around the US, orotecting their racket INSIDE NV, by taking anti-prostitution stances OUTSIDE LV, like the SESTA bill, and more.
In the era of cell phones, and Edward Snowdens reveals, we know with certainty that we are all followed 24/7 by the NSA itself, trickling data to the alphabet agencies, who trickle it to lical law enforcement.
One might ask-in the pre-internet era, though-how did “they”know where targets were at?
The simple answer, is that in those days, only poluce, fire, and then, state and institutional welfare workers ranging from the food stamp/card/cash programs, to the subsidiary industries of medical, social work, psycholigists, etc.-only these were interlinked substantively.
So, here, below, I invite you, the reader, to see how vops, and judges daughters and sons are preyed upon by pimps;and note how those pimps are frequently mere pawns between other cops and judges-and CPS/social workers/psycholigists, etc.
This story deminstrates the absurdity of the failed American political system, rotten to its core, putrified by police, and other DVIC beneficiaries who use children, generation after generation, as sources of revenue.

Daughters of police, judges lured into prostitution (by the sons and daughters of other cops and judges)

Dana Gentry –
June 6, 2018
Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melanie Tobiasson says she gave Metro Police detectives a road map that may have prevented three murders involving the sex trade, but vice detectives, under investigation by the FBI for allegedly protecting pimps, failed to act. Tobiasson drew criticism from friends and foes alike when she alleged on KLAS-TV in April that pimps are targeting the children of cops and judges.
LV Justice of the Peace Melanie Tobiasson
While the Nevada Current can’t substantiate whether that’s true, we found half a dozen young women, all children of current and former law enforcement officers or judges, who are or were connected to the sex trade – five of them to the same crime ring.
Among them, Morgan Leavitt, who also goes by Fitzpatrick, daughter of Judge Michelle Leavitt; sisters Frankie and Aryanne Zappia, step-daughters of retired Metro officer Dano Giersdorf; the daughter of a Metro officer who the Current is not identifying because she was underage at the time of her involvement; and Sarah Tobiasson, Judge Tobiasson’s daughter, who the judge says she rescued from the brink of prostitution. The sixth young woman, Hannah Swanson, is the daughter of former FBI agent Roland Swanson, who is now the Chief Investigator for Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt.
Why would pimps, who generally attempt to steer clear of law enforcement and the judiciary, target the children of cops and judges?

Do targeted individuals have a sense of humor?

Of course the TIs laugh! Every time they pull the trigger….*
Thats TI humor! Dark, and black, but not sadistic and predatory like perp humor, which you can find here.
No-most targeted individuals are aware that the very systems that were put in place to ensure checks and balances in democracies are toast now, since “good people” tossed the guarantees of civil rights and due process for “bad people”.
Only problem is, the lists, and lists of lists of the latter category keep growing.
Now, theres two categories of TIs: white toast, and wheat.
Theres even mixed marble rye toast, in the case of Asian American Matt Riehl, who was gang stalked in Colorado, after a college, and local/state and other police stalked him for years, trying to convince him that he was the problem, rather than slander campaigns, institutional bullying, and the suspension of civil liberties, and due process rights under DVIC high heeled policing.
Hell, theres even kosher rye toast, when we include Dr. Moss David Posner, who died around the time the DHS ramped up these gray area political policing schemes.
Well, TIs, because we know that organized gang stalking in the “free” countries of the west isnt “real,” now go forth, flying monkeys! Do what comes naturally-its like playing whackamole,and its even more fun when you name names.
And remember, TIs, gang stalking is NOT A REAL THING,so even if you do name names, and target those who have targeted
you-its not ha spy ppening-its not real, ok?
SO, no one can really get hurt in your delusional, fictional, security theater controlled world. Remember-the professionals all agree….
In the meantime, eat this TI sand-witch instead- a good dose of humor, about how President Obama used the secret service and other agencies, in “community policing” to gang stalk people, and how he used the vast NSA-toFusion Center-to-squad car to target, and harass people.
But try not to get too caught up in this web of “connections.”
From Reddit- Obama era spying, “on steroids,” and a few other things….
He spied on a still unknown amount of American citizens. In secret as the money to pay people had to come from somewhere.
What to remember is you don’t spy on one man. You spy on all the people around that one person.
That’s thousands of people.

Yes. No one talks about the IRS being weaponized against conservative groups.

Maybe if they just pay taxes, there would be no problem.

You obviously have no clue what this was even about. I cannot believe how ignorant the media has made people. Sad. Please educate yourself for the good of our country.

You forgot your /s

Just in case this was in good faith.

Its easy to get donors and deals when youve got dirt on everyone.

watergate on steroids drinking a red bull

That just got done smoking crack.
2020 Vision

While freebasing heroin.

and a shot of adrenalin to its heart.


And a D in each hand

Chasing it all down with nazi-Hungarian jizz

after doing choice bath-salts with John McAfee


who was,at the time, receiving a rusty trombone from Ol’ No-Name
• •

While riding atop a two-headed unicorn farting rainbows.
• • •

And topping it off with a shroom cupcake frosted with PCP

and two in the mouth?


And one in the stink.

While injecting Meth directly into the veins!
No Steppy

chomping on a roll of Narcan tablets


And getting body slammed by BIG Mike

With extra walnut sauce

I don’t know that we’ll ever be able to tell. Watergate got shut down pretty quick. Nobody wanted impeachment hearing because both sides were afraid of the dark shit that could’ve come out.
*mass shooters, many of whom have claimed targeted harrassment, like Omar Mateen, Cosmo Setepenra, Robert Louis Dear, Maw Riehl, Devin Kelley, and more (this case here provides an explainer) these men and an occasional woman, are the extreme outliers of targeted individual cases. On a Bell curve, they are barely noticeable.
However, because targeting is international, and also because of programs like JTRIG and other Mi5/CIA/NSA selective monitoring and targeted harassment, we know that millions are targeted around the world, while mass shooters/crashers/butter-knife weilders are not even statistically significant enough to even include in the actual TI “community.”

FBI caught with its pants down, and its game wide open in Asia-is that really a bad thing?!?

My regular readers(two Mormonish types named Ed and Celeste)will quickly recognize how the occulted FBI related stories below are a centerpiece to my personal gang stalking by political elements from the right and the left of Americas dysfunctional political system, its totally corrupted police, NGOs full of weeping, gnashing, sharp toothed (and extremely DVIC-hungry) vaginas like these,and many other types of gang stalkers.
Here, story one, from a reputable online news source, the Wall Street Journal:

FBI Personnel Recalled from Asia Amid Probe Into Prostitution, Partying
Justice Department’s inspector general is examining the allegations, involving employees in cities in East and Southeast Asia
By Aruna Viswanatha
Updated Oct. 11, 2018 7:29 p.m. ET

And, here’s a few more stories below.
I will let my avid reader connect bthe dots between prostitution/narrative control/pornography/compromised assets/bizarre CVE programs/and other gang stalking issues, like the Electronic Peeping Toms, Tims, and Tinas of Minnesota, for example; or the weird connections between Fusion Centers in the states I have named using, abusing and mis-using the illegally obtained data of US citizens for political purposes.
Trevor Aaronson covers the sloppy, smelly, interconnected (incestuous?) nature of todays DVIC centered factions in the FBI which monitors href=””>political dissent from within the gray areas of speech policing of men, primarily caught up in the DVIC net of Slavery By Another Name known in our vernacular as family courts),where the agency is just slightly less criminal than those it seeks to label as criminals, but in final analysis reveals itself to be politically motivated, and acting without any actual oversight whatsoever.
And, hence, more criminal than criminals, or in the least, acting in a manner repugnant to the Constitution AND international laws and treaties. Mr. Aaronson, in the story below, is describing a corrupt/corrupting racist faction within the FBI and its related community snitch program.
Aaronson is also the Executive Director, Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, and one of the first respectable journalists to describe “manufactured terrorism:”
Love and Loathing in Las Vegas
Inside a Sleazy FBI Sting Involving Diet Clinics, Fitness Models, Money Laundering, and a Supposed Plot to Hire a Hitman

Note how the Asian-American FBI is particularly sloppy, and particularly immature, risking lives,and risking moral higher ground at every opportunity- but especially notice howincestuos they are, just like Mormons.
Then, search through ROGS here for posts about Asians, and their participation in community clubs like Kids For Ca$h, and the Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Rotary clubs,etc……interesting Asian people like Frank Tomota,and Ed the Rosie-Palm Pilot and this gentle lotus flower from the San Gabriel Valley, of California, a former LA county coroner affiliate with EXTENSIVE connections in freemasonry, policing, and NGOs, and who has online OSINT skills, to understand OGS better.
Because, remember- OGS isnt real, right? All the official sources like noted doctors from the Prison Industrial Complex, like the good doctor Lorraine “te Gayz Lives Me!” Sheridan, and her man-rag, David V. James (rhymes with anal pains) agree that OGS is a delusion.
So, name all the names you can-because the alphabet agencies are ALL on record, officially stating that OGS is a delusion-not a real thing at all!
So-let that sink in, start naming names, and do what comes naturally after that.
Then, read this sad case, of Jane Doe Ponytail, who, apparently decided to jump out a window, just after she accused a cop of rape, and just AFTER she bought a two way ticket home to see her loving family.
Yeah-OGS really IS THAT WEIRD.
It can make the average person sound crazy if you tell sociopathic psychologists from the feelz crowd that the president of the UNITED STATES parked a limo a blick away from your hoyse, just as these types marauded through your life waging a slander campaign, assisted by local police, who you caught on film a few times.
And all of that as your cellphone is routinely jammed, or redirected, or as “unknown hidden operators” hack your computer and leave sign-in pages that direct to pogo-pins, and other odd electronics, or, this.
Yup-COINTELPRO 2·0 is messy, illegal/unconstitutional at every step, and, yes, naming names and their games is really an important 13th step to regaining the legal standing to sue these people, and their practices.
But whatever you do-shhhhhhhhh!
Dont tell anyone about witches, and witches, or more witches!

Related Story: Gay bookstore owned by a “witch” in New York attempts to put a hex on Bret Kavanaugh, and the MSM gleefully promotes the stor, as a few more men like Reagan era scapegoat, and maligned Christopher Manion wake up with butthurtz caused by the feelz crowd, the gay mafia, and corrupt security contractors (long after ROGS blog-this blog you are reading, outed womens groups and organizations as major participants in OGS)

Or, people following you around following you around, and making actual threats of one kind or another, like this case, and this guy, and these people her, ok?
I mean- shhhhh! Talking…about….it….thats a free trip to the looney bin, like Andy Ostrowski, and Adrian Schoolcraft, and so many more have gotten in the era of faux- leftists, using political policing to silence critics.

For the avid ROGS reader: please crowd source, and connect this dot-rhymes with "county coroner"

Little Jack Horner laid dead at the coroners, waiting for his stalkers tag, when along came a spider, who sat down beside her, and put her _n a size 13 _ag.

Las Vegas, gang stalking,and Frank Tomota
[UPDATE: Frank Tomotas name has been webscrubbed from this link as of June 27,2019]

LA county coroner, OSINT research, and access to the internet backbone, Infragard, etc.

And of course, some Faces of DVIC propaganda, an after death body punch, life insurance, and one sided story telling from the Eastern Star Masonic capital of the West Coast, Arcadia, CA.

Extra points for noticing how Asian gangs have infiltrated the NGOs (or vice versa, lol ), and how affiliated these are with the Rotary clubs, and agencies like the DHS and FBI there and elsewhere, waging sloppy, racist, political hits and other mayhem, as noted author Trevor Aaronson has described:

Love and Loathing in Las Vegas

Inside a sleazy FBI sting involving diet clinics, fitness models, money laundering, and a supposed plot to hire a hitman.

Yeah- something stinks in high heeled policing alright, and I am certain it is pigs in high heels.

And now, for tonights story (think Alfred Hitchcock-like narrators voice):

This is how organized gang stalking ends in Los Angeles.

Tonights story is that of a well comnnected story teller who is on record as one who “tells stories” about dead people, where we will see her here as the narrator in the following case of a guy, dying alone, homeless, after long term sleeping in an automobile/RV, delivering the after-death body punch to a deceased man.

And, much as we saw in the case of an LEIU stalekr, the former USAF liason to the Israeli Mossad cyber-stalking me on Twitter here who also “talks to the dead”, we also see other women occulted along the internet backbone, gang stalking men primarily, like the strange case of Larry Guzzino, aa mathemetician and IT professional, covered in MSM

Related Story: how ins’titutional researchers/OSINT people finders work behind the scenes pushing out dated, gender biased, lop-sided narratives of domestic violence, while upholding womens sociopathy by privileging narrative in issues of DV.

Like this woman here, beneath (plump as a pugs rump):


Google Frank Tomota(an auto technician and watch as Duckduckgo, or Google returns results where both Tomota, and Joyce Kato appear synonymously in the results literally as if they are one and the same person. Frank Tomota rambling on about DEWs, as Joyce Kato, a web profiler and investigator, formerly with the LA County Coroner, wages DVIC narratives (she is also known as,Princess Megumi in gamers forums).

Related ROGS blog posts: Who the heck is Ed, and what is the San Gabriel Valley connection to Minnesota, #fakerape, and the DVIC?

And-the Buffalo New York-Las Vegas nexus between the Morgellons psyop, the Mossad liason to the USAF, Minnesota, Ohio, Colorado, Texas, and Washington states.

Get on it, faithful reader!

I want these people investigated, and prosecuted. I have named names, provided films, photos, digital, and cyber evidence, and other biographical, and historical evidence of these connections. Get off your ass and do the flatfooting, if you can-as the DVIC high heeled policing thing has actually crimped good detective work at the Internet Firehose.

And extra points on your own ROGS Bingo card, next time around, because you will need them- I promise you that.

(*sound of rattling behind YOU, in your own cage now*)

And, extra, extra points if you can connect Frank Tomota to this story about people gang stalking in Los Angeles, or answer the question that is frequently asked by online gang stalkers, as they pose as victims of OGS:

“But where do the gang stalkers get all the cars?! How do they have access to so many fake license plates?!”

Here, from 1998, we see Mr./Ms. Tomota talking about explosions of a unique kind.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the story, kids! The story bof two valleys, and the butterfly wing effect, sweeping across the prairie, all the way to Minnesota, and beyond.

And, all .of it connected .like a dirty DVIC spiderweb, working occulted and disguised by DHS and FBIETAGENCY “CVE programs,” where Infragard agents, Fusion Centers, LEIUs, and more, wage hidden warfare on individuals who reject such a due process free totalitarian paradigm, cloaked in religious-sectarian-racist “goodguyism.”

And, the gallies of course.

UPDATE 09-04-2020: Many if not all gang stalking targets hesitate to name their stalkers, because gang stalkers are ALWAYS police /state /federal and related cranks, breaking the local and federal laws of due process, and civil procedure, including murdering their targets, as we saw recently with Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd .

And then, this bending and breaking of the law BY police and those affiliated with them causes most targets to fear to name their stalkers because their lives and livelihoods are literally at stake. So, frequently TIs adopt the gibberish occulted para -language of their stalkers instead, and become unpaid HUMINT, aka rats and snitches for state and federal agencies.

In my case, loving the constitution and its greater guarantees of civil rights; and having survived many actual and near death experiences by gunfire, and other means, my threshhold of fear is higher than the average TI.

And, so I started by doing simple cluster maps and story boards, which linked my gang of stalkers together, since they first started following me around online and off in 2004 .

Now, because gang stalkers are vested with authority, and imbued with the false confidence that their police affiliations provide, I now urge targets to notice that before pride goes a fall; and that because of their certainty that they wont be found out, they nearly ALL have sloppy OpSec,nlke,ROGS, whose OpSec is sloppy for really interesting reasons.

I ask you, the reader to go on a wild goose chase now, but instead of wild geese, I promise you will catch some highly greased flying pigs.

Web search these names, from the online resource, and Enjoy!

Temple City. Known Residents. Details Erik D Arbuthnot (818) 355-3897. Age 50. Details Haruko S Kato (626) 452-8043. Age 83. Details Joyce M Kato (310) 344-6022. Age 54. Details Peter J Kato (626) 452-8043. Age 55

I started with crackpot Deborah Matheny of Minnesota, which led me to crackpot Frank Tomota, which led me to the Los Angeles County Coroners office, where I found a hive of interesting folks at 4918 Robin Hood Avenue in Temple City, CA.

And beyond coroner Joyce Kato, named above, look at this total ROGS Bingo from that web of relations:


As I have said repeatedly, gang stalkers, like incestuous hillbillies are intergenerational, and without a single doubt, part of an FBI program. As you see, tracing the web of relations above, these all lived at the same house, over a period of decades, sometimes dating each other.

And, I urge my one dear reader to follow along, as usual, because as you are aware, these anti -constitution, anti -democracy people are causing mass homicides in the US.

Gee, I hope I dont get gang stalked for this, mom, but if I do, thanks for letting me live in your basement all those years….

What is un-organized gang stalking? Ask this dead white girl.

What organized gang stalking is in the most common terms, is “the usual” systemic police and institutional corruption, where previously hidden, routine violations of citizens, reveals itself in the electronic and digital age, online, and off.
It is endemic, institutional malignancy, captured in cyber-data, and other due process raping activity like the NSA-FVEYs-Israel data theft,and captured on film, and in databases that are routinely violated by the exact institutions and organizations charged with protecting citizens data.
OGS is, then, a huge gang bang of our most basic human rights, and civil rights of due process, and more, by the clusterfuck of the alphabet agencies, the million man army of Paul Blarts, and the associated community policing scum model of society, based on pure racism, and religious sectarianism inherent in western culture.
But most people dont know this, because, for so many millenia, the unorganized stalking,or the standard community mobbing of the “outsider” was perpetrated in the west by “insiders.”
We see that clearly in the pre-internet era as the Mormon “Whistling and Whittling Klub of Nauvoo,”or in any of the many well documented white supremacist stalkings and lynchings that fill our textbooks; and we see it clearly in the many George Soros funded NGOs and the ADL-SPLC-AIPAC-Israel slander campaigns too.
So, one cannot understand OGS without understanding its opposite: un-organized, or disorganized gang stalking.
So, lets look at the case of the pretty white girl who killed herself, after she was jailed for drunk driving.
The Story: Drink drive student, 21, killed herself in prison ‘after being forced to parade naked in front of staff’ and being bullied by other inmates
This white girl endured horrific treatment at the hands of jailers, and at the hands of fellow prisoners.
She was forced to parade naked in front of guards, and other prisoners. She was threatened, abused, and repeatedly bullied into giving away all of what little possessions she had to predatory prisoners, who acted in an unorganized, prison gang-like manner.
But guess what?
This happens to 2.3 million American men daily across the US and uncounted millions of others across the world EVERY DAY- and the banksters, and their hidden hand continuously enforce a de facto form of Slavery By Another Name, while pandering to the white and white Jewish female rape fantasy, as their votes and their ideologies build actual rape factories, aka the Prison Industrial Complex, only grow by the day.

Texas: The Prison Rape Capital of the U.S.

Related Story: poor Emma “[email protected] me in the a$$, plea$e, plea$e, plea$e” Sulcowitz made a career off of a #fakerape claim. Google her name to see how crisis PR agents from NGOs have buried the facts of the case, and the name of the man she accused of fakerape despite the fact that she pleaded, cajoled, and coerced him to [email protected] her in the a$$, and even though he was innocent.
Paul Nungesser,the victim of the honeytrap/fakerape claim later sued Columbia University, and settled for an undisclosed sum. Columbia University, one might recall, has long been a CIA front for black operations, and propaganda.
My avid readers might also note my personal nexus with a blonde Obama save-the-white-whales-and-other-#fakerape/anti-prostitution panderer and hoaxer who attended Columbia university, and then, correlate that with this long black Secret Service parade in front of my house awhile ago.

Well, anyways. What is un-organized or disorganized gang stalking?
It is what happens to men all around the world, every day, everywhere, in systemic abuses of dignity, human rights and due process violations.
And, for my part, I cannot cry too hard for the white girls and others who have no idea how bad it really is in the world for “everyone else who isnt a pretty white, or pretty Jewish girl like poor Emma “[email protected] me in the a$$, plea$e, plea$e, plea$e” Sulkowicz”
Maybe, if these types of girls, fueled by the racist rhetoric of the Professor Fuck Your Life Finklesteins of the world were slapped down a notch, and taught to fight the desperate battles that they force upon others, we might have better outcomes as a society.
And, maybe, if the FVEYs/FBI/DHS/CIA/DIA/NSA/Israel data theft pipeline took a look at how academic gang stalkings BY DVIC dollar depenent womens NGOs, and Kampus Klubs and others literally has contributed to the creation of terror, and mayhem, in cases like the Virginia Tech shooting, or the years long slander campaign against Mathew Riehl, or any of the many, many OGS incidents that have historically, and empirically been demonstrated as linked to DVIC gray area policing, and NGO/community policing, well-we might have an interesting discussion about both nationalism, and state security.

Nothing against real whores-but please,stop taking these #horsefaced lesbian linebackers seriously-seriously!

Alls fair in love and gang stalking, right?
But apparently only if all that love goes one way, and the gang stalking goes another- because a huge portion of OGS is women,hiding behind myths and stereotypes about women,and then,exploiting men.
Everywhere you look these days, some headfragged horsefaced frat slut is dragging up he said/ she said allegations from 30 years ago, and waging a slander campaign, while actual sex workers get gang stalked to death by hidden online and offline police activity, as we see in the case of Jane Doe Ponytail,and these witches(change just one letter….)cant seem to cry about it.
It happened to Brett Kavanaugh, and it happened to Al “wet rag boy”Franken, and it happened to Senator Keith Ellison– maybe its time for another Million Maligned March of a different kind, Keith? You know whereto find me, lol.
Well, for my part,I am having a chuckle- look! The President of the United States called his alleging cock-sucker porn star slanderer “horseface.”
And that, just as I named this other Dworkin-MacKinnon inspired horsefaced woman “horseface”just a few days ago.
I, for one, want to see more of these types of women locked up and raped the same way they wished upon men in the last forty years,so that they can enjoy the wonderful prison system that they built for men, but I wont hold my breath-because theres always some testosterobe charged closet queer like Hamish Brown to wage some white knightery; and hidden online speech monitors from the DHS and the FBI, working from Fusion Centers to criminalize men, and monitor child support hearings.

White slavery indeed. Witches, with certainty.

Apparently, its ok for women to call names, or slander and bully men like Matt Riehl using back stabbing behind the scenes crybullying, or any of many others using the DVIC dollar fueled police and the gay mafia to do their dirt, and wage official source slander,but for my part, yeah- Im calling bullshit on women like that, and the closet homo cops thatprotect them(hi, four star general Dean! You faggot. You can betthat aint the neighbors dog behind you next time.).
And, so is the president fed up with trial by smear campaign, and DVIC slander.
Here, below,one waffle-loafered piss yellow journalist from the New York Daily News takes yet another cowardly swipe at a woman in the Maxithin disguise of“defending”a two faced horse faced whore- and misses the irony completely.

By: Rex “Rectum Riter”Ruppke
To First Lady Melania Trump:
I am writing to inform you that your husband, President Donald Trump, just sent out a tweet referring to a female U.S. citizen as “horseface.

Murder by gang stalking?: Jane Doe Ponytailapparently commits suicide after filing rape charge against cops,who use CIA demographics unit intel.

The New Yarwk Times is a highly discredited failing enterprise and as such,has resorted to puss-yellow journalism, such as we see with Mike McPhate mocking, and deriding the poor, the disenfranchised, and the homeless in his now infamous OGS hit piece.
Then,there’s Bari “Baruch Goldsteins Revenge” Weiss, who wears size 13 Swastika shaped Maxipads to justify her racism and distorted misanthropic vision ofjournalism, aka “the weaponozed smear campaign.”
But occassionaly, even yellow journalists get it right, and here, we see the strugglung NYT digging into a case where a girl who was raped by a cop,is killed by another cop, and all of that as an organized posse, hidden operations online and off,and even CIA styled demographics analyses are in play.
Suicide by Cop takeson newmeaning in the gang stalking dialectic, doesntit?
And- get out the ROGS bingo card in these cases.
Chinese sex worker jumps out window,holding two-way plane ticket?
On the narrow balcony, barely two feet deep, she keeps a broom, a bucket and a small blue stool. Up she steps — and now she is falling, plunging toward the hard tenth of a New York mile that is 40th Road.
A tenth of a mile. Where Mandarin trumps English and a glance trumps the spoken word. Where sex is sold beside cloudy tanks of fish and crabs. Where seedy quarters controlled by local powers are rented to illicit massage operations, and the police make sporadic sweeps, and immigrant women are arrested again and again, and few in this city take notice.
Gravity prevails.
The undercover officer, his job done, exits the building and turns right — at the very moment that the woman who has just offered him intimacy for money hits the pavement at his feet. A woman known along 40th Road as SiSi, but whose given name was Song Yang.

Frame jobs, Honeytraps,organized gang stalking, and FVEYs~Israel data theft mayhem

How bizarre is organized gang stalking?
Read through my blog here, and search for posts about entrapment.
Then, have a look at how a Chinese billionaire name Liu Qiandong was setup and framed as a rapist,in Minnesota,which is an American state that is on record gang stalking journalists,and which derives its entire economy from DVIC and #fakerape social engineering (and add extra points to your ROGS BINGO card if you are aware that this state also houses descendants of Jewish pimps who were/are integral in White Slavery, prohibition era crime, and todays domestic violence industrial complex (DVIC), including Israeli involved workplace shootings, in the case of Andrew Engeldinger and the Accent Signage shooting).
Then,notice that the prudish,cunty,horse-faced Gretchen Carlson is integral to phrasing all non-Lutheran, non-Eastern Star affiliated and approved sexual contact as sexual harassment or#fakerape,and then- take a deep breath……
Because the NSA-FVEYs-Israel data theft pipeline is full of greasy bearded, baldheaded blackmailing cockroaches,one of whom advertises a service where they plot sexual honey traps.
See what happens when those cunts in the Alphabet agencies get together to subvert due process?
Something stinks in NSA-DVICland, and its more foul than gefilte fish, lutefisk, or even,how the Minnesota FBI and the DHS works black magic through using NGOs andsecurity firms,and corporations as fronts for fraudulent investigations; or even more foul than Gretchen Carlson,and the University of Minnesota, and their corporate sponsored academics.
Are you listening, Liu Qiandong? Heres one Israeli firm that offers “hineytrap” services:
And, as usual, you know where to find me if you need more information!
Because after you click the links above, you will see that I have been discussing this all along, for years,counting from greasy bearded blackmailer one.
Then, notice how many Israeli firms are behind these kind of smear campaigns, and how many Israeli firms are involved with Robert Mueller, Demicrats, and the targeted “investigation” of President Trump.

Who Is Joel Zamel, the Australian-Israeli Linked to Mueller’s Trump Probe?
The Israeli social media expert, allegedly linked to the Trump campaign through an online manipulation campaign, founded several companies, including one offering ‘honey traps’ and ‘deep web’ capabilities
Allison Kaplan Sommer 21.05.2018 | 17:22 2 comments
The news that special counsel Robert Mueller dispatched FBI agents to the Middle East to interview witnesses and worked with the Israel Police to seize computers affiliated with a company that specializes in…

And, all of that, as American agencies collude with these ongoing international criminal conspiracies,and actual criminals in the security industry…..AND: as usual-try not to see any patterns……

Craig Redd, Englewood, CO: This post is for you.

Draft pist, written under direct attack by any of many speech subversion bots, tools, or other electrinic harassment, courtesy of the western Jewish-christian Panopjob.
Cticon-raig, all over and over in the dialectic of organized gang stalking, we see only two kinds of “testimonies:”
1. OGS denialists, most frequentl employed within one or another institution of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC), policing, the Military Indu Beatrice Sixdustrial Complex(MIC), or the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC), such as we saw with speech pathologist~cum~prison system employee Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, who co-authored the infamous study quoted by the now discredited New York Times op-ed writer Mike McPhate.
2. Organized gang stalking victims, like the Beatrice Six, or NSA whistle blowers,and others who challenge the narrative structure of a society based upon Jewish-christian Biblical slavery stories.

What is #fakerape, and who promotes it? Ask the Minnesota Electronic Peeping Tims and Tinas! Or, a DVIC honeypit primer.

The US state of Minnesota is a frozen shithole, where state level gang stalking takes place, because there is no local ecinomy to speak of, and dark arts DVIC practitioners target outsiders with #fakerapes and a host of other tricks from their DVIC black books.
But also, hosts CIA connected Hmong and other Asian intrigues, as Asian-Americans utiluze the CIA playbook to stalk people from Asian countries.
And, where a Chinese billionaire was recently entrapped by what I like to call “the Minnesota SHOTGUN wedding,”aka a honeypit frame job, where state and NGOs pre-emptively wiretap people, and craft crisis PR narratives about domestic violence.

Related Story: Minnesotas famous horse-faced Gretchen Carlson type women literally target the ethnic crowd-and their men and boys with sexual blackmail, aka #MeToo and #fakerape, and say: To succeed, #MeToo must target America’s laws, not just a few powerful men

In this case, the college there was complicit in it-the University of Minnesota (which is on record practicing or tolerating organized gang stalking- Google Rena Vettleson and multi-stalking), and the Carlson School of Management has ties to this prudish, rabid cock-chopper, an aged “beauty queen,” Gretchen Carlson too.
Then, add flavor from a local restaurant frequented by these types, that functions as an Asian honeypot, in a state desperate for foreign dollars, and a local restaurant was the pre-staging of a #fakerape event. Extra points if you have read my posts about Ed, and his pals in Minnetonka, MN.
Indeed, that state, like many others, is wholly dependent on DVIC dollars, and rape factory products.
Here is the story:

World News
September 24, 2018 / 1:13 PM / 6 days ago
The night a Chinese billionaire was accused of rape in Minnesota
Koh Gui Qing, Lawrence Delevingne
MINNEAPOLIS/NEW YORK (Reuters) – With the Chinese billionaire Richard Liu at her Minneapolis area apartment, a 21-year-old University of Minnesota student sent a WeChat message to a friend in the middle of the night. She wrote that Liu had forced her to have sex with him.

The USA has an odd policy when it comes to law: they say one thing, and do another, and, while claiming that equality and fairness under the law is enshruned, the fact of the matter is that US law has turned fairness on its head in occulted fashion so that gray area DVIC policing, aka eastern block white slavery, can work its bordello magic.
And, part of that practice is to not name or publucize the names or faces of rape accusers.
So, ROGS will do that, for you, to help justice balance itself.
Here is the girl that some Chinese media alleges to be the rape accuser (who, like most #fakerape cases was drunk, and partying with a billionaire who is widely known to be married):
Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 04 Mar 2018
Ooops! Sorry….that alleged woman is allegedly Gretchen Carlson, an allegedly bitter, prolapsed, dried up beauty queen from Minnesota, who~for some reason~hates bikinis-but loves empowering #fakerape type scenarios.
No- heres the alleged girl who cried alleged #fakerape(quite a beauty, ay?):
And here is the alleged girl at the alleged restaurant….note the painting hanging on the wall:
Look closely~this was hours or before the #fakerape allegation. What is she thinking about so seriously? Her future career as an ally of the Carlson Klan? The 9 billion dollar loss that Minnesota and its well-hidden secret society B.S. cost China?
The world will never know, thanks to Americas religious-conservative legal policy/media blackout about naming names of rape acccusers.
And here is the restaurant, which is quite popular with the Save the Wominz and Other White Whales crowd, many of whom participate in Minnesota inspured Empower Women NGOs, for whom #fakerape is a major ca$h cow:
Note the painting on the wall:
Well, anyways-use my search feature to find other posts about how the DVIC, and whisper campaigns, and this cow here, and these cows there are all related to a world wide entrapment scheme, courtesy .of the wire-tapping cunts .of Minnesota, aka “bordello politics, brought to you by the same tribe of white slavers from Oswiezcim, POLAND, and Americas DVIC industrial complex.”
Extra points for noticing that the KKatherine MacKinnon-Andrea Dworkin alliance is directly connected to US wiretapping foreign men, and, even US citizens, for EGREGIOUS amounts of time.
Meanwhile, in other places, women who are not bankster whores practice real, every day feminism, like this Argentinian goddess here.
Related Reading: who are the Electronic Peeping Toms , Tims, and Tinas of Minnesota? And how does the U.S. use Infragard and Fusion Centers spy of individuals in a “full spectrum”dominance of those persons lives?
Minnesota is on record using Fusion Centers, and police departments for gang stalking reporters.