Craig Redd, Englewood, CO: This post is for you.

Draft pist, written under direct attack by any of many speech subversion bots, tools, or other electrinic harassment, courtesy of the western Jewish-christian Panopjob.
Cticon-raig, all over and over in the dialectic of organized gang stalking, we see only two kinds of “testimonies:”
1. OGS denialists, most frequentl employed within one or another institution of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC), policing, the Military Indu Beatrice Sixdustrial Complex(MIC), or the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC), such as we saw with speech pathologist~cum~prison system employee Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, who co-authored the infamous study quoted by the now discredited New York Times op-ed writer Mike McPhate.
2. Organized gang stalking victims, like the Beatrice Six, or NSA whistle blowers,and others who challenge the narrative structure of a society based upon Jewish-christian Biblical slavery stories.

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