Murder by gang stalking?: Jane Doe Ponytailapparently commits suicide after filing rape charge against cops,who use CIA demographics unit intel.

The New Yarwk Times is a highly discredited failing enterprise and as such,has resorted to puss-yellow journalism, such as we see with Mike McPhate mocking, and deriding the poor, the disenfranchised, and the homeless in his now infamous OGS hit piece.
Then,there’s Bari “Baruch Goldsteins Revenge” Weiss, who wears size 13 Swastika shaped Maxipads to justify her racism and distorted misanthropic vision ofjournalism, aka “the weaponozed smear campaign.”
But occassionaly, even yellow journalists get it right, and here, we see the strugglung NYT digging into a case where a girl who was raped by a cop,is killed by another cop, and all of that as an organized posse, hidden operations online and off,and even CIA styled demographics analyses are in play.
Suicide by Cop takeson newmeaning in the gang stalking dialectic, doesntit?
And- get out the ROGS bingo card in these cases.
Chinese sex worker jumps out window,holding two-way plane ticket?
On the narrow balcony, barely two feet deep, she keeps a broom, a bucket and a small blue stool. Up she steps — and now she is falling, plunging toward the hard tenth of a New York mile that is 40th Road.
A tenth of a mile. Where Mandarin trumps English and a glance trumps the spoken word. Where sex is sold beside cloudy tanks of fish and crabs. Where seedy quarters controlled by local powers are rented to illicit massage operations, and the police make sporadic sweeps, and immigrant women are arrested again and again, and few in this city take notice.
Gravity prevails.
The undercover officer, his job done, exits the building and turns right — at the very moment that the woman who has just offered him intimacy for money hits the pavement at his feet. A woman known along 40th Road as SiSi, but whose given name was Song Yang.

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