Nothing against real whores-but please,stop taking these #horsefaced lesbian linebackers seriously-seriously!

Alls fair in love and gang stalking, right?
But apparently only if all that love goes one way, and the gang stalking goes another- because a huge portion of OGS is women,hiding behind myths and stereotypes about women,and then,exploiting men.
Everywhere you look these days, some headfragged horsefaced frat slut is dragging up he said/ she said allegations from 30 years ago, and waging a slander campaign, while actual sex workers get gang stalked to death by hidden online and offline police activity, as we see in the case of Jane Doe Ponytail,and these witches(change just one letter….)cant seem to cry about it.
It happened to Brett Kavanaugh, and it happened to Al “wet rag boy”Franken, and it happened to Senator Keith Ellison– maybe its time for another Million Maligned March of a different kind, Keith? You know whereto find me, lol.
Well, for my part,I am having a chuckle- look! The President of the United States called his alleging cock-sucker porn star slanderer “horseface.”
And that, just as I named this other Dworkin-MacKinnon inspired horsefaced woman “horseface”just a few days ago.
I, for one, want to see more of these types of women locked up and raped the same way they wished upon men in the last forty years,so that they can enjoy the wonderful prison system that they built for men, but I wont hold my breath-because theres always some testosterobe charged closet queer like Hamish Brown to wage some white knightery; and hidden online speech monitors from the DHS and the FBI, working from Fusion Centers to criminalize men, and monitor child support hearings.

White slavery indeed. Witches, with certainty.

Apparently, its ok for women to call names, or slander and bully men like Matt Riehl using back stabbing behind the scenes crybullying, or any of many others using the DVIC dollar fueled police and the gay mafia to do their dirt, and wage official source slander,but for my part, yeah- Im calling bullshit on women like that, and the closet homo cops thatprotect them(hi, four star general Dean! You faggot. You can betthat aint the neighbors dog behind you next time.).
And, so is the president fed up with trial by smear campaign, and DVIC slander.
Here, below,one waffle-loafered piss yellow journalist from the New York Daily News takes yet another cowardly swipe at a woman in the Maxithin disguise of“defending”a two faced horse faced whore- and misses the irony completely.

By: Rex “Rectum Riter”Ruppke
To First Lady Melania Trump:
I am writing to inform you that your husband, President Donald Trump, just sent out a tweet referring to a female U.S. citizen as “horseface.

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