FBI caught with its pants down, and its game wide open in Asia-is that really a bad thing?!?

My regular readers(two Mormonish types named Ed and Celeste)will quickly recognize how the occulted FBI related stories below are a centerpiece to my personal gang stalking by political elements from the right and the left of Americas dysfunctional political system, its totally corrupted police, NGOs full of weeping, gnashing, sharp toothed (and extremely DVIC-hungry) vaginas like these,and many other types of gang stalkers.
Here, story one, from a reputable online news source, the Wall Street Journal:

FBI Personnel Recalled from Asia Amid Probe Into Prostitution, Partying
Justice Department’s inspector general is examining the allegations, involving employees in cities in East and Southeast Asia
By Aruna Viswanatha
Updated Oct. 11, 2018 7:29 p.m. ET

And, here’s a few more stories below.
I will let my avid reader connect bthe dots between prostitution/narrative control/pornography/compromised assets/bizarre CVE programs/and other gang stalking issues, like the Electronic Peeping Toms, Tims, and Tinas of Minnesota, for example; or the weird connections between Fusion Centers in the states I have named using, abusing and mis-using the illegally obtained data of US citizens for political purposes.
Trevor Aaronson covers the sloppy, smelly, interconnected (incestuous?) nature of todays DVIC centered factions in the FBI which monitors href=”https://researchorganizedgangstalking.wordpress.com/2018/07/04/fbi-as-political-police-dvic-dollars-and-the-ever-morphing-definition-of-terrorism/”>political dissent from within the gray areas of speech policing of men, primarily caught up in the DVIC net of Slavery By Another Name known in our vernacular as family courts),where the agency is just slightly less criminal than those it seeks to label as criminals, but in final analysis reveals itself to be politically motivated, and acting without any actual oversight whatsoever.
And, hence, more criminal than criminals, or in the least, acting in a manner repugnant to the Constitution AND international laws and treaties. Mr. Aaronson, in the story below, is describing a corrupt/corrupting racist faction within the FBI and its related community snitch program.
Aaronson is also the Executive Director, Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, and one of the first respectable journalists to describe “manufactured terrorism:”
Love and Loathing in Las Vegas
Inside a Sleazy FBI Sting Involving Diet Clinics, Fitness Models, Money Laundering, and a Supposed Plot to Hire a Hitman

Note how the Asian-American FBI is particularly sloppy, and particularly immature, risking lives,and risking moral higher ground at every opportunity- but especially notice howincestuos they are, just like Mormons.
Then, search through ROGS here for posts about Asians, and their participation in community clubs like Kids For Ca$h, and the Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Rotary clubs,etc……interesting Asian people like Frank Tomota,and Ed the Rosie-Palm Pilot and this gentle lotus flower from the San Gabriel Valley, of California, a former LA county coroner affiliate with EXTENSIVE connections in freemasonry, policing, and NGOs, and who has online OSINT skills, to understand OGS better.
Because, remember- OGS isnt real, right? All the official sources like noted doctors from the Prison Industrial Complex, like the good doctor Lorraine “te Gayz Lives Me!” Sheridan, and her man-rag, David V. James (rhymes with anal pains) agree that OGS is a delusion.
So, name all the names you can-because the alphabet agencies are ALL on record, officially stating that OGS is a delusion-not a real thing at all!
So-let that sink in, start naming names, and do what comes naturally after that.
Then, read this sad case, of Jane Doe Ponytail, who, apparently decided to jump out a window, just after she accused a cop of rape, and just AFTER she bought a two way ticket home to see her loving family.
Yeah-OGS really IS THAT WEIRD.
It can make the average person sound crazy if you tell sociopathic psychologists from the feelz crowd that the president of the UNITED STATES parked a limo a blick away from your hoyse, just as these types marauded through your life waging a slander campaign, assisted by local police, who you caught on film a few times.
And all of that as your cellphone is routinely jammed, or redirected, or as “unknown hidden operators” hack your computer and leave sign-in pages that direct to pogo-pins, and other odd electronics, or, this.
Yup-COINTELPRO 2·0 is messy, illegal/unconstitutional at every step, and, yes, naming names and their games is really an important 13th step to regaining the legal standing to sue these people, and their practices.
But whatever you do-shhhhhhhhh!
Dont tell anyone about witches, and witches, or more witches!

Related Story: Gay bookstore owned by a “witch” in New York attempts to put a hex on Bret Kavanaugh, and the MSM gleefully promotes the stor, as a few more men like Reagan era scapegoat, and maligned Christopher Manion wake up with butthurtz caused by the feelz crowd, the gay mafia, and corrupt security contractors (long after ROGS blog-this blog you are reading, outed womens groups and organizations as major participants in OGS)

Or, people following you around following you around, and making actual threats of one kind or another, like this case, and this guy, and these people her, ok?
I mean- shhhhh! Talking…about….it….thats a free trip to the looney bin, like Andy Ostrowski, and Adrian Schoolcraft, and so many more have gotten in the era of faux- leftists, using political policing to silence critics.

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