What is un-organized gang stalking? Ask this dead white girl.

What organized gang stalking is in the most common terms, is “the usual” systemic police and institutional corruption, where previously hidden, routine violations of citizens, reveals itself in the electronic and digital age, online, and off.
It is endemic, institutional malignancy, captured in cyber-data, and other due process raping activity like the NSA-FVEYs-Israel data theft,and captured on film, and in databases that are routinely violated by the exact institutions and organizations charged with protecting citizens data.
OGS is, then, a huge gang bang of our most basic human rights, and civil rights of due process, and more, by the clusterfuck of the alphabet agencies, the million man army of Paul Blarts, and the associated community policing scum model of society, based on pure racism, and religious sectarianism inherent in western culture.
But most people dont know this, because, for so many millenia, the unorganized stalking,or the standard community mobbing of the “outsider” was perpetrated in the west by “insiders.”
We see that clearly in the pre-internet era as the Mormon “Whistling and Whittling Klub of Nauvoo,”or in any of the many well documented white supremacist stalkings and lynchings that fill our textbooks; and we see it clearly in the many George Soros funded NGOs and the ADL-SPLC-AIPAC-Israel slander campaigns too.
So, one cannot understand OGS without understanding its opposite: un-organized, or disorganized gang stalking.
So, lets look at the case of the pretty white girl who killed herself, after she was jailed for drunk driving.
The Story: Drink drive student, 21, killed herself in prison ‘after being forced to parade naked in front of staff’ and being bullied by other inmates
This white girl endured horrific treatment at the hands of jailers, and at the hands of fellow prisoners.
She was forced to parade naked in front of guards, and other prisoners. She was threatened, abused, and repeatedly bullied into giving away all of what little possessions she had to predatory prisoners, who acted in an unorganized, prison gang-like manner.
But guess what?
This happens to 2.3 million American men daily across the US and uncounted millions of others across the world EVERY DAY- and the banksters, and their hidden hand continuously enforce a de facto form of Slavery By Another Name, while pandering to the white and white Jewish female rape fantasy, as their votes and their ideologies build actual rape factories, aka the Prison Industrial Complex, only grow by the day.

Texas: The Prison Rape Capital of the U.S.

Related Story: poor Emma “[email protected] me in the a$$, plea$e, plea$e, plea$e” Sulcowitz made a career off of a #fakerape claim. Google her name to see how crisis PR agents from NGOs have buried the facts of the case, and the name of the man she accused of fakerape despite the fact that she pleaded, cajoled, and coerced him to [email protected] her in the a$$, and even though he was innocent.
Paul Nungesser,the victim of the honeytrap/fakerape claim later sued Columbia University, and settled for an undisclosed sum. Columbia University, one might recall, has long been a CIA front for black operations, and propaganda.
My avid readers might also note my personal nexus with a blonde Obama save-the-white-whales-and-other-#fakerape/anti-prostitution panderer and hoaxer who attended Columbia university, and then, correlate that with this long black Secret Service parade in front of my house awhile ago.

Well, anyways. What is un-organized or disorganized gang stalking?
It is what happens to men all around the world, every day, everywhere, in systemic abuses of dignity, human rights and due process violations.
And, for my part, I cannot cry too hard for the white girls and others who have no idea how bad it really is in the world for “everyone else who isnt a pretty white, or pretty Jewish girl like poor Emma “[email protected] me in the a$$, plea$e, plea$e, plea$e” Sulkowicz”
Maybe, if these types of girls, fueled by the racist rhetoric of the Professor Fuck Your Life Finklesteins of the world were slapped down a notch, and taught to fight the desperate battles that they force upon others, we might have better outcomes as a society.
And, maybe, if the FVEYs/FBI/DHS/CIA/DIA/NSA/Israel data theft pipeline took a look at how academic gang stalkings BY DVIC dollar depenent womens NGOs, and Kampus Klubs and others literally has contributed to the creation of terror, and mayhem, in cases like the Virginia Tech shooting, or the years long slander campaign against Mathew Riehl, or any of the many, many OGS incidents that have historically, and empirically been demonstrated as linked to DVIC gray area policing, and NGO/community policing, well-we might have an interesting discussion about both nationalism, and state security.

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