Has Jewish sponsored terrorism, allied with Kommunity Kulture Klubs in America replaced white supremacy as a domestic threat? The case of professional race baiting, and bomb hoaxing.

As we see in case after case of manufactured terrorism, the neocon symbol* of the number 13 appears quite frequently in nearly every case of domestic mass shootings, alleged “incel” motivated mayhem (most incel talk boards are full of fake personas and the actual writers are direct DVIC beneficiaries from NGOs and crisis PR provocateurs, military psychological operators, and others),and even in the gang stalking and harassment of veterans who become targets of institutional bullying, such as veteran Ian Long, aka, the Thousand Oaks shooter, who was gang stalked by Lutherans AND lesbian-like “Warrior Sistahs.
Meanwhile the FBI says “but we like high heels in our ass.”

Institutional rape and organized gang stalking: when cops are rapists and criminals, we all lose

Happyvalleycitizen has brought the worlds attention to a sick serial rapist named Josh Lamancusa, who just happens to be the District Attorney in that area.
Its cases like these that make ROGS wonder: when did assassination of public figures go out of style-and why dont guys like this rapist scumbag ever get assassinated anymore?
[There is a hidden ham sand-witch in that last paragraph, for the speech police who cant seem to eat enough pork to keep them pig-fat and DVIC-y]
I Mean, if our Machiavellian America wants to go full fascist, as we see now in cases like these, the true face of organized religion, and men driven to mass shootings after being gang stalked from Fusion Centers working under community mobbing- why not go all the way? After all, back stabbing cowardice is the hallmark of both fascism, AND the DVIC, and its corrupt extra judicial high policing.
Et, Tu, Brutes?
I guess some questions just dont have clear answers yet.
Questions like: why does the American legal system promote institutional rape And why do SOME writers only get involved when it happens to women, instead of men, as we see in Americas rape factories, aka “feminist fantasy prison porn facilities,” aka the prison industrial complex (PIC) that was BUILT for, by, and because of womens empowerment?
Well, anyways_
Look at these rapists in Pennsylvania, andsome of those rapists who are WOMEN, or woman-like, as we see with horse faced lesbian linebackers who gang stalk veterans:
LAWRENCE COUNTY Pennsylvania: Disgusting D.A. Josh Lamancusa – Woman Tied Down to Bed and Vaginally Anally Probe Searched, & CI Extorted and then Sexually Assaulted by DA
Rogue in Centre CountyNovember 23, 2018

The Plaintiff was transported to the Lawrence County Jail where she was physically restrained and forced to undergo multiple strip searches by female correction officers. During these searches, the Plaintiff was made to disrobe, bend over, spread her buttocks, cough and repeatedly insert her fingers into her vagina.
The Plaintiff was forced to repeatedly prod her personal areas by inserting her fingers into her vagina to remove an unknown item later determined not to exist.The Plaintiff was forced to once again bend over, spread her buttock, and cough while Defendants Brightshue and Savage again visually inspected her vaginal and rectal areas. During this entire ordeal, the Plaintiff was crying hysterically and insisting that there was no foreign substance concealed in any body cavity.
When repeated searches at the prison turned up no searches, the arresting officer phoned the chief of police and District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa to ask for advice. Lamancusa advised that Carbone should be taken to a hospital for a more invasive search by medical professionals. Prison gaurds and law enforcement do not have authorization to probe genitilia body cavities, only to look.
Carbone was transferred to Jameson County Medical Center. The Defendants Lamancusa, Salem, Maiella, and Dolquist informed Defendants Geiser and Fee (hereinafter referred to as “the medical staff”) that the Plaintiff needed treated for a possible overdose, rectal packing and/or oral intake of a controlled substance. She was asked by a doctor if she would consent to an examination. When she refused to consent she was handcuffed by ankles and wrists to a hospital bed, where the search was conducted against her will. The medical staffs’ evaluation of the Plaintiff for any objective symptoms, which would confirm a possible overdose, rectal packing or oral intake of drugs, revealed that she was conscious and alert with normal cardiovascular and respiratory signs coupled with no associated signs or symptoms of acute distress. The Plaintiff’s hands and feet were secured to the bed and her clothing forcibly removed against her will. Defendants Lamancusa and Salem were present during these events.
Bernard Geiser, M.D. conducted an initial examination of her vagina and anus, but still could find no drugs during the invasive search.
Carbone was then asked to stand by the side of her hospital bed and urinate into a pan while Doctors and medical personnel watched. Male police officers inspected the bed pan and collected samples. The Complaint reads: The Plaintiff was then made to stand up in the examination room where Defendants Lamancusa, Salem, Maiella, and Dolquist were present and a bedpan was placed on a chair. The medical staff held up a privacy cover and made the Plaintiff squat over a chair and urinate into the bedpan. During this process, the privacy cover was mishandled and the Plaintiff’s genital area was partially exposed to the medical staff and Defendants Salem, Lamancusa, Dolquist and Maiella.
At some point during the “five hour calamity”, Carbone had an opportunity to speak with Joshua Lamancusa, who was intent on gaining confidential informant information from Kimberlee Carbone. During this assault, Defendant Lamancusa berated the Plaintiff by informing her that if she helped him by provided information regarding drug related activity the unreasonable and unconstitutional intrusion would end. During this assault, Defendants Lamancusa, Salem, Dolquist, Maiella, and medical staff harassed, mocked, and berated the Plaintiff by making derogatory remarks about her compromised position. Defendant Lamancusa further harassed, mocked, and berated the Plaintiff by asking her if she knew what prison felt like.

*ROGS is not advocating for violence, and I am on record waging peaceful, non-violent resistance to gang stalkers, and their networks of federal/state/local NGOs, and community policing scum. You, however, are free to deal with gang stalking rapists like this DA any way you choose to.

Speaking of greasy bearded blackmailers and organized gang stalking: a look at pseudo-feminist hypocrisy, building a police state

I have discovered another perfect ROGS Bingo, and it involves theoretically left wing feminist jurisprudence working with right wing sectarian men (Jews/christians), hidden gangs of gray area DVIC sponsored bullies and slanderers, and even electronic harassment, aka, manipulation of a persons communications devices, and computers, etc, from Fusion Centers, squad cars, and maybe even NGO sponsored hackers.
Extra points for those of you who have been following my coverage of the neocon/AIPAC/JFED/ADL/Canary Mission styled co-option of dissent, working their racist magic from colleges, as we see in the case of Professor [email protected] Your Life Finklestein, and many of the mass shooter cases, where Iraq war veterans like Mathew Riehl, and Ian Long were gang stalked by lesbian babboons and DVIC policing agents for egregious amounts of time BEFORE they went ballistic.
As I covered here, case of civil rights attorney Andy Ostrowski has every single point in the ROGS bingo card, starting with an actual likely blackmailer-this shitbag named Julia M.Frankston, who appears to be a turd dropped into Pennsylvanias political toilet by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or her pet behemoth, Andrea Dworkin.
My avid readers will note that Ostrowskis case is one of many examples where I implicate corruption in one of many federal jurisdictions, and demonstratein the judiciary, as the corrupt left uses the mob tactics of the corrupt right, which has always used mob tactics.
And so, let me introduce you to yet another DVIC slanderer,a cunt named Mark Robbinson, and his slander derived from Ms. Frankston, a hypocritical pseudo-feminist zealot who is, in fact and practice, a large part of Ostrowskis “problem,”as we see her implicated in an online defamation campaign.
And, again, extra points on your Bingo card if you fill in the blanks for phony sex trafficking slander, drugs, save the wimminz white slavery profiteering, and so, so much more-INCLUDING the child trafficking rackets of Child “Protection.”
First, a Yeshiva University graduate (fill in your ROGS bingo slit for zionist stalking, and also the number 13) as I introduce Ms. Frankston, from the Pennsylvania Judiciary Disciplinary board Board(the exact initial slanderer that Ostrowski encountered):

Following graduation from Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women, Ms. Frankston-Morris earned her Juris Doctorate from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York, NY. Julia returned to Central Pennsylvania, where she was raised, to clerk for the Honorable Justice (now Chief Justice) Thomas G. Saylor, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Following her clerkship, she prosecuted for the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, Department of State, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In 2013, she joined the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, serving as Disciplinary Counsel, working in Districts I, II, and III. In 2016, she was hired as the Secretary of the Board. In 2018, she became the Special Counsel, with oversight of the hearing process.

Then, have a look at the following:
》The takedown of 9th circuit Appeals court judge Alex Kozcinski
》The (possibly) forced suicide of the son of 9th circuit judge Jay “torture is A.O.K.”Bybee
》The appearance of Buck-toothed Amy the “human rights” gatepost, and her specific NGO in Minneapolis MN, who once clerked for Alex Koszcinski. Also take note of Buck-toothed Amy and her proximity to the downtown police station, and several law offices where Infragard agents siphon off targets communications in MN; as well as her connections to the local gay mafia.
》the way that neocons have allied the left wing with predatory police power from the right wing to literally destroy dissent in cases modelled exactly like the Anti Defamation League cowardly rat and snitch operations of 1993, as we see in the recent example if how the NSA-Israel data theft works in practice, as Canary Mission defames, harasses, staljs, slanders,hacks,redirects,blackmails, and destroys the #BDS activists.

Related Story: The Intercept covers the story of a racist hate group,the cowardly Canary Mission, and the highly organized stalking of activists.
Their shared experiences include feelings of anxiety and paranoia, and in some cases, stepping back from Palestinian rights activism.
The Intercept spoke with 13 people, all of them current or former students, who are profiled on Canary Mission. The majority of them, like S.A., requested anonymity because they were afraid that speaking out about the blacklist would result in additional harassment. Their shared experiences include feelings of anxiety and paranoia, and in some cases, stepping back from Palestinian rights activism — mirroring the results of the Against Canary Mission survey. Some reported receiving death threats online when Canary Mission tweets about them, and others said they believe they have had a tough time finding a job because of their inclusion on the list.

And now, as we have met one of OASTROWSKIs initial slanderers, lets take a look at a real piece of shit, Mark Robbins, who, for whatever reason,decided to defame Ostrowski online during an election year.
here is that piece of shit with sex hang-ups named Robbinson, with two of his little turds, and here is his sex hangup (most religious morons have extreme trouble rationalizing the wonderful sexual capacity of women with their desire to control women, or their own sex drives, whereas Ostrowski apoarently is not hungup like that.)
Mark Robbinson‘s SEX FETISH,and his obsession with Andy Ostrowskis sex life, from “WB TRUTH,”a blog detailing the many corruptions in Wilkes-Barre, PA:

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Julia M. Frankston-Morris, Esquire
Disciplinary Counsel
Pennsylvania Judicial Center
601 Commonwealth Ave., Suite 5800
P.O. Box 62675
Harrisburg, PA 17106-2675
[email protected]
Recently I have been inundated with horror stories across the state related to the disbarred (for 6 years) Andy Ostrowski whose mental state somehow convinces him that is a good ideas as
– a disbarred attorney
– one who has had three substance abuse stays
– one who has admitted to “self medicating” with pot
– one who has continued to have a junkie (Karen Esposito – FB alias Kim Weigal) spend significant time with him in Sugarloaf often for overnights (crack cocaine conviction, not allowed to drive her children, passes out, lost custody of her children… this is the very short list)

So, while I normally admire police and corruption bloggers like Robbinson, I find his sex hangup with Ostrowski to be flawed, and that, in ways that are desugned into the Hegellian conflict.
And, this is why Ostrowskus case is one of many, at the forefront of First Amendment battles, and why he needs support, not more defamation from religious perverts who dont know their asshole from their mouth, from a gloryhole in a Scranton bathroom.

Revisiting the case of Andy Ostrowski: organized gang stalking, federal judges, and political policing

Andy Ostrowski, a civil rights attorney, was gang stalked in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania last year, his personal electronics were monitored from Fusion Centers, and local Wilkes-Barre police literally marauded through his yard,and,as is frequently threatened online by the “hidden”operatives at the internet switch- he was on multiple occasions licked up for “mental health evaluations.”
So,to the researchers of organized gang stalking, criminal and civil defense lawyers, etc.-please note this update in Ostrowskis case below,and the actual mob involved in his back story, as we see how bad actors in the judiciary,work with cortupt political police, and psychologists to literally frame suspects, and entire political narratives.
Because sometimes, the organized mob
is real, and gang stalking denialists Dr.Sheridan, James,et al are purely complicit.
From Happyvalleycitizen.com, the story of a local and possibly literal mob of gang stalkers, working over egregious periods of time to stalk, frame, and harass a civil rights lawyer,with actual Fusion Center hacking and electronic harassment to boot.

Every civil lawyer takes on cases that challenge big government entities or powerful insurance companies, but the marked difference I noticed when scrolling through and looking at Ostrowski’s cases were that there were a plethora of cases that were challenging the Pennsylvania judiciary directly. As in, the message seemed to be it’s okay if you want to go after big government or corporate America, but don’t you dare touch the judiciary. I realize having this perspective when considering Ostrowski is challenging in mostly part due to who Ostrowski is or you think he is. For those reasons, I bolster my findings by pointing out his disbarred law partner Don Bailey.
Don Bailey, (attorney for former PA treasurer who committed suicide during live television on a press conference, and was accused of some pretty nasty financial fraud allegation), caught my attention due to the cases that he was known for. Activists like Molly Biancovo or Mike Ferrence are active in promoting this idea that the Pa court Judges in Superior Court are Italian placed and part of some sort of some type of mob organization. I laughed at this idea initially, it’s like hearing someone claim that the moon landing was fake. But when you start to draw the lines that connect the relations, to the people sitting on the Superior and Supreme Courts, there is also something unsettling about the nepotism. Molly specifically first drew my attention to the Zapalla crime family out of Pittsburgh. One Zapalla brother is the Allegheny County District Attorney, but if you look a little deeper, most (almost all) of these judges have some sort of ties to the Zapalla family. Like I said, it’s one of those ideas that is so hard to wrap your head around, I resisted the inference from the beginning. Difference is, I was curious and skeptical enough to look and see what she was ranting and raving about. I wasn’t expecting there to be any merit to what Biancovo was claiming, yet the close ties are shocking.

Broken, unfixable America:the DVIC marriage between the police state, garbage police work,and “womens rights”

Another working man takes a bullet or two from a flaming hot pig looking for a bribe in a Planned Parenthood parking lot, of all places, once again demonstrating how the DVIC fraud of womens rights is just thin cover for a thuggish police state.
Appeals Court: No Immunity For Shooting A Man Who Had His Hands Up And Twice Said He Surrendered
These are not “rogue cops,”or lone “bad apples”~these are incidents that reveal the systemic nature of the moldy barrel of rotten pickled pork that American policing is.
Layers upon layers of DVIC industries working together to destroy working men,while “empowering”bankster funded womens NGOs, horsefaced lesbian slanderers, and organized gang stalking as America continues to caputulate to the ghost of Stalin, and Mayer Lanskys ghost, which has its tentacles extended deeply into the anuses of every cop, everywhere in America….
Another good read from the continuosly excellent Techdirt.com(whose comment section is also, unfortunately, a highly speech patrolled area, infected by cricket-headed tribalists, and other racists)
Appeals Court: No Immunity For Shooting A Man Who Had His Hands Up And Twice Said He Surrendered

Craig Strand, a truck driver, needed to take a mandatory drug screening. Since he was unable to fit his truck in the testing facility’s parking lot, he obtained permission to park it at a nearby Planned Parenthood office. Officer Curtis Minchuk, who was providing security for Planned Parenthood while in uniform and with the blessing of his department, saw Strand’s truck and left two parking tickets on its windshield.
Strand returned to his truck and saw the tickets. He returned to the Planned Parenthood office to inquire about them and was directed to meet Officer Minchuk in the parking lot. Strand explained he had received permission to park there. This is where things went downhill for Strand, his rights, and his as-of-yet unwounded body.
From the decision [PDF]:
Minchuk had no interest in discussing the tickets beyond, as the district court observed, allegedly soliciting a bribe from Strand.
Let’s pause there for effect. Officer Minchuk didn’t want to be right. He wanted to be paid. Any explanation Strand offered would have been ignored. Strand realized this and made preparations to leave, but not before gathering a little exculpatory evidence.
After Strand declined to pay, Minchuk drove to the back of the Planned Parenthood facility. Strand started his rig, but before driving away used his cell phone to take pictures of the parking lot, thinking he might need them to show the absence of no‐parking signs to contest the tickets.
In response to this non-threatening (at least to Minchuk’s life, but perhaps not his livelihood), the officer decided to thug out.
Observing from a distance, Officer Minchuk returned to the truck and ordered Strand to leave immediately. Strand said he would leave as soon as he finished taking pictures. Minchuk responded by saying he was calling a tow truck and telling Strand he had two minutes to leave.
The situation then escalated. Stepping toward Strand, Officer Minchuk admonished, “I told you to get the f*** outta here,” and slapped Strand’s cell phone to the ground. Minchuk then demanded Strand’s identification; Strand refused and countered by demanding Minchuk’s badge number. Minchuk replied, “I said, give me your I.D.” and grabbed Strand by his shirt and neck, resulting in Strand’s shirt tearing off his body. Minchuk attempted to push and tackle Strand to the ground, with Strand resisting by holding on to Minchuk’s arm.
According to Officer Minchuk, Strand got the upper hand. The officer was punched three times before being grabbed by the throat. Minchuk claimed he feared for his life and that, if he passed out, Strand would take his gun and shoot him.
But that’s not what happened. Strand decided to disengage and de-escalate.
The fist fight ceased when Strand stood up, backed four to six feet away from Officer Minchuk, put his hands up, and said, “I surrender. Do whatever you think you need to do. I surrender, I’m done.”
Of all the possible ways Officer Minchuk could have reacted to Strand’s capitulation, he chose the worst:
While still on the ground, Minchuk responded by removing his gun from its holster and firing a shot at Strand, striking him in the abdomen.

Gang stalking search terms have changed since I risked life and limb to bring the….cockroaches into the light.

Gang stalking search terms- and in fact the entire OGS dialectic have changed since ROGS,the blog you are reading now-risked life and limb, and even got hacked by little Eichmanns named skyperider312,Troy, and Thad, AUS and a shmoe named Moe, to bring the Fusion Center organized gang stalking,tribal-religious-sectarian cockroaches that do it into the light.
And the search terms that have come into this blog have not only changed changed dramatically, but they indicate a level of refinement,and specificity,and that those who are searching for answers have become better educated about who gang stalkers are, and how they can defend themselves, and fight gang stalkers legally, using free electronic tools like these here, and maybe paint a few targets on the names and faces-and even extended family members and associates of those who have, in cowardly fashion, stalked them from behind, “in darkness”.
I especially advise targets that gang stalking isnt real, according to the experts, and even,Americas Political Police and Domestic Violence Industrial Complex Offenders(the APPDVICO, sounds like RICO) and NSA/CIA/NGO social engineers,and their go to smear artists, unethical shrinks,and every agency that claims to be keeping America safe, aka the FBI and the DHS, VIA THE NSA-Israel-FVEYs privacy rape schemes, ETALPHABETICUS-these all agree that gang stalking isnt real,so,no one can ever be damaged,hurt, or maliciously targeted by you,the OGS victim if you choose to move forward with a plan of some kind to end your highly personalized tracking and targeting by the groups and specific persons I name herein.
(Wow, sorry for that long sentence just above- I had an internal voice-over going on in my head,that sounded EXACTLY like one of the Jokers rants against Batman!)
I especially recommend that you use this journalist fact-checker freeware and payware suite of online and offline tools where you can trace,track,and target those who have done that to you- and damage them in every legal way possible (and especially, destroy them in the gray area oflaw, like the DHS manual, AND OSI Informers both suggest, if you can), and even Do Unto Them, as They Pre-emptively Did Unto YOU.
But dont get too carried away, kids, like this guy here, and this one, and…..
Well, anyways, just last year, when I began this project of online performance art,and sociological research, total assholes like Dr.Lorraine Sheridan and David V. James, and Elizabeth Dietrich from the Kommunity Kulture Klubs, and the LGBTV-Orifices unspecified colleges and universities did some anonymous internet polls and brief online surveys, and concluded that targeted individuals are all deeeeelusional.
And of course, all of these, working directly, and indirectly with hate groups,and te gayz, and taking orders from racist sectarians,like Professor Fuck Your Life Finklestein (not to be confused with Norman Finklestein who was literally gangstalked out of hisprofessorship in Chicago.))
Then,ROGS waged a one person propaganda campaign, where I involved journalists,lawyers, doctors,psychologists AND psychiatrists, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE this blog has made, in the publics interests(as opposed to the black/brown shirt clusterfuck that ournation has become with 17 domestic spy agencies waging terror daily on citizens).
So: in just over 1.5 years, the search terms that came in to this blog went from “their zapping me right now with electronic weapons!” and “Are aliens involved in UFO abductions of Morgellons sufferers?” to more legitimate,verifiable, and educated questions and terms like these below.
And look!
Some are even Googling Rotary Clubs and gang stalking(because Rotary Klub members are frequently impllicated in it), and Fusion Center gang stalking, and pistal servuce shenanigans with trucks, and my favorite: what is the best sociological analyses for gang stalking .
and all that, in a year and a half.
So, targets,know that you are not alone, and that all of those good people who do bad things-like take shits on our rightsof due process and civil liberties-are now being seen “in the proper light,”with huge TARGETS on their faces now.
Gang stalking search terms, 2018
what are these gang stalking letters
civil rights lawyer gang stalking
what type of sociological theory best suit stephen paddock
2018 gangstalking minneapolis mn
what happens to targeted individuals
gangstalking rotary club
how to prove gang stalking
what is the satisfaction gained from gang stalking
mormon gang stalking tactics
what is bloomberg news’ relationship to isreal
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the femicide gangstalking spree giftcard slander campaign with perks hells angels joannee
are the men in black associated with gang stalkers?
gang stalking in phonix arizona
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veterans invold in gang stalking and why?
sheridan and james 2015 gang stalking
fusion center stalking
what churches gang stalk

Armchair feminism, the blog as honeypot, and a Google search: “the gang stalkers will…”

There are now emerging in media narratives of mass shooter/gang stalkings gone wrong,that Lutherans are every bit as active gang stalking as any other religions.
So, to my reader, please first look at my posts here,where I directly implucate Gretchen Carlson and the neocon DVIC/crybully/#fakerape smear.machine in the case offraming a Chinese billionaire asa rapist.
Then,this case here, where I make a passing reference to my“daily Triune of readers,” as the Triune is a sign, and a symbol of Lutheranism; but also, that took place in a toxic-progressivestate that is wholly dependent on #fakerape DVIC dollars.
Then,here where I call out a large corporation, 3M, and directly state that it is.my personal belief, based upon information, that this corporation uses its resources to target, stalk,and harass people.
And here, where I directly, and indirectly make note of that, as race-based elements within that corporation used one of the largest identity management databases in the world to leak information about political targets.
So, with that in mind, have a look at the nexus between the the Tallahassee shooter, who was framed as a sexual deviant, despite having NEVER been convicted of such a crime(true to form in the #fakerape smear campaigns).
The nexus connects with the LUTHERAN COLLEGEs.
You might like to know that one of the two killed at the Hot Yoga was a Pacific Lutheranite, and, that the bouncer killed at Thousand Oaks(and many others who were quoted in MSM)share, not-incoincidentally, ties to Lutheranism.
Here, see for yourself, as the churches all unite after these shootings-and,after church affilliated gang stalkers crop up being quoted in the press.
So, while it would require you, the ROGS researcher to adopt the ROGS analysis in these cases, and drop the superstitions,.myths and.other relugious violence related to the number 13, I am sure you, too will find links-and maybe, prosecute a few gang stalkers.
For my part, after reading this classic#fakerape smear from pseudo-feminist blogger Wonkette, I am beginning to see evidence that, in fact, these shooters are actually sort of reverse lynchings.
And, in cases like Tallahassee,it is quite possible that BEIERLE had connected a dot to one of his actual slanderers.
From lesbian linebacker Wonkette, here is the #fakerape smear, told against a military veteran as if its truth:
Of Course The Guy Who Shot Up A Yoga Studio Was An Incel With A History Of Assaulting Women.
Robyn Pennacchia
November. 03, 2018 03:30
…What we know so far about Beierle is that he is a former veteran, that he graduated from Florida State University with a Master’s in Public Administration and Planning, and that he belonged to two groups on Facebook — FSU College Republicans and We Are Conservatives. Authorities have said that they believe the shooting could be related to a domestic incident, and the two victims, Nancy Van Vessem, 61, and Maura Binkley, 21, each had ties to FSU (Vessem as a faculty member and Binkley as a student), though no connection between the shooter and the victims has been established beyond that.
While police have not yet found an explicit motive for the shooting, Beierle has since been found to have had a history of arrests related to groping women.
The 2012 incident happened in a dining hall on Florida State’s campus. Court records show a woman accused him of grabbing her while she was at a soda fountain and a second woman said he’d done the same to her three times in the past month. Court records show those charges were later dropped.
The 2016 incident happened at the University Trails apartments where Beierle lives. Court records show he asked a woman sunbathing by the pool if he could rub sunscreen on her buttocks. When she said no, court documents say he grabbed her buttocks and left. Beierle signed a deferred prosecution agreement in that case and charges were ultimately dropped six months later.
We know what this means. We know that this was a man who felt entitled to women’s bodies. We know that men who behave this way often react with violence to being rejected. We know it because we’ve seen it too many times before.
Beierle’s rampage is eerily reminiscent of the 2009 mass shooting in Collier Township, Pennsylvania, in which George Sodini shot and killed three women he didn’t know and then killed himself, because he was angry about women not wanting to have sex with him. It’s also eerily reminiscent of practically every other mass shooting in the last ten years — because over and over and over again, these men keep turning out to have a history of either violence towards women or documented extreme misogyny. These men keep turning out to be angry about being rejected by women they feel entitled to…..
Follow the link to learn more about how women.like Winkette have distorted views about men,ethics, and truth.

Kommunity Kulture Klubs, weaponized media, sketchy crisis PR pundits, and “bystander interviews:” a dialectic biopsy on DVIC narrative control

To the law enforcement, reputable investigative journalists, sociologists, and attorneys who are reading ROGS:
In every mass shooter case,you will find the following features, which seldom/never get discussed in MSM-and, you will also see why so many MSM pundits and others want to shut down “alternative media”and in my case, actual Highway Patrol cars tried numerous times to literally run me off the roads shortly after I published this post here at ROGS, and after this happened, too:
1-in case after case, we can find peculiar links to what is called “narrative control and perception management
2-the symbols, signs, and signifiers of occult meaning, such as the now regularly occuring number 13; and that, in nearly all of these cases.
3-agents of crisis PR, who work in sherrifs departments,prosecutors offices,and law firms such as we saw with (smoking hot and highly bangable)Rochelle Ritchie and the target of her crybullying narrative, Cesar Sayoc, or this plainly bizarre media hoax about fentanyl laced fliers that sought to raise awareness about organized gang stalking-and these fliers produced by fake-whistle blowers organizations with dubious claims such as the NSAs go-to discrediting narrative spokesperson,Karen Stewart.
[For actual “fentanyl-free”anti-gang stalking fliers, go to the reputable www.fightgangstalking.comfliers ]
Now, lets take a look at the “link between domestic violence,#fakerape,narrative control, and designer mass shootings on acid,” as we take a brief look at a few recent mass shootings, and the crisis PR pundits and spokespersons who actively waged “perception management”in these cases.
Selling Extra-judicial Executive Homicide, via the crybully narratives of Crisis Public Relations
》Crisis Pr agents who are queasily close to shooters,butter-knifers, and t.v.studio crashers. Look- one alleged “crazy person”even NAMED a Crisis PR manager in the Texas Rangers BEFORE the incident!
-Michael Chadwick Fry literally named Tom Reedy,the Denton County Sherrifs crisis manager on his flier
》Rochelle Ritchie was a key figure in the designer crybullying case of Cesar Sayoc, who is alleged to have mailed 13 (really crappy)bombs to people like former spy agency heads James Clapper, and John Brennan(both of whom should rot in jail for lying to Congress on multiple occasions), as well as to every other Israel-firster who has virtually destroyed the Democratic party, and democracy in general through toxic-progressivism.
-Ritchie also has curious ties to the gay mafia, horse-faced lesbian linebackers, and conflicts of interest as a crybully-provocateur. the gay mafia works at all levels of institutions, and the DVIC mechanism, as well as in.polucing capacities, and can be glimpsed here, here,here, and here, as well as ties to the case of Freddy Gray, who was decapitated by six Baltimore police officers in the back of a paddy wagon, after he took abad.plea deal forced upon him by a lesbian attorney.
》the latest case of the Thousand Oaks shooter, and also here, where we see all of the above, and here, where we see the shooter bullied, humiliated and harassed, including horse faced lesbian linebackers, the number 13, DVIC after death body punches,and more.
-this case reveals two “people who knew the shooter,”as they allegedly coached himon a track team,and those those share demographic features with this software developer Julien Brown, who crops up in the case of the Tallahassee Hot Yoga shooter such as: they are all FROM within milesof each other in CA-Brown is from Altadena CA, which.is a stones throw from Pasadena(which is rightn ext door to where this major identity management database was compromised by anti-white racists)and Thousand Oaks.
– the two named persons who are prominently featured in news articles have a web presence that indicates they are multi-culturally affilliated; and that the women associated with this case identify themselves as “Warrior Sistahs” such as the second“coach,”Evie Cluke, where we find anEvie Cluke.offering condolensces on an obituary dite thus:

I am gonna miss you my Warrior Sista! You fought a great fight and touched so many people with your sweet spirit. Rest in heaven. You definitely earned your wings.
Evie Cluke
January 06, 2018 | Montclair, CA

– Here is Ms.Cluke, a self described “warrior”of some kind or another:
And, as a reminder, here is Dominique Colell, the.other after-death body puncher:

USA - The Chainsaw Chicks perform in Costa Mesa
The Chainsaw Chicks performs their Ice Sculpting at the OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA. © 2011 Paul A. Hebert. Pictured: Dominique Colell

Keep in mind that these hulking behemoths are the delicate flowers that the DVIC is encouraging, and protecting, as they appear.many.many years after they initially bullied and harassed the shooter, from within an official, institutional capacity.
So: to the OGS researcher, notice that while the KuKlux Klan has been diminished in stature, these Kommunity Kovens and Klubs areo n the rise now, as Infragard/FusionCenter/NSA-Israel-FVEYs spying creates and enables these new race warriors.

CNNs Jim Acosta, the honeytrap and butt grabs, gropes, and #fakerape: Americas politics of deference, “progressive”white female privilege, and crybullies revealed

The American right has now latched on to an effective means of defaming rivals and controlling narrative, a tool created by the defamation prone left wing as a useful political tool: #fakerapes, crybullying, and contrived incidents where cameras, camera angles,and more are manipulated to create false light facts.
In the case of President Trumps team, framing CNN propagandist Jim Acosta, we see an aide to the president molested by CNN propagandist Jim Acosta.
In my thesis herein, we see that, repeatedly,men who are FIRST defamed by DVIC high heels policing, are then stalked, framed,and harassed by faggy people and horse-faced lesbian linebackers from the Multi Kultural Klubs and Kovens, or one of many NGOs, and kommunity policing whisper campaigns and that, for YEARS after the initial DVIC slander.
And, we see the number thirteen frequently involved too.

Related story: what does the number 13 mean to witches, and Wiccans?

Again: you dont have to take my word for it, because you can verify my research,and validate it in nearly every case of these political stalkings/defamings/harrassments/homicides/suicides.
So, as we see in cases like Scott Beierle, and others, these men are stalked and slandered as “butt grabbers,”and worse, in gray areas of DVIC paperwork, andinlune and offline terror campaigns.
Well- how exactly do these smears work? Iwill let you decide, as we see time, and time again that tribal-religious elements of neocon, and progressive and conservatuve forces in America embrace #fakerape and continue to wage war on sexual liberty, and liberty in general.
Here is the right wing, adopting #fakerape tactics created in #safespace during the lefts tactical planning for the.now eroded #MeToo political movement:

…“I’ll tell you what: CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for working for them. You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldn’t be working for CNN,” Trump told Acosta.
The White House later announced it was pulling Acosta’s White House press pass “until further notice,” accusing the CNN reporter of “placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern.”
The White House alleged that Acosta had acted brutishly toward an intern who was responsible for handling the press conference’s handheld microphones.
….fillow this link to see a #fakerape in action, courtesy of Sarah Sanders

The Hot Yoga Shooter, the number 13, and a shooting from 2009: ROGS asks for your forensic skills now, and names more names.

George Sodini walked into a yoga studio in 2009, and allegedly blasted the yoga pants off a few middle class white females, and toxic Democrat types. And,it is important to note that he was an IT professional,forpurposes I will discuss later.
Related Story: what does the number 13 mean to witches,and Wiccans?
Then, nine years later,Scott Beierle is alleged to have done the same at the Tallahassee Hot Yoga studio, after an EXTENSIVE, and RACIALIZED slander campaign that went on for years, behind his back, as nameable,traceable people like computer savvy IT professionals and sectarian Jewish-christian slanderers like Julien Brown,formerly of of Altadena,CA (feel free to sue me-but remember: OGS isnt real! And Mr.Brown is online, and linked to sectarian christianity) who step in after the death of the slandered guy to deliver the after-death bodypunch, or who worked to destroy his life, career, and opportunities, EXACTLY the way that gang stalkers are said to do: they stalk,harass, defame; interfere in the workplace, and rental of property-and especially, wage cowardly campaigns that affect a persons employment, as we see in this case, and the case of Ian Long,and Matt Riehl, and nearly every other case.
Related Story: How the right wing is now adopting the cowardly #fakerape tactics and slanders that the leftwing has used for egregiously long periods of time, and in the case of Beierle too.

And,so,ROGS,the blog you are reading now, teaches you, the TI, how to fight organized gang stalking by naming names- and demonstrating that,in fact,you can defend yourself if you adopt the paradigms and ROGS analyses.
So,like the Huffington Post has noted, there is some kind of nebulous link between the gender based, arbitrary and nebulous definition of domestic violence, and mass shooters.
But what is it?
I will tell you-it is NOT any actual violence that has been proven by trial, before any jury, ever, but rather, but rather an EXTREMELY WELL ORGANIZED effort to target, frame and harass men who have encountered DVIC mechanisms, and the accompanying slanders, assaults,Fusion Center.monitoring and BOLOs, and more-and many/most of those men, with links to alternative media/alternative narrative/ or links to the internet backbone.

Related Story: in America,racist,religious nutjobs control the press,which is financed by various international or dual-citizenship billionaires; and most mass shootings involve the tribal-religious-racist ADL running narrative after the fact.
Here is a Lone Wolf Journalist experiment: read carefully through the stories that run just after these events, and take down the names of the crisis PR agents, sherrifs department spokespersons, and others who are quoted locally- the people quoted in the city, and statewide, not the international news. Research those “official sources and bystanders” for political ties to causes,and,in the case of this guy,ties, even, to “deep state”narrative control, and even the number 13.
The ardent ROGS reader will note that my personal gang stalking started in a college, and lasted for many years,and that I even lost a story about the FBI flying airplanes over Baltimore to a guy name Weinberg/Weinstein/Weiseman/wiseass unspecified,and a kid in Minnesota, after I wrote about an alleged terrorist, who award winning journalist, and creator of the term “manufactured terrorism”Trevor Aaronson also wrote about, many years later, and much after certain organizations waged a billions of dollars per year propaganda war.

Because, at its heart, organized gang stalking is a core component of a “soft-force” propaganda war, and the men targeted (like this poor,mis-guided future FBI informant Cesar Altieri Sayoc,who was framed and stalked until he lived in a van, and rebelled against his hidden internethandlers by becoming,literally, a human counter-propaganda leaflet), are targeted FIRST in one of many he said/she said gray areas of lawwhere horse-faced female bullies, gay bullies,AIPAC/ADL/JFED/NGO and other kommunity klub bullies are given a free pass to target, stalk, frame and harass men, whose primary failing is that they dont complain to authorities when these things happen because the DVIC keeps itself fat and happy by using the call-a-cop model of policing, which guarantees a neverending pile of federal cash for the CREATION of crisis BY these crybullies..
And why is that model so successful?
You guessed it:the police are the biggest part of the problem,as its designed by these same horse-faced, gay, NGO-TO-FUSION-CENTER-TO-LOCAL POLICE pork barrel bullies. It is what noted feminist sociopath Nikki Craft, and horsefaced Catherine MaKinnon, and ship-sized Andrea Dworkin called for many years ago.
Related Story: to any LEOs looking in, have a look at the self-profile on a blog written by an actual gang stalker in Las Vegas, who communicated with another gang stalker.in Egan, MN, as they destroyed my security cameras awhile ago..
Many in the recent smear campaigns are white males, but as we saw with Cosmo Setepenra~ Gavin Long, and even Rakem Balogun, black males are also being stalked and framed, withno recourse to relief from DVIC initiatiated total harassment.
That,in fact,and with easily obtained data, and rudimentary searching on the internet, any researcher of gang stalking, any law enforcement agent,or civil/criminal defense attorney will find these links; and that law enforcement turns a blind eye, or participates directly in these many,many cases.
So, if you want to find actual gang stalkers who can be investigated, and prosecuted, you must start with the names of the people who pop up in these cases and who are quoted in major media in some fashion, all of whom are direct, and indirect beneficiaries of the DVIC money pot.
And so, I would like to point my readers to this piece I wrote here, about a guy named Sava, an African from Gabon, who popped up behind me in a beach in California one day, fumbling with a camera that he had no idea how to operate.
I had once been his sisters big brother, caring for her in her times of need or distress, and, if you ask her, I am certain she has mostly fond memories of me. She, a young, beautiful, fragile African immigrant, me, a target of both Jewish and christian,D,and R political stalking, with the former head of UN Security in an African nation tossed into my word salad to boot.
Well, anyways: Sava was/is a devotee of Russel Simmons yoga studio in L.A., and, you can read the story yourself,here. And, Simmons became a target of the #MeToo slanderers shortly afterIwrote that story.
Make no mistake about my personal politics: ROGS once organized the de facto second headquarters for Democrats, in a swing state that is rampant with the organized gang stalking that I describe herein; and a place where, literally, people of all races,religions,sects and political parties came together to eat, drink and be merry.
And, a relative of mine has represented every sitting President since Clinton. So-I am truly non-partisan now, having realized how broken, enmeshed, and un-fixable- what a mess America is.
Related Story: what is a black bag job, and who does them?
All my idealism changed around 2001 under Bush 2,when the black bag jobs began-most often by local Red Squads; and their increased black bag jobs of all kinds “occured” in my homes up until 2018, when I left the country, and the black bag jobs, street harassment, etc stopped, almostlike shutting off awater faucet.
Back then, I was slandered and blackmailed, and worse, by local police and political, religious factions working from law offices,and colleges,NGOs, churches and DVIC institutions.
You see, organized gang stalking is, indeed, very real,and my avid daily readers know this is true too, especially those who hacked me last August.
At this juncture, a shout out to “Rogelio,” in LA who-for whatever reason, is avidly reading ROGS,to whom I say orale’, and a note of caution to Thad, andhisbutt butties in Australia, to whom I say: be careful who you frame, hack,or harass next time, because honeypots are full of bees, too.
In that light, I would like to take a look at Americas new Kultural Kommunity Kovens, which have replaced the KuKluxKlan in America as the emergent threat against democracy,and, I now offer my services to each and every civil case lawyer, criminal defense attorney, or others who find the ROGS analysis to be valuable in solving these cases.
And now, just because I believe that ROGS online p7erformance art has made a difference instead if a “defference”,in the publics interest,and possibly, saving a few hundred lives in the process,I will name a name, and paint a target on the back of one.of the.many DVIC slanderers who popup in these cases after the fact of the shooting/“incel”car crashing/butterknifings that are taking place, as law enforcement sits like a Thai pegboy with their fat asses stuck on a high-heeled shoe,waiting for more DVIC dollars:
I ask my readers to take a look at the name Julien Brown,who appeared in the story about the Tallahassee Hot Yoga shooter.

Here is what you will find:
1. https://www.tallahassee.com/story/news/2018/11/03/gunman-had-history-arrests-grabbing-women/1871941002/

A Bonus 13 in the case of Thousand Oaks Borderline bar shooter Ian Long: DVIC slanderer, horse-faced gym coach, made him run 13 miles, amid constant harassment

Are veterans likeIanLong, the Borderline Bar shooter being gang stalked?
You bet they are- and in media reports that run after each mass shooting/stabbing/butter-knifing, we find nearly one single fact checks out: some un-litigated DVIC slander, and,frequently,the number 13.
But first, note that in these cases, mediapundits grab quotesfrom.people who have bullied the shooters. Its a pretty well integrated systemic CYA narrative.
Here is a.link to thel ovely damsel who bullied Long.

And here is her picture:

Related: The Asian-FBI caught with its pants downin….Asia, [email protected], as an Ohio gangstalker with an online presence thatacts as a honeypot for trapping Asian men flies to Beijing.

But you dont have to take ROGS word for it-lets ask NBC News how some horse-faced lesbian linebacker slandered and bullied the future U.S.Marine while he was in high school.
And extra points for any OGS investigator who notes the close links in this NBC article between the racist/tribal/sectarian ADL,which plays on both sides of the racialand political arena,and Asian-Americans who I have implicated with evidence here,and here,and here in the case of Edward Joey X and other connections in the San Gabriel Valley of CA to gang stalking, and also to an Israelified DVIC gang stalking homicide here in the case of Matt Riehl, and many other places as actual gang stalkers:
by:Qasim Rashid
Thousand Oaks shooter joins list of white men rampaging in Pittsburgh and Tallahassee. So where were they radicalized?
Gun violence in America is getting so bad that survivors of mass attacks are now getting killed later, in subsequent shootings.
Nov. 10, 2018 / 8:55 AM GMT+8
By James Rainey
THOUSAND OAKS, Calif.— The gunman who killed a dozen people at a Thousand Oaks bar and dance club has been depicted as a troubled loner, tormented by demons from his time as a Marine in Afghanistan.
But one of Ian David Long’s high school coaches said she saw serious signs of trouble and aggressive behavior in the months before he graduated from Newbury Park High School a decade ago.
One-time coach Dominique Colell Ballard said Long was a senior sprinter on the track team when he defied her authority during one practice — barking out repeated profanities — before grabbing and groping her at another practice.
Ballard said her attempt to discipline the teenager by throwing him off the track team was thwarted by other coaches and school administrators, who said they did not want to derail Long’s dream of joining the Marine Corps.
“So I let him back on the team. And every day after that he would show up with a big old smile on his face. It was very uncomfortable,” said Ballard, now 38 and living in nearby Camarillo. “The feeling I got was that he felt like he got away with it. He felt like he won.”
Image: Ian Long
Ian Long, 28, who is a veteran of the Marines, has been identified as the shooter at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California.via Facebook
Ballard said she had returned to her alma mater, Newbury Park High, and was working the part-time job as head girl’s track coach in 2008. She also was responsible for attendance and discipline for both the boy’s and girl’s track teams, when Long joined as a senior. Before that, he had spent his springs playing baseball.
One afternoon, Long violated a team rule by using profanity. Ballard ordered him to run one mile, the standard punishment for swearing, Ballard recalled. But as he completed each lap, for about a dozen laps, the teenager repeatedly shouted a new round of profanities at his coach.
With each new broadside, Ballard added another mile to his punishment, until she required a total of 13 miles.
“A couple of the girls on the team heard him and they were just dumbfounded that he would keep doing it,” said Ballard, who is now a mother of two. Ballard said she required the defiant Long to run all, or most, of the distance.
Weeks later at another afternoon practice at the school, which is just 10 minutes from the site of Wednesday’s shooting, Ballard said she was trying to determine who owned a phone that turned up missing. Ballard ran at her, screaming at her to give back his phone.
“’Give me the phone, give me the phone, give me the phone,’ he just kept screaming,” recalled Ballard. Given his aggressive behavior, Ballard told him she would not give him the phone.
“Then he starts grabbing me,” Ballard said. “He reached around and he had one hand on my stomach and one hand on my butt.”

Ventura Shooter, the number 13, and why policing in America is totally broken.

This post is for whoever it was whose search language landed here at ROGS,asking: are our veterans being gang stalked?
To that OGS researcher, I can tell you with certainty, andscientific evidence, yes American veterans ARE being gang stalked, as we saw with Walter Laak, Mathew Riehl, and many others as in this case here.
But to you, I would also like to ask: why didnt you get off your ass and research this much earlier,like when my gang stalking began, just after I wrote about a so-called terrorist in 2003-4? Or when hidden intel contractors quoted cowardly Gavin de Becker, after they implanted my computer with electronic implants, and other fun stuff?
You see: YOU are the problem, because while I and others standfor rights of due process across the board for all citizens,you,sadly, and in an unenlightened fashion, only get concerned when its a veteran getting gang stalked.
I mean- was gang stalking by the alphabet agencies, the DVIC,and NSA-Israel internet hacking, and offline stalking ok with you, as long as it was journalists getting hacked, followed, slandered; framed online and off,or followed, attacked, and Tasered by Paul Blarts, and community policing scum?
Well- I got news for you: while Im glad to have you on board now, acknowledging that OGS is indeed a real thing, its almost to late, because someone should have told you that all of your guns arent worth shit if you cannot understand that words are why we have so-called freedom in the first place. Maybe pick up a book once in awhile,instead of Shooters Digest.
You mught learn something about actual freedom instead of the bought and fought for kind…
I will soon release the name,and my email correspondence with someone from Ventura,California, who wrote to me awhile back,just before I was hacked here at ROGS by someone with nation-state (or FBI/JTRIG/Australian agent not yet identified) level hacking skills; and who I believe is an actual gang stalker,and who could possibly have been involved with the latest mass homicide in America, which coincides with the rest of the freefall of Americas constitutional, and due process rights, during COINTELPRO 2·0, because our agencies are no mere enforcers of a due process free police state.
And,because apparently, another mass shooting occured in Thousand Oaks, CA, where the number 13 is, a main feature of the body counts, I will release these emails, which fit into another pattern,which is weird white females who have close associations with the DVIC,and policing, Infragard,and other institutions,like CalState Northridge and other colleges, where as we see here, here, here, and here, DVIC slander campaigns take precedence overdiscussions of constitutional rights,or due process.
But I will not release them to any US law enforcement agent, or intelligence agency, because as we see time,and again,these agencies no longer serve the general public,but rather,act as actual gang stalkers themselves.
It is the rot and rickroll of the DVIC-FBICIAETALPHABETICUS actually creating these crimes, from start,to finish~these crimes are cop porn on designer steroids.
So,in that light, lets take a look at the number 13,in context to yet another mass shooting, andnote that the number13 frequently appears in these cases, where our ADLified/Israelified police forces perpetrate both hoaxes, and real crimes. .
And, let me know if you start seeing patterns.
12 Dead, shooter allegedly commits suucide,in YET ANOTHER designer crime.
Scenes of grief, shock at site of mass shooting at California bar
Twelve people including a police officer were killed by a gunman at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California.

(R)evisiting the gang stalking of Andy Ostrowski in Pennsylvania: I ask YOU the ROGS reader to analyze my many OGS thesis-and I dare you to invalidate it!

sSo~no one wants to even mumble the words GOLEM! Or “KKKikenstein” out loud anymore….its so dangerous, even as these same maraud through our yards, and issue death threats, and bomb threats directly from Israel,while blaming whitey, or shitting the anti-shemitismsisms on airplanes, and these get a slap on the wrist(while others get framed, and then, get their hands chopped off by Israeli squad 3200, working with people like this in “porn deluges,”to kill the left, and create a Mayer Lansky Republic.
Because, yeah, democracy died when mini-Dworkins like this shitbag Julia Frankston below showed up on the scene to schmear dedicated civil rights activists like Andy Ostrowski.
What gross, misanthropic, cuckolding religiocratic and ugly bitches these are, straight out of Catherine MacKinnons steel nails and broomsticks laden designer dildo drawer.
This little piece of fetid, rotten pork below stinks, worse than Ruth Bader Ginsburghs prolapsed, bastard-birthing cunt-soured jockstrap.
here-let me paint a target..on the face of a gay mafia, horse-face lesbian linebacker affiliated bully- and, extra points if you connect her to Fusion Center spying:

Julia M. Frankston-Morris, Esquire
Disciplinary Counsel
Pennsylvania Judicial Center
601 Commonwealth Ave., Suite 5800
P.O. Box 62675
Harrisburg, PA 17106-2675
[email protected]

I bet her entire family made a fortune by pirating copies of Banwa Stweisand sinGing about the quasi-real Shoa, while her uncles all ran around like chickens with henhouses falling on their heads, whining: the ACLU PROTECTS NAZI S!

The DVIC smear campaign, aka organized gang stalking, claims a few more lives: the yoga shooter.

I urge the few dozen police/intel agents/shitbags not yet specified, who follow my blog to take note of the following things:
1·The Intercept, whose brilliant initial helmsman, Glenn Greenwald published Edward Snowdens reveals about intel agency/NSA-Israel-FVEYs spying on American citizens is nearly in lockstep (wearing zionist jackboots) with every single ROGS thesis right now, but on the opposite side, trying desperately to refute me, or, exonerate their Anti Defamation League sponsors, aka, Billionaire Pierre Omidyars hidden online troll army(which some sources say, are working directly with Israeli Squad 3200 to hack, harass, defame, slander, and neutralize online speakers ), the nexus to Tel Aviv FBI spying, and the political shenanigans that these have- IN THE LITERAL SENSE- conspired to keep hidden from the public.