The DVIC smear campaign, aka organized gang stalking, claims a few more lives: the yoga shooter.

I urge the few dozen police/intel agents/shitbags not yet specified, who follow my blog to take note of the following things:
1·The Intercept, whose brilliant initial helmsman, Glenn Greenwald published Edward Snowdens reveals about intel agency/NSA-Israel-FVEYs spying on American citizens is nearly in lockstep (wearing zionist jackboots) with every single ROGS thesis right now, but on the opposite side, trying desperately to refute me, or, exonerate their Anti Defamation League sponsors, aka, Billionaire Pierre Omidyars hidden online troll army(which some sources say, are working directly with Israeli Squad 3200 to hack, harass, defame, slander, and neutralize online speakers ), the nexus to Tel Aviv FBI spying, and the political shenanigans that these have- IN THE LITERAL SENSE- conspired to keep hidden from the public.

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