Ventura Shooter, the number 13, and why policing in America is totally broken.

This post is for whoever it was whose search language landed here at ROGS,asking: are our veterans being gang stalked?
To that OGS researcher, I can tell you with certainty, andscientific evidence, yes American veterans ARE being gang stalked, as we saw with Walter Laak, Mathew Riehl, and many others as in this case here.
But to you, I would also like to ask: why didnt you get off your ass and research this much earlier,like when my gang stalking began, just after I wrote about a so-called terrorist in 2003-4? Or when hidden intel contractors quoted cowardly Gavin de Becker, after they implanted my computer with electronic implants, and other fun stuff?
You see: YOU are the problem, because while I and others standfor rights of due process across the board for all citizens,you,sadly, and in an unenlightened fashion, only get concerned when its a veteran getting gang stalked.
I mean- was gang stalking by the alphabet agencies, the DVIC,and NSA-Israel internet hacking, and offline stalking ok with you, as long as it was journalists getting hacked, followed, slandered; framed online and off,or followed, attacked, and Tasered by Paul Blarts, and community policing scum?
Well- I got news for you: while Im glad to have you on board now, acknowledging that OGS is indeed a real thing, its almost to late, because someone should have told you that all of your guns arent worth shit if you cannot understand that words are why we have so-called freedom in the first place. Maybe pick up a book once in awhile,instead of Shooters Digest.
You mught learn something about actual freedom instead of the bought and fought for kind…
I will soon release the name,and my email correspondence with someone from Ventura,California, who wrote to me awhile back,just before I was hacked here at ROGS by someone with nation-state (or FBI/JTRIG/Australian agent not yet identified) level hacking skills; and who I believe is an actual gang stalker,and who could possibly have been involved with the latest mass homicide in America, which coincides with the rest of the freefall of Americas constitutional, and due process rights, during COINTELPRO 2·0, because our agencies are no mere enforcers of a due process free police state.
And,because apparently, another mass shooting occured in Thousand Oaks, CA, where the number 13 is, a main feature of the body counts, I will release these emails, which fit into another pattern,which is weird white females who have close associations with the DVIC,and policing, Infragard,and other institutions,like CalState Northridge and other colleges, where as we see here, here, here, and here, DVIC slander campaigns take precedence overdiscussions of constitutional rights,or due process.
But I will not release them to any US law enforcement agent, or intelligence agency, because as we see time,and again,these agencies no longer serve the general public,but rather,act as actual gang stalkers themselves.
It is the rot and rickroll of the DVIC-FBICIAETALPHABETICUS actually creating these crimes, from start,to finish~these crimes are cop porn on designer steroids.
So,in that light, lets take a look at the number 13,in context to yet another mass shooting, andnote that the number13 frequently appears in these cases, where our ADLified/Israelified police forces perpetrate both hoaxes, and real crimes. .
And, let me know if you start seeing patterns.
12 Dead, shooter allegedly commits suucide,in YET ANOTHER designer crime.
Scenes of grief, shock at site of mass shooting at California bar
Twelve people including a police officer were killed by a gunman at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California.

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