The Hot Yoga Shooter, the number 13, and a shooting from 2009: ROGS asks for your forensic skills now, and names more names.

George Sodini walked into a yoga studio in 2009, and allegedly blasted the yoga pants off a few middle class white females, and toxic Democrat types. And,it is important to note that he was an IT professional,forpurposes I will discuss later.
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Then, nine years later,Scott Beierle is alleged to have done the same at the Tallahassee Hot Yoga studio, after an EXTENSIVE, and RACIALIZED slander campaign that went on for years, behind his back, as nameable,traceable people like computer savvy IT professionals and sectarian Jewish-christian slanderers like Julien Brown,formerly of of Altadena,CA (feel free to sue me-but remember: OGS isnt real! And Mr.Brown is online, and linked to sectarian christianity) who step in after the death of the slandered guy to deliver the after-death bodypunch, or who worked to destroy his life, career, and opportunities, EXACTLY the way that gang stalkers are said to do: they stalk,harass, defame; interfere in the workplace, and rental of property-and especially, wage cowardly campaigns that affect a persons employment, as we see in this case, and the case of Ian Long,and Matt Riehl, and nearly every other case.
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And,so,ROGS,the blog you are reading now, teaches you, the TI, how to fight organized gang stalking by naming names- and demonstrating that,in fact,you can defend yourself if you adopt the paradigms and ROGS analyses.
So,like the Huffington Post has noted, there is some kind of nebulous link between the gender based, arbitrary and nebulous definition of domestic violence, and mass shooters.
But what is it?
I will tell you-it is NOT any actual violence that has been proven by trial, before any jury, ever, but rather, but rather an EXTREMELY WELL ORGANIZED effort to target, frame and harass men who have encountered DVIC mechanisms, and the accompanying slanders, assaults,Fusion Center.monitoring and BOLOs, and more-and many/most of those men, with links to alternative media/alternative narrative/ or links to the internet backbone.

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Here is a Lone Wolf Journalist experiment: read carefully through the stories that run just after these events, and take down the names of the crisis PR agents, sherrifs department spokespersons, and others who are quoted locally- the people quoted in the city, and statewide, not the international news. Research those “official sources and bystanders” for political ties to causes,and,in the case of this guy,ties, even, to “deep state”narrative control, and even the number 13.
The ardent ROGS reader will note that my personal gang stalking started in a college, and lasted for many years,and that I even lost a story about the FBI flying airplanes over Baltimore to a guy name Weinberg/Weinstein/Weiseman/wiseass unspecified,and a kid in Minnesota, after I wrote about an alleged terrorist, who award winning journalist, and creator of the term “manufactured terrorism”Trevor Aaronson also wrote about, many years later, and much after certain organizations waged a billions of dollars per year propaganda war.

Because, at its heart, organized gang stalking is a core component of a “soft-force” propaganda war, and the men targeted (like this poor,mis-guided future FBI informant Cesar Altieri Sayoc,who was framed and stalked until he lived in a van, and rebelled against his hidden internethandlers by becoming,literally, a human counter-propaganda leaflet), are targeted FIRST in one of many he said/she said gray areas of lawwhere horse-faced female bullies, gay bullies,AIPAC/ADL/JFED/NGO and other kommunity klub bullies are given a free pass to target, stalk, frame and harass men, whose primary failing is that they dont complain to authorities when these things happen because the DVIC keeps itself fat and happy by using the call-a-cop model of policing, which guarantees a neverending pile of federal cash for the CREATION of crisis BY these crybullies..
And why is that model so successful?
You guessed it:the police are the biggest part of the problem,as its designed by these same horse-faced, gay, NGO-TO-FUSION-CENTER-TO-LOCAL POLICE pork barrel bullies. It is what noted feminist sociopath Nikki Craft, and horsefaced Catherine MaKinnon, and ship-sized Andrea Dworkin called for many years ago.
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Many in the recent smear campaigns are white males, but as we saw with Cosmo Setepenra~ Gavin Long, and even Rakem Balogun, black males are also being stalked and framed, withno recourse to relief from DVIC initiatiated total harassment.
That,in fact,and with easily obtained data, and rudimentary searching on the internet, any researcher of gang stalking, any law enforcement agent,or civil/criminal defense attorney will find these links; and that law enforcement turns a blind eye, or participates directly in these many,many cases.
So, if you want to find actual gang stalkers who can be investigated, and prosecuted, you must start with the names of the people who pop up in these cases and who are quoted in major media in some fashion, all of whom are direct, and indirect beneficiaries of the DVIC money pot.
And so, I would like to point my readers to this piece I wrote here, about a guy named Sava, an African from Gabon, who popped up behind me in a beach in California one day, fumbling with a camera that he had no idea how to operate.
I had once been his sisters big brother, caring for her in her times of need or distress, and, if you ask her, I am certain she has mostly fond memories of me. She, a young, beautiful, fragile African immigrant, me, a target of both Jewish and christian,D,and R political stalking, with the former head of UN Security in an African nation tossed into my word salad to boot.
Well, anyways: Sava was/is a devotee of Russel Simmons yoga studio in L.A., and, you can read the story yourself,here. And, Simmons became a target of the #MeToo slanderers shortly afterIwrote that story.
Make no mistake about my personal politics: ROGS once organized the de facto second headquarters for Democrats, in a swing state that is rampant with the organized gang stalking that I describe herein; and a place where, literally, people of all races,religions,sects and political parties came together to eat, drink and be merry.
And, a relative of mine has represented every sitting President since Clinton. So-I am truly non-partisan now, having realized how broken, enmeshed, and un-fixable- what a mess America is.
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All my idealism changed around 2001 under Bush 2,when the black bag jobs began-most often by local Red Squads; and their increased black bag jobs of all kinds “occured” in my homes up until 2018, when I left the country, and the black bag jobs, street harassment, etc stopped, almostlike shutting off awater faucet.
Back then, I was slandered and blackmailed, and worse, by local police and political, religious factions working from law offices,and colleges,NGOs, churches and DVIC institutions.
You see, organized gang stalking is, indeed, very real,and my avid daily readers know this is true too, especially those who hacked me last August.
At this juncture, a shout out to “Rogelio,” in LA who-for whatever reason, is avidly reading ROGS,to whom I say orale’, and a note of caution to Thad, andhisbutt butties in Australia, to whom I say: be careful who you frame, hack,or harass next time, because honeypots are full of bees, too.
In that light, I would like to take a look at Americas new Kultural Kommunity Kovens, which have replaced the KuKluxKlan in America as the emergent threat against democracy,and, I now offer my services to each and every civil case lawyer, criminal defense attorney, or others who find the ROGS analysis to be valuable in solving these cases.
And now, just because I believe that ROGS online p7erformance art has made a difference instead if a “defference”,in the publics interest,and possibly, saving a few hundred lives in the process,I will name a name, and paint a target on the back of one.of the.many DVIC slanderers who popup in these cases after the fact of the shooting/“incel”car crashing/butterknifings that are taking place, as law enforcement sits like a Thai pegboy with their fat asses stuck on a high-heeled shoe,waiting for more DVIC dollars:
I ask my readers to take a look at the name Julien Brown,who appeared in the story about the Tallahassee Hot Yoga shooter.

Here is what you will find:

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