Armchair feminism, the blog as honeypot, and a Google search: “the gang stalkers will…”

There are now emerging in media narratives of mass shooter/gang stalkings gone wrong,that Lutherans are every bit as active gang stalking as any other religions.
So, to my reader, please first look at my posts here,where I directly implucate Gretchen Carlson and the neocon DVIC/crybully/#fakerape smear.machine in the case offraming a Chinese billionaire asa rapist.
Then,this case here, where I make a passing reference to my“daily Triune of readers,” as the Triune is a sign, and a symbol of Lutheranism; but also, that took place in a toxic-progressivestate that is wholly dependent on #fakerape DVIC dollars.
Then,here where I call out a large corporation, 3M, and directly state that it personal belief, based upon information, that this corporation uses its resources to target, stalk,and harass people.
And here, where I directly, and indirectly make note of that, as race-based elements within that corporation used one of the largest identity management databases in the world to leak information about political targets.
So, with that in mind, have a look at the nexus between the the Tallahassee shooter, who was framed as a sexual deviant, despite having NEVER been convicted of such a crime(true to form in the #fakerape smear campaigns).
The nexus connects with the LUTHERAN COLLEGEs.
You might like to know that one of the two killed at the Hot Yoga was a Pacific Lutheranite, and, that the bouncer killed at Thousand Oaks(and many others who were quoted in MSM)share, not-incoincidentally, ties to Lutheranism.
Here, see for yourself, as the churches all unite after these shootings-and,after church affilliated gang stalkers crop up being quoted in the press.
So, while it would require you, the ROGS researcher to adopt the ROGS analysis in these cases, and drop the superstitions,.myths and.other relugious violence related to the number 13, I am sure you, too will find links-and maybe, prosecute a few gang stalkers.
For my part, after reading this classic#fakerape smear from pseudo-feminist blogger Wonkette, I am beginning to see evidence that, in fact, these shooters are actually sort of reverse lynchings.
And, in cases like Tallahassee,it is quite possible that BEIERLE had connected a dot to one of his actual slanderers.
From lesbian linebacker Wonkette, here is the #fakerape smear, told against a military veteran as if its truth:
Of Course The Guy Who Shot Up A Yoga Studio Was An Incel With A History Of Assaulting Women.
Robyn Pennacchia
November. 03, 2018 03:30
…What we know so far about Beierle is that he is a former veteran, that he graduated from Florida State University with a Master’s in Public Administration and Planning, and that he belonged to two groups on Facebook — FSU College Republicans and We Are Conservatives. Authorities have said that they believe the shooting could be related to a domestic incident, and the two victims, Nancy Van Vessem, 61, and Maura Binkley, 21, each had ties to FSU (Vessem as a faculty member and Binkley as a student), though no connection between the shooter and the victims has been established beyond that.
While police have not yet found an explicit motive for the shooting, Beierle has since been found to have had a history of arrests related to groping women.
The 2012 incident happened in a dining hall on Florida State’s campus. Court records show a woman accused him of grabbing her while she was at a soda fountain and a second woman said he’d done the same to her three times in the past month. Court records show those charges were later dropped.
The 2016 incident happened at the University Trails apartments where Beierle lives. Court records show he asked a woman sunbathing by the pool if he could rub sunscreen on her buttocks. When she said no, court documents say he grabbed her buttocks and left. Beierle signed a deferred prosecution agreement in that case and charges were ultimately dropped six months later.
We know what this means. We know that this was a man who felt entitled to women’s bodies. We know that men who behave this way often react with violence to being rejected. We know it because we’ve seen it too many times before.
Beierle’s rampage is eerily reminiscent of the 2009 mass shooting in Collier Township, Pennsylvania, in which George Sodini shot and killed three women he didn’t know and then killed himself, because he was angry about women not wanting to have sex with him. It’s also eerily reminiscent of practically every other mass shooting in the last ten years — because over and over and over again, these men keep turning out to have a history of either violence towards women or documented extreme misogyny. These men keep turning out to be angry about being rejected by women they feel entitled to…..
Follow the link to learn more about how Winkette have distorted views about men,ethics, and truth.

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