Kommunity Kulture Klubs, weaponized media, sketchy crisis PR pundits, and “bystander interviews:” a dialectic biopsy on DVIC narrative control

To the law enforcement, reputable investigative journalists, sociologists, and attorneys who are reading ROGS:
In every mass shooter case,you will find the following features, which seldom/never get discussed in MSM-and, you will also see why so many MSM pundits and others want to shut down “alternative media”and in my case, actual Highway Patrol cars tried numerous times to literally run me off the roads shortly after I published this post here at ROGS, and after this happened, too:
1-in case after case, we can find peculiar links to what is called “narrative control and perception management
2-the symbols, signs, and signifiers of occult meaning, such as the now regularly occuring number 13; and that, in nearly all of these cases.
3-agents of crisis PR, who work in sherrifs departments,prosecutors offices,and law firms such as we saw with (smoking hot and highly bangable)Rochelle Ritchie and the target of her crybullying narrative, Cesar Sayoc, or this plainly bizarre media hoax about fentanyl laced fliers that sought to raise awareness about organized gang stalking-and these fliers produced by fake-whistle blowers organizations with dubious claims such as the NSAs go-to discrediting narrative spokesperson,Karen Stewart.
[For actual “fentanyl-free”anti-gang stalking fliers, go to the reputable www.fightgangstalking.comfliers ]
Now, lets take a look at the “link between domestic violence,#fakerape,narrative control, and designer mass shootings on acid,” as we take a brief look at a few recent mass shootings, and the crisis PR pundits and spokespersons who actively waged “perception management”in these cases.
Selling Extra-judicial Executive Homicide, via the crybully narratives of Crisis Public Relations
》Crisis Pr agents who are queasily close to shooters,butter-knifers, and t.v.studio crashers. Look- one alleged “crazy person”even NAMED a Crisis PR manager in the Texas Rangers BEFORE the incident!
-Michael Chadwick Fry literally named Tom Reedy,the Denton County Sherrifs crisis manager on his flier
》Rochelle Ritchie was a key figure in the designer crybullying case of Cesar Sayoc, who is alleged to have mailed 13 (really crappy)bombs to people like former spy agency heads James Clapper, and John Brennan(both of whom should rot in jail for lying to Congress on multiple occasions), as well as to every other Israel-firster who has virtually destroyed the Democratic party, and democracy in general through toxic-progressivism.
-Ritchie also has curious ties to the gay mafia, horse-faced lesbian linebackers, and conflicts of interest as a crybully-provocateur. the gay mafia works at all levels of institutions, and the DVIC mechanism, as well as in.polucing capacities, and can be glimpsed here, here,here, and here, as well as ties to the case of Freddy Gray, who was decapitated by six Baltimore police officers in the back of a paddy wagon, after he took abad.plea deal forced upon him by a lesbian attorney.
》the latest case of the Thousand Oaks shooter, and also here, where we see all of the above, and here, where we see the shooter bullied, humiliated and harassed, including horse faced lesbian linebackers, the number 13, DVIC after death body punches,and more.
-this case reveals two “people who knew the shooter,”as they allegedly coached himon a track team,and those those share demographic features with this software developer Julien Brown, who crops up in the case of the Tallahassee Hot Yoga shooter such as: they are all FROM within milesof each other in CA-Brown is from Altadena CA, which.is a stones throw from Pasadena(which is rightn ext door to where this major identity management database was compromised by anti-white racists)and Thousand Oaks.
– the two named persons who are prominently featured in news articles have a web presence that indicates they are multi-culturally affilliated; and that the women associated with this case identify themselves as “Warrior Sistahs” such as the second“coach,”Evie Cluke, where we find anEvie Cluke.offering condolensces on an obituary dite thus:

I am gonna miss you my Warrior Sista! You fought a great fight and touched so many people with your sweet spirit. Rest in heaven. You definitely earned your wings.
Evie Cluke
January 06, 2018 | Montclair, CA

– Here is Ms.Cluke, a self described “warrior”of some kind or another:
And, as a reminder, here is Dominique Colell, the.other after-death body puncher:

USA - The Chainsaw Chicks perform in Costa Mesa
The Chainsaw Chicks performs their Ice Sculpting at the OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA. © 2011 Paul A. Hebert. Pictured: Dominique Colell

Keep in mind that these hulking behemoths are the delicate flowers that the DVIC is encouraging, and protecting, as they appear.many.many years after they initially bullied and harassed the shooter, from within an official, institutional capacity.
So: to the OGS researcher, notice that while the KuKlux Klan has been diminished in stature, these Kommunity Kovens and Klubs areo n the rise now, as Infragard/FusionCenter/NSA-Israel-FVEYs spying creates and enables these new race warriors.

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