Gang stalking search terms have changed since I risked life and limb to bring the….cockroaches into the light.

Gang stalking search terms- and in fact the entire OGS dialectic have changed since ROGS,the blog you are reading now-risked life and limb, and even got hacked by little Eichmanns named skyperider312,Troy, and Thad, AUS and a shmoe named Moe, to bring the Fusion Center organized gang stalking,tribal-religious-sectarian cockroaches that do it into the light.
And the search terms that have come into this blog have not only changed changed dramatically, but they indicate a level of refinement,and specificity,and that those who are searching for answers have become better educated about who gang stalkers are, and how they can defend themselves, and fight gang stalkers legally, using free electronic tools like these here, and maybe paint a few targets on the names and faces-and even extended family members and associates of those who have, in cowardly fashion, stalked them from behind, “in darkness”.
I especially advise targets that gang stalking isnt real, according to the experts, and even,Americas Political Police and Domestic Violence Industrial Complex Offenders(the APPDVICO, sounds like RICO) and NSA/CIA/NGO social engineers,and their go to smear artists, unethical shrinks,and every agency that claims to be keeping America safe, aka the FBI and the DHS, VIA THE NSA-Israel-FVEYs privacy rape schemes, ETALPHABETICUS-these all agree that gang stalking isnt real,so,no one can ever be damaged,hurt, or maliciously targeted by you,the OGS victim if you choose to move forward with a plan of some kind to end your highly personalized tracking and targeting by the groups and specific persons I name herein.
(Wow, sorry for that long sentence just above- I had an internal voice-over going on in my head,that sounded EXACTLY like one of the Jokers rants against Batman!)
I especially recommend that you use this journalist fact-checker freeware and payware suite of online and offline tools where you can trace,track,and target those who have done that to you- and damage them in every legal way possible (and especially, destroy them in the gray area oflaw, like the DHS manual, AND OSI Informers both suggest, if you can), and even Do Unto Them, as They Pre-emptively Did Unto YOU.
But dont get too carried away, kids, like this guy here, and this one, and…..
Well, anyways, just last year, when I began this project of online performance art,and sociological research, total assholes like Dr.Lorraine Sheridan and David V. James, and Elizabeth Dietrich from the Kommunity Kulture Klubs, and the LGBTV-Orifices unspecified colleges and universities did some anonymous internet polls and brief online surveys, and concluded that targeted individuals are all deeeeelusional.
And of course, all of these, working directly, and indirectly with hate groups,and te gayz, and taking orders from racist sectarians,like Professor Fuck Your Life Finklestein (not to be confused with Norman Finklestein who was literally gangstalked out of hisprofessorship in Chicago.))
Then,ROGS waged a one person propaganda campaign, where I involved journalists,lawyers, doctors,psychologists AND psychiatrists, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE this blog has made, in the publics interests(as opposed to the black/brown shirt clusterfuck that ournation has become with 17 domestic spy agencies waging terror daily on citizens).
So: in just over 1.5 years, the search terms that came in to this blog went from “their zapping me right now with electronic weapons!” and “Are aliens involved in UFO abductions of Morgellons sufferers?” to more legitimate,verifiable, and educated questions and terms like these below.
And look!
Some are even Googling Rotary Clubs and gang stalking(because Rotary Klub members are frequently impllicated in it), and Fusion Center gang stalking, and pistal servuce shenanigans with trucks, and my favorite: what is the best sociological analyses for gang stalking .
and all that, in a year and a half.
So, targets,know that you are not alone, and that all of those good people who do bad things-like take shits on our rightsof due process and civil liberties-are now being seen “in the proper light,”with huge TARGETS on their faces now.
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