Institutional rape and organized gang stalking: when cops are rapists and criminals, we all lose

Happyvalleycitizen has brought the worlds attention to a sick serial rapist named Josh Lamancusa, who just happens to be the District Attorney in that area.
Its cases like these that make ROGS wonder: when did assassination of public figures go out of style-and why dont guys like this rapist scumbag ever get assassinated anymore?
[There is a hidden ham sand-witch in that last paragraph, for the speech police who cant seem to eat enough pork to keep them pig-fat and DVIC-y]
I Mean, if our Machiavellian America wants to go full fascist, as we see now in cases like these, the true face of organized religion, and men driven to mass shootings after being gang stalked from Fusion Centers working under community mobbing- why not go all the way? After all, back stabbing cowardice is the hallmark of both fascism, AND the DVIC, and its corrupt extra judicial high policing.
Et, Tu, Brutes?
I guess some questions just dont have clear answers yet.
Questions like: why does the American legal system promote institutional rape And why do SOME writers only get involved when it happens to women, instead of men, as we see in Americas rape factories, aka “feminist fantasy prison porn facilities,” aka the prison industrial complex (PIC) that was BUILT for, by, and because of womens empowerment?
Well, anyways_
Look at these rapists in Pennsylvania, andsome of those rapists who are WOMEN, or woman-like, as we see with horse faced lesbian linebackers who gang stalk veterans:
LAWRENCE COUNTY Pennsylvania: Disgusting D.A. Josh Lamancusa – Woman Tied Down to Bed and Vaginally Anally Probe Searched, & CI Extorted and then Sexually Assaulted by DA
Rogue in Centre CountyNovember 23, 2018

The Plaintiff was transported to the Lawrence County Jail where she was physically restrained and forced to undergo multiple strip searches by female correction officers. During these searches, the Plaintiff was made to disrobe, bend over, spread her buttocks, cough and repeatedly insert her fingers into her vagina.
The Plaintiff was forced to repeatedly prod her personal areas by inserting her fingers into her vagina to remove an unknown item later determined not to exist.The Plaintiff was forced to once again bend over, spread her buttock, and cough while Defendants Brightshue and Savage again visually inspected her vaginal and rectal areas. During this entire ordeal, the Plaintiff was crying hysterically and insisting that there was no foreign substance concealed in any body cavity.
When repeated searches at the prison turned up no searches, the arresting officer phoned the chief of police and District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa to ask for advice. Lamancusa advised that Carbone should be taken to a hospital for a more invasive search by medical professionals. Prison gaurds and law enforcement do not have authorization to probe genitilia body cavities, only to look.
Carbone was transferred to Jameson County Medical Center. The Defendants Lamancusa, Salem, Maiella, and Dolquist informed Defendants Geiser and Fee (hereinafter referred to as “the medical staff”) that the Plaintiff needed treated for a possible overdose, rectal packing and/or oral intake of a controlled substance. She was asked by a doctor if she would consent to an examination. When she refused to consent she was handcuffed by ankles and wrists to a hospital bed, where the search was conducted against her will. The medical staffs’ evaluation of the Plaintiff for any objective symptoms, which would confirm a possible overdose, rectal packing or oral intake of drugs, revealed that she was conscious and alert with normal cardiovascular and respiratory signs coupled with no associated signs or symptoms of acute distress. The Plaintiff’s hands and feet were secured to the bed and her clothing forcibly removed against her will. Defendants Lamancusa and Salem were present during these events.
Bernard Geiser, M.D. conducted an initial examination of her vagina and anus, but still could find no drugs during the invasive search.
Carbone was then asked to stand by the side of her hospital bed and urinate into a pan while Doctors and medical personnel watched. Male police officers inspected the bed pan and collected samples. The Complaint reads: The Plaintiff was then made to stand up in the examination room where Defendants Lamancusa, Salem, Maiella, and Dolquist were present and a bedpan was placed on a chair. The medical staff held up a privacy cover and made the Plaintiff squat over a chair and urinate into the bedpan. During this process, the privacy cover was mishandled and the Plaintiff’s genital area was partially exposed to the medical staff and Defendants Salem, Lamancusa, Dolquist and Maiella.
At some point during the “five hour calamity”, Carbone had an opportunity to speak with Joshua Lamancusa, who was intent on gaining confidential informant information from Kimberlee Carbone. During this assault, Defendant Lamancusa berated the Plaintiff by informing her that if she helped him by provided information regarding drug related activity the unreasonable and unconstitutional intrusion would end. During this assault, Defendants Lamancusa, Salem, Dolquist, Maiella, and medical staff harassed, mocked, and berated the Plaintiff by making derogatory remarks about her compromised position. Defendant Lamancusa further harassed, mocked, and berated the Plaintiff by asking her if she knew what prison felt like.

*ROGS is not advocating for violence, and I am on record waging peaceful, non-violent resistance to gang stalkers, and their networks of federal/state/local NGOs, and community policing scum. You, however, are free to deal with gang stalking rapists like this DA any way you choose to.

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