Speaking of greasy bearded blackmailers and organized gang stalking: a look at pseudo-feminist hypocrisy, building a police state

I have discovered another perfect ROGS Bingo, and it involves theoretically left wing feminist jurisprudence working with right wing sectarian men (Jews/christians), hidden gangs of gray area DVIC sponsored bullies and slanderers, and even electronic harassment, aka, manipulation of a persons communications devices, and computers, etc, from Fusion Centers, squad cars, and maybe even NGO sponsored hackers.
Extra points for those of you who have been following my coverage of the neocon/AIPAC/JFED/ADL/Canary Mission styled co-option of dissent, working their racist magic from colleges, as we see in the case of Professor [email protected] Your Life Finklestein, and many of the mass shooter cases, where Iraq war veterans like Mathew Riehl, and Ian Long were gang stalked by lesbian babboons and DVIC policing agents for egregious amounts of time BEFORE they went ballistic.
As I covered here, case of civil rights attorney Andy Ostrowski has every single point in the ROGS bingo card, starting with an actual likely blackmailer-this shitbag named Julia M.Frankston, who appears to be a turd dropped into Pennsylvanias political toilet by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or her pet behemoth, Andrea Dworkin.
My avid readers will note that Ostrowskis case is one of many examples where I implicate corruption in one of many federal jurisdictions, and demonstratein the judiciary, as the corrupt left uses the mob tactics of the corrupt right, which has always used mob tactics.
And so, let me introduce you to yet another DVIC slanderer,a cunt named Mark Robbinson, and his slander derived from Ms. Frankston, a hypocritical pseudo-feminist zealot who is, in fact and practice, a large part of Ostrowskis “problem,”as we see her implicated in an online defamation campaign.
And, again, extra points on your Bingo card if you fill in the blanks for phony sex trafficking slander, drugs, save the wimminz white slavery profiteering, and so, so much more-INCLUDING the child trafficking rackets of Child “Protection.”
First, a Yeshiva University graduate (fill in your ROGS bingo slit for zionist stalking, and also the number 13) as I introduce Ms. Frankston, from the Pennsylvania Judiciary Disciplinary board Board(the exact initial slanderer that Ostrowski encountered):

Following graduation from Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women, Ms. Frankston-Morris earned her Juris Doctorate from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York, NY. Julia returned to Central Pennsylvania, where she was raised, to clerk for the Honorable Justice (now Chief Justice) Thomas G. Saylor, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Following her clerkship, she prosecuted for the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, Department of State, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In 2013, she joined the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, serving as Disciplinary Counsel, working in Districts I, II, and III. In 2016, she was hired as the Secretary of the Board. In 2018, she became the Special Counsel, with oversight of the hearing process.

Then, have a look at the following:
》The takedown of 9th circuit Appeals court judge Alex Kozcinski
》The (possibly) forced suicide of the son of 9th circuit judge Jay “torture is A.O.K.”Bybee
》The appearance of Buck-toothed Amy the “human rights” gatepost, and her specific NGO in Minneapolis MN, who once clerked for Alex Koszcinski. Also take note of Buck-toothed Amy and her proximity to the downtown police station, and several law offices where Infragard agents siphon off targets communications in MN; as well as her connections to the local gay mafia.
》the way that neocons have allied the left wing with predatory police power from the right wing to literally destroy dissent in cases modelled exactly like the Anti Defamation League cowardly rat and snitch operations of 1993, as we see in the recent example if how the NSA-Israel data theft works in practice, as Canary Mission defames, harasses, staljs, slanders,hacks,redirects,blackmails, and destroys the #BDS activists.

Related Story: The Intercept covers the story of a racist hate group,the cowardly Canary Mission, and the highly organized stalking of activists.
Their shared experiences include feelings of anxiety and paranoia, and in some cases, stepping back from Palestinian rights activism.
The Intercept spoke with 13 people, all of them current or former students, who are profiled on Canary Mission. The majority of them, like S.A., requested anonymity because they were afraid that speaking out about the blacklist would result in additional harassment. Their shared experiences include feelings of anxiety and paranoia, and in some cases, stepping back from Palestinian rights activism — mirroring the results of the Against Canary Mission survey. Some reported receiving death threats online when Canary Mission tweets about them, and others said they believe they have had a tough time finding a job because of their inclusion on the list.

And now, as we have met one of OASTROWSKIs initial slanderers, lets take a look at a real piece of shit, Mark Robbins, who, for whatever reason,decided to defame Ostrowski online during an election year.
here is that piece of shit with sex hang-ups named Robbinson, with two of his little turds, and here is his sex hangup (most religious morons have extreme trouble rationalizing the wonderful sexual capacity of women with their desire to control women, or their own sex drives, whereas Ostrowski apoarently is not hungup like that.)
Mark Robbinson‘s SEX FETISH,and his obsession with Andy Ostrowskis sex life, from “WB TRUTH,”a blog detailing the many corruptions in Wilkes-Barre, PA:

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Julia M. Frankston-Morris, Esquire
Disciplinary Counsel
Pennsylvania Judicial Center
601 Commonwealth Ave., Suite 5800
P.O. Box 62675
Harrisburg, PA 17106-2675
[email protected]
Recently I have been inundated with horror stories across the state related to the disbarred (for 6 years) Andy Ostrowski whose mental state somehow convinces him that is a good ideas as
– a disbarred attorney
– one who has had three substance abuse stays
– one who has admitted to “self medicating” with pot
– one who has continued to have a junkie (Karen Esposito – FB alias Kim Weigal) spend significant time with him in Sugarloaf often for overnights (crack cocaine conviction, not allowed to drive her children, passes out, lost custody of her children… this is the very short list)

So, while I normally admire police and corruption bloggers like Robbinson, I find his sex hangup with Ostrowski to be flawed, and that, in ways that are desugned into the Hegellian conflict.
And, this is why Ostrowskus case is one of many, at the forefront of First Amendment battles, and why he needs support, not more defamation from religious perverts who dont know their asshole from their mouth, from a gloryhole in a Scranton bathroom.

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