Kids for Cash,Andy Ostrowski, organized gang stalking, case study.

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Andy Ostrowski, of Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne county, Pennsylvania took on the task of combatting organized pedophiles and child exploiters who literally sell kids from within judges chambers, social services, and their front organizations-places that claim to be “helping” women and children.
Organizations like the auto-antonymal named Victims Outreach Intervention Center (VOICe), which are little more than political tools of elite globalists, who profit from the incarceration and kidnapping of children, aka “white slavery”.
And, now, Ostrowski has been ensnared by an occultist zionist who attended the apartheid Israeli Yeshiva University and a doped up DVIC darling, and cop calling DVIC sparrow (Google sparrow and intelligence agency).

Related Stories: the bombing of a synagogue in the wealthy Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA, is like many before it in the era where the Anti Defamation League-a white and Jewish supremacist organzation-competed for dialectic space with its spawn, the Jewish Defense League, which bombed all kinds of stuff that challenged their version of racial supremacy all throughout the 1960s-1990s and the FBI did Diddly Squat about it.
Interestingly, not one single Arabic, Chinese, Russian, or even Islamic group is on record bombing stuff in Ameria, and of thos few, most had FBI or CIA intellugence handlers like this guy here. Only Jews, the FBI, and occassional so-called non-Jewish white supremacists, most of whom had FBI and/or ADL contacts.
Keep your friends close; keep your enemies flush with AR-15s, and C-2, apparently.
The chief rhetoriticians, propagandists, and exploiters of this narrative have historically been organizations like the Anti Defamation League, and other rabid white supremacists who work from within churches, institutions, and NGOs crafting “spin,” aka “euphimisms,”aka “auto-antonymal words and phrases that say one thing, but mean another.

Each child so kidnapped can bring a state instant revenue of one million dollars.
In a sane world, guided by secular law and non-sectarian principles and rules, where due process rights, civil liberty, and constitutional law and precedent guides a nation, this state of affairs-selling kids for profits-would be abhorrent, beastly conduct.
But thats not what Ameruca is, and hadnt been since 1913, when international finance-the same group of miscreants who brought slavery to our shores-re-establushed itself as the guiding power of our land, and reintituted slavery of many forms. Slavery by Another Name is just one name for it, but there are others: the Prison Industrial Compelx, and the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex are the modern variants.
Here is a link to an old news bit where Ostrowski weighs in on that.

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