You know you are right when….

….Cuntards and DVIC darlings miscreants, or rapist district attorneys, or even garden variety gang stalkers hack your blog,or try to hack your email AGAIN.
Here below, from today, I got this message in my (deliberately easy to hack) sooper seekrit email:

Security Notice!
Dear Member,
Our security system detected irregular activity related to your account.
As a precautionary measure we restricted access to your account until you change your password. To prevent abuse, sending out emails is not possible as long as access to the account is limited.
If you haven’t already done so, we are therefore going to ask you to change your password when you try to log in. If you usually access your emails via an email- or a third-party program, please log in to your account via the homepage. You will then automatically be asked to change your password.
To make sure your account is protected, we ask you to follow these steps:
1. Check all your computers and mobile devices used to access your account with an up-to-date virus scanner to detect possible malware.
2. Check whether your personal data, especially your alternative address, has been changed by going to “My Account” on the “Home”-page of your account.
3. Go to your “E-mail settings” -> “Filter Rules” and check whether a forwarding rule has been created. In case you created a forwarding rule yourself, check if the email address used is still valid.
You can find further information about restoring your account security in our Help Section.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Your Team

I got that warning message that some cunts or their trained butt boys in high heels after I published areward for information that valudates theROGSthedis-that the DVIC is operatingoutsidethelaw,and causing.mass shootings in the US this, seeking information that the DVIC is EXACTLY what I say it is and looking for proof that some named piece of garbage DVIC vampire is targeting men from behind a Kids for Cash scheme in the”Kids for Cash State” of Pennsylvania.
And just after I published this, where In ote that themain ROGS thesis has been validated in the case of Andy Ostrowski,of Luzerne Cty,PA,which is the EPICENTER of child exploitation by DVIC vampires that was chronucled.all.over MSM,and DemocracyNow, and more.
Also,after about two months where I chronicled the convenient use of the number thirteen popping up in every single narrative of so-called mass shooters,by“coincidence”(and here, and here, and here, and here in crisis PR narratives ( and many of the cris PR agents who appeared in MSM had/have queasily close relationships with the shooters and car crashers too.)
I mean, I could go on, but you get the idea, right.
OGS is what ROGS says it is.
….And this, and this, and this, and this….
Suuuuure. The bad guys might roll an MRAP up to my donut shop oneday,and catch me with my pants down,or something,right?
Im sure if you ask dead fathers like Eric Garner, or politically targeted Andy Ostrowski,or gang stalkingwhistle blowers like Adrian Schoolcraft or Jane Watts,so many others aboutfascist policing and political psychiatry in Kids for Cash white slavery
Im not worried about the Chinese,or even Putin, because OGS reveals America as teetering on the slippery slope that these other countries have overcome.
America is eating itself alive, and for my part,I am naming names-and sending people to whoever sends people to me now.
Ahhh. Freedom is where you find it.
And, watch YOUR back,lil hacker, watch your back.

2 thoughts on “You know you are right when….

  1. Keep fighting the good fight. You are doing heroic work on the order of President Trump struggling against the miscinduct of McCabe, Priestep and Strzock.
    The research you did on Scott Bierle, was very interesting and I think that story merits a deeper dive. For example, I wonder why he attacked a yoga studio. Did he believe that particular place or similar places were where his gang stalking was coming from?
    Seems to me that yoga attracts people who are into alternative philosophies and religions, including the occult, which could tie in to practices like trauma based mind control through group stalking.
    Such people could organize activities like gang stalking in that environment under the cover of an innocuous activity, especially if corrupt security officials are members of the same yoga studio and can give improper access to intelligence systems for personal, political and spiritual vendettas.
    This is just conjecture of course, but a theory that makes sense to me.

    1. thanks.
      Well: the Beierle thing us a no brainer, because the DVIC slanderers all trace back toCA, and becausethere is no criminal conviction anywhere, we see how the slander works in practice.
      The media reports noted that there was arelationship aspect, and there are ties to cross-country databases too.
      As for yoga~thats an easy rabbit hole, but I wont disclose the link in public.
      Read my posts using the search term yoga, yoga pants,etc., and link it to these other posts: women in secret societies; irderof the eastern star,the thirteens, and”sanshisan.”
      That should give you a good overview of what is driving mass shootings in the USA.
      Extra points if you noticed my posts about how“empowering women” in the state of Minnesota is linked to framing a Chinese billionaire named Liu Qiandong as a rapist.
      You.might also note that, as of todays news, he is largely vindicated,in part, thanks to naming and shaming these scummy #fakerape #MeToo pay-as-you-go pay-to-lay nutjobs.

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