They are hacking my email AGAIN. And law enfarcement is just that.

SO: How do I know that my many “thesis statements” about organized gang stalking are nearly 100% correct? How do I know that my online performance art that you are reading right now has magnified the butterfly effect ten thousand times?
Well- the Intercept is tackling Jewish racism,sectarianism,and other taboo topics related to zionist ANDJewish hypocrisy and terrorism with ferocity these days.
I cant imagine why NOW, as manygodJews who became.millionairesworking to rape the worldsprivacyvia Fscebook arenowduckingout,asweseeFacebook implucated time andtimeagain in massshootings and suicides,as well ashaving.
ou could go over to Mike Masniks and watch how, on one hand,he and his writers produce some of the best free speech news online,stories told with wry,lawyerly humor and polish; while on the other,utilizing a comment system designed by the toxic racist orgaization known as the Anti Defamation League.
It seems that while Mike gate-keeps and goal tends the zionist narrative, and outright discourages #BDS comments in his ADL/Canary Mission/AIPAC/Hillel-friendly comments section,he and his writers do indeedseem to
Because it seems I touched a nerve-or a nerve center in the hive mind/ 77 Fusion Centers,fed by the NSA-FVEYs~Israel IV that drip feeds the vampire police state that is our modern,due process-free Praetorian , aka Failed Democracy in the west.
What is organized gang stalking? who gets gang stalked? is law enforcement the cause of gang stalking?
Well, first, have a look here, below at this fancy email I got today, after some Sanctified Son of Jesus,or a Pharisee, or one of the High Heeled, High Policing miscreants from the DHS/FBI/NSA/Alphabeticus tried to hack my email-AGAIN:

Security Notice!
Dear Member,
Our security system detected irregular activity related to your account.
As a precautionary measure we restricted access to your account until you change your password. To prevent abuse, sending out emails is not possible as long as access to the account is limited.
If you haven’t already done so, we are therefore going to ask you to change your password when you try to log in. If you usually access your emails via an email- or a third-party program, please log in to your account via the homepage. You will then automatically be asked to change your password.
To make sure your account is protected, we ask you to follow these steps:
1. Check all your computers and mobile devices used to access your account with an up-to-date virus scanner to detect possible malware.
2. Check whether your personal data, especially your alternative address, has been changed by going to “My Account” on the “Home”-page of your account.
3. Go to your “E-mail settings” -> “Filter Rules” and check whether a forwarding rule has been created. In case you created a forwarding rule yourself, check if the email address used is still valid.
You can find further information about restoring your account security in our Help Section.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Your Team

Well, good art, and good PERFORMANCE art like this blog you are reading should be provocative. And indeed, yet another hacker has tried to hack my pure speech, spoken without actual malice, for an artistic purpose, in the publics interest,and not a cop,FBI agent,or DHS shitbag will open a case,despite hacking being felony level activity.
So: what metric, and what measure can we use to ascertain the veracity ofthe truth that “targeted individuals,”of”organized gang stalking”are targeted primarily for free speech issues?
Whatever you do, dont ask the widely discredited Dr.Mike Wood, who is a conspiracy theorist from the UK, or especially dont ask Dr.Lorraine Sheridan of Curtin University,who is on record participating in junk science,where she interviewed the internet, and likely contributed to mass shootings with her irresponsible DVIC political pop psychology.

3 thoughts on “They are hacking my email AGAIN. And law enfarcement is just that.

  1. You know, I was thinking about this whole thing and it occurred to me that the French Revolution Reign of Terror where Robespierre quelled the population with aggression look very similar to this black program and of course there are occult ties in both cases.
    Maybe the US is experiencing a sort quiet French Revolution, but the subset of victims who are successfully radicalized to violence are themselves terrorised through proxies and, once radicalized, are the ones conducting the terror on the population as an unwitting proxy force. The protocol is to terrorize an individual until they lash out at various targets, potentially mis-attributing their experience to innocents. Layer upon layer of terrorism and layer upon layer of obfuscation of responsibility and layers of deniability. A proxy reign of terror with positive feedback loops and no apparent beginning or end.
    Separately, a question for you:
    To what extent do you think the Streissand Effect figures in to the program? (Essentially law enforcement exploitation of potentially embarassing circumstances to permit harassment assuming the subject won’t react).
    Did the Streissand Effect give Scott Beirle the feeling he had no choice but to do what he did?
    I am not saying one way or another, just a question.

    1. Well, no offense, but Beierle-who likely tracked down some of his actual stalkers and slanderers and then killed them- Beierle had probably zero knowledge of the Streisand Effect , and less forethought into how it applies to propaganda/news/gossip, etc.; and even less aware that Fusion Centers are really domestic spy operations that track guys like him in real time.
      These Fusion Centers and police in general track and harass people endlessly, as we see with almost all shooters, some of whom claimed as much just before they were firced into a corner by complicit LEOs and others who just want to murder someone (Sayed Farook; Omar Mateen; Cosmo Setepenra; Etc.)
      Regardless of whether Beierle was an ass grabber, or whatever, (none of it proven in a trial by jury)he no doubt was victimized by gang stalking scum, some of whom I named, and some if those at official institutional levels, ranging from kangaroo courts in coleges, to complicit faculty and kampus kulture kops (as we saw with Mathew Riehl, and Seung-hui Cho, the VA Tech shooter, and Jared Loughner, and even Ian Long, the Thousand Oaks shooter).
      So: Google Mike Masnik and Streisand Effect for a better understanding, though, because these guys likely had no idea what that even is.
      And, contrary to the bullshit ADLified Tel Aviv teahouse FBI profiles of these shooters-almost NONE of them want publicity. Most of them appear to simply want the shitbags in law enforceent to prosecute gang stalkers. But because the FBI/DHS-CVE is actually a terror MANUFACTURING program, that will never happen.
      But, yeah-global terror groups DO operate with immunity and impunity in the USA too, and around the world terror-stalking individuals like Beierle, and using NGOs, womens groups, etc. to bully and harrass people. And, some of them (an extremely few, far on the outside of the outside of a Bell curve)- like Scott Beierle go ballistic.
      Its well documented that groups and institutions like any Abrahamic religion/Soros Open Society/ADL-zionists/AIPAC/JFeds/Opus Dei (James Comeys masters) etc do these things, in sync with so-called CVE programs and the sham of community policing, much as I have documented here at ROGS.
      In Beireles case, we even see a link to Lutherans and the Thousand Oaks shooter too. This has all been done before, in Italy-Gladio/Israel-Palestinian Exodus of 1948-ongoing/etc.
      And this is how they create terrorists. Thats what gang stalking IS.
      The evidence I have accumulated is undeniable: men are targeted, the ADL runs after-the-fact narrative, the number 13 appeared in nearly every crisis PR narrative, and the DVIC strapping its multi-billion dollar sales pitch onto every case.
      So: Robesspierre, etc? Meh. Proxy stalking is how bad government and bizarre revoutionaries wage domestic war. Nothing new there.
      But I bet if we looked a little harer at the Airloom gang, we might find some new facts, using the ROGS analysis, especially para-language.
      For my part, I smile every time one of those shooters figures it out, and targets their harassers. Those that participate in gang stalking, slander, and life destroying work are luving on a double edged sword, that they thought had only one edge.
      Which is why, of course, I urge my readers to peaceful protest, Thoreau-styled resistance, and research.
      Hmbwaaahawhawhaw, Observer, hnbwaaahawhawhaw.

    2. Oh, yeah: pigs are pigs, right? And, pigs eat dead things, right?
      *sound of the bottomless DVIC pig trough falling out*
      American democracy has been replaced with a religious- sectarian police state, mediated by the usual suspects.
      So:~Essentially law enforcement exploitation of potentially embarassing circumstances to permit harassment assuming the subject won’t react~
      This is what the DVIC is-it is how bankster first gained control of our police in 1993, by leveraging and blackmailing them over family issues (becaue police DV is three times higher than the general population.)
      And, policing being what it is-a profession where sociopaths, deviants, sadists and bullies thrive~the extended the blackail outwards to target the general population.
      Religious institutions are clearly involved, because they engendered DV and crime in general as male, despite amole evidence that womens violence is enshrined at the church and state level (I am sure if we examined lynchings over the last century, we would find the usual suspects, and white women from ultra-conservative roups initiating the fakerape slanders against black men)

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