ROGS BINGOs are EVERYWHERE: note the use of the term “Ravens”in the following Reuters piece about “targets ”

As I demonstrate all throughout ROGS, the sooner that journalists, attorneys, psychologists, etc. adopt the ROGS predictive analysis in cases of organized gang stalking, the quicker you resolve the quandry of “high policing v delusional disorder” connundrum presented by our out -of -control domestic spying on citizens problem.

they saw the mission cross a red line: targeting fellow Americans for surveillance.

And, you can solve cases and vindicate the narratives of targeted individuals, who are stalked, harrassed, and frequently murdered, or who go on rampage killings in America, and elsewhere, after being stalked and harrassed by US /British /Israeli /private contractors and other Panopticon affiliated hackers and spies.
Notice in the following piece, that the NSA is directly implicated, and a female spy is involved stalking activists, and also, the use of the term “ravens”as I have documented here,with Eleanor White, and here and many other places in the OGS dialectic.
But ravens, blackbirds, and crows are SYNONYMOUS with signals intelligence operations (SIGINT) and black operations that target individuals and wage actual “electronic warfare.”
Without further adieu, a tale of NSA trained spies,waging black operations over the internet, working as private contractors, speech police, and highly organized, methodical bullies, targeting individuals,around the world, and inside the USA.
From Reuters:
January 30, 2019
Special Report – Inside the UAE’s secret hacking team of U.S. mercenaries
Christopher Bing, Joel Schectman
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two weeks after leaving her position as an intelligence analyst for the U.S. National Security Agency in 2014, Lori Stroud was in the Middle East working as a hacker for an Arab monarchy.
She had joined Project Raven, a clandestine team that included more than a dozen former U.S. intelligence operatives recruited to help the United Arab Emirates engage in surveillance of other governments, militants and human rights activists critical of the monarchy.
Stroud and her team, working from a converted mansion in Abu Dhabi known internally as “the Villa,” would use methods learnt from a decade in the U.S intelligence community to help the UAE hack into the phones and computers of its enemies.
Stroud had been recruited by a Maryland cybersecurity contractor to help the Emiratis launch hacking operations, and for three years, she thrived in the job. But in 2016, the Emiratis moved Project Raven to a UAE cybersecurity firm named DarkMatter. Before long, Stroud and other Americans involved in the effort say they saw the mission cross a red line: targeting fellow Americans for surveillance.
“I am working for a foreign intelligence agency who is targeting U.S. persons,” she told Reuters. “I am officially the bad kind of spy.”
The story of Project Raven reveals how former U.S. government hackers have employed state-of-the-art cyber-espionage tools on behalf of a foreign intelligence service that spies on human rights activists, journalists and political rivals.
Interviews with nine former Raven operatives, along with a review of thousands of pages of project documents and emails, show that surveillance techniques taught by the NSA were central to the UAE’s efforts to monitor opponents. The sources interviewed by Reuters were not Emirati citizens.
The operatives utilized an arsenal of cyber tools, including a cutting-edge espionage platform known as Karma, in which Raven operatives say they hacked into the iPhones of hundreds of activists, political leaders and suspected terrorists. Details of the Karma hack were described in a separate Reuters article today.

WOMENS VIOLENCE, PsyOps, and the “Incel movement:” ROGS Bingos are everywhere these days, as we see that "the incels" were started by a woman-and taken over by “mystery people ”

[Draft Post: tune in later for the completed post ]
Well, the pseudo-feminist weaponized, lesbian porn wars of the 1980s are totally out of the hag now, as ROGS performs a dialectic biopsy on militant feminism, and discoveres rats like Dr.Lorraine Sheridan, and hamster-faced con artists like Dr.Tomo Shibata, practicing a form of academic fraud and _itchcraft that has now emerged as a major factor in nearly every single mass shooting: females, occulted aling the internet backbone, targeting men, and in some cases, causing some to go ballistic, or ram cars into things; and as the former head of the FBI, James Comey brags about how that agency mobilized womens organizations to commit domestic spying.
I now ask the agencies who are tasked with investigating these things to examine womens involvement in cyber-stalking, and offline stalking men and boys like military veterans Ian Long, and Matt Riehl, but also, that women, and female deputies were directly implicated by Michael Chadwick Fry.
And, as my one loyal long term reader has noted, I specifically asked that you investigate specific, named ex -police, and ex -military investigators that you can refer to here, in the case of San Gabriel Valley, CA, and this former USAF liason to the Israeli Mossad who stalked me on Twitter.
Guess what? ANOTHER WOMAN is implicated in starting an internet cult which has led to mass homicides: a woman started the incel movement, but this one is shrouded in anonymity, much like a #fakerape “victim.”
Meet the pseudo-anonymous Alana, who started the incel movement; for alk you or I know, Alana is an ADL troll, or a CIA operative.
Sure – its a _itchhunt, alright, but only after so many men were and are murdered with impunity by cops, long after they were gangstalked and slandered BY women, which is one of the ways that WOMENS VIOLENCE enacts itself, and that, bringing actual violence to men who defy crybullies.
Beyond the glaring ideological links between nearly every single mass shooter encountering DVIC narrative control, and militant feminism and its cohort of bankster-backed “alternative” ,we also see women in traditional and non -traditional roles actively involved in forming narratives.
And, some of those narratives plainly stink.

Dr. Tomo Shibata, womens violence, pornography, and an unexpected link to horse-faced feminist theologian Catherine McKinnon

[Draft post ]
As I and others have noted, understanding organized gang stalking requires that you separate the “directed energy,UFOs,and Morgellons” whack jobs from their actual OGS victims.
So, this leaves us with OGS denialists, most of whom work curiously close to the NSA and Fusion Centers, policing, or other institutions that are actively wiretapping Americans, and then, OGS victims, most of whom are aware that the “electronic weapons” are actually any of many described by Edward Snowden, and the Intercept hereor in the bizzare “mind control”documents that the Washington state Fusion Center released to the press; and in the even more bizarre morphing of the definition of terrorism to domestic violence and the accompanying Fusion Center monitoring of targeted individuals, outlined here by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).
Well, the horse-faced lesbian linebacker is out of the hag now.I encourage the attorneys, psychologists, law enforcement agents, and ESPECIALLY the sociologists reading ROGS to follow this link between a major disinformation/discrediting effort by Dr.Tomo Shitbata,and many of the ROGS thesis, as outlined below. Its another 100% ROGS BINGO, using ROGS predictive analyses.
Once again,I link feminist/Wiccan /gender-lesbian/sex and pornography profiteers to the gang stalking dialectic, the Lesbian sex and pornography wars of the 1980s, and high heeled policing, where the ugly but clever, sociopathic, manipulative girls continuously seek to “control the sex supply,” and hence, control attractive womens lives-but especially seek to control men. And, I encourage investigators to follow these links, and maybe, prosecute a few gang stalkers (I offer free assistance, should you wish to prosecute them ).
And, bonus points for a link to the Swedish Model, academic gang stalking and more, as we review the link between OGS disinformation, womens cowardly deviance and violence, and an ongoing bizarre and actual collusion between Dr. Tomo, and several othered pedigreed gender lesbian theologians.
The following validates the utility of ROGS predictive analyses in cases of organized gang stalking, and also , manufactured terrorism, as we see one of the more recent attempts at discrediting victims of feminist /lesbian gang stalking.
Hampster-faced Tomo Shibata,beneath, is trying to lead the herd of disinformation con artists in the discrediting of targeted individuals, and claims to be raising money for legislation to fight OGS, but manages to get every single discrediting narrative into the first paragraphs of her proposed legislation.
Here is Dr.Shitbatas Gofundme campaign.
31t5wtpv0 l._sy300_
Hampster-faced Dr. Tomo Shitbata.
Here are ROGS related posts where I predict these links, but also, link womens violence and deviance to gang stalking, and even mass shootings,or other bizarre events, like the feminist gang stalking of Michael Fry in Texas.
And here is a link to her bizarre fabrications about gang stalking, and then her other works, linking her to both lesbian theology, and weaponized pornography.
First, her book:
‘Pornography,’ sexual objectification and sexual violence in Japan and in the world / Tomo Shibata
And now, a link to her other work, where she calculatedly discredits targeted individuals across the spectrum by tramping every bullshit “electronic weapons “trope straight out of military psychological operations manuals, and obscures her actual victims complaints.
From Tomo Shitbata, on
Tomo Shibata
Tomo Shibata graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arts and Sciences College, Cornell University, and received a doctorate with high distinction from the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) in Paris, France (Catharine A. MacKinnon at the University of Michigan Law School served on her doctoral defense committee). Shibata made a number of oral statements at the United Nations Human Rights Commission (now called Council). She has written newspaper opinion articles including “A ‘socially accepted’ act of child abuse” in The Japan Times, “Organized Stalking Must Stop” in The Ithaca Journal, articles in journals including “Japan’s Wartime Mass-Rape Camps and Continuing Sexual Human-Rights Violations” in The U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal and “Undoing Sexual Objectification in the Japanese Socio-Juridical Context” in The International Journal of Japanese Sociology, and a book in Japanese titled Child Sexual Abuse and Human Rights, which is held by 170 university libraries in Japan.
Further Reading:
the bizzare death of US Marine and Fresno police corruption whistleblower John Lang, who allegedly stabbed himself in the back and set his house on fire, as fire trucks parked blocks away after local police framed him with child pornography .
The link I make to women in secret societies, and the UN black operations targeting Japan

The link I make to women who work in Infragard, or who work in Fusion Centers, or with subsidiary police mechanisms, and thos whose names regularly occur in the gang stalking dialectic.
The curious connection of actual psychological operations via ATAP morphing of the definition of terrorism feeding at the domestic violence trough.
The link between the Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock, and alleged child pornography, but also, how his father was in constant contact with police, and the FBI for most of his life, even being portrayed by law enforcement in Pima, AZ as a special deputy. Coincidentally (of course!)Jared Loughner was speech -policed, and gang stalked at Pima Community College for egregious amounts of time for challenging neocon -progressive narrative control, aka zionist supremacy in American Literature.
The symbolic”coincidental “use of the number 13 in nearly every single mass shooting, but ALSO in the UNs own scurrilous sex trafficking narrative too.

ROGS is making a difference, in a world of deferrence: someone is staging a long term discrediting narrative now.

So my avid readers might want to note that this blog was hacked and renamed “Q” on the exact day that my reward for the capture and prosecution of gang stalkers expired.
And, that this hack occured just after I commented on Dr. Mike Woods thoroughly discredited blog, whereupon I encountered an odd sign-in page, most likely a staged attack from Britains ZioNazi styled JTRIG.
(even casual readers will note that zionists and Nazis are inseparable partners in crime, and actual intelligence agency level plots of all kinds).
That attack left an IP address from Australia, but also, the attack was pre-staged, just after I wrote about the murder by gang stalking of Matt Riehl, and was shortly thereafter literally followed by someone from Lonetree, CO, who uses the email and name of Brad Eyre, almost identically to the way I gained a follower name “Love ” just after I wrote about a federal agent named “Dan Love, ” here, who is on record stating that he keeps a “kill book”of people he has harrassed to the point of them committing suicides, and as is documented in Wootens statements to the courts, and other investigatory and judicial findings of fact. .
And then, later, some douche from nameable institutions tried to hack my email too, just after I encountered the hidden Silicon Valley practice of “deplatforming”on Mike Masniks
Masnicks comments section is a heavily speech patrolled area, where criticism of the abuses and excesses if fanatical zionists, or Israeli attrocities, or discussion of the paranoid antisemitic delusions of groups like the Anti Defamation League, or any of the many Jewish groups who use gang stalking to harass and target critics, and atheists is verbotten.
And, Masnick is on record now deplatforming #BDS advocates too, while avidly assisting and enabling violent, cyber -stalking zionists and others similarly affiliated to whit:
I recognize that people have very, very, very strong views on both Israel and the whole “BDS” movement, and (trust me) you’re not going to convince anyone about the rightness or wrongness of those views in our comments
And then, around that time also, my blog attracted another fanatical group that is also on record cyber -stalking, and actually stalking targets offline too, which is directly linked to how the FBI uses mobs of actual people to actually gang stalk targeted individuals much as this agency used the KKK, and waged other disruotions of political process throughout its history; and as we see here below, that none other than J.Edgar Hoover himself advised:
the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists
And here is a bit about the extra -judicial shenanigans of one group well known to use gang stalking tactics straight out of military and CIA counter-intellgence training manuals (and notice the links to black bag jobs and also the link to Whitey Bulger, who I mentioned here, and who was extra-judicially murdered a month or so ago, after being “transfered” to another prison, after he had outlived his usefulness to CIA and FBI black operations handlers :
Frank Dux: Stolen Valor Vultures are FBI’s Proxy Agents: Operate Outside the Law
September 10, 201
-from Artvoice

Stolen Valor Vultures Murder Veterans – Not Just Reputations
By Frank W. Dux
On May 1, 2006 a formal investigation was launched in response to two veterans who filed a formal complaint with the Veteran’s Administration Inspector General Office, claiming Stolen Valor bloggers had accessed and made use of their records to accuse them of committing stolen valor and making fraudulent disability claims.
Two days later, the investigation terminated with the Department of Veterans Affairs announcing, “they had lost a computer containing personal information on 26.5 million veterans including Social Security numbers.”
Allegations were leveled that this announcement was part of the ongoing obstruction of justice taking place, committed by the Executive Branch in its improper shielding the military or federal employees or an illicit operation from discovery and prosecution of civil rights violations.
This is not unfounded, nor far-fetched. The concern is based on the historical precedent of how FBI Director Mark Felp[sic] aka Deep Throat was convicted of directing FBI agents to violate civil rights of people, as well the conviction of obstruction of justice of FBI Agent, John Connolly.
Connolly shielded James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger Jr, an Irish American organized crime boss of the Winter Hill Gang in Boston, Massachusetts, in exchange for his providing information about the inner workings of the rival Italian-American Patriarca crime family, Bolger’s competition.
Compounding the problem for the Feds is the fact some of their Stolen Valor Vulture friends in their liquored-up hubris boast of obstruction of justice as being some kind of seal of approval. They explain how the Feds maintain plausible deniability in their performing Black Bag jobs, such as planting evidence or misinformation in the furtherance of the Pentagon’s focus on social media and online perception of its image.
The practice of “black bag jobs” began with the FBI in 1942 and was declared unconstitutional by US Supreme Court on June 19, 1972, in the Plamondo case, United Sates vs. United States District Court 407 U.S. 297.

Meet the “unpaid special deputies ” of organized gang stalking
But where do they get all the cars? !
And, extra points on the ROGS BINGO card for any researchers /lawyers /socioligists /psycholigists reading this post if you can analyze the connection between the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock being an inter-generational nexus point between black operations, and how his father -who went by many names, lived in many places, and was ALWAYS curiously close to sherrifs departments, and FBI operations-seemed to skate off of major charges, every time one of his rackets cracked like ice.
from the Chicago Tribune:

Paddock married Stephen’s mother, started a family and had moved to the Southwest by the mid-1950s, according to news reports.
There, he sought work with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, offering to use the mistakes he’d made in his youth to help see youngsters stay “on the straight and narrow,” Sheriff Waldon Burr told the Tucson Daily Citizen.
But soon there were bank robberies, and Paddock was suspected of pulling them off. On July 28, 1960, federal authorities arrived at the family home in the 1100 block of North Camino Miraflores and questioned Delores Paddock, the Tucson paper reported.
A neighbor named Eva Price took the couple’s 7-year-old son Stephen swimming, while a friend from Chicago, Mary Jacobs, cared for the three younger boys, Patrick, Bruce and Eric. Benjamin Paddock was arrested and held in Las Vegas on $25,000 bail.
“We’re trying to keep Steve from knowing his dad is being held as a bank robber,” Price told the newspaper. “I hardly know the family, but Steve is a nice boy.”
The sheriff said the arrest was “quite a surprise” because the department “gave Paddock the usual FBI checkup when he joined us as an unpaid special deputy.”

Learned helplessness, third party punishment, and FBI/DHS/Et alphabet agency sociopathy

Because I have a few journalists, lawyers, and sociologists, and possibly, non-denialist psychologists are reading ROGS now, I want to draw the readers attention to something that one of my anonymous followers named Observer has brought to my attention, in relation to gang stalking: third party punishment, aka, organized vigilanteism, aka how the DHS is encouraging the “colliding parallel investigation”aka, quasi-legal, neverending pseudo-investigations that target individuals that the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) has documented police affiliated agencies, community policing elements, and private contractors practicing (follow the link, to see ATAP documenting how they have moved the goalposts of CVE programs, attempting to legitimate, and substantially alter definitions of terrorism)
First, a quick look at what is called learned helplessness, which was derived from Pavlovian experiments-the ones with the slobbering dogs, but went one step further, where a “scientist”and likely sociopathic sadist named Seligman tortured dogs with electric shocks, in the Operation Paperclip era, where the American CIA imported Nazis, and encouraged their work in many scientific, and pseudo-scientific fields, like psychology.

Related Stories: What is weaponized psychology, and how is it related to psychological influence operations, as practiced by members if the APA, and its cohort domestic, non-public, LEIU affiliated police propaganda organ, the ATAP?

It is important to note that psychology has two distinct versions: the kind practiced by civilians and others who seek to help clients, and then, the other kind, which is weaponized psychology, of the sort practiced by police and military torturers, and interrogators, like we saw in the senseless torture at Abu Ghraib, or the ongoing actual mind control experiments of the American prison system, or Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
And these, described by Otto Doer Zoeggers as “no touch torture.”
Its nearly imposdible to miss that the names of the psycholigists involved nearly alk sound like Nazu names, and even harder to miss how many of the sociopaths involved with weaponized psycholigy are Jewish, as we see below.

Learned Helplessness
The Misconception: If you are in a bad situation, you will do whatever you can do to escape it.
The Truth: If you feel like you aren’t in control of your destiny, you will give up and accept whatever situation you are in.
In 1965, a scientist named Martin Seligman started shocking dogs.
He was trying to expand on the research of Pavlov – the guy who could make dogs salivate when they heard a bell ring. Seligman wanted to head in the other direction, and when he rang his bell instead of providing food he zapped them with electricity. To keep them still, he restrained them in a harness during the experiment.
After they were conditioned, he put these dogs in a big box with a little fence dividing it into two halves. They figured if they rang the bell, the dog would hop over the fence to escape, but it didn’t. It just sat there and braced itself. They decided to try shocking them after the bell. The dog still just sat there and took it. When they put a dog in the box which had never been shocked before and tried to zap it – it jumped the fence.
You are just like these dogs.

What do Jared Loughner, and famed author Howard Fast have in common? Both were concerned with the propaganda stream.

catcher.jpgWhen billionaire Facebook investors say that Facebook propaganda operations are worse than Hitlers propaganda, by actually manipulating the dopamine receptors in childrens minds;and when even the lefty leaning Huffington Post, clearly conservative President Trump, and many other right/left spectrum opinions agree that the “Deep State”is a real thing, its probably time to examine the recent past, and the national narrative, to bring more cockroaches out of hiding.

He rails against the “mind control” efforts of the government to brainwash citizens, and makes confusing references to terrorism.

So, I am revisiting the famous shooting in Arizona, where Jared Loughner shot a feral judge, and also whacked the darling of gun control, Gabby Giffords, to see if the ROGS Predictive Analyses holds up in that case, and attempting to verify with empirical evidence that my thesis of ROGS FUCKING BINGO holds up to scientific and sociological analyses and scrutiny, unlike the resoundingly and laughably debunked “conspiracy theories”put forward by delusional academics, like Dr.s Mike Wood, David V.James, and Lorraine Sheridan, and that one outlier Eluzabeth “Liz” Dietrich who hails from Berkeley, and also the gender lesbian Center of the Unuversity system, Smith College.
The spider,the Cat in the Hat, and the Pig in High Heels Catches a Case of Caulfield: ROGS doesnt have bad dreams about spiders, but Loughner definitely challenged Israelification in school curriculum, which is the “lynchpin” in nearly all mass shooter cases
And in that light, it is also worth shooting the bull a bit about my own biases and what Professor Norman Finklestein has called “the Holocaust Industry (Google it; Dr. Finklestein was,gang stalked out of his college after he wrote that book),”and in context to my personal experience being gang stalked by people I have named in various places in this blog you are reading, most notably by crisis PR agents, dirty cops,AIPAC affiliated bullies, racist and sectarian Jews, zionists, and their mercenary armies of lower case christians and other easily mobilized militant flying monkeys in christian and secular culture, aka “community policing partners”, after I wrote about this, and this, and this, but also, had stories literally stolen from my electronic devices and more, as I documented here too, because like I said, all sitting ducks are easily nailed, when I noted that all mallard sex is rape, by the FBIs own definition, but also that women and horse-faced lesbian slanderers get away with murder and more under the cry-bullying scheme, as we have seen in nearly every single recent mass homicide (use my search feature to note the connections in the cases of: Ian Long, the Ten Thoysand Oaks shooter; Asian American Mathew Riehl who took on the #fakerape cultists; Scott Bierele, who was staljed and slandered by campus #fakerape cultists before he targeted and capped one of his slanderers; and especially note how,ROGS Predictive Analyses literally predicted elements of the Virginia Beach shooting BEFORE it occured!

Jared Loughner, DVIC encounters,slander in community policing; and the Speech Police, at Pima AZ Community College

Think of that scene from Pulp Fiction where the the white Boxer and the black Pimp battle each other, eventually stumbling into the junk shop run by creepy ass-fucking rapist rednecks.
Then, flip the script, and change the gross, fat rednecks into Andrea Dworkin, and her toilet slave Dr. Catherine McKinnon throw in a few Professor Fuck Your Life Finklesteins, and you have the case of Jared Loughner in a nuthouse, caught in a web he likely will neer get the chance to understand, via the proven theorem of ROGS Predictive Analyses.
For some who encounter the bizarre methods of Jewish-christian narrative control*,and the accompanying gang stalking that even their mythical bastard child Jesus suffered at the hands of the Pharisees (replaced today by the modern day ADL), and we see the irony of the half/half Jewish/other J.D.Salingers
work in a new light; but we also encounter hushed talk on the internet that Loughner himself might have a Jewish mother.
And, of course, we see loud talk too, with Jewish newspapers disclaiming him.and quite ironically, “fighting false stories.”
Without any doubt whatsoever, we also see that he was slandered and stalked by academics at a community college, where most gang stalking begins as I document repeatedly here at ROGS; and that he may, or may not have been mentally ill any more than he was the product of political and punitive psychology waged against him and his family.

Related Story and UPDATE 10-15-2019: ROGS blig-the blog you are reading now- has consistently waged a one person influence campaign across thevinternet for over three years. Influence campaigns in themselves,are harmless, because the internet user has free will, and can apply choice to read, or not read internet subject matter. ROGS belueves in informed consent.
That is not the case with what is colloquially called “mind control” where a hypnotist, or other “middle man attacker” intentionally prohibits, or limits your choices without your consent.
And, since I wrote this blog, the sectarian, racist Anti Defamation League has been forced to acknowledge that they do indeed use military grade psycholigical operations on actual “targeted” internet users.
One of the oldest and most enduring stereotypes about Jews across the centuries is that they are mind controlling Svengalis, intent on capturing non-Jewish girls in order to exploit them, while circumcising, or outright murdering non-Jewish men.
Sadly, we see this EXACT stereotype being gleefully confirmed by the Anti Defamation League, as they now depliy military PsyOps on those who they pre-emptively smear and then target; and some of those who are provably harrassed and incited into taking up arms.

And, we see what may, or may not have been his “ramblings” online, and this, because no one has ever verified if he dud, or did not pist the alleged materials that others ascribe to him.
Here are those materials:
But two things stick out in analysing those exact alleged ramblings, as well as the lead up to his event:
1- he was rejected by a military recruiter for vague reasoning, but most tellingly, that when Loughner refused to check a box about his religious beliefs,the recruiter filled the box in for him, checking “none,”without Loughners informed consent, and denying his free will to NOT specify one or another false binary Jewish-christian religious option.
2-Jared Loughners pre-ballistic experience in nearly every fact and circumstance is a 100% ROGS BINGO, using ROGS Analyses.
Then, notice that many of those interviewed after the fact are crisis PR agents, and even his neighbors/slanderers-after-the-fact are a combination of “unnamed people who moved in, and moved out” next to him, and a widely quoted rwal estate agent as well.
But mostly, notice the prominent easern-bloc narrative and narrators capitalizing on the story, most notably, in the following piece, a Yeshiva University professor(Andy Ostrowski also encountered a Yeshiva bully), whose father was both a major contributor to the American propaganda stream,and that both had deep connections in Hollywood.
And, like so many mass shooter cases, Loughner had engaged in dialogue about Jewish narrative control, AND what he termed mind control via the biased, or incomplete college curriculum, and later, was labelled a danger to society by those whose “existential” supremacy depends from Abrahamic myth, fairy tale, and coopted revisionist history.
Some stuff, its so bizarre, you just cannot make it up.
Jared Loughner was engaged un Socratic dialogue, and while the news mainly focused on his reading of Mein Kampf, a few scattered news reports ALSO noted that he read a wide variety of literature that hascalso been deemed fanatical or revolutionary literature- EXACTLY the type that pro-apartheid/forever war/AIPAC professors all around the country prescribe to college kids E EVERY DAY.
Heres part of the official narrative:
Pictures have also surfaced allegedly showing Loughner volunteering at a book festival, and from his MySpace profile. Loughner listed reading as his favorite interest, and identified a slew of classics as his favorite books, including The Republic, The Odyssey, The Communist Manifesto, and Mein Kampf.
So, yeah-how bizarre is organized gang stalking?
Dont ask the famed revisionist author, and Hollywood darling Howard Fast, or his Yeshiva University-Israel-Hollywood connected son Jonathan Fast, who married none other than Erica,Jong, one of the feminist psych-darlings of 1990s bra burnings (which ROGS,was keenly in favor of) managed to plug his book, and to exploit Loughner, all while downplaying his own extensive involvement with narrative “framing” going back to 1993- just a snipit of the wider dialectic, from the Dailybeast, quoting Dr.Jonathan Fast:

In a family that seemed to prize privacy so much, it’s conceivable that Randy and Amy knew little or nothing about Jared’s disturbing YouTube videos and impenetrable rants on his MySpace page. And given what neighbors call Randy’s “anger management problem,” perhaps the son’s diatribes didn’t seem entirely out of place. “It’s impossible to say for certain, but these kinds of shooters are usually alienated from their families,” says Jonathan Fast, associate professor at Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work and author of the book Ceremonial Violence, based on his study of school shooters. “You learn to express yourself with your weapons instead of your words.”

Dr. Fast Bio:
Jonathan Fast CVE here.
The CIAs Mighty Wurlitzer is frequently confused with the Mighty Yeshiva Wurzweiler.
“CIA official Frank Wisner called the operation his “mighty Wurlitzer,” on which he could play any propaganda tune.”

The discrediting of the gang stalking narrative and proof of gang stalking: inbound and outbound links

So:because ROGS-the blog you are reading now-has thoroughly refuted the notion that those who are victims of organized gang stalking are in any way delusional, and that ROGS is making a difference in an Israelified/ADLified world of deference, take a look at the following picture, and note that it is an “inbound link”from the FBIs very own webpages, which are situated in some of the most theoretically secure servers in the world, meaning that in order for someone to click that link INSIDE the FBI webpage HTML where I have linked a post critical of theier ridiculous slogan “Dont be a Puppet”, they would have to have access to the administrative control panel AT that agency (and, un-ironically, that this happened during the longest government shutdown in history, January 2019, in case you wonder what slop-thighed FBI web admins DO on their days off):
Well, you can decide for yourself if gang stalking is real, or if it is connected to the FBI, because in fact, that agency is merely the corporate bankster army of domestic enforcers, and nothing more, working outside of oversight of citizens, and with total disrespect for anything related to the US constitution, or due process of law.
Or,you can also decide if claims by TIs if strange breakins to their homes are real, or uf shitbags at that agency perform black bag jobs, or if in fact the agency itself isnt a totally corrupt sectarian secret police, as we see the now-shitcanned former head of this agency,former Director James Comey, spouting Rienhold Niehburs philosophies of “Christ in Culture here,” or, as the Intercept has noted, if the Tel Aviv office of the FBI is likely where the ADL and the Mossad plot their targeted webterrogations and webscrubbing after the facts of OGS targeting individuals.
That agency, and the hidden political rot within it simply doesn’t follow any known parameters of law, ever, in what many informed opinions call COINTELPRO 2.0

Related Story: Federal judge castigates SA who performed a black bag job, while he was illegally “embedded” in a corrupt sherrifs department Task Farce, asking “So, if the LAPD or sherrifs department put a badge on a French poodle and elected that gay, Jessica Valenti styled poodle as the Umpiress Gay Gaian Goddess of All Task Farces, is it now a sherrifs deputy too?”.

So, in a world where speech policing of pure speech, first amendment words, ideas, and online performance art via blogs like mine become targets of “lashon hara” white-slavery patrols, and when such things happen,so frequently, and for so many, and for so long without a Constitutional challenge, have a look at what happened AFTER I linked the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals(ATAP) to the creation of crisis via junk science, in what they, and the clusterfuck of 17 spy agencies and Fusion Centers call the “parallel colluding investigation,”and just AFTER yet another unnaccountable asshat committed a felony or two andtried to hack my email AGAIN:
1-the following search language came in to this blog a day or so after someone clicked MY inbound link TO the FBI webpage (which is embedded in the HTML code of every webpage where inbound /outbound links interact with the internet) entitled “Dont be a Puppet” ,which caused their click-which someone clicked -to become MY inbound link FROM the “refferrer” and, just just AFTER someone linked my blog to an interesting right wing/libertarian discussion on Zerohedge

And here is one of the first results from this search language.
homeland security +the cia +nsa and local police gang stalking
gangstalking coven
2-the next day, someone linked the following language to an obsolete search engine named FIREBALL in Germany which officially went offline in 2002, as my stats registered some 20 hits from that country
This is the discrediting narrative in action, and notice which came FIRST, starting at the inbound link FROM the FBI website, a very ammateur webpage designed by what looks like a 13 year olds attempt to be clever and “do art,” which I mocked in this post here, in the first screencapture.
Then, notice that fireball itself died in 2002, and was absorbed by the NSA fake Googleopus, but is now a conduit for agency level shenanigans.
The death of Fireball:

And now, notice how hidden, cowardly agents, and agencies “frame” the OGS dialectic, wrapping it in total bullshit about aliens, and other time wasting crap of the sort that US military and Psychological and influence Operations practitioners have done historically, linking the agency practice of “colluding parallel investigations,” aka, Organized Gang Stalking, in the same junk-science way they have linked domestic violence to terrorism and the “paranoid delusion” of cyberstalking by agencies who target pure speech online.
This is how neocon, sectarian religious societies ruled by secret police and colinized by racist, sectarian Israeli thought and private junkets to apartheid states works in practice.
And, how dead democratic republics act in the final days of Praetorian democracy :
homeland security +the cia +nsa and local police gang stalking
gangstalking coven

ROGS predictive analyses scores another BINGO: the lesbian detective, wrongful convictions, DVIC fraud upon the courts, Clark County Washington

Anyone whose ever spent quality time nurturing the intellectual growth of little girls knows that many, if not all of the best ones eventually wonder “Why do I have to be a girl? why cant boys be like girls too?

Related Stories: ROGS paradigms and predictive analyses has noted that a famous case of lesbians, and children-for-profit in Washington State had a negative outcome when some lesbians drove six kids off a cliff into a watery grave, and Clark County has extremely high Google search results for gang stalking, and also that Clark Cty, WA is tied to documented cases if OGS, and also, that the states Fusion Center has released bizarre mind control documents to journalists. I invite the researcher to test my hypotheses now, in every case of OGS, as these cases can be examined now using ROGS predictive analyses, but especially take a look at the case of Michael Chadwick Fry in Texas where he implicated “witches” aka horse-faced lesbian linebackers in his stalking, and also Matt Riehl in Colorado, who was gang stalked across state lines after he encountered an academic whisper campaign, and criticized the #Rapecult mentality(that is formed in #safespaces ) on Facebook.

This question forms in the minds of girls around 4-6 years old,the time that they encounter social programming that they are girls rather than human beings from relatives, peers, institutions, and media, and most decent parents know that it is best to protect girls from this type of social programming/engineering, while others purely profit from encouraging such extreme social programming, aka herding thine sheeples via the DVIC.

This is a fact, related to healthy girls, and is documented in extensive academic/psychological/sociological research.
AND: Anyone whose ever spent quality time with lesbians knows that somewhere along the way, something got stuck before, during, or after that phase of girlhood, most likely due to many factors that are too extensive to go into in detail here (usually maternal incest,or some other innapropriate close-contact weirdness and especially, social engineering via gender lesbian theosophy like Nancy Chodorow, and other Berkely, USC gender feminist constructions of reality /child rearing is at the center of their tales; and this is evidenced by the close alignment of gang stalking denialist Elizabeth Dietrich,who notoriously recommended the punitive psycholigy “therapy ” of isloting victims of gang stalking; and who hails unironically from both Smith College AND Berkely.)
ROGS Disclaimer: ROGS has personally encountered, and had personal encounters with, thousands of lesbians along the way, and has extensive experience in the LGBTQI-Wutever community as a sociologist, and observer of gay culture, much of which is maniacally bizarre; but not more or less bizarre than straight, hetero-normative culture.
But suffice it to say that Detective Sandra Aldridge, of CLARK COUNTY Washington is a one woman ROGS BINGO, responsible for false convictions of men, false polcie reports, evidence tampering, stalking and inter-state harrassment of other lesbians, and dozens of civilian complaints.
My readers might have noticed that I am irreverent, and even caustic, and at times absolutely defying the ADL /Jewish NGO /Cathlicon /Protestantopus word police when I write about any and all of the protected species that these reprehensible, scummy racist,tribal sectarian word police portend to speak for.
I write about the Jewctopus,and the horse-faced lesbian linebacker alike.
And certainly, I took my literary cues from earlier era Black Panthers when I discuss the Pigs, too, in context to the possibility that it was the Anti Defamation League, RATHER THAN the FBI who created the infamous psyop called the Black Panther Coloring Book.
And, of course, arriving at solid conclusions, based on empirical evidence, and personal experience, that the Democrat Party, ADL rhetoric-fueled KKK is as active as ever, but this incarnation of KKK is in fact, and practice a klan of Kommunity Kulture Kovens and Klubs, aka K 4, enriched by DVIC dollars, and waging kulture wars via gender biased narratives of domestic violence , and in the process,privileging and escalating womens violence, both domestically, and institutionally.
So, without further adieu, lets hear the story of one lesbians experience with another lesbian- one womans account of how Detective Aldridge stalks, bullies, harrasses,defames,and destroys relationships(which is one of the stated goals of gang stalkers).

Vancouver Washington police officer Sandra Aldridge a lesbian cop a sexual predator with a badge

What is gang stalking? A post for academics, OGS researchers, non-denialist psychologists, and civil or criminal defense lawyers, examining “freemasonry”in the OGS dialectic

As most of my readers are aware, I generally avoid all talk of electronic weapons, other than what they are: the 24/7 wiretap of all of our cell phones, computers, and other electronics by the “one percent,” via the NSA, and how Fusion Centers target individuals and trickle data to local law enforcement around America to destroy dissent, target political opposition, and destroy due process.
And,occasionally, we get a glimpse of how Americas endemically corrupt police, private security, and mercenary spy organizations use actual hidden, or Beta devices, or “level X“sound weapons on people, or like how the NYPD uses them to target protesters.
Or, the cases covered in the MSM where US diplomats in Guangzhou, China, and also in Cuba suffered actual inner ear damage and the actual changing of the white matter in their brains, as the “deep state” wages a CYA in the form of narrative control about these documented events, in order to tarnish other nations reputations, because in fact, US factions, and our little pal Israel are using bizarre tactics and devices to drive policy every day.

Related Story I urge the attorneys reading this blog to use caution when researching this topic and especially urge caution on anything and anyone affiliated with Ramola D. ( the Alex Jones of the OGS dialectic ) and OSI informers, or Geral Sosbee, Robert Duncan, et al. , and other extremely slick, well financed operations who yammer on about electronic weapons, and whose “board members ”are all pseudo whistleblowers with psychology PhD.s, and extensive connections to academia, and intelligence agencies -but who NEVER SEEM TO ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING, other than to discredit the topuc of OGS via incessant agitprop about aliens, DEWs, and worse.

So, along with the gibberish and other garbage that crisis PR agents and retired police and military occultists like this scumbag, a former USAF liason to the Israeli Mossad named Patricia Beatty fill the internet with in regards to OGS, I avoid most of what could be called “conspiracy theory,”and stay as clise to academic fact as I can, within the parameters of deminstrative speech, combined with actual research.
And because military and police jargon, loaded terms, and para-language, as well as auto-antonymal language is deeply at play here, and paralinguistic clues are everywhere, there is one other term that tends to sheepdip the dialectic or the OGS victim, which causes the casual observer to discount, or discredit the OGS complaintant:
Freemasonry and gang stalking
I have up until now avouded direct discussion of freemasonry, except where there is a demonstrable link between it, and organized gang stalking, such as the case of the Virginia Tech shooter, and the documented link to his harasser,
Nikki Giovanni
I also touch on the topic when we examined the link between Rotary Clubs and OGS, and their curious positioning in matters of public relations, gun control, and their even more curious linkage to their saturation of OGS vuctims lives in the pre-ballistics of mass shooters and active shooter “training,” as we can document with empirical evidence in case after case after case of mass shooters, where the manner in which community policing, aka stalking influences and even “creates” the mass shooter via endless bullying.
So now, I want to re-examine how 1960s era CIA/FBI policies and practices of domestic social engineering are evident in another theme which I touched on here, via discussion of Lucy, and her ties to illegal government experimentation that beneffitted drug companies, and THAT,linked to Ken Keseys nivel “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.”
Here, below, is a most excellent analysis of the masonic, freemasonry symbolism that is in the novel Cuckoos Nest that I briefly discussed earlier.
From Joe Atwill of, a piece about Ken Kesey, Lifetime Actor….

The symbolic level of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest cannot be seen without understanding the strand of typology that it is derived from. It is the same genre of symbolism that was used by J.D. Salinger to create his homage to Freemasonry in Catcher in the Rye.
At the beginning of Cuckoo’s Nest, Kesey introduces a group of Master Masons who know the “hate secrets” of Freemasonry described in the earlier article ‘The Freemason in the Rye’. Kesey uses the classic literary device of having the ‘visions’ of a madman actually see reality.
The schizophrenic Chief Bromden’s visions provide the basis for Kesey’s description of Freemasonry. Like the version of Freemasonry Salinger described, it is not the beneficial one presented to the public, but rather an organization dominated by a hate that is kept secret.
black-and-white-templeTo understand the symbolism in the next passage one needs to recognize the Freemasonic fascination with black and white. Checkerboard floors are a standard feature of Masonic temples, and indeed the third level of Freemasonry – the Master Mason – wears clothes of black and white. Thus, Kesey below is using typology to describe three individuals ‘wearing’ black and white, who were selected for their high level of hatred. The fact that they keep ‘secrets’ is course part of becoming a Master Mason.
They’re out there. Black boys in white suits up before me to commit sex acts in the hall and get it mopped up before I can catch them.
They’re mopping when I come out the dorm, all three of them sulky and hating everything, the time of day, the place they’re at here, the people they got to work around. When they hate like this, better if they don’t see me. I creep along the wall quiet as dust in my canvas shoes, but they got special sensitive equipment detects my fear and they all look up, all three at once, eyes glittering out of the black faces like the hard glitter of radio tubes out of the back of an old radio.
They laugh and then I hear them mumbling behind me, heads close together. Hum of black machinery, humming hate and death and other hospital secrets. They don’t bother not talking out loud about their hate secrets when I’m nearby because they think I’m deaf and dumb. Everybody thinks so. I’m cagey enough to fool them that much. If my being half Indian ever helped me in any way in this dirty life, it helped me being cagey, helped me all these years.


Who says TIs dont have a sense of humor? Look at this police comedy,entitled “Police Bodycam Comedy ”

A tale of over-policing on steroids: how many cops does it take to police a barking dog in an empty house?
But wait! It gets hillariously better “baby” .
hahaha 😂😂😂
Just in case you wondered why we need MRAPs at donut shops, and SWAT teams in every synangogue.
Its the real estate, dummy.

Police gang stalking, children, Canada, gang stalking denialists, CBC covers gang stalking

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC), which is Canada’s official federal news service, has now exposed an actual gang of cops, who stalked, harassed, wiretapped, and otherwise “made life a living hell”for a woman involved in a custody dispute, targeting her child EXACTLY as I have described in this story, and here, and here, and here.
This is not an isolated case, this is not a rogue element in policing, and it is not “a few bad apples”: it is how modern DVIC policing works, and we only hear of it when these sick fucks get prosecuted.
Note the following in this case:
1-active police working with retired police FROM THE SAME DEPARTMENT who run private investigation firms; one of many glaring conflicts of interests that springs from DVIC policing

2-personalized vendettas hidden behind threat assessments and utilizing public funded police resources, and cross-contaminated investigations by private individuals, aka “parallel colluding investigations”as described by ATAP here
3- the theft of a child is the goal, and a discrediting slander campaign is waged BY POLICE against a parent EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED by targeted individuals. Especially note the ROGS thesis that organized pedophiles in policing are behind these crimes, and then, as you follow the coverage,note that a mediator hired by the gang stalking police stalkers had been charged with sex offenses against children-in Texas!
4-the incredible duration of time where active duty police, and a poluce department rife with corruption, which allowed access to non-public databases by private investigators and retired police, as one INDIVIDUAL was targeted
5-the use of phone wire tapping, illegal entry into homes,and GPS tracking devices
6-that what is hidden in darkness only comes to light when we prosecute gang stalkers, and stamp them out like cockroaches, and target them, the way they target us
7-that all of this takes place in a climate where police CANNOT claim they are unaware of this cross contamination of mission creep, and the inherent blur of by-design corruption built into DVIC policing, as outlined in the DHS manual, which outlines how agencies skurt, flaunt, and mock the laws and due process rights.

Cops stalked Calgary mother with GPS device and bugged her home, court hears on first day of corruption trial
Three current and former Calgary police officers engaged in a two-year “campaign of harassment” against a Calgary mother with the goal of getting her to give up her parental rights during a bitter custody battle, according to the prosecution at the start of a four-week corruption trial.
Tony Braile, Bryan Morton and Bradford McNish were paid thousands of dollars by a private investigation firm to illegally use Calgary Police Service resources, said Leah Boyd, who is prosecuting the case alongside Julie Snowdon.
The trio face charges of bribery and unauthorized use of a computer system. Braile and Morton also face charges of criminal harassment, while Morton and McNish each face a charge of breach of trust.
All alleged offences stem from activity between 2012 and 2015 during which time all three were CPS officers, though Braile had been suspended for unrelated matters.
Calgary police officers charged in corruption probe
Court heard Monday the trio was working for a private investigation firm run by retired CPS officer Steve Walton and his wife Heather, a retired civilian employee of the service. The PI firm had a client named Ken Carter, who was in the middle of an acrimonious split from his partner, Akele Taylor.
The charges stem from a “protracted and acrimonious” custody battle between Taylor and Carter during which the prosecution alleges Taylor was stalked and harassed by employees of the PI firm.
The goal of the three on trial — according to the testimony of Det. Todd Nichol of CPS’s anti-corruption unit — was to pressure Taylor to give up her parental rights by gathering information that was designed to show she was an unfit mother.
Braile even pretended to be interested in purchasing Taylor’s home so he could install “listening devices,” said Nichol, who eventually became the lead detective for the investigation.

So: it causes me to wonder why shitbags like the New Yarwk Times media pundit Mike McPhate, and Brooklyn resident Laura Yan, and Dr.s Mike Wood, or psychologists of record Lorraine Sheridan, and David V. James would toss their professional reputations in the toilet by actively participating in gang stalking denialism, which is officially linked now, to mass shootings via this ATAP conference.
Oh, I know: its because ALL of them actively work in the carceral/penal system aka the Prison Industrial Complex(PIC), or are affiliated directly with racist organizations like the, Anti Defamation League who uses a form of private graft to send cops on privately paid trips to Israel, to train in racist, sectarian, tribal Ich, Du policing.
Related Story: Dr. Lorraine Sheridan is much loved by the LGBT-flavor-of-the month Klub, as ROGS laughs every time these Kommunity Kulture Klybs and Kovens wakes up to the neutering racism of the racist, fascist Anti Defamation League, whose cultural roots are in white slavery profiteering, and gangsterism.
Or, maybe its because the Professor Fuck Your Life Finklesteins, and the horse-faced lesbian linebackers in academia, and involved in gang stalking around the world are not prosecuted as they should be.
Well, at least Canada appears to be waking up, and calling OGS what it really is: police corruption and sociopathic criminals who are drawn to police work, psychology, and the family court DVIC.
Related Story: The junk science of “threat assessment”is an industry that derives BILLIONS per year from governments around the world, yet they have stopped no terror attacks anywhere, ever, despite the industry having direct, persistent, 24/7k access to all of the worlds cell phones, and Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts and more.
And, we see these threat assessment professionals use acronyms that mirror the phrase “psycholigical operations,“and that they are now officially in the record adopting Sheridan and James thesis, despite it being thoroughly discredited.
And we see time, and time again that men who are activists, dissidents, and others in America are so terrorized by these hidden,private, DHS/FBI/NGO armies of Israeli counter terror trained online and offline bullies that some of them go ballistic.
So, I now ask my readers to make the connections themselves, and read ROGS chronilogically so that you can see that I have priven what organized gang stalking is, with falsifiable, replicable scientific evidence.
And, I ask the Department of Justice secret police to dig the high heels out of your asses, and make the links yourself.
Hell, I will even give you the free ROGS BINGO CARD, and point you to the cases of Andy Ostrowski, Rakem Balogun, Matt Riehl, Ian Long, Cosmo Setepenra, Cesar Sayoc,Scott Beierle, and literally dozens of others that prove my thesis.
Now get off your porky fat asses, bitches, and go get some gang stalkers. Start with this one here, and maybe investigate the San Gabriel Valley connection I have provided you here.

What are psychological operations (PSYOPS) in OGS: PSOPS, Los Angeles, Jack Palladino,Russell Palarea, Ph.D., President, Operational Psychology Services(OPS ), and cr ISIS PR

ROGS is painting some new targets on peoples names and faces today, and asking why the DHS, the FBI, and every other scumbag alphabet agency is waging war on Americans, due process rights, and civil liberty, via what these agencies, and their cohort pig trough practitioners call “colliding parallel investigations,”according to the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals(ATAP).

“So, a group of security-intel industry people say that claims about criminality in America’s security-intel industry are delusional? Seems persuasive. : )

I wrote to several of the people associated with the August, 2018 ATAP conference-people who I named in the headline of this post, and others, where the speakers officially and with calculated specificity linked Dr. Lorraine Sheridan and David V. James junk science and denialism with actual gang stalking by corporate security and private contractors who work under the “intelligence sharing environment” to the targeting and stalkung if indivuduals, and that they used “police science” mixed with psychology to create that link*.
The active ROGS reader will note that the S &J study quoted in the article “United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers“was actually a poll, much like an advertising survey,or one of those questionaires that borderline personality disordered neurotic federal agents fill out in websites designed for “women,” like the horrifically biased, sh!tposting Jezebel, or Vice magazine online, and that the Sheridan and James “study” was in the form of an anonymous internet survey to purported gang stalking victims, that concluded with the New Yarwk Times and Lorraine Sheridan (who works in the Australian prison system)calling the self-reporting victims a “dangerous tribe of troubled minds.”
The reader might also recall that since that poll,and even before, we have evidence of security contractors, threat “assessors /creators “and major spy agencies polluting the internet with their garbage and conspiracy theories, and that the EXACT NYT that published the fraudulent S &J poll has since then even acknowledged the use of actual sound weapons being deployed on US diplomats too.

Related story: Forensic science, like blood splatter evidence, or “bite mark”evidence is junk science, created by whacky people with “police science ” degrees , and judges and juries are waking up to that fact, despite the television crime show crisis PR. Threat Assessment, and its cohort DVIC junk science pushers are this generations forensic fraud

So, you might recall that New York Times piece,was authored by one now-discredited Mike McPhate, who has ironically now adopted the ROGS thesis that hidden, secretive gangs work in policing, and security /intel, to stalk, harass, and murder people outside the laws, and outside of due process.
Follow the links to McPhate’s newsletter, where, again, without irony, he posts his story about the documented hidden gangs that work in LAPD at number 13.

the link between domestic violence and gang stalking is that security contractors work outside of the law,break the law, and violate due process rights and civil liberties of those they target under the DHS zero-accountability DVIC scheme of “colluding parallel investigations.”

I won’t hold my breath waiting for a response from these “official sources”, because they derive literally billions of dollars of income by manufacturing the cris, and then, linking gang stalking to a “paranoid delusion” rather than linking it to what it is:
Gang stalking is: “unconstitutional, chronic, pervasive surveillance by alphabet agencies, and private contractors who work outside of Constitutional due process, frequently violating civil liberty, and without meaningful or any oversight, and frequently in direct collusion with the FBI/DHS/NSA-leaked-local-via-Fusion Centers, targeting individuals, and especially targeting key constituents in dialectic space like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, etc, as documented by the ACLU, and as described in CIA counter-intelligence manuals and psychological operations that target individuals, groups, and entire nations
In fact, a couple of those that I wrote to are the DIRECTORS OF FUSION CENTERS, and without coincidence, it is these same men and women who participated in this series of talks at the 28th Annual ATAP Threat Mangement conference which officially linked gang stalking denialism to their domestic operations against individuals, activists, dissidents, and others, which, in their jargon is called “colluding parallel investigations. ”
But I did manage to get a quote from the widely respected author of, a military veteran,and security industry professional who was himself gang stalked, and, who has free downloads of fentanyl-free fliers on his website, where you can get literature to help raise awareness about high heeled policing.
When I brought ATAPs fraud to his attention he said “So, a group of security-intel industry people say that claims about criminality in America’s security-intel industry are delusional? Seems persuasive. : )

FGS has chronicled OGS for many years, and his work is respected by many around the world, giving his advertiser, and sponsor-free blog some 500,000 reads in the time it has been around, as compared with ROGS blog here, which got just over 50,000 reads, and unknown impressions in the two years I investigated and written about OGS.
So:”Colluding Parallel Investigations” is what ATAP calls organized gang stalking
OGS is to ATAP and the security industrial complex, aka, the secret police state, what slop is to pigs: more fat.They literally are manufacturing terrorists, via constant, chronic harassment that they call “colliding investigations.”

Related Story: the sordid story of Rakem Balogun is a ROGS Bingo that demonstrates the ROGS thesis perfectly, and also the total failure of the FBI et alphabet to manufacture a terrorist via chronic surveillance and social media bullying, incitement, and harrassment and even phony charges that stemmed from DVIC policing.

And, it is a situation where individuals are monitored, tracked,surveilled, and more sometimes for decades, in privacy raping, Constitution defying, bizarre “investigations,” that involve local, state, and federal agencies, hiding their pseudo -investigations behind NGOs, and community policing in collusion with private contractors, and waged from Fusion Centers (one of which is on record distributing bizarre mind control literature ).
And, of course, I saved screen captures and the actual emails for later, to demonstrate at a later point how stonewalling the facts I outline herein guarantees these people another slurp at the police -state funding barrel.
So, ATAP is the nexus between crisis PR and crisis CREATION, and it “advises” current, and retired police and the vast array of private contractors hidden within this scheme as well as the nefarious LEIUs whothe FBI refuses to investigate, because it is what our nations “deep state”is; and also,the Army of Paul Blarts calls gang stalking a “colluding parallel investigation. ”
And as we see now, ROGS-the blog you are reading now-has changed the entire dialectic, and police-state/tribal -sectarian frauds, hoaxers, and other associated scum, all of whom are draining the taxpayes dry, have begun to respond in a bizarre, sociopathic fashion.
There was the infamous “fentanyl fliers ”hoax waged by mystery people in Texas, where NSA affiliated fliers were put on squad cars, and then, the sherrifs department waged a misinformation/deception campaign.
There was the recent rash of mass shootings where “colluding parallel investigations ” like the gang stalking murder of Mathew Riehl was preceded by a several years long gang stalking by academics, campus police, sherrifs department gang stalkers, and slanderers of all kinds stalked him at school, and across state lines until he was forced into a DVIC connundrum; and all of that, so that our bloated police state can chew through more boards from the bottom of the trough .
Then, their were the designer mass shootings in cases of Cesar Sayoc the Wiley Coyote styled ACME bomber ,who was being stalked by crisis PR agents like Rochelle Ritchie, and other speech police and ADL styled crybullies,as he cartoonishly and allegedly mailed really crappy fake bombs to a designer list of people who lied to Congress, and other tribal-sectarian traitors.
And the Hot Yoga shooting, of course, where a veteran was gang stalked by Kommunity Kulture Klub members, and then, likely murdered one of his slanderers.
And, the Thousand Oaks shooting, where Ian Long, a US marine who saw combat duty was stalked so bad he lived in his garage, before he went ballistic. Ine of his after -death body punchers even claimed she bullied him, and made him run “thirteen miles,”as punishment on a high school track team.
I ask the reader to try to avoid seeing the following patterns in EVERY CASE that occurs:
1-unlitigated he said she said DVIC slanders that precede the shootings
2- that it is a gendered narrative, where mens alleged /purported violence is BOTH preceded AND followed by gangs of horse faced lesbian-like DVIC slanderers, aka, bullies who are women, and members of the Army of Paul Blarts too who couldnt get laid at a dinkey dick show in Mexico if they tried.
3-like the case of Michael Chadwick Fry, also in Texas, where the NSA operates a major listening post, that he ALSO named both crisis PR agents, and specifically FEMALE bullies who stalked him, as he tried to get the word out about a deputy involved homicide.
4-the recent arrest of Andy Ostrowski in the Kid$ for KKa$h state of Pennsylvania, where judges and “womens organizations” literally target men wth hit lists, ad interfere in ever aspect of mens lives, incentivizing child theft. This one case alone valudates OGS, as I have demonstrated with empirical, scientific, and falsifiable evidence.
5-Lastly, notice (or maybe. Not!) that the number 13 appears in every narrative, in many different ways, as Jews, christians, Catholics, and even Wiccans utilize that number when they count coup on a victim of organized gang stalking (use my search feature and the terms: the thirteens; apophenia; 13).
So: What is a psychological operation(PSYOPS),and who wages them?
Well: I will let the reader decide, but first, take a look at the following acronyms, after reading through the ATAP .pdf, keeping your eyes peeled for the following talk, entitled

The Link Between the Neverending Pork Barrel, and Ever-morphig definitions of Terrorism as the DVIC Seeks to Replace the Rule of Constitutional Law with Gang Stalking

Hard link here:
Psychological Operations (PsyOps)in a military setting, includes proaganda wars, influence operations, and neutraization of counter -narrative
Operational Psychology Services(OpPsych,or OPS)– A company funded by Dr. Russell Palarea. This organization linked Dr. Sheridans debunked thesis and its accompanying internet poll and its concusions to the multi-agency money grab known as the “colluding parallel investigation” which is behind every mass shooting in the USA.
PSOPS A private domestic spy organization in Los Angeles, headed by Jack Palladino, which was the organzation Harvey Weinstein hired to gang stalk Rose McGowan
*this form of psychology being practiced here by ATAP pundits is called punitive, or political psychology, and was a feature of Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, and other periods of history where activists and dissenters were labeled mentally ill and gang stalked, and slandered, frequently imprisoned, and, like Andy Ostrowski, locked up on phony mental health charges.

Proof of gang stalking: using ROGS predictive analysis in the case of Andy Ostrowski, PA VOICe, and judicial corruption in Wilkes-Barre,PA

Proof of organized gang stalking: science requires making predictions, and then, substantiating those predictions with evidence.
The case of Andy Ostrowski ties all of ROGS thesis together, with science, predictive analysis,and evidence.
Drs. Mike Wood, and Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, Dr.David V.James, and several other minor figures have made the claim that those who claim they are being gang stalked are “delusional,”and these doctors have sought, primarily,to infringe the first amendment rights of those persons by attempting to deny them the use of the internet as a medium of expression, while now deceased Viet Nam era Dr. Moss David Posner left a record of gang stalking for all of us to follow, causing a split in the “medical community ”as to the veracity of the claims of targeted individuals who resisted MIC social manipulation.
So,I have analysed this from many different angles, ranging from parody,and humor,to scientific research, and combined with demonstrative political speech,in order to subvert the ability of these to continue to cause actual harm, and in most cases,to be irresponsible to the point of encouraging and inciting mass shootings,due to the way they approached this subject, and, likely garnered DVIC dollars in the process.

Related Story: The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) is one of the head cheerleaders pushing the narrative that there is a link between domestic violence and mass shootings.
But what is that link, and who created it?
Well, considering that DVIC profiteers and gang stalking denialists are on one side, while gang stalking victims of Nikki Craft styled gang stalkings are on the other side, gang stalking is properly called “Colliding Parallel Investigations” in ATAP literature, and police jargon as well, and it is a new form of extra -judicial harrassment or punishment, via politicized investigatios that never end,much as we saw in the case of Jeffrey Kantor, who sued Appian corporation when these bizarre harrassments went into full swing between 2008-11.
Worlds Collide: A Fortune 100 Corporation, A
Former Employee, A Paranoid Gang Stalking
Delusion, and Colliding Parallel Investigations
– Brad Carnduff, Caterpillar Global Security, Russell
Palarea, Ph.D., President, Operational Psychology
Services, and Chuck Tobin, President , AT-RISK
Applying Domestic Violence Research Findings
to Threat Assessment Missions – Matthew Huss, Ph.D., Creighton University

So, here is a quick recap of my prediction in Ostrowskis case, as a means by which we can evaluate, and validate several crucial thesis points, and “prove” gang stalking is infact,mission creep wherein the “terrorism” funding pot is now being slurped up in hefty Dworkin sized portions by DVIC entrepreneurs ranging from private cobtractors,to womens organizations whichfunction as blackmailers and spies, to sectarian and racist organizatins like the ADL,and other flying pigs in high heels:
1- Andy Ostrowski attempts to defend his due process and civil rights, as DVIC profiteers,politicized andtribal- sectarian police wage a private war against him, with slanderers,a drug addict girlfriend,and the exact DHS styled bending and breaking of the law as Fusion Centers monitor his speech, in real time, and cops climb over his fence, and arrest him without a warrant.
2- I noted that Ostrowskis case had many of the hallmarks of gang stalking, and predicted that each and every ROGS thesis statement would be validated. And, I was correct in every instance, as we see that the main threats that hidden gang stalkers make online in forums ranging from the discredited OSI informers, to the likely NSA courier Eleanor White, and others such as the staple comments /threats of homelessness, incareration, and institutiOo naluzation all becam factors for Ostrowsku, as well as links to Scientology.
3- Ostrowskis case mirrors many aspects of the case of Bill McGaughey, who was gang stalked, and bilked in Minnesota, which is a state that uses DVIC resources to gang stalk reporters; and also a state where a Fortune 30 company also utiluzes corporate spying, retired FBI, and others to wage “colluding parallel investigations,”as they share data with police, and use databases like the CJIS and the CHRI databases politically (it is these two databases where gray area, high policing takes place).

4- I have demonstrated that ATAP is on record now, using junk science, and pseudo -psycholigy, aka “police -state science ”in the junk industry of threat assessment, which has an extremely low/null/cero /zero value for predicting, or preventing mass shootings, and in fact, might actually be causing them, d ue to “parallel colluding investigations,” where men are put on “hit lists ”by these people, and their DVIC institutions.
And now: I ask for the Department of Justice to take a look at the names I have named, and to dig the high heels out of your asses, and do something about it.
Because these fat bitches below are now tiedto the manufacturing of terroris, via the “colluding parallel investigation ”(a ticket to the ATAP conference costs around $800 USD, enough to feed several prime chestnut pigs for half a year )
And, YES: You bitches DO look fat in those heels.
Walk A Mile In Her Shoes
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Officers parade around in bear costumes, paint their nails ‘to fight slavery’ and wear high heels to ‘highlight domestic violence’ – while crime statistics SOAR

By Chris Greenwood and John Stevens for the Daily Mail 22:00 GMT 20 Oct 2017, updated 00:10 GMT 21 Oct 2017

The link between domestic violence and mass shooters: the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals piggybacking CVE funding in gray areas of law.

Dear Mr. x:
I have found the link between domestic violence(most of which is never litigated at trial, and all of which is little more than he-said/she-said) and the link appears to be to the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP)and those who can afford to buy the outrageously priced $800 ticket to one of their conferences.
Link to August 2018 ATAP conference wich morphed the definition of terrorism to DV.pdf here
The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) is on record making a linkage between “multiple converging investigations,” and two other topics of interest: domestic violence and “the delusion of gang stalking.
Would you be interested in another insight into manufactured terrorism, and how multiple agencies have used Fusion Centers?
Especially, look at the case of Andy Ostrowski in PA, being targeted by people with “hit lists,” where I predicted this linkage many months before his last false arrest, and his lockup on now-proven false mental health charges, as he said “fifteen minutes after I hit send on an email” there are police climbing over his fence,and proved how OGS is exactly what I have documented at my blog (Ostrowskus case, you might recall, also involves Scientologists,AND Yeshiva University religious cultts).
I ask that you re-examine the issue of how these make-work federal CVE programs have slid the bar from ever-morphing term of terrorism, to the negligible and, nebulous term domestic violence, as they stalk, monitor, and harass activists and dissidents across states, time zones, andusingFusion Centers; and pressure some men so badly that they become mass shooters.
I have enclosed a .pdf file from the 2018 ATAP conference, and seek to point you to the talks titled:
Worlds Collide: A Fortune 100 Corporation, A
Former Employee, A Paranoid Gang Stalking
Delusion, and Colliding Parallel Investigations
– Brad Carnduff, Caterpillar Global Security, Russell
Palarea, Ph.D., President, Operational Psychology
Services, and Chuck Tobin, President , AT-RISK
Applying Domestic Violence Research Findings
to Threat Assessment Missions – Matthew Huss, Ph.D., Creighton University
What we see in case after case is that CVE is now being applied to DV cases, in an ever expanding net.
I think the names in the links above document that linkage,and provide insight into the “delusion” of actual multi-agencies from the federal moneypot making work for themselves; and, creating mass shooters along the way.
Best Regards-