What do Jared Loughner, and famed author Howard Fast have in common? Both were concerned with the propaganda stream.

catcher.jpgWhen billionaire Facebook investors say that Facebook propaganda operations are worse than Hitlers propaganda, by actually manipulating the dopamine receptors in childrens minds;and when even the lefty leaning Huffington Post, clearly conservative President Trump, and many other right/left spectrum opinions agree that the “Deep State”is a real thing, its probably time to examine the recent past, and the national narrative, to bring more cockroaches out of hiding.

He rails against the “mind control” efforts of the government to brainwash citizens, and makes confusing references to terrorism.

So, I am revisiting the famous shooting in Arizona, where Jared Loughner shot a feral judge, and also whacked the darling of gun control, Gabby Giffords, to see if the ROGS Predictive Analyses holds up in that case, and attempting to verify with empirical evidence that my thesis of ROGS FUCKING BINGO holds up to scientific and sociological analyses and scrutiny, unlike the resoundingly and laughably debunked “conspiracy theories”put forward by delusional academics, like Dr.s Mike Wood, David V.James, and Lorraine Sheridan, and that one outlier Eluzabeth “Liz” Dietrich who hails from Berkeley, and also the gender lesbian Center of the Unuversity system, Smith College.
The spider,the Cat in the Hat, and the Pig in High Heels Catches a Case of Caulfield: ROGS doesnt have bad dreams about spiders, but Loughner definitely challenged Israelification in school curriculum, which is the “lynchpin” in nearly all mass shooter cases
And in that light, it is also worth shooting the bull a bit about my own biases and what Professor Norman Finklestein has called “the Holocaust Industry (Google it; Dr. Finklestein was,gang stalked out of his college after he wrote that book),”and in context to my personal experience being gang stalked by people I have named in various places in this blog you are reading, most notably by crisis PR agents, dirty cops,AIPAC affiliated bullies, racist and sectarian Jews, zionists, and their mercenary armies of lower case christians and other easily mobilized militant flying monkeys in christian and secular culture, aka “community policing partners”, after I wrote about this, and this, and this, but also, had stories literally stolen from my electronic devices and more, as I documented here too, because like I said, all sitting ducks are easily nailed, when I noted that all mallard sex is rape, by the FBIs own definition, but also that women and horse-faced lesbian slanderers get away with murder and more under the cry-bullying scheme, as we have seen in nearly every single recent mass homicide (use my search feature to note the connections in the cases of: Ian Long, the Ten Thoysand Oaks shooter; Asian American Mathew Riehl who took on the #fakerape cultists; Scott Bierele, who was staljed and slandered by campus #fakerape cultists before he targeted and capped one of his slanderers; and especially note how,ROGS Predictive Analyses literally predicted elements of the Virginia Beach shooting BEFORE it occured!

Jared Loughner, DVIC encounters,slander in community policing; and the Speech Police, at Pima AZ Community College

Think of that scene from Pulp Fiction where the the white Boxer and the black Pimp battle each other, eventually stumbling into the junk shop run by creepy ass-fucking rapist rednecks.
Then, flip the script, and change the gross, fat rednecks into Andrea Dworkin, and her toilet slave Dr. Catherine McKinnon throw in a few Professor Fuck Your Life Finklesteins, and you have the case of Jared Loughner in a nuthouse, caught in a web he likely will neer get the chance to understand, via the proven theorem of ROGS Predictive Analyses.
For some who encounter the bizarre methods of Jewish-christian narrative control*,and the accompanying gang stalking that even their mythical bastard child Jesus suffered at the hands of the Pharisees (replaced today by the modern day ADL), and we see the irony of the half/half Jewish/other J.D.Salingers
work in a new light; but we also encounter hushed talk on the internet that Loughner himself might have a Jewish mother.
And, of course, we see loud talk too, with Jewish newspapers disclaiming him.and quite ironically, “fighting false stories.”
Without any doubt whatsoever, we also see that he was slandered and stalked by academics at a community college, where most gang stalking begins as I document repeatedly here at ROGS; and that he may, or may not have been mentally ill any more than he was the product of political and punitive psychology waged against him and his family.

Related Story and UPDATE 10-15-2019: ROGS blig-the blog you are reading now- has consistently waged a one person influence campaign across thevinternet for over three years. Influence campaigns in themselves,are harmless, because the internet user has free will, and can apply choice to read, or not read internet subject matter. ROGS belueves in informed consent.
That is not the case with what is colloquially called “mind control” where a hypnotist, or other “middle man attacker” intentionally prohibits, or limits your choices without your consent.
And, since I wrote this blog, the sectarian, racist Anti Defamation League has been forced to acknowledge that they do indeed use military grade psycholigical operations on actual “targeted” internet users.
One of the oldest and most enduring stereotypes about Jews across the centuries is that they are mind controlling Svengalis, intent on capturing non-Jewish girls in order to exploit them, while circumcising, or outright murdering non-Jewish men.
Sadly, we see this EXACT stereotype being gleefully confirmed by the Anti Defamation League, as they now depliy military PsyOps on those who they pre-emptively smear and then target; and some of those who are provably harrassed and incited into taking up arms.

And, we see what may, or may not have been his “ramblings” online, and this, because no one has ever verified if he dud, or did not pist the alleged materials that others ascribe to him.
Here are those materials:
But two things stick out in analysing those exact alleged ramblings, as well as the lead up to his event:
1- he was rejected by a military recruiter for vague reasoning, but most tellingly, that when Loughner refused to check a box about his religious beliefs,the recruiter filled the box in for him, checking “none,”without Loughners informed consent, and denying his free will to NOT specify one or another false binary Jewish-christian religious option.
2-Jared Loughners pre-ballistic experience in nearly every fact and circumstance is a 100% ROGS BINGO, using ROGS Analyses.
Then, notice that many of those interviewed after the fact are crisis PR agents, and even his neighbors/slanderers-after-the-fact are a combination of “unnamed people who moved in, and moved out” next to him, and a widely quoted rwal estate agent as well.
But mostly, notice the prominent easern-bloc narrative and narrators capitalizing on the story, most notably, in the following piece, a Yeshiva University professor(Andy Ostrowski also encountered a Yeshiva bully), whose father was both a major contributor to the American propaganda stream,and that both had deep connections in Hollywood.
And, like so many mass shooter cases, Loughner had engaged in dialogue about Jewish narrative control, AND what he termed mind control via the biased, or incomplete college curriculum, and later, was labelled a danger to society by those whose “existential” supremacy depends from Abrahamic myth, fairy tale, and coopted revisionist history.
Some stuff, its so bizarre, you just cannot make it up.
Jared Loughner was engaged un Socratic dialogue, and while the news mainly focused on his reading of Mein Kampf, a few scattered news reports ALSO noted that he read a wide variety of literature that hascalso been deemed fanatical or revolutionary literature- EXACTLY the type that pro-apartheid/forever war/AIPAC professors all around the country prescribe to college kids E EVERY DAY.
Heres part of the official narrative:
Pictures have also surfaced allegedly showing Loughner volunteering at a book festival, and from his MySpace profile. Loughner listed reading as his favorite interest, and identified a slew of classics as his favorite books, including The Republic, The Odyssey, The Communist Manifesto, and Mein Kampf.
So, yeah-how bizarre is organized gang stalking?
Dont ask the famed revisionist author, and Hollywood darling Howard Fast, or his Yeshiva University-Israel-Hollywood connected son Jonathan Fast, who married none other than Erica,Jong, one of the feminist psych-darlings of 1990s bra burnings (which ROGS,was keenly in favor of) managed to plug his book, and to exploit Loughner, all while downplaying his own extensive involvement with narrative “framing” going back to 1993- just a snipit of the wider dialectic, from the Dailybeast, quoting Dr.Jonathan Fast:

In a family that seemed to prize privacy so much, it’s conceivable that Randy and Amy knew little or nothing about Jared’s disturbing YouTube videos and impenetrable rants on his MySpace page. And given what neighbors call Randy’s “anger management problem,” perhaps the son’s diatribes didn’t seem entirely out of place. “It’s impossible to say for certain, but these kinds of shooters are usually alienated from their families,” says Jonathan Fast, associate professor at Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work and author of the book Ceremonial Violence, based on his study of school shooters. “You learn to express yourself with your weapons instead of your words.”

Dr. Fast Bio:
Jonathan Fast CVE here.
The CIAs Mighty Wurlitzer is frequently confused with the Mighty Yeshiva Wurzweiler.
“CIA official Frank Wisner called the operation his “mighty Wurlitzer,” on which he could play any propaganda tune.”

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