Learned helplessness, third party punishment, and FBI/DHS/Et alphabet agency sociopathy

Because I have a few journalists, lawyers, and sociologists, and possibly, non-denialist psychologists are reading ROGS now, I want to draw the readers attention to something that one of my anonymous followers named Observer has brought to my attention, in relation to gang stalking: third party punishment, aka, organized vigilanteism, aka how the DHS is encouraging the “colliding parallel investigation”aka, quasi-legal, neverending pseudo-investigations that target individuals that the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) has documented police affiliated agencies, community policing elements, and private contractors practicing (follow the link, to see ATAP documenting how they have moved the goalposts of CVE programs, attempting to legitimate, and substantially alter definitions of terrorism)
First, a quick look at what is called learned helplessness, which was derived from Pavlovian experiments-the ones with the slobbering dogs, but went one step further, where a “scientist”and likely sociopathic sadist named Seligman tortured dogs with electric shocks, in the Operation Paperclip era, where the American CIA imported Nazis, and encouraged their work in many scientific, and pseudo-scientific fields, like psychology.

Related Stories: What is weaponized psychology, and how is it related to psychological influence operations, as practiced by members if the APA, and its cohort domestic, non-public, LEIU affiliated police propaganda organ, the ATAP?

It is important to note that psychology has two distinct versions: the kind practiced by civilians and others who seek to help clients, and then, the other kind, which is weaponized psychology, of the sort practiced by police and military torturers, and interrogators, like we saw in the senseless torture at Abu Ghraib, or the ongoing actual mind control experiments of the American prison system, or Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
And these, described by Otto Doer Zoeggers as “no touch torture.”
Its nearly imposdible to miss that the names of the psycholigists involved nearly alk sound like Nazu names, and even harder to miss how many of the sociopaths involved with weaponized psycholigy are Jewish, as we see below.

Learned Helplessness
The Misconception: If you are in a bad situation, you will do whatever you can do to escape it.
The Truth: If you feel like you aren’t in control of your destiny, you will give up and accept whatever situation you are in.
In 1965, a scientist named Martin Seligman started shocking dogs.
He was trying to expand on the research of Pavlov – the guy who could make dogs salivate when they heard a bell ring. Seligman wanted to head in the other direction, and when he rang his bell instead of providing food he zapped them with electricity. To keep them still, he restrained them in a harness during the experiment.
After they were conditioned, he put these dogs in a big box with a little fence dividing it into two halves. They figured if they rang the bell, the dog would hop over the fence to escape, but it didn’t. It just sat there and braced itself. They decided to try shocking them after the bell. The dog still just sat there and took it. When they put a dog in the box which had never been shocked before and tried to zap it – it jumped the fence.
You are just like these dogs.

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